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Stephens Boats For Sale: Top Picks and Insider Tips

Stephens Boats are known for their classic design and timeless appeal. With a rich history dating back to the 1920s, these vessels offer boat enthusiasts the opportunity to own a piece of nautical history. Whether you are a seasoned mariner or just starting your boating journey, you might want to consider adding a Stephens Boat to your collection.

One of the reasons why Stephens Boats remain so popular among boating aficionados is the variety of models available in the market. From antique boats built in the early 20th century to modern vessels, there is something for every taste and preference. Moreover, these boats can be found in different sales platforms, such as Boat Trader and YachtWorld, making it easy for prospective buyers to explore various options.

When looking for a Stephens Boat for sale, it is essential to consider factors such as the boat's age, condition, and maintenance history. These aspects will impact not only the vessel's performance but also its value over time. Whether you dream of owning a classic yacht with a storied past or a more contemporary model, Stephens Boats offer a unique blend of elegance and performance that will satisfy even the most discerning boat enthusiast.

Stephens Boats History

Stephens Brothers

The history of Stephens boats dates back to 1902 when brothers Theodore (Thod) and Robert (Roy) Stevens started a boat designing and building firm, Stephens Brothers Boat Builders and Designers, in Stockton, California. The company, known for their quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, was in operation until 1987.

Stephens boats are renowned for their antique and classic appeal. Many of their designs are still sought-after and cherished by boating enthusiasts today. These boats have become synonymous with a rich history and a blend of elegance, style, and functional design. Over the years, Stephens boats have come to include a wide range of models, from luxury yachts to functional powerboats.

At the peak of their popularity, Stephens boats garnered attention for their high-quality construction and meticulous craftsmanship. The company built their reputation on creating boats that were not only visually stunning but also provided outstanding performance and functionality. The meticulous attention to detail put into every boat emphasizes the Stephens Brothers' dedication to their craft, resulting in some of the most sought-after antique boats on the market today.

Some of the popular Stephens boats for sale can be found across a wide range of prices, starting from $27,500 for the lower-cost models, going up to $1,798,000 for more sophisticated yachts. These boats often feature horsepower ranging from 30 to a staggering 2,880, depending on the model and intended use.

To this day, Stephens boats continue to hold their value and stand as a testament to the brothers' commitment to exceptional boatbuilding. A Stephens antique can be a prized possession for collectors and boating enthusiasts alike, as they represent a unique piece of boating history, reflecting the passion and dedication of the Stephens Brothers.

Boat Types and Models

Stephens boats offer a variety of models to suit different boating needs, from motor yachts to sailboats. In this section, we will discuss some of the popular models, including the 38 Sedan, 42' Sedan, 43 Commuter, Tri Cabin, 85 Custom Aluminum Skylounge, and the Yawl.

38 Sedan

The 38 Sedan is a classic motor yacht designed for recreational boating. Its monohull design offers stability and maneuverability. The boat features a spacious cabin, head, and a wide beam for comfortable living on board. This model is available through various dealers, both as a new vessel and pre-owned.

42' Sedan

The 42' Sedan is another popular Stephens motor yacht, designed for those looking to cover greater distances in style and comfort. It maintains a monohull design, appealing to recreational boaters who enjoy antique and classic styles. This model also features a spacious cabin, head, and a wide beam, providing ample living area for both short and long trips.

43 Commuter

Stephens' 43 Commuter is an exceptional motor yacht designed with a focus on performance and efficiency. This model is powered by inboard drive engines, offering a smooth and comfortable ride. The 43 Commuter's modern design sets it apart from the more traditional styles of the 38 Sedan and 42' Sedan, making it a popular choice among those seeking a contemporary look.

Tri Cabin

The Tri Cabin is a versatile model that can accommodate a variety of boating activities. Its spacious layout includes separate sleeping quarters, making it ideal for getaways with family and friends. The Tri Cabin features a monohull design for stability and a head for convenience.

85 Custom Aluminum Skylounge

For those seeking the ultimate in luxury and performance, the 85 Custom Aluminum Skylounge is a top choice. This custom yacht, built in Seattle by Johnson and the Stephens Brothers, boasts impressive amenities and state-of-the-art technology. Its sleek design ensures a stunning appearance on the water, while the aluminum construction maximizes performance and durability.


Stephens boats also include sailboat models, such as the Yawl. The Yawl is characterized by its sloop design, which features a small secondary mast located toward the stern of the boat. This configuration allows for greater control in various wind conditions and adds an elegant touch to the yacht's appearance. With its classic lines and proven performance, the Yawl is a popular choice among sailing enthusiasts who appreciate tradition and craftsmanship.

Boats for Sale

YachtWorld Listings

YachtWorld currently features 68 Stephens yachts for sale, including 2 brand-new vessels and 66 used yachts. These yachts are listed by experienced brokers and dealerships in various countries such as the United States, Italy, United Kingdom, Australia, and Spain.

Type of Yacht Number of Listings
New Vessels 2
Used Yachts 66
Total 68

Specialized Yacht Brokers

Stephens boats can be found for sale through various specialized yacht brokers that have a more focused approach on the specific brand. Trusted brokers often communicate with each other and across multiple platforms to help clients find their ideal Stephens boats for sale. This can help potential buyers ensure a seamless and efficient yacht purchase experience.


In the United States, brokerages like Boat Trader have an extensive collection of Stephens boats for sale. Boat Trader offers a range of prices, from $29,995 for a reasonably priced boat to $1,990,000 for more costly models. To explore more options, check, where 25 Stephens boats are available in the United States. Using these platforms as a resource can help potential buyers find a suitable Stephens boat, whether it's a new or used yacht.

Brokerage Range of Prices
Boat Trader $29,995 to $1,990,000 Various, 25 boats listed

These resources should provide a great starting point for those interested in purchasing Stephens boats for sale. With the help of specialized yacht brokers, and brokerages with a wide range of listings, finding the perfect Stephens yacht becomes a more manageable and enjoyable endeavor. 

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