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Racer Sailboats for Sale: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Your Perfect Vessel

Racer sailboats are a popular choice among sailing enthusiasts who enjoy the thrill of competing on the water. These specialized vessels are designed to prioritize speed and performance, making them ideal for sailing races and regattas. With a variety of manufacturers and designs on the market, finding the perfect racing sailboat for sale can be an exciting endeavor for potential buyers.

There are currently many racing sailboats available, both new and used, in a variety of sizes and price ranges. Major yachting countries such as the United States, France, United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy offer a wide selection of racer yachts for sale, ensuring that interested sailors can find the vessel that best aligns with their racing goals and preferences.

Some racing sailboats are also designed as racer/cruiser hybrids, which allow for both competitive racing and comfortable overnight cruising. These versatile sailboats, like the Hylas H57, can provide an appealing balance between speed and leisure for those who wish to experience the best of both worlds on the water.

Racer Sailboat Basics

Racer sailboats are custom sailing vessels designed for competitive racing events, offering speed, agility, and unparalleled performance on the water.

Sailing Vessels

These sailboats are built in various hull types and sizes to cater to different sailing preferences and race categories. A well-designed racer sailboat will balance speed, stability, and control, ensuring a thrilling experience for both amateur and experienced sailors alike.

Hull Types

Racer sailboats can be found in a variety of hull types, including:

  • Monohull - A single-hulled vessel that offers a balance of speed and stability.
  • Catamaran - A twin-hulled vessel with exceptional speed and stability, well-suited for high-performance racing.
  • Trimaran - A three-hulled vessel that combines excellent speed with increased stability and comfort for long-distance racing.


The displacement of a racer sailboat refers to the weight of the water displaced by the hull when the boat is at rest. Lighter displacement boats typically offer faster acceleration and improved handling, while heavier displacement boats are more stable in rough conditions. Finding the right balance between displacement and performance is crucial for competitive sailing success.

Length Overall (LOA)

The length overall (LOA) of a racer sailboat is the distance from the tip of the bow to the furthest point at the stern. The LOA is an essential factor that affects the boat's speed, maneuverability, and handling. Smaller LOA boats are generally more agile and responsive, while larger LOA boats offer increased stability and comfort during long races.

Top Brands and Builders

When it comes to racer sailboats, there are several notable brands and builders that have established a strong reputation in the industry. These companies are known for their excellent craftsmanship, advanced technology, and innovative designs.


Beneteau is a prominent French manufacturer of racer sailboats. They have a rich legacy of producing high-quality vessels, offering various designs for both competitive racing and casual cruising.


Another leading French brand, Jeanneau, boasts a diverse range of racer sailboats. Known for their performance and durability, Jeanneau vessels are popular among both amateur and professional sailors.

J Boats

As a prominent American builder, J Boats focuses specifically on designing racer sailboats. With a strong commitment to quality and performance, J Boats has left its mark on the racing world.


Catalina is a well-respected American brand, producing both racer and cruiser sailboats. With a history of innovation and a dedication to customer satisfaction, Catalina has earned its place among the leading sailboat builders.


Dufour is a French builder renowned for its exceptional racer-cruiser sailboats. Balancing performance, craftsmanship, and comfort, Dufour's designs have come to be highly sought after by sailing enthusiasts.


C&C Yachts, a Canadian company, has a long tradition of manufacturing racing sailboats. Known for their sleek designs and outstanding performance, C&C models are cherished by racers and cruisers alike.


As a well-established American brand, Hunter Marine focuses on producing high-quality racer-cruiser sailboats. With an emphasis on performance, comfort, and innovation, Hunter vessels are highly prized in the sailing community.


Swan, a Finnish manufacturer, has been designing luxurious and high-performing racer sailboats for decades. As part of the prestigious Nautor group, Swan crafts vessels that are both elegant and highly competitive on the racing circuit.


Farr Yacht Design is a leading name in the design and engineering of racing sailboats. This American company is known for their exceptional custom designs, delivering top-tier performance on the water.


Morgan Yachts, an American builder, has a storied history of producing both cruising and racing sailboats. With carefully crafted designs, Morgan vessels are popular choices for sailing enthusiasts and racers alike.


As a German company, Dehler has made a name for itself by combining innovation, quality, and performance in its racer sailboats. Dehler models are highly regarded by racers the world over.

Nautor Swan

Finally, Nautor Swan is a prestigious Finnish builder renowned for its luxury racer sailboats. As part of the Swan brand family, Nautor Swan maintains a standard of excellence that is recognized and appreciated among sailing aficionados.

Racer Sailboat Types

Racer sailboats are high-performance sailing vessels built for speed and competition. Various hull types are designed to cater to different preferences and requirements in the racing scene. This section will discuss monohull, catamaran, and racer/cruiser sailboats.


A monohull sailboat has a single hull which makes up the main structure of the boat. The combination of the hull shape and the weighted keel gives monohulls their stability, providing righting moment to keep the boat upright when heeled over. Monohulls are favored for their agility and responsiveness, making them popular choices for racing events. Monohull racer sailboats include various designs and sizes, catering to a range of racing events and skill levels.


Catamarans are double-hulled sailboats featuring two parallel hulls of equal size. These boats have a wider beam, which contributes to their stability and increased living space compared to monohulls. Due to their lightweight structure and minimal drag, catamarans can reach higher speeds, making them suitable for racing events. Catamaran racer sailboats are particularly popular in offshore racing, where their stability and speed offer competitive advantages over long distances.


Racer/cruiser sailboats, also known as performance cruisers, strike a balance between comfort and performance. These sailing vessels cater to those looking for a competitive edge in racing events without compromising the amenities and living spaces found in cruising sailboats. Racer/cruisers come in various hull types, including monohull, displacement, trimaran, and catamaran designs. These versatile boats enable sailors to participate in racing events while enjoying the comfort and convenience of a cruiser for leisurely sailing and extended voyages.

Performance and Handling

Racer sailboats are designed for optimal performance and handling in both offshore and inshore environments. With a focus on sail area, winches, cruising sails, standing rigging, and spinnaker, these vessels provide an exhilarating sailing experience for both experienced and novice sailors.

Sail Area

The sail area of a racer sailboat is critical to its performance, as it determines the boat's ability to harness wind power. Larger sail areas tend to provide greater performance, especially in light wind conditions. However, managing a larger sail area can be challenging, particularly when sailing shorthanded. As a result, a balance must be struck between maximizing sail area and ensuring ease of handling for the crew.


Winches are essential components when it comes to handling sails on racer sailboats. They enable sailors to hoist, trim, and ease sails efficiently, thus affecting overall boat speed and performance. High-quality winches, such as self-tailing models, offer ease of use and reliability, making sailing more enjoyable and less exhausting, even for shorthanded crews.

Cruising Sails

While racer sailboats are designed primarily for competition, many owners also use them for cruising. When it comes to cruising sails, durability and versatility are crucial factors. A set of cruising sails should ideally consist of a mainsail, a furling headsail, and a cruising spinnaker. These sails are generally made from heavier and more robust materials than racing sails, allowing them to withstand various wind and sea conditions during a cruise.

Standing Rigging

The standing rigging of a racer sailboat comprises the wires, rods, and other components that support the mast and sails. This rigging is vital in maintaining the boat's stability, performance, and safety, and should be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure it's functioning at its highest level. High-quality materials, such as stainless steel or carbon, and proper tensioning are key factors in maintaining optimal performance of the standing rigging.


A spinnaker is a large, lightweight sail used for off-wind sailing, and it plays a significant role in a racer sailboat's performance. Available in various shapes and sizes, spinnakers enable boats to achieve greater speeds in offshore and inshore races. Nevertheless, handling spinnakers can be complicated, particularly for shorthanded crews, requiring excellent teamwork and coordination to be used effectively.

Onboard Features


Racer sailboats typically have a wider beam to provide stability and to accommodate comfortable onboard features. The deck layout is designed for easy maneuverability, with winches and rope clutches strategically placed for smooth sailing and racing.


The cabin of racer sailboats offers a comfortable living space for crew members during overnight racing or cruising. Well-designed racer sailboats balance performance with living space for a practical and enjoyable experience.


The cockpit in racer sailboats is spacious and designed for optimal control during racing. It is equipped with advanced navigation and communication systems, making it easier for the crew to monitor their performance and interact with each other during the race.


Racer sailboats often feature compact galleys that include essential amenities like a stove, refrigerator, and sink. Although smaller in size, they are efficient and well-organized to make meal preparation and storage easy while onboard.

Chart Table

An essential part of any racer sailboat's navigation station, the chart table provides a dedicated space for navigation tools, charts, and electronics. It allows the crew to efficiently plan and monitor their course during a race.


In racer sailboats, the furniture is typically designed to be lightweight and functional without compromising comfort. Crew members have access to foldable or modular seating and tables that can be easily stowed away or repositioned for different activities onboard.


Storage is crucial in racer sailboats as it helps keep the boat organized and clutter-free during races. These boats come with well-designed storage lockers and compartments to store personal belongings, safety equipment, and additional sailing gear.


Racer sailboats are equipped with high-quality sailing gear specifically designed for competitive racing. This includes advanced sail and rigging systems, efficient deck hardware, and reliable electronics, ensuring optimal performance in various racing conditions.

Propulsion Systems

Racer sailboats can be equipped with various types of propulsion systems to ensure efficient and reliable performance. This section will discuss outboard, inboard, and electric propulsion systems and their respective merits for sailboat racers.


Outboard engines are typically gas-powered units that are mounted externally on the transom of the sailboat. They are lightweight, versatile, and easy to maintain due to their accessibility. Some benefits of outboard engines include:

  • Simple installation and removal
  • Easier access for maintenance and repairs
  • Increased maneuverability due to the engine's position

However, outboard engines can be noisier and less fuel-efficient compared to other propulsion systems, and their exposed position may make them more susceptible to damage.


Inboard engines, which can be either gas or diesel-powered, are installed within the yachts hull, positioning the engine lower in the boat. They are often chosen for their

  • Lower noise levels and decreased vibration
  • Increased fuel efficiency compared to outboard motors
  • Better weight distribution, thus providing better stability

Inboard engines may be more challenging to maintain and repair due to their location inside the boat, and their installation process can be more complex.


Electric propulsion systems offer an eco-friendly alternative for racer sailboats. They rely on battery power, eliminating the need for gasoline or diesel fuel. Some advantages of electric propulsion systems include:

  • Quiet operation with minimal vibrations
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs compared to internal combustion engines
  • Environmentally friendly due to zero emissions

While electric propulsion systems continue to gain popularity, their range and power output are generally lower compared to traditional gas-powered engines. Additionally, the availability of charging infrastructure could be a concern for some sailboat racers.

Fuel Systems

Racer sailboats have various fuel systems depending on their design, size, and engine requirements. In this section, we will focus on outboard-4S fuel systems in racer sailboats.


Outboard-4S, or four-stroke outboard motors, are widely used in many racer sailboats due to their efficiency, reliability, and lower emissions compared to two-stroke outboard motors. Four-stroke outboard motors are designed to provide smoother operation, requiring the combustion of fuel to occur in four cycles: intake, compression, power, and exhaust.

These fuel systems typically include a fuel tank, fuel lines, a fuel filter, and a fuel pump. The fuel tank stores the gasoline needed to power the outboard-4S engine, while the fuel lines are responsible for transferring the fuel from the tank to the engine. The fuel filter cleans any impurities from the gasoline before it reaches the engine, ensuring optimal performance and preventing potential damage. Finally, the fuel pump supplies the required pressure for the fuel to travel through the system and into the engine.

Maintenance and proper care of the fuel system components in an outboard-4S engine are crucial for optimal performance and longevity. Regular checks and replacement of fuel filters, ensuring there are no leaks in fuel lines, and keeping the fuel tank clean and free of water or contaminants are essential steps that boat owners should follow to maintain the fuel system in their racer sailboats.

Purchase Options and Pricing

When considering racer sailboats for sale, there are different types of vessels and purchase options, including new vessels, custom yachts, and used sailboats. Prices and options may vary depending on the location, model, specifications, and availability.

New Vessels

Various yacht manufacturers produce new racer sailboats, which come with warranties and the advantage of being the first owner. The prices for new vessels range depending on the model, location, and specifications. Some examples of new racer sailboat prices can be found on YachtWorld and Boat Trader.

Custom Yachts

Custom yachts provide the opportunity to tailor a racer sailboat to personal preferences, from design to performance specifications. These yachts are built to fit the specific needs of the owner, making them unique vessels. Professional yacht brokers and new boat dealers can assist with custom yacht options. There are currently 653 used and custom yachts listed on YachtWorld.

Sailboats for Sale

When purchasing a used racer sailboat, the options and price range can vary greatly depending on the make, location, and condition of the boat. Used sailboats can offer a more affordable option, but it's essential to check the maintenance history and ensure that the boat meets performance expectations. Numerous used racer sailboats can be found on YachtWorld, Boat Trader, and

Boat Dealers and Brokers

Finding the perfect racer sailboat for sale involves working with various boat dealers and brokers across different countries. This section focuses on yacht brokers, new boat dealers, boat dealerships, and Boat Trader, which can help you find your ideal racer sailboat in the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and France.

Yacht Brokers

Yacht brokers are professionals who specialize in connecting buyers with suitable sailboats. They have access to a vast network of listings, including racer sailboats for sale in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and France. Working with a yacht broker can simplify the research and selection process, saving you time and effort.

New Boat Dealers

New boat dealers are focused on providing brand-new sailboats from various manufacturers. These dealers usually have a selection of racer sailboats readily available for purchase. They serve as a one-stop-shop for buyers who are looking for the latest models and designs of racer sailboats across countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and France.

Boat Dealerships

Boat dealerships offer a diverse range of services, including the sale of new and used racer sailboats. They work closely with various yacht brokers and new boat dealers to source a range of sailboats for their clientele. Boat dealerships can be found primarily in the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and France, ensuring you have a wide variety of options to choose from.

Boat Trader

Boat Trader is an online platform that connects buyers with boat dealers and brokers. Offering a wide variety of racer sailboats for sale, it provides an extensive selection of new and used sailboats, including those available in the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and France. It allows users to filter through listings based on location, price, and other preferences, making it easier for buyers to find their perfect racer sailboat.

Capacity and Overnight Cruising

Racer sailboats have various capacities to accommodate passengers for both racing and overnight cruising purposes. The capacity depends on the specific model and size of the vessel. In general, the average capacity for racer sailing vessels is around 8 people, with some models capable of carrying up to 20 passengers(YachtWorld).

When considering overnight cruising, it is essential to take into account the sleeping arrangements and facilities on board. Most racer sailboats come equipped with cabins, berths, and other amenities to facilitate comfortable overnight stays. The number of cabins and berths will determine how many people can comfortably sleep onboard during an overnight cruise.

For prospective buyers, understanding the desired balance between racing performance and cruising capabilities is crucial when choosing the right racer sailboat. Some models may prioritize racing performance and have limited amenities, while others may focus more on the cruising aspect. For those interested in both racing and cruising, hybrid vessels, such as cruiser-racers, can provide a balance of both worlds(YachtWorld - Racer/Cruiser Sailboats).

In summary, it is essential to consider the capacity of the racer sailboat, as well as the availability of appropriate accommodations and amenities for overnight cruising before making a purchase. Evaluating these factors will help buyers find a vessel that best matches their needs and preferences in racing and cruising experiences.

Popular Locations for Racer Sailboats

When searching for racer sailboats for sale, it is important to consider the popular locations where these boats can be found. This can help potential buyers compare prices, features, and availability across various regions.

One popular location for finding racer sailboats is in Seattle, Washington. There, buyers can find a range of boats from brands such as Jeanneau and Beneteau, which are among the most renowned builders of racer sailboats. The city's marine facilities can accommodate boats with both moderate and deep draft, providing more versatility for sailor's preferences.

Another location with a selection of racing sailboats is San Diego, California. Here, boats from builders like Hunter and Ericson can be found. San Diego is known for its excellent sailing conditions and infrastructure, making it an ideal place to consider when buying a racer sailboat.

Newport Beach, California is yet another hotspot for racer sailboats. Featured in Boat Trader, boats from builders like Hyundai and Beneteau can be found in this coastal city. The city's proximity to the Pacific Ocean provides ample opportunities for sailboat racing enthusiasts.

Moving to the East Coast of the United States, Buffalo, New York also offers a range of racing sailboats for sale. As stated in, boats from brands like Beneteau, Custom, J Boats, Jeanneau, and Nautor Swan can be found here. Buffalo’s proximity to the Great Lakes offers multiple sailing environments suitable for both shallow and deep draft racer sailboats. 

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