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Trimaran Boats For Sale: Your Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Perfect Vessel

Trimaran boats are a unique type of sailboat that feature three hulls, offering increased stability and speed compared to traditional monohull sailboats. These versatile vessels are highly sought after by both recreational sailors and competitive racers for their exceptional performance, spacious living accommodations, and distinctive design.

Many yacht enthusiasts explore the market for trimaran boats, whether they are looking for new or used models. The varied price range of trimarans allows for a diverse selection of options, accommodating the needs of buyers with different budgets. With numerous reputable sources such as YachtWorld and, potential buyers are provided with a wide array of choices and information to make an informed decision.

As with any boat purchase, it is essential to consider factors such as the brand, size, and condition of the trimaran, as well as the location of the vessel, in order to determine the best fit for a buyer's specific needs and preferences. Additionally, the availability of professional yacht brokers and dealerships can facilitate the process for both seasoned and first-time buyers, ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience from start to finish.

Types of Trimaran Boats

Sailing Trimarans

Sailing trimarans are a popular category of multi-hulled boats designed for recreational cruising, liveaboard lifestyles, and adventuring on the open seas. These vessels typically feature three hulls with a main central hull and two smaller outrigger hulls for stability. Sailing trimarans come in various sizes and can accommodate different crew capacities, making them suitable for a range of activities and sailing experiences.

There are several hull types used in the construction of sailing trimarans such as monohull, modified vee, and multi-hull. The unique design of sailing trimarans ensures ample stability, reduced drag, and increased speed on the water, compared to conventional single-hulled boats (YachtWorld).

Racing Trimarans

Racing trimarans are purpose-built, high-performance sailboats designed to take part in competitive sailing events. They feature lightweight materials, powerful sail configurations, and advanced engineering, ensuring optimal performance during races.

Some notable racing trimaran models include the Orma 60, which is a prime example of speed, performance, and technological innovation in the racing trimaran world.

Power Trimarans

Power trimarans combine the stability and efficiency of the multi-hull design with the powerful propulsion of a motorized vessel. These boats are engineered to provide impressive speed, range, and seaworthiness while still maintaining the benefits of a more traditional trimaran layout.

Power trimarans can be used for various purposes such as recreational cruising, fishing, or even long-distance offshore ventures. They offer plenty of space and comfort for extended voyages and are highly adaptable to meet individual preferences and needs.

Custom Yachts

For those seeking a bespoke trimaran experience, the option for custom yacht construction is available. Custom trimarans are tailor-made to fit individual specifications and preferences, allowing for a personalized boat that meets all the desired requirements (YachtWorld).

These one-of-a-kind vessels are built by various yacht builders and can range from luxurious, fully-equipped, multi-deck megayachts to lightweight, high-performance racing machines. Custom trimaran yachts showcase the perfect blend of art and engineering and result in unique, personal expressions of their owners' specific requirements and desiring features.

Popular Trimaran Brands and Models

Neel Trimarans

Neel is a leading manufacturer of trimaran sailboats known for their innovative designs and comfortable living spaces. They offer a range of models, including the Neel 45, Neel 47, Neel 51, and the flagship Neel 65.

Corsair Marine

Corsair Marine is a popular trimaran builder that focuses on creating high-performance sailboats. Some of their well-known models include the Corsair F-27, F-28, and F-31, offering a blend of speed, stability, and comfort for sailors.


Dragonfly is a Danish brand that produces high-quality trimaran sailboats with a focus on performance and design. Their models range from the compact Dragonfly 25 to the larger Dragonfly 40, providing options for various sailing enthusiasts.


Hanse Yachts is a German shipyard known for its innovative and modern sailboat designs. They produce a wide range of monohull and multihull sailboats, with the Hanse 505 being a popular trimaran model that offers sophistication and performance.

Orma 60

The Orma 60 is a high-performance trimaran designed for speed and offshore racing. Known for its sleek and lightweight construction, the Orma 60 has become a popular choice among professional sailors and racing enthusiasts.

Hanstaiger X1

The Hanstaiger X1 is a unique trimaran model that combines luxury and performance. Featuring a spacious and comfortable interior, the X1 is an ideal choice for those looking for a versatile and sophisticated sailboat.

Piver Trimaran

Piver Trimarans are known for their distinctive designs and commitment to quality craftsmanship. With a range of models available from the compact Piver 26 to the larger Piver 36, these trimarans cater to a diverse audience of sailing enthusiasts.

Key Features and Specifications

Length and Wide Beam

Trimaran sailboats come in a variety of lengths, with smaller models around 19 feet and larger ones reaching up to 100 feet or more. They are characterized by their wide beam, which provides increased stability and enhanced sailing performance. The wide beam results from the lateral attachment of two smaller hulls to the main hull. The wider the beam, the more stability and interior space is available for passengers and storage.

Sail Area and Hulls

These sailboats typically have a sizable sail area, allowing for efficient and powerful sailing. The sail area depends on the size of the boat and its intended use, such as racing or cruising. The trimaran's unique design with three hulls, including a central main hull and two smaller outrigger hulls, helps distribute weight evenly and reduces the drag caused by the water, leading to faster acceleration and higher speeds.

Stability and Keel

Trimarans are known for their stability due to the wide beam created by the outrigger hulls. This design generally eliminates the need for additional appendages like a keel, allowing for shallow draft and greater maneuverability. Instead, some trimarans use daggerboards or centerboards to help maintain directional stability and control the boat's lateral motion.

Capacity and Passengers

While trimaran sailboats vary in size, they often have the capacity to accommodate a range of passengers. Smaller boats can comfortably fit 2 to 4 passengers, while larger models can hold up to 10 or more. The interior layout of the main hull can be customized to provide sleeping berths, dining areas, and storage compartments, depending on the owner's preferences and intended use.

Weight and Storage

Trimaran sailboats are generally lighter than their monohull counterparts, due to the reduced wetted surface area and efficient hull design. This lighter weight improves performance, reduces resistance, and can result in lower fuel consumption. Additionally, the wide beam created by the outrigger hulls provides increased storage capacity, making them ideal for extended cruising or liveaboard situations.

Propulsion Systems

While the primary mode of propulsion for trimarans is sailing, many models are also equipped with auxiliary engines for backup and maneuvering in tight spaces. Depending on the size and type of the boat, this can include outboard motors, inboard engines, or even advanced electric propulsion systems.

Fuel Systems

Trimaran sailboats typically rely on sail power as their main means of propulsion, minimizing the need for fuel. However, auxiliary engines require fuel storage and delivery systems. These systems can be designed for diesel, gasoline, or even alternative fuels like biodiesel or electric power, depending on the boat's propulsion system.

Market Overview and Dealerships

Trimaran boats offer a unique sailing experience, thanks to their stability, speed, and performance. The market for these vessels is diverse, with various options for buyers seeking new or used trimarans.

Boat Dealerships by Region

Boat dealerships specializing in trimaran sailboats can be found in several regions, including the United States, France, Australia, Spain, and Indonesia. Some dealerships focus on new vessels, while others deal with used trimarans or offer brokerage services. Buyers should research and contact dealers in their region to find the best fit for their needs and preferences.

Yacht Brokers

Yacht brokers play an essential role in the trimaran market, assisting buyers and sellers with transactions for used and custom yachts. They provide valuable expertise, market knowledge, and support throughout the process. YachtWorld, for example, connects experienced yacht brokers and boat dealerships across several countries, offering a diverse selection of trimarans for sale.

POP Yachts

POP Yachts is a notable player in the boat sales industry, offering a platform for buying and selling various boat types, including trimarans. Despite not specializing solely in trimarans, POP Yachts can be a valuable resource for buyers seeking versatile options and with their access to a large inventory.


YachtWorld is a prominent platform for buying and selling trimaran boats. Offering a wide selection, they list vessels within affordable ranges, starting from $2,988, up to luxury alternatives, with prices reaching $3,349,182. With numerous listings, YachtWorld is an excellent resource for potential trimaran buyers to explore options and compare prices.

Trimaran Boats for Sale by Location

United States

Trimaran sailboats are available for sale across the United States, with listings found in states such as Florida, Texas, and Michigan. Boat Trader currently has 12 trimaran sailboats for sale, including 4 new vessels and 8 used and custom yachts. Owners and professional dealerships mainly list these boats in the United States.


Although not as prominent as the coastal states, Illinois also has trimaran sailboats for sale, specifically in locations like Waukegan. Check popular listings such as Sailboat Listings for available trimaran boats in Illinois.


France is another hot spot for trimaran sailboats. Known for their expertise in boat building, French manufacturers produce high-quality trimarans. To find trimarans for sale in France, explore listings on global platforms such as YachtWorld.


In Spain, trimaran sailboats are available for sale, as the country's beautiful coastline attracts sailing enthusiasts. Websites like YachtWorld are great resources for finding trimaran sailboats for sale in Spanish coastal regions.


Australia is known for its beautiful coastlines and vast sailing opportunities. Trimaran sailboats can be found throughout the country for sale on websites like YachtWorld and


Trimaran sailboats are also available for sale in the tropical region of Indonesia. The diverse and beautiful archipelago attracts sailors and boat enthusiasts from around the world. Check platforms like YachtWorld for listings of trimaran sailboats in Indonesia.

Methods of Purchase

When looking to purchase a trimaran boat, there are several options available to potential buyers. This section covers three key methods: new vessels, custom-built, and used boats.

New Vessels

One option for buyers is to purchase a brand new trimaran boat. There are several brands and manufacturers that offer a variety of trimaran models at different price points. New vessels can be found through professional yacht brokers and boat dealerships, with a number of them available from countries like the United States, France, and Spain (YachtWorld). Some popular brands for new trimaran boats include Neel, Corsair, and Hanse, with prices ranging from modest to luxury levels (

Custom Built

For those who desire a more personalized experience or have specific requirements, custom-built trimaran boats are an option. In this method, buyers can utilize experienced boat builders to create a unique trimaran tailored to their needs and preferences. Custom-built trimaran boats may be more expensive than pre-built options, depending on the chosen features and materials(Boat Trader, YachtWorld).

Used Boats

Finally, buyers may consider purchasing a used trimaran boat. This option can offer a more affordable solution for those with a limited budget or looking for a deal. There are various online listings provided by professional yacht brokers, boat dealerships, and private sellers, where buyers can find used trimaran boats in different conditions and price ranges(, Pop Yachts). It is important for buyers to carefully inspect the condition of the used vessel and consider maintenance costs before finalizing their purchase.

Activities and Uses

Trimaran boats offer various uses and activities for boating enthusiasts. Their unique design, featuring three hulls, provides stability and space to accommodate different purposes. Let's explore some popular activities and uses of Trimaran boats.

Day Sailing

Trimaran boats are an excellent choice for day sailing, thanks to their stability and speed. They can cover long distances in a short amount of time, allowing sailors to enjoy different sailing spots in a single day. Their spacious design provides ample room for crew and passengers to relax and socialize. Trimaran boats are commonly used for day trips, club racing, and even casual outings with family and friends.

Overnight Cruising

One of the appealing features of Trimaran boats is their ability to offer comfortable overnight cruising options. With their larger center hull, they provide sufficient space for sleeping berths, a galley, and other facilities to accommodate extended stays on the water. Whether planning a weekend escape or a longer voyage, Trimaran boats are a popular choice for those seeking the comforts of home while experiencing the joys of sailing.


Trimaran boats can also be used for fishing adventures. Their stability and ample deck space make them suitable for angling, as well as providing storage options for gear and equipment. Their shallow draft allows them to navigate inshore waters, perfect for chasing various fish species. Enthusiast anglers might consider a Trimaran boat as a versatile option for fishing expeditions.


Besides sailing and fishing, Trimaran boats are used for various watersports activities. The stability and speed provided by their design make them suitable for towing waterskiers, wakeboarders, or other towable toys. Furthermore, their ample deck space offers an ideal platform for divers or snorkelers to gear up and explore the underwater world. Trimaran boats can truly cater to a wide range of recreational needs.

Monohull vs Trimaran Boats

When considering the purchase of a sailboat, it's important to understand the differences between monohull and trimaran boats. Each type of boat offers its own set of advantages and limitations, and understanding these can help prospective buyers make an informed decision.

Monohull sailboats are the traditional choice for many sailors, featuring a single hull that cuts through water with ease. They offer a classic sailing experience and are less complex compared to trimarans. Monohull boats generally have a better upwind performance and are often considered more aesthetically pleasing due to their traditional design. However, they might be less stable than their multi-hulled counterparts and may require more skilled handling in various marine conditions.

On the other hand, trimaran boats consist of three hulls - a central hull with two additional hulls on either side. This design offers greater stability and a more spacious deck for sailing and leisure activities. The increased stability allows for faster sailing speeds, especially when sailing downwind. Trimaran boats also provide a shallower draft, making it easier to navigate in shallow waters or explore remote destinations with more peace of mind.

It's worth noting that engine options can also differ between monohull and trimaran boats. Typically, monohull sailboats have an inboard engine that's housed within the hull, while trimarans can accommodate both inboard and outboard engines. Outboard engines are external to the trimaran's hull and can be beneficial due to their ease of maintenance, fuel efficiency, and the ability to tilt the engine when sailing in extremely shallow water.

In conclusion, both monohulls and trimarans offer unique experiences for sailors. Factors such as sailing performance, stability, aesthetics, and engine options should be taken into account when choosing the ideal sailboat. Ultimately, the decision will depend on individual preferences and intended use of the boat. 

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