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Ketch Sailboats For Sale: Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Vessel

Ketch sailboats are an attractive option for those looking to purchase a sailboat that offers both a unique design and versatile sailing capabilities. These boats are characterized by their two-mast configuration, with a smaller mizzenmast positioned aft of the mainmast, providing added stability and balance while sailing.

Available in a variety of sizes and price ranges, prospective buyers can find ketch sailboats that suit their individual needs and budget on platforms like YachtWorld and Boat Trader. The ketch sailboat market offers options from more affordable entry-level models to the most exclusive and luxurious yachts, catering to a wide range of sailing enthusiasts.

When searching for a ketch sailboat, potential buyers should consider factors such as the boat's size, age, condition, and equipment, as well as their own sailing experience and intended use. By evaluating these factors, one can find the perfect ketch sailboat that meets their specific requirements and opens up a world of sailing adventures.

Types of Ketch Sailboats

Cruiser Ketch Sailboats

Cruiser ketch sailboats are designed for recreational sailing and cruising. They are built with comfort and space in mind, making them perfect for exploring new locations or spending extended periods on the water. These boats typically have a comfortable and spacious cabin, a well-equipped galley, and offer various amenities for the crew.

Day Sailing Ketch Sailboats

Day sailing ketch sailboats are smaller and lighter than cruisers, making them more maneuverable and easier to handle. They are ideal for day trips and shorter sailing excursions. While they may lack some of the amenities found in larger cruiser ketches, they often have a more open and streamlined design, allowing for a more hands-on sailing experience.

Overnight Cruising Ketch Sailboats

Overnight cruising ketch sailboats strike a balance between day sailing and cruiser models. They are designed to accommodate short to medium-term trips and often feature accommodations for sleeping, cooking, and basic living needs. These boats prioritize space for crew comfort while still maintaining the performance, agility, and ease of handling found in day sailing ketches.

Blue Water Ketch Sailboats

Blue water ketch sailboats, also known as ocean-going ketches, are built for long-distance sailing and extended voyages. They are designed to handle all types of weather and sea conditions, often featuring a heavy displacement hull for increased stability, and a robust sail plan. These boats typically have the most substantial and well-equipped cabins of all ketch types, as they need to provide a comfortable living space for extended periods at sea.

Popular Brands and Models

Morgan Ketch Sailboats

Morgan Ketch sailboats are known for their spacious interiors, sturdy construction, and excellent sailing performance. Popular models include the Morgan Out Island 41, which is well-suited for long distance cruising and liveaboard situations. The Morgan Out Island 413 is another popular choice with ample space for comfortable living and entertaining.

Formosa Ketch Sailboats

Formosa Ketch sailboats are recognized for their beautiful, classic lines and traditional designs. The Formosa Ketch line includes popular models like the Formosa 51, a spacious vessel that offers a comfortable liveaboard experience. The Formosa New Horizon 68 is another notable model, which combines luxury, comfort, and excellent sailing performance into a single package.

Bruce Roberts Ketch Sailboats

Bruce Roberts Ketch sailboats are known for their custom designs and rugged construction. Among the popular models, the Bruce Roberts 44 offers a traditional ketch layout with ample space for living and cruising. The Bruce Roberts Ketch series also includes models such as the Spray 40 and the Spray 45, both of which are designed for extended cruising and comfortable living aboard.

Herreshoff Ketch Sailboats

Herreshoff Ketch sailboats are renowned for their elegance and superb craftsmanship. Known for their classic designs and attention to detail, these boats are perfect for those who appreciate traditional sailing vessels. Some popular models include the Herreshoff H28 and the Herreshoff H36, both perfect for coastal cruising and weekend getaways.

Pearson Ketch Sailboats

Pearson Ketch sailboats are well-regarded for their exceptional build quality and performance. Notable models include the Pearson 365 and Pearson 424, both known for their spacious interiors and smooth handling. The Pearson Ketch series offers a great balance of comfort and performance, making them popular choices for cruising enthusiasts and liveaboards alike.

Whitby Ketch Sailboats

Whitby Ketch sailboats provide a comfortable and reliable sailing experience. The Whitby 42 is a popular model, offering excellent space and storage options for long-term cruising. The well-designed layout and sailing capabilities of the Whitby line have garnered this brand a loyal following among cruising enthusiasts.

Hull Types and Designs

Ketch sailboats come in various hull types and designs, catering to sailors with different preferences and sailing experiences. This section discusses two popular designs: Monohull Ketch Sailboats and Center Cockpit Ketch Sailboats.

Monohull Ketch Sailboats

Monohull ketch sailboats are the classic design and remain a popular choice among sailing enthusiasts. These boats feature a single hull, which provides excellent stability and handling characteristics. They are prevalent in long-distance cruising and offshore sailing due to their improved tracking ability in rougher waters.

Monohull ketches generally have a more traditional appearance, often featuring elegant lines and a timeless aesthetic. These boats are sought after by those who appreciate the classic sailing experience, combined with the added benefits of the ketch rig design.

Examples of Monohull Ketch Sailboats can be found on websites such as YachtWorld and Boat Trader.

Center Cockpit Ketch Sailboats

Center cockpit ketch sailboats feature a cockpit positioned closer to the middle of the boat, rather than the more common aft cockpit design. This design choice provides several advantages, such as improved visibility while sailing and a more spacious and comfortable living area below deck.

Another benefit of center cockpit ketches is the increased separation between the private owner's cabin and the guest cabins, offering increased privacy for both parties. This layout is especially favorable for liveaboard sailors and those looking to take extended coastal cruising trips.

Center cockpit ketch sailboats can also be found on the market, including listings on YachtWorld and Boat Trader.

Key Features and Technical Specifications

Length and Beam

Ketch sailboats can range in length from small vessels around 40 feet to larger boats over 60 feet. Their wide beam allows for increased stability and interior living space, contributing to their popularity as cruising yachts. The length and beam of a ketch sailboat can affect its price, as larger boats typically require a higher investment.

Displacement and Capacity

The displacement of a ketch sailboat refers to the weight of the water it displaces when fully loaded. This is an important factor to consider, as it can impact the vessel's safety and maneuverability. The carrying capacity correlates with the sailboat's size – larger boats typically have a higher displacement and capacity, allowing them to accommodate more passengers and equipment.

Masts and Sail Area

A ketch sailboat is characterized by two masts, comprised of a main mast and a shorter mizzenmast. This configuration provides improved efficiency and control, especially in heavy weather conditions. Sail area varies depending on the boat's size and the sails' cutting and material, with larger boats requiring a more significant sail area to propel the vessel effectively.

Diesel and Gasoline Propulsion Systems

Most ketch sailboats are equipped with diesel engines as their primary propulsion system, with various brands such as Yanmar being popular choices. Diesel engines offer durability, reliability, and greater fuel efficiency compared to gasoline engines. However, some ketch sailboats also utilize gasoline propulsion systems for specific needs and preferences.

Electric and Solar Powered Systems

In recent years, electric and solar-powered systems have become more prevalent in the sailing community. These alternatives to traditional fuel systems offer environmentally friendly options for ketch sailboat owners. By harnessing renewable energy through solar panels and electric engines, sailors benefit from reduced fuel costs and a reduced carbon footprint.

Water Maker and Generator

Many ketch sailboats designed for long-range cruising and liveaboard scenarios are equipped with a water maker and generator. The water maker allows for the conversion of seawater into potable drinking water, while the generator provides electricity for onboard appliances and charging electronic devices. These additions can enhance the comfort and self-sufficient capabilities of a ketch sailboat during extended voyages.

Ketch Sailboats For Sale: Tips and Resources

Although finding the perfect ketch sailboat may seem challenging, this guide aims to provide valuable resources and tips to make the process more manageable.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Ketch Sailboat

When searching for ketch sailboats for sale, there are a few essential factors to consider. These include the sailboat's overall condition, age, size, and the seller's reputation. It's also critical to ensure that the ketch sailboat is designed for the intended purpose: leisure, racing, or long-distance cruising.

Comparing Prices for New and Used Ketch Sailboats

Prices for ketch sailboats can vary significantly, depending on factors such as the boat's age, size, and condition. New vessels are typically more expensive than used sailboats. However, used sailboats can still be an excellent choice, especially if they're well maintained or come with upgraded features.

Type Price Range
New Ketch Sailboats Higher-end
Used Ketch Sailboats Lower- to mid-range

Note that prices may vary by location. For example, ketch sailboats for sale in New York may differ in cost compared to other areas.

Top Websites for Ketch Sailboat Listings

When looking for ketch sailboats for sale, it's essential to search through reputable websites with listings of new or used sailboats. A few popular, reliable sources include:

  • Boat Trader: Offering 80 ketch sailboats for sale, including new and used options.
  • YachtWorld: Featuring 460 ketch yachts for sale, with 19 new vessels and 441 used or custom yachts.
  • SailboatListings: This website provides an extensive list of sailboats, including ketch sailboats.

While searching for the perfect ketch sailboat, remember to compare listings and stay informed about the market to find the best option to fit your specific preferences and requirements.

Custom-Made Ketch Sailboats

Custom-made ketch sailboats provide yacht enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to create a vessel tailored to their specific needs and preferences. These yachts combine the benefits of ketch rigging with the luxury and personalization of a custom-built yacht.

The Process of Building a Custom Ketch Sailboat

The process of building a custom ketch sailboat typically involves several steps. Initially, clients work with designers and naval architects to develop a concept for the yacht. This stage involves defining the desired size, layout, materials, and performance specifications, as well as other features such as equipment, interior design, and finishes.

Once the design concept is finalized, the construction process begins. Skilled craftsmen and engineers work together to bring the project to life, using high-quality materials and advanced techniques to ensure the utmost in performance and durability. Throughout the build process, the client remains involved, allowing for adjustments and refinements as required. Upon completion, the yacht is rigorously tested and commissioned, ensuring that it meets or exceeds the owner's expectations.

Examples of Custom Ketch Sailboat Yachts

There are numerous examples of custom ketch sailboats available in various regions, including the United States. Here are a few examples:

  • Custom Steel Ketch: This 68-foot steel ketch built in 1990 features a luxurious interior and spacious living areas. It is currently available for sale in Spain.
  • Custom Edson Schock 43' Ketch: Located in Port Hadlock, Washington, this custom-designed ketch sailboat offers ample space and features traditional design elements with modern amenities.
  • Custome Sailboat: A unique, custom-built ketch sailboat project that features an interesting blend of design elements, materials, and finishes.

These examples showcase the wide range of possibilities and styles available when considering a custom ketch sailboat. By working closely with designers and builders, clients can create the ideal sailing yacht that meets their specific needs and desires.


Ketch sailboats offer a unique sailing experience, with their distinctive two-masted rig design providing additional versatility and balance. For those interested in purchasing a ketch sailboat, there are a variety of options available, ranging from classic designs to newer models.

Finding the perfect ketch sailboat for your needs requires careful consideration of factors such as size, performance, and budget. The market for ketch sailboats includes options for both new and used boats, catering to different preferences and expectations. Some popular platforms to browse for ketch sailboats include YachtWorld and Boat Trader.

When exploring your options, it is essential to find a reliable and knowledgeable broker or dealer to assist you in navigating the process. They can help you identify the most suitable ketch sailboat for your needs, ensuring a smooth purchasing experience.

Overall, owning a ketch sailboat can offer a rewarding and enjoyable sailing experience, with its unique rigging and design providing both practical and aesthetic benefits. By carefully considering your requirements, budget, and preferences, you can find the perfect ketch sailboat to embark on your sailing adventures. 

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