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Shearwater Boats: Expert Guide to Models and Features

Shearwater Boats has made a name for itself in the boating industry as a premier manufacturer of high-quality, versatile watercraft. Known for their unmistakable style and performance, Shearwater boats cater to a wide range of boating enthusiasts, from casual day cruisers to avid fishermen. With a strong emphasis on craftsmanship, these boats are designed to offer a perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and functionality out on the water.

The Shearwater line-up features a variety of models, including the popular Shearwater X22, as well as the Shearwater 25 Limited Edition, and the LTZ Series to name a few. Each model boasts impressive performance capabilities, thanks to their innovative hull designs and engineering. This ensures a smooth, efficient, and exhilarating experience for those on board. Whether you're seeking a leisurely afternoon on the water or an action-packed day of fishing, Shearwater boats are tailored to meet your needs with unparalleled style and substance.

With numerous award-winning designs and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Shearwater Boats continues to make waves in the industry. As the boating community increasingly takes notice, one thing is clear: Shearwater Boats is charting a course for success, offering superior products for those who demand the best on the water.

History of Shearwater Boats

Shearwater Boats was founded in 1994 by Eric Schade in Phippsburg, Maine. Eric is a mechanical engineer, and he started the company with his wife Sue as a small family business. Over the years, they have successfully crafted high-quality canoes, kayaks, and paddles for their clients, earning a reputation for building exceptional wooden boats.

In the early days of Shearwater Boats, Curt Whiticar designed and built around 60 boats. Among his creations, the 33-foot Shearwater he built for himself in 1937 stands out as one of his favorites. This classic sportfishing boat was used for both commercial fishing and sailfish hunting, playing a part in the development of the company.

Shearwater Boats are known for their unique design features and performance capabilities. For instance, the Shearwater from Small Boats Magazine comes with strongly raked sides and low freeboard, which reduce windage and increase stability. These characteristics make them versatile and suitable for various water conditions, including long-distance rowing trips.

Apart from their handcrafted wooden canoes and kayaks, Shearwater Boats also produced the Shearwater Classic Schooner, a 1929 sailing ship that has traveled around the globe. The vessel has sailed across the Pacific, passed through the Panama Canal, and has even won classic yacht races in New York and New Zealand.

In the United States, Shearwater Boats have a unique designation in the form of a Hull Identification Number (HIN). Their HIN starts with the Manufacturers Identification Code (MIC), which is "IWT" and is assigned by the U.S. Coast Guard. The MIC helps in identifying their boats and tracking their history, which contributes to the rich legacy of Shearwater Boats in the marine industry.

Models and Design

Shearwater Boats is a company that offers a variety of boat models designed for different purposes. In this section, we will explore three of their popular models, including the Classic Boat, Flats, and Blackwood 2600 Platinum. Each of these models offers unique features and designs tailored to suit specific boating needs.

Classic Boat

The Classic Boat by Shearwater Boats is a timeless design that showcases the beauty of boat craftsmanship. These boats feature natural wood finishes, which allow for a sleek and elegant appearance. The Classic Boat emphasizes the importance of form and function, as it offers not only a stunning aesthetic but also a comfortable and efficient experience for boating enthusiasts.

Some of the key features of the Classic Boat models include:

  • Natural wood finishes
  • Traditional craftsmanship
  • Comfortable layout
  • Efficient and smooth performance


Shearwater's Flats series is a collection of boats designed for shallow water fishing. These boats possess specific design elements that make them ideal for navigating through shallow waters without compromising on stability or performance. The Flats models are perfect for those who enjoy flats fishing, where versatility and agility are essential.

Key features of the Flats models include:

  • Shallow draft design
  • Lightweight for easy maneuverability
  • Efficient hull design for improved performance
  • Spacious deck layout for fishing and gear storage

Blackwood 2600 Platinum

The Blackwood 2600 Platinum is a luxurious and powerful fishing boat designed for comfort and performance. This top-of-the-line model is perfect for those who value luxury and efficiency on their fishing adventures. The Blackwood 2600 Platinum boasts high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience on the water.

Features of the Blackwood 2600 Platinum include:

  • Premium materials and finishes
  • Cutting-edge technology for navigation and entertainment
  • Comfortable cabin with ample amenities
  • Powerful engine options for optimal performance

Overall, Shearwater Boats offers a diverse selection of models and designs tailored to suit the needs of various boating enthusiasts. Whether you're seeking a traditional wooden boat, a shallow water fishing vessel, or a luxurious fishing boat, Shearwater has a model to match your boating preferences.

Features and Functionality

Shearwater Boats are known for their comfortable and functional features designed specifically for fishing enthusiasts. One of the key aspects of Shearwater boats is the console. The console is designed to offer ample space for the captain, with easy access to all necessary controls and displays during a fishing trip.

The ShearWater 26 Carolina is a popular model among anglers. Its spacious foredeck casting platform and meticulous attention to detail cater to the needs of experienced fishermen. The hull design incorporates a pad-vee design that contributes to a smooth and comfortable ride even during rough conditions.

In terms of functionality, Shearwater boats offer ample storage options for rods, tackle, and other essentials. Many models also feature walk-around gunwales for easy movement between the bow and stern of the boat. The construction process employed by Shearwater ensures a solid, one-piece structure through the use of their proprietary "HPI unitized construction" method, as mentioned in this document.

A few standout features of Shearwater Boats include:

  • Spacious console design with easy access to controls and displays
  • Comfortable seating for anglers
  • Ample storage spaces for gear and other necessities
  • Performance-enhancing hull design for a smooth ride

Another model worth mentioning is the ShearWater X2200. As a crossover vessel, it combines some of the best traits from its popular siblings - ShearWater bay boats and Sterling flats boats. Like other Shearwater models, the X2200 boasts large fishing decks fore and aft, allowing for multiple anglers to fish simultaneously.

Overall, Shearwater Boats prioritize comfort and functionality for avid anglers through their meticulous design and construction processes. By incorporating features such as spacious consoles, comfortable seating, ample storage, and performance-enhancing hull designs, these boats are perfectly suited for fishing enthusiasts.

Electronics and T-Top

Shearwater boats are known for their high-quality and customizable T-Top options, which enhance both accessibility and functionality. A popular choice among Shearwater boat owners is the Stryker T-Top, which offers robust construction and allows for easy mounting of electronic devices such as GPS, radar, and marine radios.

For outboard engine power, the Yamaha 425 offers incredible performance with its V8 power and streamlined design. This engine, paired with Shearwater's advanced hull designs, ensures quick, stable, and fuel-efficient rides.

Electronics-wise, there are numerous options available to upgrade your Shearwater boat. For navigation and situational awareness, Garmin GPS and radar systems provide accurate, real-time data that will keep you on course and inform you of any obstacles or weather patterns. A popular choice for marine weather data is the Garmin GXM 54 Sirius XM weather/radio, which provides clear satellite imagery, storm tracking, and weather updates.

Communication while out on the water is crucial. The Icom Marine Radio offers reliable communication options, including emergency

Customization Options

Shearwater Boats offers a wide range of customization options for their vessels, allowing boat owners to tailor their boats to specific needs and preferences. One popular customization is the installation of a 36 volt Rhodan trolling motor, which provides silent and precise control for a fishing experience like no other.

In terms of comfort, Shearwater Boats can be upgraded with a full cushion set, making for more enjoyable and relaxing days on the water. Another option is adding a head under the console, providing privacy and convenience for those long trips out at sea.

For those looking to optimize their boat's performance, Shearwater Boats provides the option of adding 10'-0 powerpoles, giving you improved stability and control. Additionally, trim tabs can be installed for enhanced maneuverability and to balance out the boat's load.

4 blade prop is another possible enhancement, leading to improved fuel efficiency and better hole shots. Shearwater Boats are custom built, allowing for a high level of personalization and the opportunity to create the perfect boat for your individual needs.

When it comes to props, Powertech Props are a popular choice for their durability and performance capabilities. With a variety of options available, you can select the right prop to suit your specific needs and preferences.

In summary, the customization options offered by Shearwater Boats span from comfort-enhancing features such as cushion sets and heads, to performance upgrades like powerpoles, trim tabs, and various propeller choices. With these options available, boat owners have the opportunity to create a vessel tailored specifically to their desires and requirements.

Performance and Capability

Shearwater Boats are known for their excellent performance and capabilities, making them a popular choice for both fishing enthusiasts and day cruisers alike. One of their standout models is the Shearwater 26 Carolina, a bay boat designed for comfort and versatile performance.

The Shearwater 26 Carolina features a limited lifetime hull warranty, ensuring durability and confidence in the boat's construction. With the right weather conditions, users can trust their Shearwater bay boat to charge through the inlet and head out into the ocean. The boat's performance is further enhanced by its hull design, which promotes smooth rides and efficient fuel consumption.

Another notable model from Shearwater is the X2200, a crossover vessel that combines some of the best traits from the Shearwater bay boat and Sterling flats boat lines. This model boasts the same smooth-riding Pad-Vee hull design found in other Shearwater boats, guaranteeing a comfortable ride even in choppy waters.

The X2200 also features large fishing decks located at the fore and aft ends, as well as walk-around gunwales. These design elements ensure that anglers have ample space to move around and cast their lines without feeling cramped. With these impressive features and capabilities, Shearwater bay boats are an excellent choice for those looking to explore both the bay and ocean with ease.

Some key features of Shearwater boats include:

  • Limited lifetime hull warranty
  • Smooth-riding Pad-Vee hull design
  • Large fishing decks
  • Walk-around gunwales

In summary, Shearwater Boats offer well-crafted, high-performance vessels that excel in both bay and ocean environments. Their bay boat models like the Shearwater 26 Carolina and X2200 showcase their commitment to durability, comfort, and capability, making them a top choice for those who value both fishing and cruising experiences.

Availability and Dealers

Shearwater Boats are popular and in-demand in the boating community. A range of models, including the Shearwater 2700, Shearwater 250 XTE, and Shearwater X22 HP, can be found at authorized dealers and online marketplaces. For instance, Boat Trader lists several ShearWater boats for sale, with prices ranging from $104,488 to $219,995.

Several dealers in the United States offer Shearwater Boats, with some having in-stock options, providing a quicker purchasing process. One prominent dealer is Big D Marine in Galveston, Texas, where they currently have the 2023 ShearWater 2700 model listed at a price of $219,995. Interested buyers can also explore options at Nautical Ventures in Tampa, Florida, offering the 2021 ShearWater 250 Carolina Bay at $149,995.

In addition to authorized dealers, Shearwater Boats can be found on other platforms, such as, which has a wide range of ShearWater boat models listed for sale. It's a convenient way to browse and compare available models, prices, and locations.

Authorized dealers of Shearwater Boats can be seen below:

Exploring the American Marine Sports website can also provide buyers with more information on ShearWater boat models, company news, and registering their boats after purchase. This can help potential customers have a clearer understanding of the brand and make an informed decision regarding the boat of their choice.

Contact and Support

If you're interested in learning more about Shearwater Boats or need assistance with your boat, there are several ways to get in touch with the company.

For general inquiries and support, you can reach out to Shearwater Boats by phone or email. The company's phone number is 207-386-0129, and you can email them at eric (at) shearwater (dash) boats (dot) com. These contact details can be found on the Shearwater Boats website.

In addition to the contact information above, you may also find helpful information and updates about Shearwater Boats on their Facebook page. This can be a great resource for staying up to date on new models, events, and company news.

If you are looking to purchase a new Shearwater boat or need assistance with registering your boat, you can visit the American Marine Sports website. Here, you will find information about Shearwater, Blackwood, and Sterling boats, as well as links to boat registration and a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section that may be helpful.

For those looking to buy or sell used Shearwater boats, you may want to check websites like Boat Trader or for listings and pricing information.

By using these contact details and resources, you should be able to get in touch with Shearwater Boats and receive the support or assistance needed. Remember to maintain a confident, knowledgeable, and neutral tone of voice when reaching out, to ensure clear communication and a positive interaction with the company.

Resources and Videos

If you're looking for a comprehensive review on Shearwater Boats, the ShearWater Boat Reviews on is a great place to start. The reviews cover various ShearWater models and their features, helping you make an informed decision.

For an in-depth look at a specific model, check out the Shearwater 26 Carolina: Fishing for Comfort article. It details the unique features and design elements of the 2016 Shearwater 26 Carolina, adding some luxury and comfort to your fishing experience.

If you prefer a more visual approach, there are a few videos available as well.

  • Shearwater 25 LTZ Bay Boat on YouTube showcases the 2012 Shearwater 25 LTZ, equipped with a Mercury 300 Verado engine, hard T-top, stereo system, Garmin GPS 4212, and an 8-foot Minnkota Talon anchor system.
  • Another YouTube video, Shearwater Boats 25 LTZ, presents a slideshow display of the Shearwater 25 LTZ model, allowing you to get a better understanding of the boat's layout and design.

For more information on Shearwater Boats and their complete range of models, you can visit the American Marine Sports website. They are the manufacturers of Shearwater, Blackwood, and Sterling boats.

While there doesn't seem to be a direct "build your own" feature on their website, you could inquire with American Marine Sports about customizing the boat according to your personal preferences and requirements. Contact information and further details can be found on their website.  

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