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Neel Boats: Revolutionizing the World of Trimaran Sailing

Neel trimarans have gained significant popularity among boating enthusiasts for their innovative design and exceptional performance. As a company, Neel has established itself as a leader in designing and building cruising trimarans, offering a unique range of models that cater to various sailing needs. Setting themselves apart from traditional monohulls and catamarans, Neel trimarans provide a perfect balance of stability, comfort, and safety, creating an unparalleled experience for sailors.

Designed by renowned architect Marc Lombard, the Neel 43 serves as an excellent example of the company's commitment to innovation and performance. With its three hulls, this trimaran offers a stable, comfortable platform with more centered weight distribution compared to monohulls and catamarans. The result is a safer and more enjoyable ride, making Neel boats a preferred choice among sailing aficionados.

Moreover, Neel's cutting-edge trimarans have been consistently recognized by the sailing community, with models such as the Neel 43 earning distinguished awards and nominations. These accolades highlight the company's dedication to providing top-quality, seaworthy vessels that continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of trimarans.

History of Neel Boats

Origins in France

Neel Trimarans, a French company, emerged as a leader in designing and building cruising trimarans. The company's headquarters and production facilities are located in La Rochelle, a city with a rich maritime history. Neel Trimarans' innovative designs have made them popular among sailors worldwide.

Development of Models

Over the years, Neel Trimarans has introduced several models, each with distinct features and innovations. Some popular models include:

  • Neel 43: Launched in 2021, the Neel 43 model was named after Yannick Bestaven, the winner of the 2021 Vendée Globe. This model is known for its speed and versatility, making it an excellent choice for cruisers and racers alike.
  • LEEN 56: The first LEEN 56 launched in 2021, showcasing hybrid motorization and creating a new standard in trawler trimarans. This design offers greater efficiency and environmental sustainability than traditional motor yachts.
  • Neel 45: Featured among Sail Magazine's Best Boats of 2013, the Neel 45 is highly regarded for its impressive speed, unique design, and spacious accommodations.

Neel Trimarans' innovative designs prioritize comfort and performance, resulting in a unique cruising experience. The company's use of modern manufacturing techniques and leading-edge technology has led to the production of groundbreaking trimarans, easily recognizable for their innovative features and constructions.

Neel Boat Models

Neel 45

The Neel 45 is a versatile trimaran designed for both performance and comfort. This model offers spacious living quarters, with three cabins and two bathrooms, making it an ideal choice for families or groups of friends. The Neel 45 features a central hull, providing stability and excellent sailing capabilities, as well as ample room on the deck for relaxation or entertaining.

Neel 47

The Neel 47 is a popular cruising trimaran known for its sleek design and high-performance capabilities. It features a spacious living area with an open-plan layout, making it perfect for socializing and enjoying life onboard. With three cabins and two bathrooms, the Neel 47 provides comfortable accommodations for up to six people, while its innovative design ensures optimal sailing performance in various conditions.

Neel 51

The Neel 51 is a luxurious cruising trimaran that offers both performance and comfort. With its spacious layout featuring four cabins and four bathrooms, this model can easily accommodate a large family or group of friends. The innovative design of the Neel 51, with its central hull and two outer hulls, offers stability and speed, ensuring an enjoyable sailing experience for all aboard.

Neel 52

The Neel 52 is an elegant, high-performance trimaran that provides both comfort and speed. This model offers a spacious and modern living area, with four cabins and four bathrooms, making it ideal for larger groups or long-distance cruising. The Neel 52's innovative design, which includes a central hull and two outer hulls, ensures stability and excellent sailing capabilities, making it a popular choice for experienced sailors.

Neel 65 Evolution

The Neel 65 Evolution is the flagship model of Neel Trimarans, offering a luxurious and high-performance sailing experience. This spacious trimaran features six cabins and six bathrooms, easily accommodating up to 12 people, making it perfect for extended cruises or chartering. With its central hull and two outer hulls, the Neel 65 Evolution provides stability and top-notch sailing performance, ensuring a memorable time on the water for all passengers.

Design and Performance

Hull Construction

The hull construction of Neel trimarans consists of a sandwich laminate, featuring a core of Airex PVC foam vacuum-infused with polyester resin between skins of quadraxial fiberglass. This method ensures a lightweight yet sturdy structure, enabling the vessels to handle various sailing conditions while providing a strong foundation for their design and performance attributes. (source: Sail Magazine)

Multihull Design

Neel trimarans, as evident in models like the Neel 47, offer a unique and sporty look. The multihull design boasts optimized exterior and interior ergonomics. Carefully considered layouts accommodate both improved cohabitation and the preservation of personal privacy for those on board.

Notably, trimarans differ from catamarans as they possess three hulls, as opposed to two, delivering increased stability and performance. Neel trimarans significantly benefit from the expertise of renowned naval architect Marc Lombard, bringing together elements that cater to blue water yacht enthusiasts and performance seekers alike.

Sailing Performance

Neel trimarans are known for their exceptional sailing qualities, combining unequalled comfort on board and incredible sailing pleasure. The trimaran configuration allows for impressive speed, stability, and maneuverability, characteristics that stem from the reduced wetted surface and lighter hulls. (source:

When it comes to power, Neel trimarans employ a unique double headsail rig setup that enhances performance in various wind conditions. With the self-tacking jib set inside a larger, more powerful genoa, sailors can optimize each sail's use, resulting in superior speed and handling. (source: Sail Magazine)

In summary, the design and performance aspects of Neel boats, such as their innovative hull construction, distinctive multihull layout, and remarkable sailing performance, cater to those looking for a modern and enjoyable sailing experience.

Comfort and Living Features

Interior Layout

Neel trimarans offer unique interior layouts that ensure comfort and privacy for those on board. The Neel 47 has optimized its exterior and interior ergonomics for a better cohabitation experience. Attention to detail within the layout promotes privacy for each person on board, making it an ideal multihull for family and friends.


Neel trimarans are designed to provide a comfortable living experience while sailing. They are equipped with ample space for relaxation, dining, and entertainment. Key amenities include:

  • Spacious cabins with comfortable bedding
  • Fully-equipped galley for cooking and food preparation
  • Large, well-lit living areas for socializing
  • Modern, easy-to-use navigation and communication systems

Safety Features

Safety is a top priority for Neel trimarans, ensuring that everyone on board can enjoy their time at sea with peace of mind. These boats are designed to be easy to maneuver with minimal crew, such as in the Neel 51, providing both comfort and safety for those on board. Furthermore, Neel trimarans have the following safety features:

  • Advanced hull design for stability in various sea conditions
  • High-quality construction materials for durability and reliability
  • Emergency communication equipment for potential rescue situations
  • Strategically placed handrails and non-slip surfaces to minimize accidents on board

Overall, Neel trimarans are built with comfort and safety in mind to deliver a pleasant sailing experience suitable for families, couples, and groups of friends alike.

Global Availability

United States

In the United States, Neel boats are available through various yacht brokers. For instance, you can find Neel boats in Annapolis, Maryland, from Performance Yacht Sales, with options such as:

  • Neel 52 at US$1,000,363 (2023 model)
  • Neel 51 available for pre-order (2023 model)

Moving to the west coast, Naos Yachts in Marina Del Rey, California, offers the Neel 43 (2023 model) on a call-for-price basis.


While there are no specific search results for yacht brokers selling Neel boats in Spain, interested buyers may reach out to Neel-Trimarans directly at their official website or contact international yacht brokers with listings in the region.


In Martinique, Neel boats can be found on the used boat market through listings on TheYachtMarket. For example, a 2017 Neel 45 Evolution model is available for £480,695 (EUR 548,000) in Le Marin, Martinique.

French Polynesia

While there isn't specific information about Neel boats for sale in French Polynesia, potential buyers can explore global listings and inquire with Neel-Trimarans or other yacht brokers specializing in the region. It's also worth considering pre-owned boats and exploring international options that may be in close proximity to French Polynesia.

Partnerships and Sales

Just Catamarans, Inc.

Just Catamarans is a US-based company specializing in the sales and service of both power and sail catamarans. They have an extensive range of new and pre-owned Neel trimarans available for purchase. These boats are known for their innovative design, spacious interiors, and exceptional performance on the water. Customers can rely on Just Catamarans for professional assistance throughout the buying process, from selecting the right Neel model to after-sales support.

Performance Yacht Sales

Performance Yacht Sales is a trusted broker for Neel trimarans, offering a wide selection of new and used boats available for sale. With expertly trained sales professionals on their team, Performance Yacht Sales ensures that customers receive knowledgeable guidance when considering a Neel boat. Some of the models available through Performance Yacht Sales include the Neel 43, Neel 47, and Neel 51, catering to various sailing needs and preferences.

Sail Tahiti

Sail Tahiti, located in French Polynesia, is another reputable dealer of Neel trimarans. Their deep understanding of the unique sailing conditions in the South Pacific allows them to offer valuable advice and support to customers in the region. As a dealer for Neel-Trimarans, Sail Tahiti can help clients find the perfect trimaran to suit their sailing plans, whether for leisure, family cruising, or long-distance adventures.

Sustainable Initiatives

Bio-sourced Materials

Neel Trimarans emphasizes the importance of sustainability in their boat manufacturing process. One key aspect of this is reducing the weight of their boats, as a heavier boat requires a stronger engine to reach desired speeds, which in turn consumes more fuel and generates more emissions. By designing lightweight boats, they are able to create more eco-friendly products without sacrificing performance. This commitment to sustainability is an integral part of their business approach.

Reducing the amount of material used in the manufacturing process is another critical element of Neel's sustainable strategy. Green Boats founder Friedrich Deimann speaks about the importance of utilizing bio-sourced materials, which are derived from renewable resources and have a lower environmental impact.

When selecting bio-sourced materials, Neel Trimarans prioritizes the following qualities:

  • Low carbon footprint
  • Renewable or recyclable origins
  • Durability to withstand harsh marine environments

Some examples of bio-sourced materials used by Neel Trimarans and other sustainable boat manufacturers include:

  • Natural fibers like flax and hemp for reinforcement in composite structures
  • Bio-based resins, which replace petroleum-based binders
  • Recyclable thermoplastics for interior components and fittings

Energy Efficiency and Waste Reduction

As part of their commitment to sustainability, Neel Trimarans also focuses on energy efficiency and waste reduction in their production processes. They utilize green technologies to minimize their environmental impact, such as renewable energy sources (e.g., solar or wind power) and optimized manufacturing techniques that reduce energy consumption.

Neel also takes measures to minimize waste generated during production, including:

  • Implementing lean manufacturing practices
  • Upcycling material offcuts for use in other parts of the boat
  • Recycling waste materials whenever possible
  • Proper disposal of hazardous substances

By incorporating sustainable practices into every aspect of their boatbuilding, Neel Trimarans demonstrates a strong commitment to environmental stewardship and creating a greener future for the boating industry.

Neel in the Racing Scene

Neel trimarans have been making a name for themselves in the racing scene. The company was founded by Eric Bruneel, who spent many years on ocean-racing tris and was the managing director of Fountaine Pajot, where he built more than 2,000 cruising catamarans before venturing into trimaran development. Neel now builds nearly 200 boats per year and their racing prowess is due in part to the unique advantages of trimarans over catamarans.

Neel 51 - Racing Version

The Neel 51 racing version is a testament to the company's commitment to performance and innovation. Sailing enthusiasts might appreciate the inherent advantages of the trimaran design over catamarans in the racing scene. According to Bruneel, a catamaran's peak righting moment is reached at a mere 12 degrees of heel, at which point sail area must be reduced. By contrast, a trimaran's peak is at 27 degrees of heel, allowing for greater efficiency and stability when sailing at high speeds.

The Neel 51 racing version features:

  • Lightweight construction to reduce overall weight and improve performance
  • A taller mast for increased sail area and power
  • Upgraded deck hardware and rigging to handle the additional loads of racing

As a result of these enhancements, the Neel 51 racing version offers a faster, more responsive, and exciting sailing experience, which can make it an attractive option for those who enjoy the thrill of racing.

When it comes to sailing performance, the Neel 51 racing version has proven to be a formidable competitor in various regattas and races. The trimaran's innovative design, combined with state-of-the-art technology and high-quality construction, has solidified Neel's position as a leader in the racing scene, while also offering performance-oriented cruising options for non-racers.

Notable Neel Boat Events

Neel 47 Tampa

The Neel 47 trimaran has made a splash at various sailing events across the globe. One such event was in Tampa, where the Neel 47 turned heads due to its unique design, incredible performance, and spacious interiors. Designed by French naval architect Marc Lombard, the 47 was built to meet the adventurous spirit of sailing enthusiasts while providing comfort both at anchor and underway.

Neel 47 Hyeres

At the sailing event in Hyeres, the Neel 47 trimaran continued to impress spectators and sailors alike. This three-hulled vessel showcased its stability and smoothness during various sailing conditions, proving its capability as a bluewater cruiser. The Neel 47 is an ideal choice for those who demand performance and comfort in a multihull sailing vessel.

Neel 47 La Rochelle

The Neel 47 was also featured at the sailing event in La Rochelle, further solidifying its reputation as a groundbreaking design in the world of multihulls. The trimaran's innovative design successfully combines performance and luxury, making it the perfect vessel for cruising and racing enthusiasts alike.

Neel 43 Southampton

At the Southampton event, the Neel 43 demonstrated its prowess as a smaller yet equally impressive trimaran. With its sleek design and exceptional performance, the Neel 43 trimaran proved that size does not compromise quality. The 43 model offers the same level of comfort and exceptional sailing experience as its larger counterpart, the Neel 47.

Neel 47 Tahiti

In the exotic waters of Tahiti, the Neel 47 trimaran shone brightly as a standout sailing vessel. With its unparalleled combination of comfort, performance, and stability, the Neel 47 proved itself more than capable of navigating both the challenging waters and peaceful coastlines of the South Pacific.

Neel 43 Canet en Roussillon

The Neel 43 trimaran made its presence felt in Canet en Roussillon. This versatile sailing vessel demonstrated that it is the perfect choice for those seeking a compact, performance-oriented trimaran that does not sacrifice luxury or functionality.

Neel 51 Gênes

At the Gênes event, the Neel 51 showcased the pinnacle of the Neel trimaran lineup. This elegant, high-performance cruiser boasts an impressive level of comfort and luxury, making it the ideal choice for long-haul sailing adventures. The Neel 51's excellent performance only adds to its reputation as a sought-after sailing vessel among experienced sailors.

Neel 51 Canet en Roussillon

In Canet en Roussillon, the Neel 51 trimaran continued to turn heads and earn praise for its incredible performance and luxurious interiors. This stunning vessel is an excellent choice for those who require ample space and the ultimate in comfort while embarking on extended sailing voyages. 

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