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Lake Bay Boats: In-Depth Models, Spec, Price, and Competition Analysis

Lake and Bay Boats are a testament to thoughtful engineering and quality craftsmanship, offering a diverse lineup of bay boats to meet the distinct needs of anglers and boating enthusiasts. Known for their durability and performance, these boats are often highlighted for their innovative design, including features tailored for both casual and competitive fishing. With models such as the Boca Grande 21, and its predecessor the Boca Grande 20, each boat is developed with attention to detail, providing a seamless blend of functionality and comfort.

Specification wise, Lake and Bay Boats deliver a range of options, from vacuum-bagged cored hulls and custom color selections to high horsepower capacity and tournament-ready fishing amenities. These boats come equipped with specialized features like plumbed baitwells and release wells, hand-laid composite construction, and blueprinted hull bottoms for optimal performance. Price points vary across different models and configurations, reflecting the bespoke nature of their build and the comprehensive features they offer. In the competitive landscape of bay boats, Lake and Bay's offerings are stacked against top contenders, aiming to provide a superior boating experience through exceptional build quality and customer support.

Key Takeaways

  • Lake and Bay Boats are recognized for their design tailored to anglers, offering features necessary for both recreational and competitive fishing.
  • They offer a selection of models with varying specifications and custom features to enhance on-water performance and angler satisfaction.
  • Pricing reflects the customized nature and quality of construction, positioning Lake and Bay Boats competitively in the market.

Overview of Bay Boats

Bay boats have become a popular choice for anglers and recreational boaters who seek versatility and performance. They offer a balance between the shallow water accessibility of flats boats and the larger, ocean-ready tournament boats.

History and Evolution

Bay boats originated to fulfill the need for a versatile watercraft that could navigate both inshore and nearshore waters. Over the years, they have evolved to incorporate advanced materials and design technologies. Modern bay boats feature high-performance hulls, increased horsepower capabilities, and amenities that cater to both the casual boater and serious angler.

Bay Boat Characteristics

Hull Design: Bay boats typically have a modified V-hull with a shallower draft compared to offshore tournament boats, enabling them to enter shallower waters while still providing a stable ride in choppy conditions.

Size: The size of bay boats can range from 18 to 24 feet, making them large enough for comfort yet small enough to maneuver in various waterways.

Seating and Storage: They are equipped with ample seating and storage, including live wells and fish boxes, facilitating a wide range of fishing activities.

Power: Bay boats are often powered by outboards ranging from 90 to 300 horsepower, providing a balance of speed and fuel efficiency.

Comparing Bay, Flats, and Tournament Boats

Bay boats, flats boats, and tournament boats cater to different environments and uses:

  • Bay Boats: They are ideal for intercoastal waterways and nearshore conditions where their hull design provides a comfortable ride.

  • Flats Boats: These are typically smaller with minimal draft for fishing in shallow waters. They often have polling platforms for sight fishing.

  • Tournament Boats: Larger and built for the open sea, they have high freeboard and powerful engines designed for speed and offshore fishing tournaments.

While there's overlap in their capabilities, each boat type is tailored for specific marine environments and angler preferences. Bay boats serve as a middle ground, combining aspects of both flats and tournament boats for versatility.

Lake Bay Boat Models

Lake Bay Boats boasts an array of high-performance fishing vessels engineered for tournament anglers and boating enthusiasts alike. The lineup includes customizable options with detailed attention to hull construction and on-water performance capabilities.

Lake Bay Boat Boca Grande Series

The Boca Grande Series is renowned for their exceptional performance on the flats. The Boca Grande 21 is a prime example, offering a meticulous design conducive to shallow water fishing, powered by an outboard with up to 300 hp, and notable for its lightweight yet durable build.

  • Length: 21 feet
  • Beam: 7 feet, 9 inches
  • Draft: 10 inches
  • Fuel capacity: 60 gallons
  • Dry Weight: 950 pounds
  • Price Estimate: $70,000 with a 250 HP Outboard and trailer

Lake Bay Boat Backwater Series

In contrast, the Backwater Series features the impressive 24 Bay, crafted for the angler seeking stability and space. This model delivers an unparalleled blend of smooth inshore action and the capacity to handle choppy conditions when necessary.

Model-Specific Features

Each Lake Bay boat model includes unique features that set them apart:

  • 22 Bay: A versatile bay boat with a vacuum-bagged cored hull for durability and performance.
  • Boca Grande 21: Known for its shallow draft and the capability to navigate the flats with ease.
  • Backwater 24 Bay: Offers ample storage and room, making it an ideal choice for both fishing enthusiasts and leisurely day trips on the water.

The competition for Lake Bay Boats in the bay boat market includes other high-performance manufacturers, yet each Lake Bay model stands out with its specific blend of features tailored to the serious angler.

Design and Construction

In the design and construction of Lake Bay Boats, meticulous attention is given to the hull design, materials, and customization to ensure exceptional quality and performance. Each model reflects an understanding of an angler's needs combined with superior craftsmanship.

Hull Design

Lake Bay Boats are renowned for their exceptional hull design, with some models such as the Boca Grande 20 being lauded for their influence on the flats boat industry. The company employs a blueprinted hull bottom to optimize performance and enhance the vessel's stability and speed. The vacuum bagged cored hull and deck method is a standard in their construction process, contributing to a stronger, lighter, and more durable structure.

Materials and Methods

The construction of these boats incorporates all composite construction, eliminating wood to prevent rot and extend the life of the boat. Materials like carbon/kevlar layup are used for increased strength without the penalty of added weight. The use of the vacuum bagging technique during the laminating process removes excess resin and air from the laminate, ensuring a high fiber-to-resin ratio, which translates to better strength and reduced weight.

Customization Options

Customization is a cornerstone of Lake Bay Boats, with a wide range of custom options available to potential buyers. Customers can choose from an array of hull or deck colors, allowing for a personalized touch. Lake Bay's attention to detail shines through the ability to tailor features to an angler's specific needs, from opting for a Tempress or Bench Seat Option to selecting the optimal baitwell configuration as seen in the Boca Grande 21.

Specifications and Performance

Lake Bay Boats are renowned for their meticulous construction and superior performance. Each model boasts specifications tailored to enhance the boating experience, whether for fishing tournaments or leisure outings on the water.

Dimensions and Capacities

  • Length: Typically ranging from 20 to 24 feet, with the Boca Grande 20 and Boca Grande 21 being prime examples.
  • Beam: Varies by model, with an 8'6" beam for the 24 Bay, providing stability and space.
  • Draft: Designed shallow to allow access to flats and backwater areas.
  • Fuel Capacity: Sufficient for long-range trips without frequent refueling stops.
  • Dry Storage: Available in ample amounts for gear and essentials, ensuring belongings stay dry.

Engine and Handling

  • Engine: Configured to support high horsepower for speed and efficiency.
  • Powerboats are often equipped with engines that provide both speed and reliable handling in various water conditions.
  • Handling: Boats are built with a fine-tuned hull design for exceptional maneuverability and control during high-speed runs.

Performance Features

  • Speed: Engineered to deliver high-performance speed, crucial for tournament fishing or cruising.
  • High-Performance: Each boat is developed with a focus on high-performance, from the vacuum bagged cored hull and deck to the optimized weight distribution for speed and efficiency.
  • Performance: Lake Bay Boats' performance is characterized by their ability to maintain stability and speed in diverse conditions, benefiting from advanced hull designs and construction techniques.

Technical Aspects

Lake and Bay Boats are recognized for their innovative integration of technology into the practical demands of boating. The technical aspects of these boats encompass high-performance steering and controls, sophisticated electrical systems, and advanced boat systems, ensuring both functionality and durability.

Steering and Controls

The steering and controls of Lake and Bay Boats are usually centered around hydraulic steering systems, providing the pilot with a smooth and responsive handling experience. Hydraulic steering cuts down on the physical effort needed to maneuver the boat through the water. Paired with a premium steering wheel, it allows for precise control. Many models incorporate features such as a jack plate, which can be vital for shallow water navigation. A Bob’s hydraulic jack plate specifically offers boaters the ability to adjust their motor height on the fly, enhancing performance and efficiency.

  • Hydraulic Steering: Provides effortless control.
  • Jack Plate: Allows for motor elevation adjustment.

Electrical Systems

Focusing on the electrical systems, Lake and Bay Boats feature tinned copper wiring, known for its corrosion resistance and longevity, especially in saltwater environments. Navigational lights are standard, ensuring visibility during dusk and nighttime voyages. Digital gauges present critical information at a glance, reliably informing the driver of the boat's operational status through a clear, digital display.

  • Tinned Copper Wiring: Resistance to corrosion.
  • Navigational Lights: Essential for safe boating in low visibility.
  • Digital Gauges: Offer precise readings.

Advanced Boat Systems

Lastly, the advanced boat systems highlight Lake and Bay Boats' commitment to innovation. GPS integration within the boat's dashboard supports seamless navigation, and a top-tier GPS system can be invaluable for finding the perfect fishing spot or charting a course. The onboard recirculation livewell system keeps bait and catches alive for extended periods, while Lenco trim tabs allow for optimal boat trim, creating an even plane for higher speed and lower fuel consumption. A trolling motor is often included for quiet maneuvering in fishing areas.

  • GPS System: Enables pinpoint navigation.
  • Lenco Trim Tabs: Assists in achieving the perfect boat stance.
  • Trolling Motor: Allows for silent water traversal.

Lake and Bay Boat owners benefit from a confluence of technical enhancements designed to make each boating experience both enjoyable and efficient.

Fishing Features and Amenities

Lake Bay Boats are renowned for their impressive array of fishing features and amenities, catering to both amateur and professional anglers. From well-thought-out livewell systems to spacious cockpits, these boats are designed to enhance the fishing experience.

Fishing and Angling Essentials

Boaters can expect a suite of features aimed at optimizing their angling efforts. The 40 gallon round baitwell ensures bait remains fresh, while a 30 gallon release well allows for the safe storage and release of catches. Additionally, multiple rod lockers protect valuable gear, and an expansive cockpit area provides ample room to maneuver and cast. The bow casting platform and the rear deck offer generous space for fishing, increasing the likelihood of a successful outing.

Comfort and Convenience

Lake Bay Boats prioritize comfort with features such as a casting platform that is not only stable but also minimizes fatigue during long fishing sessions. The console is ergonomically designed, allowing for easy navigation and control. The poling platform gives anglers an elevated position for better visibility and casting accuracy. For sun protection and additional rod storage, many models come equipped with a customizable T-top.

Storage and Safety

Safety is a core component of Lake Bay Boats, with each model featuring intuitive storage solutions paired with robust safety measures. Anglers will appreciate insulated fish boxes that keep the catch fresh during extended trips. An organized tackle center streamlines gear storage, ensuring that everything needed is close at hand. Moreover, the boats are designed with stability in mind, ensuring a safe experience even in choppier conditions.

Aesthetics and Enhancements

Lake Bay Boats are not only recognized for their performance but also for their attention to aesthetic detail and quality enhancements. They often include superior finishing touches that set them apart in a competitive market.

Exterior Detailing

The exterior of Lake Bay Boats often features a stainless propeller that adds to the visual appeal while ensuring durability. Around the hull, a heavy-duty rub rail provides robust protection and contributes to the sleek silhouette. Strategic placement of aluminum plates on the deck allows for secure mounting of accessories. Ensuring functionality and style, pop-up cleats offer a seamless look when not in use. Highlighting the contours of the boat, LED lights not only serve for better visibility but also accentuate the boat's design after sundown.

  • Propeller: Stainless steel
  • Rub Rail: Heavy-duty
  • Cleats: Pop-up
  • Lights: LED

Interior Features and Finishing

Inside, Lake Bay Boats' stereo system guarantees high-quality audio for entertainment on the water. The illumination continues with LED lights embedded within the interior, providing a clear view in low-light conditions. One of the most popular options is the installation of Sea-Dek flooring, which offers a combination of elegance and practicality, providing a comfortable, non-slip surface. Along the gunnels, Sea-Dek inside gunnels can be found, enhancing the grip and adding to the overall cohesive look. For safety and convenience, grab handles are strategically placed and fashioned from premium materials to ensure they are both functional and add to the boat's aesthetic appeal.

  • Stereo System: High-quality audio set-up
  • LED Lights: Interior placement
  • Sea-Dek Options: Flooring and inside gunnels
  • Grab Handles: Strategically placed

Accessories and Upgrades

Upgrading your Lake and Bay Boat with the latest accessories can vastly improve your experience. From high-tech navigation systems to comfortable custom gear, there are a myriad of options available to enhance both functionality and comfort.

Technology and Navigation

Lake and Bay Boats can be outfitted with advanced GPS systems to ensure effortless navigation through any waters. The latest models may come equipped with state-of-the-art screens that provide real-time updates and course plotting. For added precision, owners might consider installing power poles to effortlessly anchor in shallow water, making it easier to stay in place while fishing. Additionally, trim tabs improve stability and efficiency, allowing for a smoother ride.

Comfort and Custom Gear

Customization options are plentiful for those who prioritize comfort and personal expression. Owners can add a stylish and practical windshield to protect against the elements, or a swim platform for easy water access. Inside, upgrading with LED courtesy lights can create a pleasant ambiance for nighttime excursions. For seating, console grab handles provide safety and comfort. Depending on the model, anglers can also install a fresh water system for extended trips.

Safety and Maintenance

Maintenance and safety upgrades are essential for any boat. Adding an extra cranking battery, whether it's AGM batteries or lithium batteries, can offer a backup source of power, crucial in emergency situations. Reliable bilge pumps are indispensable for keeping the vessel dry and preventing water from accumulating in the hull. Ensuring that these systems are up-to-date ensures the longevity of the boat and the safety of its passengers.

Pricing and Availability

Lake and Bay Boats provide customers with a premium range of bay boats known for their high performance and quality. Price varies based on model and specifications.

Model Pricing

The Lake and Bay Boca Grande 21 starts at a price point of approximately $54,700. This cost can increase with the addition of optional features and customizations. On the higher end, models equipped with more sophisticated technology and powerful motors can reach prices up to $87,500.

Dealership and Location

Lake and Bay Boats are manufactured in Sebring, Florida. They are available for purchase through their main facility, and potential buyers are encouraged to visit the showroom at 1350 Industrial Way Sebring, FL 33870. Additionally, their boats can be found listed on various boating marketplaces such as Boat Trader, which makes it convenient for customers to view available models from anywhere.

Comparative Analysis

In the realm of bay boats, performance, specs, and price play pivotal roles in differentiating models like the Boston Whaler 280 Dauntless and the Grady-White 281 CE among their competition. This comparative analysis will scrutinize these aspects, providing a clear perspective on how these boats stack up against their rivals.

Competitor Overview

The bay boat market sees a variety of competitors jockeying for the attention of boating enthusiasts. Notably, the Boston Whaler 280 Dauntless is renowned for its unsinkable nature and as a top pick in fishing amenities, as highlighted by Boatsetter. On the other hand, competitors such as the Grady-White 281 CE offer a blend of luxury and capability tailored to a more discerning boater. Other brands like NauticStar present more budget-friendly options, giving consumers ample choice based on their individual requirements.

Direct Comparisons

When directly comparing, key factors like length, horsepower, and price define consumer choice.

  • Length:

    • Boston Whaler 280 Dauntless: 27'10"
    • Grady-White 281 CE: 28'
  • Horsepower:

    • Boston Whaler 280 Dauntless: Up to 600 HP
    • Grady-White 281 CE: Up to 500 HP
  • Price Range:

    • Boston Whaler 280 Dauntless: Approximately $100,000-$200,000 Sport Fishing Mag
    • Grady-White 281 CE: Roughly $200,000-$300,000

These figures underline that the Boston Whaler tends to offer more power, potentially crucial for owners with a need for high-performance boating. The Grady-White, while less powerful, is typically positioned as a more luxurious option, commanding a higher price point. Buyers must weigh these differences against their personal usage scenarios, preferences, and budgets.

Aftermarket and Support

When it comes to aftermarket support, Lake Bay Boats are outfitted with an array of enhancement options and dedicated services. Owners will find substantial resources aimed at keeping their craft in prime condition, ranging from reliable customer service to community engagement opportunities.

Customer Service

Lake Bay Boats provides customer service that assists with technical queries and facilitates access to aftermarket components. Owners can upgrade their vessels with various accessories like deluxe leaning posts and removable backrests. Replacement of specialized components, such as hatch o-ring seals or stainless custom-machined deck hinges, is streamlined through customer service.

Warranty and Repair

The warranty and repair services offered are comprehensive, covering essential boat elements from the self-bailing cockpit to the cranking battery with switch. Sea-chest designs and live wells are protected under warranty, ensuring confidence in the boat's functionality. Moreover, the company provides guidance for the upkeep of the pressed hatch design and leaning seat style, ensuring each component maintains its integrity.

Community and Events

Lake Bay Boats fosters a strong community, holding events that let owners showcase their boats, complete with aluminum trailers and custom features like a hard or canvas T-top or a tower with a second station. At these events, enthusiasts exchange tips on boat care, including the maintenance of Frigid Rigid coolers and rear deck fishing seats. Live demonstrations and discussions often highlight the advantages of the front bow seat option, as well as how to effectively manage the self-bailing cockpit during outings.

Ownership Experience

Owning a Lake and Bay Boat is synonymous with possessing a vessel that caters to a range of uses, from leisurely family outings to competitive fishing tournaments. The company is notably recognized for manufacturing high-performance tournament boats.

Owners often enjoy the customization options that allow them to tailor their boat's appearance and functionality to personal preferences or specific needs. Options such as hull colors and seating arrangements, whether opting for a Tempress or Bench Seat, provide an opportunity for owners to truly make the boat their own.

The Boca Grande 21 is a popular model known for its versatility. It features a side console, which gives a clear deck for fishing or relaxing, and a vacuum-bagged cored hull and deck which ensures durability.

Feature Description
Hull and Deck Vacuum Bagged Cored for strength and lightweight
Customization Choice of hull or deck colors, seating options
Baitwell 1 Plumbed 40 Gallon Round Baitwell
Release Well 1 Plumbed 30 Gallon Release Well

Families particularly appreciate the spacious layout, which allows for comfortable seating and ample room for leisure activities. Anglers value the baitwell and release well system, which is designed to support lengthy fishing trips and tournaments.

While price points vary, with factors like length, horsepower, and custom features influencing cost, consumers see Lake and Bay Boats as a worthwhile investment considering their intended use and the quality of the build.

Competition in the bay boat market is fierce, yet Lake and Bay Boats stand out for their custom, high-quality offerings. Compared to other brands, these boats often provide a blend of performance and versatile features that appeal both to recreational boaters and serious tournament participants.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, readers will find concise, clear-cut answers to common questions about Lake and Bay boats, including details on specifications, pricing, and comparisons with competitors.

What are the specifications and pricing for the most popular Lake and Bay boat models?

The Boca Grande 21 from Lake and Bay boats is designed with a vacuum bagged cored hull and deck and comes with a choice of hull or deck colors. For a detailed list of specifications and pricing, interested buyers should consult a local dealer or visit the manufacturer's website.

How does Lake and Bay's Boca Grande model compare to its competitors?

The Boca Grande 21 boasts features tailored for versatility and performance such as standard side console, vacuum-bagged cored construction, and custom color options, setting it above others for consumers focused on customization and quality.

What are the notable differences in features and performance between the 2020 and 2021 models of Lake Bay boats?

There may be upgrades in performance or additional features in the newer models of Lake Bay boats compared to older versions. Buyers should check the latest model specifications for precise differences.

Which Lake and Bay boat model is considered the best for bay fishing?

The 22 Bay model is often highlighted for its design tailored to bay fishing, featuring all-composite construction and lockable rod lockers, making it a top choice among fishing enthusiasts.

What should I consider when deciding between purchasing a bay boat and a center console?

Prospective buyers should weigh factors such as intended use, size and design preferences, and the specific fishing or water activities that they will engage in. Bay boats like Lake and Bay's models offer shallow-water capability, whereas center consoles might provide more versatility in different water conditions.

What are the shallow water capabilities of Lake and Bay bay boats?

Lake and Bay's bay boats are engineered for performance in shallow waters, with models like the Boca Grande 21 and the 22 Bay being particularly noted for their shallow draft and ability to navigate areas where deeper-hulled boats cannot go.

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