April 29, 2024

Bass Boat Brands 2024: Top Picks for Anglers This Year

Bass boats are essential equipment for anglers pursuing their passion for bass fishing. In 2024, the market for bass boats is more competitive than ever, with leading brands vying to produce the best vessels incorporating the latest technology and features.

Bass Boat

As a result, consumers are faced with a multitude of options while seeking the perfect boat that meets their needs.

Understanding the intricacies of bass boat types and the key features to look out for can be quite daunting. In 2024, advances in electronics, performance, and overall quality have taken center stage, making it crucial for prospective buyers to be well-informed about various brands and models.

This article discusses the top bass boat brands in 2024 while highlighting important aspects such as performance, handling, innovations, and more.

Bass Boat

Key Takeaways

  • Leading brands in 2024 offer advanced features and technology in their bass boats.
  • High-performance and quality electronics are essential aspects to consider.
  • Understanding market trends and consumer demand can guide you in choosing the right bass boat.

Overview of Bass Boat Types

Bass boats come in various materials, with aluminum and fiberglass being the two most popular options. Each type has its unique advantages and disadvantages, depending on the angler's preferences and fishing needs.

This section will explore these two types of bass boats in further detail, providing insight into their features and benefits.

Aluminum Bass Boats

Aluminum boats are known for their lightweight construction and durability. They're often more affordable than fiberglass boats, making them an attractive option for beginners or budget-conscious anglers.

Some key features of aluminum bass boats include:

  • Weight: Aluminum boats are generally lighter than their fiberglass counterparts, allowing for easier transportation and handling.
  • Maintenance: Aluminum boats require less maintenance as they're not prone to gelcoat cracks, fading, or blistering.
  • Cost: The initial investment for an aluminum bass boat is typically lower than that of fiberglass models.
  • Durability: Aluminum boats can handle rough waters well, as they're less likely to be damaged upon impact with submerged objects.

However, they might not have as high top-end speeds and might not be as stable as fiberglass models.

Bass Boat

Fiberglass Bass Boats

Fiberglass bass boats are often seen as the more "professional" option, with a sleeker appearance and more advanced features. These boats are ideal for anglers who are more experienced or serious about their bass fishing.

Some key features of fiberglass bass boats include:

  • Performance: Fiberglass boats typically have higher top-end speeds than aluminum models, making them suitable for tournament use.
  • Stability: In general, fiberglass boats offer better stability and smoother rides due to their heavier weight and design.
  • Customization: Fiberglass boats often provide more options for customization, as they can accommodate additional fishing features, like large tackle storage areas, built-in fishfinders, and powerful trolling motors.

However, fiberglass bass boats may require more maintenance and cost more upfront than aluminum models.

Leading Bass Boat Brands

Ranger Boats

Ranger Boats is a top choice for both amateur and professional anglers. Their fiberglass and aluminum bass boats are popular options, known for their quality and innovation.

Ranger Z185: Best for Beginners

  • Fiberglass Bass Boat
  • Length: 18ft 8in
  • Beam: 8ft
  • Maximum horsepower: 150hp

Skeeter Boats

Skeeter Boats is another heavy hitter in the bass boat market. Their high-end boats have gained a reputation for excellence, and they have received recognition for their customer satisfaction.

Skeeter ZXR19: Best Packaged Tournament Boat

  • Fiberglass Bass Boat
  • Length: 19ft
  • Beam: 7ft 11in
  • Maximum horsepower: 250hp

Bass Cat Boats

Bass Cat Boats features a range of models known for their speed and efficiency. The Bass Cat Puma STS is a popular tournament boat applauded for its speed and comfortable layout.

Bass Cat Puma STS: Best Tournament Boat

  • Fiberglass Bass Boat
  • Length: 20ft 4in
  • Beam: 8ft 1in
  • Maximum horsepower: 300hp


Nitro is another brand renowned for producing high-quality bass boats with modern designs and features. The Nitro Z17 stands out as an excellent starter fiberglass boat.

Nitro Z17: Best Starter Fiberglass Boat

  • Fiberglass Bass Boat
  • Length: 17ft 4in
  • Beam: 7ft 10in
  • Maximum horsepower: 115hp


The Lund 1875 Pro-V Bass XS is a versatile and affordable model, making it a strong contender for the best bass boat in their lineup. Their aluminum boats are known for durability and performance.


Xpress specializes in aluminum boats that offer durability and efficiency. The Xpress X19 Pro is one of the best aluminum bass boats in their collection, lauded for its performance and design.

Xpress X19 Pro: Best Aluminum Bass Boat

  • Aluminum Bass Boat
  • Length: 19ft
  • Beam: 7ft 7in
  • Maximum horsepower: 200hp

Lowe Boats

Lowe Boats includes a lineup of versatile bass boats like the Stinger 198, which offers ample deck space for a comfortable fishing experience.

Lowe Stinger 198: Great Deck Space

  • Aluminum Bass Boat
  • Length: 19ft 8in
  • Beam: 8ft 2in
  • Maximum horsepower: 150hp

Crestliner Boats

Crestliner Boats is known for their durable aluminum boats that cater to the needs of bass anglers. Solid construction and fishability make Crestliner an excellent option in the bass boat market.


The 2024 Caymas CX 21 is the flagship boat in the Caymas lineup. Its high-speed performance and fresh hull design have quickly made it a favorite among anglers.

Caymas CX 21: High-Speed Performance

  • Fiberglass Bass Boat
  • Length: 21ft 4in
  • Beam: 8ft 1in
  • Top speed: 73mph
  • Maximum horsepower: 250hp

Key Features of Bass Boats

Hull Design and Construction

Bass boats usually have a V-shaped hull design, allowing for better stability and performance in various water conditions.

Lightweight materials such as fiberglass and aluminum are commonly used in hull construction, providing a durable and corrosion-resistant structure.

For instance, the Caymas CX 21 features a fresh hull design with a 17" running pad, enhancing its speed and maneuverability.

Livewell Systems

A vital component of any bass boat, livewell systems ensure that caught fish are kept alive and in good condition.

Modern bass boats often come equipped with aerated and insulated livewells, which help maintain optimal water temperature and oxygen levels.

Capacity varies among models; it is essential to consider your fishing needs and preferences when selecting a boat with suitable livewell capacity.

Storage Solutions

Ample storage space is crucial in a bass boat for stashing fishing gear, tackle, personal belongings, and other essentials.

Rod lockers, tackle trays, and other built-in compartments aid in organization and accessibility.

Some bass boats like the Ranger Z185 offer generous storage capacity, making them well-suited for anglers needing extra space.

Seating and Comfort

Comfortable and supportive seating is vital for long hours spent on the water.

Bass boats typically come with padded seats, adjustable backrests, and ergonomic designs to provide maximum comfort for anglers.

Moreover, spacious casting decks are available in various models to accommodate multiple anglers and facilitate easy movement.

Fishing-Focused Accessories

To enhance the fishing experience, many bass boats are equipped with accessories focused on convenience and functionality.

Some of these may include trolling motors, fish finders, and GPS systems, which assist anglers in locating and catching fish.

Additionally, mounting systems for fishing rods and built-in coolers for food and drinks provide convenience for fishermen on extended trips.

Bass Boat Performance and Handling

Speed and Power

In 2024, bass boat performance continues to impress with many boats achieving exceptional top speeds and power.

One notable example is the Caymas CX 21, which boasts a top speed of about 73 mph. This is thanks to its fresh hull design with a 17" running pad and optional 250-hp outboard engine. High-performance bass boats are typically made of fiberglass to ensure the most efficient and fast hull shapes.

These boats often come equipped with powerful outboard motors, which ensure a fast hole shot. They also have hydraulic steering, which improves both speed and handling.

Leading brands in the bass boat market have consistently delivered high-performance boats that meet or exceed the demanding expectations of anglers.


Modern bass boats are designed with handling and maneuverability in mind.

Most bass boats feature hydraulic steering systems, which offer extremely precise control and responsiveness, making them ideal for navigating tight spaces and following fish in shallow water environments.

The boat's hull design also plays a crucial role in maneuverability, with specialized designs that provide optimal handling in various water conditions.

For example, the Lund 1875 Pro-V Bass XS is highly versatile and offers exceptional handling performance. This allows for tight turns and precise positioning while fishing.

Additionally, some boats include features like trim tabs and power poles to further enhance maneuverability and boat stability while fishing.

Fuel Efficiency

Another critical factor to consider when evaluating bass boat performance is fuel efficiency.

While many bass boats are optimized for high-speed performance, it's essential to find a balance between power and fuel consumption.

High-quality bass boats consider fuel efficiency in their design as well, with advanced hull designs and lightweight materials contributing to better overall performance with reduced fuel consumption.

One indicator of fuel efficiency in bass boats is the use of modern outboard motors that comply with emission standards. These motors maximize output while minimizing the negative impact on the environment.

Leading brands like Ranger, Nitro, and Skeeter invest in research and development to continually improve fuel efficiency without sacrificing power and speed.

Innovations in Bass Boat Technology

As the bass boat industry evolves, brands continue to embrace the latest advancements in technology to improve fishing experiences. This section highlights some of the essential innovations in bass boat technology for the 2024 season, with a focus on cutting-edge electronics, advanced trolling motors, and customization options.

Cutting-Edge Electronics

Bass boats have become increasingly equipped with state-of-the-art electronics that aid in finding and catching fish.

Key advancements in this area include high-performance touchscreens and sophisticated fishfinding systems.

For instance, Lowrance® HDS fishfinders have made it easier for anglers to locate fish, monitor water temperature, and view detailed maps of fishing spots.

These sophisticated devices not only provide clear sonar images but also integrate with other onboard engine functions.

Another notable trend is the use of Humminbird electronics in bass boats, which provide anglers with comprehensive information on water depth, temperature, and fish presence under the vessel.

These electronic systems have significantly improved the fishing experience, allowing for more precise and efficient angling.

Advanced Trolling Motor

Advanced Trolling Motors

Trolling motors are an essential component of modern bass boats, providing quiet and precise propulsion that won't disturb the fish.

With technological advancements, trolling motors have become even more efficient and powerful.

Remote-controlled trolling motors and electric steering systems offer unparalleled control over your boat's movement.

Anglers can now maneuver their boats with ease, access tight spots, and stay on a predetermined course without continuously adjusting the motor.

This not only optimizes energy consumption but also allows for better focus on fishing.

Customization Options

Customization has become a crucial aspect of bass boats, with manufacturers offering multiple options to fit each angler's needs.

Features such as rod storage compartments, tackle trays, and livewell systems can be adjusted and tailored to your fishing preferences.

Additionally, boat layouts and seating can be easily modified to accommodate a desire for more fishing space, comfort, or other specific requirements.

This level of customization enables anglers to create a boat that best suits their needs and fishing style, further enhancing their overall experience.

Fishing Amenities and Layout

Fishing Platforms and Decks

Fishing boats in 2024 continue to prioritize convenience and comfort for anglers.

Front and rear casting decks have become more spacious in most models, offering ample room for multiple anglers to cast and maneuver.

Many boats also utilize padded decks for enhanced comfort during those long fishing days.

Electronics options have expanded as well, making it easier for anglers to track fish and monitor their surroundings.

Rod Storage and Lockers

Another critical aspect of any fishing boat is the storage options available for rods and other gear.

2024 bass boat designs have incorporated innovative rod lockers and storage solutions.

In most cases, these storage compartments can be found under the gunnels, front deck, or rear casting platforms, allowing for quick and easy access to your rods.

Furthermore, these lockers often come with integrated locking mechanisms, to keep your valuable gear secure while you're away from the boat.

Integrated Fishing Equipment

2024 bass boats have an array of integrated fishing equipment designed to make the overall fishing experience more enjoyable and efficient.

Built-in live wells and bait tanks come standard on most boats, located conveniently to ensure quick access and proper aeration.

Additionally, many boats feature tackle storage spaces as well as customizable mounting spots for trolling motors or other fishing gear.

This level of integration demonstrates the manufacturers' focus on maximizing fishability while keeping the boat's layout clean and organized.

Choosing the Right Bass Boat

When it comes to selecting the perfect bass boat for your needs, picking the right one can be a challenging task. In order to guide you in making an informed decision, this article highlights crucial factors to consider for both recreational and tournament anglers, as well as some standout 2024 bass boat models.

Factors for Recreational Anglers

Quality is crucial for recreational anglers when selecting a bass boat. A well-built boat, such as the Nitro Z17 or the Xpress X21 Pro, will not only offer long-lasting enjoyment but will also provide safety on the water.

Versatility is another important factor for recreational fishermen. A good choice is a boat that can fit various fishing styles and water types.

The Nitro Z19 is an excellent example, as it comfortably fits smaller bodies of water while still able to tackle larger lakes.

Here are some popular 2024 bass boats for recreational anglers along with key features:

ModelKey Feature
Nitro Z17Best Starter Fiberglass Boat, ideal for learning and beginners'
Xpress X21 ProBest Large Aluminum Boat, providing durability and corrosion resistance
Nitro Z19An excellent all-around option, suitable for various fishing styles and locations
SeaMag Bass Boat Features Chart

Considerations for Tournament Anglers

For tournament anglers, different factors come into play when choosing their ideal bass boat. They need competitive features, such as speed, performance, and storage capabilities, to help them succeed in challenging fishing conditions.

The Ranger Z520R stands tall among its competitors for tournament angling.

It boasts impressive speed and maneuverability, which are crucial in navigating challenging waters and reaching the ideal fishing spots.

Storage space is another vital aspect for tournament anglers, as they need ample room for their fishing gear and accessories.

In this area, the Ranger Z520R excels, with plenty of storage options for rods, tackle, and even personal belongings.

Market Trends and Consumer Demand

Popular Models and Upgrades

In recent years, the bass boat market has evolved to accommodate the growing needs of anglers and enthusiasts. The 2024 lineup of bass boats displays innovation and cutting-edge technology, attracting many buyers and driving demand.

One of the popular brands making waves in the market is Bass Pro Shops, offering a variety of models catering to different needs.

Their boats come with additional features like enhanced storage options, high-performance engines, and advanced electronics.

Another brand to watch in 2024 is Ikon, known for its commitment to innovation and technology.

The bass boats from Ikon come with state-of-the-art features such as:

  • GPS-enabled trolling motors for precise navigation and positioning
  • High-resolution touch screen displays offering a seamless user experience
  • Stability-enhancing hull designs for improved handling in rough waters

Industry Growth and Demand

According to recent statistics, the recreational boating market is set to grow at a CAGR of 5.10% between 2024 and 2029, reaching a market size of USD 36.78 billion.

This growth in demand is attributed to the increased spending on leisure activities and the appeal of new technologies in the boating industry.

Furthermore, bass boat manufacturers face unique market trends that influence their specific segment. The following table provides an overview of some of these trends:

TrendImpact on Demand
Supply chain issuesIncreased wait times for new boats, driving up prices
Technological advancesAttraction of new buyers and encouragement of upgrades
Economic conditionsShift in demand for various price ranges and boat sizes
Bass Boat Industry

To meet the growing demand, manufacturers continuously invest in research and development, bringing new features and innovations to the market.

The constant influx of exciting technologies and the desire for personalized experiences keep consumer interest high, fueling the industry's growth and shaping the bass boat market landscape in 2024 and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top-rated bass boat brands for 2024?

The top-rated bass boat brands for 2024 include Caymas, Skeeter, Ranger, Bass Cat, and XPress. Each of these brands have developed new models and innovations, making them a top choice for anglers in 2024.

Which new bass boat brands have emerged in 2024?

New bass boat brands that have emerged in 2024 include Caymas which has introduced the flagship model CX 21, known for its high-speed performance and innovative hull design.

Additionally, established boat brand Fisherman has launched a new series of bass boats in 2024, including the Fisherman 243 and Fisherman 263, both unveiled at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.

What are the most affordable bass boat options available in 2024?

While specific prices may vary, some of the most affordable bass boat options in 2024 include the Ranger Z185 and the Nitro Z17. These boats provide great value for the money while not compromising on quality or performance.

Which bass boat brands are preferred by professional anglers this year?

Professional anglers tend to prefer brands such as Skeeter, Ranger, and Bass Cat, as these brands consistently deliver high-quality performance and a range of features that cater to the needs of competitive anglers.

How do the latest fiberglass bass boat models compare to previous years?

The latest fiberglass bass boat models feature innovative hull designs, improved speed and performance, as well as upgraded technology and comfort features.

Brands such as Caymas and Skeeter have introduced models with increased top-end speeds and better handling compared to previous years.

What factors contribute to the ride smoothness of 2024 bass boats?

Factors that contribute to the ride smoothness of 2024 bass boats include advanced hull designs. These designs provide better stability and reduced turbulence in the water. Some models also have upgraded suspension systems, such as the Caymas CX 21. The Caymas CX 21 features a 17” running pad for improved performance and comfort.

Additionally, modern bass boats often incorporate ergonomic seating designs and well-planned layouts for enhanced overall comfort on the water.

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