March 5, 2024

Vexus Boats: Revolutionizing the Boating Industry in 2024

Vexus Boats is a renowned manufacturer that offers a variety of high-quality fishing boats, made from both aluminum and fiberglass.

Combining innovative design with advanced marine performance, these boats are built with the angler's needs in mind, providing an unparalleled level of satisfaction and customization.

Whether you are a professional angler or just a passionate weekend fisherman, Vexus Boats promises to deliver a custom-built, high-performance vessel that suits your unique preferences.

One of the key factors that sets Vexus Boats apart from other boat manufacturers is their commitment to using cutting-edge technology and engineering in both the design and construction of their boats.

Not only does this ensure optimal performance and handling on the water, but it also provides a comfortable and safe boating experience.

With a wide range of models to choose from, Vexus Boats caters to various fishing preferences, making it easier than ever for you to find your dream boat equipped with the latest features, amenities, and advanced electronics.

Key Takeaways

  • Vexus Boats offers customizable, high-performance fishing boats for a range of angling needs.
  • Advanced technology and engineering contribute to exceptional performance and a comfortable experience.
  • The extensive range of models provides ample options for boaters to find their perfect fit, equipped with modern amenities and electronics.

Overview of Vexus Boats

Vexus Brand Evolution

Vexus Boats is a leading manufacturer of high-quality aluminum and fiberglass fishing boats. Launched in 2024, the brand has been dedicated to providing innovative designs and cutting-edge technology to fishing enthusiasts. With their glass-infused aluminum bass and center console models, Vexus has forged a new path in the marine industry.

At the core of their boats is a commitment to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Vexus Boats' lineup includes a variety of models for both aluminum and fiberglass options, catering to different fishing preferences and needs.

Known for their glass-infused aluminum hybrid design, their AVX series boats have attracted widespread attention within the fishing community.

Rise in the Marine Industry

Since its inception, Vexus Boats has experienced swift growth in the marine industry. This success can be attributed to their focus on innovation, pushing the boundaries of aluminum fishing boat designs, and offering a range of technically advanced and aesthetically pleasing boats for sale.

Vexus Boats' models, such as the VX20 and AVX series, showcase the company's commitment to producing advanced, high-performance boats that cater to a diverse range of boating needs.

Their fiberglass models are known for their quality and performance, with the VX21 being a shining example of this dedication to excellence.

The brand's boats are constructed using cutting-edge materials and techniques, ensuring a level of durability and longevity that is unmatched by many competitors in the market. By combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design and manufacturing, Vexus Boats continues to make a significant impact in the marine industry today.

Vexus Boat Models

Vexus boats offer a range of fishing and recreational boats that cater to various angler preferences and water conditions. This section discusses three main series of Vexus boat models: VX Series, AVX Series, and DVX Series.

VX Series

The VX Series features multi-species designs for a versatile fishing experience. One of the popular models in this series is the VX20.

This model boasts a deep vee hull for exceptional performance in various water conditions. It provides ample storage, live wells, and fishing features to make your time on the water enjoyable and efficient.

AVX Series

Vexus' AVX Series is designed for advanced performance with models such as the AVX1980, AVX2080, and AVX181. These boats have an innovative pad hull design, which offers increased speed and handling.

Some popular models in the AVX Series include:

  • AVX1980: A versatile model, it features a spacious layout, balance storage compartments, and rod lockers capable of accommodating rods up to 8 feet in length.
  • AVX2080: Larger and more powerful, this boat offers improved performance and stability, making it suitable for bigger water bodies.
  • AVX181: Designed for affordability and efficiency, the AVX181 is a compact package with quality features and an attractive price point.

DVX Series

The DVX Series is Vexus' line of high-performance boats specifically crafted for competitive anglers. The DVX22 is the flagship model in this series, featuring a deep vee hull design for excellent rough water capabilities.

Equipped with advanced technologies, such as the ADX190 aerator and live well system, these boats are built for high-level tournament fishing.

Keeping these specifications in mind, anglers can make an informed decision based on performance, size, and fishing requirements when selecting their ideal Vexus boat.

Design and Construction

Hull Technology

Vexus Boats are constructed with an advanced hull technology, featuring a deep vee hull design for smooth performance in different water conditions.

The hull includes performance-honed strakes that enhance maneuverability and stability, ensuring a reliable and enjoyable boating experience. Furthermore, dual spray rails reduce water spray while underway, contributing to a dry and comfortable ride.

Custom-Built Features

Vexus Boats emphasizes its dedication to quality and usability with various custom-built features. Boats feature a quick-dry, skid-resistant EVA floor for improved safety and comfort while on the water.

In addition, the brand showcases several models and designs for specific purposes, such as the AVX series for fishing enthusiasts. These boats are equipped with innovative features like spacious casting decks, ample storage, and customizable options to meet the unique needs of individual boaters.

Innovative Materials

The construction of Vexus Boats utilizes a combination of aluminum and fiberglass materials, resulting in strong, durable, and lightweight vessels.

The innovative glass-infused aluminum hybrid design found in the AVX series combines the resilience of aluminum with the sleek appearance of fiberglass. This unique combination offers boating enthusiasts a visually appealing, robust, and efficient vessel design that outperforms traditional aluminum and fiberglass boats.

Performance and Handling

Engine and Horsepower

Vexus Boats offers a variety of engine options, providing buyers with the flexibility to choose the perfect horsepower suited for their boating needs.

With the ADX Series, you can expect efficient, high-performance engines ideal for both casual boating and competitive fishing.

To maximize power and fuel efficiency, Vexus boats are designed with lower center-of-gravity and optimal deadrise angles, ensuring impressive performance across various conditions.

Handling in Rough Waters

In terms of handling in rough waters, Vexus boats are equipped with a pad hull design, which improves stability and tracking when navigating through choppy waves.

Furthermore, the Trac-Tight™ handling feature ensures that these boats maintain excellent maneuverability and responsiveness in various water conditions.

Moreover, their lower center-of-gravity design contributes to a smoother ride by lowering the boat's overall profile, which further helps enhance stability and handling in rough water situations.

Onboard Features and Amenities

Cockpit and Helm

The cockpit in a Vexus boat offers excellent ergonomics and functionality, with a clean and visually appealing layout to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for anglers.

The helm provides easy access to all essential controls, with a modern line of sight for optimal navigation.

Some distinct features of their helm designs include:

  • Articulating mounts: Allows for the effortless adjustment of screens and devices
  • Spray rails: Ensures that water is efficiently deflected away from the cockpit
  • EVA floor: Provides a comfortable and slip-resistant surface

Fishing-Focused Design

Vexus boats are known for their superior design that prioritizes fishability, giving anglers the best of both worlds: a comfortable boat with an efficient layout for a successful day on the water.

  • Bow-to-stern fishability: Ample space for anglers to move around, making casting and reeling in catches even more convenient
  • Raised front deck: Offers better line of sight and a stable platform for casting
  • Livewells: Located strategically throughout the boat, ensuring easy access to keep your catch fresh

Storage and Deck Layout

One of the standout features of a Vexus boat is its well-designed storage and deck layout, which showcases the brand's attention to detail and anglers' needs. This layout makes it easy to store all essential fishing gear, while also providing an organized and clutter-free environment.

Key aspects of their storage and deck layout include:

  • Tackle storage: Multiple compartments designed specifically for holding tackle boxes and other essential gear
  • Strakes: Improves boat stability by enhancing the flow of water around the boat's hull
  • Livewell location: Positioned in strategic areas for easy access and fish preservation

Electronics and Technology

Advanced Locators

Vexus boats are known for their advanced locators, which aid in finding and catching fish more efficiently. The cutting-edge electronics provided in their boats, such as the 2023 Vexus 2080 bass boat, are specifically designed to enhance the angler's experience on the water.

High-quality fish finders and depth sounders give users all the information they need to locate fish with precision.

These locators are often paired with innovative technologies like the One Boat Network system, which allows seamless integration of all onboard electronics as demonstrated in the 2023 Vexus Boats DVX 20s. This integration ensures that users can easily access and control every electronic device on their Vexus boat.

Navigational Systems

Navigational systems on Vexus boats are designed to be user-friendly and reliable.

With features like GPS, chart plotters, and advanced mapping capabilities, these systems give boaters the necessary information to safely and efficiently navigate their favorite fishing spots and find new ones.

Moreover, the GPS systems often come preloaded with maps and can be upgraded with more detailed information to further enhance the user's navigation experience.

Combined with the Vexus V² Technology, which already optimizes the boat's performance, users gain an advantage on the water.

Seating and Comfort

Airwave Seat Suspensions

Vexus boats prioritize comfort for their occupants by incorporating Airwave Seat Suspensions in their designs. These suspensions provide a soft ride experience by effectively absorbing shocks and vibrations, ensuring a smooth ride even in rough water conditions.

Passengers can enjoy the enhanced comfort of custom-contoured High Performance Bucket Seats, which are further complemented by fold-down Fishing Seats.

Windshield Designs

Vexus Boats also feature an array of carefully designed Windshield Designs that contribute to both comfort and functionality.

These windshields not only protect occupants from the elements but also enhance visibility and safety. Paired with the spacious interiors, these designs create a comfortable environment for passengers to enjoy their time on the water.

Safety and Durability

Build Quality

Vexus boats have become popular among boating enthusiasts for their sleek designs and impressive performance. A key aspect to their reputation is the build quality, with Vexus boats being known for their attention to detail during the manufacturing process.

An important factor in build quality is the welding. However, some Vexus boat owners have reported weld cracking issues. It is important to monitor your boat for any signs of weld cracks and address them promptly to maintain the integrity of your vessel.

The use of high-quality materials in Vexus boats contributes to their overall durability. Careful maintenance can play a significant role in extending the lifespan of your boat.

Regular summer preparation and de-winterizing are essential, as they involve checking safety equipment, cleaning the boat thoroughly, and ensuring your trailer is in good working order.

Safety Features

Vexus boats prioritize safety for their users. One aspect of safety is the max horsepower (hp) outboard rating assigned to each boat model.

Exceeding the max hp rating can void the warranty and affect your insurance coverage. The 200 hp max rating is one example, where it is essential for boaters to adhere to the recommended limits for safety and the structural integrity of their vessels.

Regular inspection of the boat's critical components can also help ensure a safe boating experience.

Some common issues to monitor for Vexus boats include condensation, which can form mostly on the lids of storage boxes, but is not unique to this brand. Awareness of these issues can prevent potential problems and contribute to a well-maintained boat.

Boating Experience

Versatility on the Water

Vexus Boats are designed to provide a superior boating experience, whether you are fishing on a sea or targeting lake trout, walleye, musky, and pike.

Their unique hull design ensures a smooth and stable ride in various water conditions. The adaptable nature of these boats allows anglers to move with confidence and precision, making them well-loved by both professional and recreational fishermen alike.

Some Vexus models, like the AVX2080, offer a spacious layout to accommodate multiple anglers and their gear. A few notable features include:

  • Fishing-friendly layout: Ample storage for rods, tackle, and personal belongings.
  • Advanced technology: State-of-the-art electronics and fish-finding equipment.
  • Comfortable seating: Ergonomic designs ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for hours on end.

Competition and Recreation

Vexus Boats are not only built for serious anglers but also cater to those who enjoy recreational boating with friends and family.

With their agile performance and impressive top speed capabilities, they can quickly transition from a fishing vessel to an exhilarating joyride on the water.

While Vexus Boats have faced some issues with inconsistent paint jobs and hull cracks, these have been isolated cases. The majority of Vexus owners remain satisfied with their boating experience, both in competition and recreation. This speaks to the overall quality, performance, and versatility of these boats when it comes to meeting the diverse needs of boating enthusiasts.

Trailer and Transportation

Trailer Types

Vexus Boats offers a range of high-quality trailers designed to complement their innovative aluminum and fiberglass fishing boats.

They provide ACX and ADX trailers to ensure the utmost performance and reliability for users.

These trailers are well-crafted and designed to fit Vexus boat models perfectly. They utilize American-made 4-inch channel steel, which offers optimal strength and longevity for a more stable ride on any road surface.

Some key features of Vexus trailers include:

  • Anti-rust treatment: The steel used in the trailers undergoes a process that prevents rusting from the inside out, ensuring a longer lifespan and protection against harsh environmental conditions.
  • Custom-built: Vexus trailers are designed to fit their respective boat models like a glove, ensuring a secure and smooth towing experience.

Tandem Axle Trailers

For larger boats and added stability, Vexus also offers tandem axle trailers as an option.

Tandem axle trailers utilize two sets of axles, providing more suspension and improved weight distribution. This results in a smoother ride, increased maneuverability, and better handling on rough terrain or during high-speed towing.

Advantages of Tandem axle trailers include:

  1. Enhanced load capacity: Tandem axle trailers can carry heavier boats and loads, making them ideal for larger fishing boats.
  2. Improved stability: The additional axle provides better weight distribution and stability, allowing for a smoother and safer towing experience.
  3. Greater braking power: More axles mean increased braking capacity, ensuring better control and safety while towing.

Accessories and Upgrades

Batteries and Power Management

Vexus boats offer a range of accessories and upgrades to enhance your boating and fishing experience.

One of the essential components of any boat's system is its batteries and power management.

Vexus boats are compatible with various batteries to ensure that you have enough power to operate your electronics and trolling motor efficiently. It is vital to choose the right battery for your Vexus boat, as it will affect the performance and longevity of your electrical system.

High-quality deep-cycle marine batteries are recommended for use in Vexus boats.

AMPD Marine offers a selection of VEXUS® accessories, including batteries designed for optimal performance in marine environments.

These batteries are known for their reliability, durability, and efficiency, ensuring that you can rely on your boat's power system when you need it most.

Minn Kota Ultrex Trolling Motor

Another popular upgrade for Vexus boats is the Minn Kota Ultrex Trolling Motor.

This trolling motor is designed to provide precise control, allowing you to maneuver your boat effortlessly even in challenging conditions.

The Minn Kota Ultrex features GPS capabilities, enabling you to lock onto a specific fishing spot or follow a predetermined course, giving you more time to focus on your catch.

The Minn Kota Ultrex trolling motor is an excellent addition to Vexus boats, as it offers unmatched performance, durability, and convenience.

By upgrading to this advanced trolling motor, you can significantly enhance your boat's capabilities and make your fishing trips more enjoyable and productive.

Purchase and Ownership

Buying Process

When considering a Vexus boat, buyers can confidently expect top-quality marine products with the option to customize their own vessel.

Vexus offers both aluminum and fiberglass boats, which are built in their factory in Texas, catering to a wide range of preferences.

The buying process typically starts with browsing the numerous Vexus boats available on Boat Trader.

With a mix of new and used boats, buyers can find 381 Vexus models ranging from 18 to 22 feet in length.

Then, interested parties might join the Vexus Boats Buy/Sell Facebook group, where owners and potential buyers can interact, discuss, and find listings for Vexus boats and accessories.

Once the right Vexus model is identified, buyers engage with the local Vexus boat dealer or an online platform like to facilitate the transaction.

It is important to inspect the boat carefully, assess any maintenance needs, and seek professional guidance during this stage to ensure a smooth purchase.

Ownership Experience

Vexus boats are designed to offer a comfortable and hassle-free ownership experience. Complemented by the company's commitment to high-quality performance and design, Vexus owners expect more than just a stylish boat.

In terms of quality, Vexus boats are built with rigidity and durability to tackle various water conditions. Their aluminum and fiberglass models are constructed using cutting-edge processes, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride on the water.

Additionally, Vexus' dedicated after-sales support provides resources for maintenance and upkeep when necessary.

Thanks to the customization options offered, owners often find that their Vexus boats are tailored to their specific needs, which further enhances the ownership experience.

The option of selecting your own outboard and equipment allows for a high-performance rig designed just for you, solidifying the appeal of a Vexus boat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the starting prices for Vexus boats?

Vexus boats offer a diverse range of models to cater to different budgets.

The starting prices for their boats typically range from mid-$20,000 to $70,000. However, the final cost may vary depending on the chosen model, additional features or packages, and the prevailing market conditions.

How do Vexus boats compare in quality and performance to other manufacturers?

Vexus boats are known for their innovative, premium-quality construction and design. Built with industry-leading technology and materials, these boats boast a high level of performance, durability, and comfort.

While they can be compared to other top boat manufacturers, it is essential to note that each brand showcases unique qualities and strengths that cater to specific needs and preferences.

Where can I find a reputable Vexus boat dealer?

To find a reputable Vexus boat dealer, consider visiting the official Vexus Boats website where you can locate authorized dealers through their search tool.

You can also ask for recommendations from friends or acquaintances who have previously purchased Vexus boats or seek online reviews for customer testimonials.

What are the common issues reported by Vexus boat owners?

Some common problems reported by Vexus boat owners include weld cracking, excessive condensation in storage boxes, and not reaching top speed. However, it is essential to highlight that these issues may not necessarily be universal across all models and situations.

What is the manufacturing process of Vexus boats?

Vexus boats utilize an advanced manufacturing process, combining cutting-edge technology with a skilled workforce to ensure high-quality construction.

They use premium materials, such as aluminum and fiberglass, incorporating advanced hull designs and features that enhance performance and durability.

Special attention is given to areas like weld quality, safety features, and customizability to deliver boats that offer a fantastic on-water experience.

How does Vexus' hull construction differentiate from other brands?

One of the most distinctive features of Vexus boats is their revolutionary hull construction, which combines both aluminum and fiberglass components.

This hybrid approach allows them to offer exceptional strength and durability while maintaining excellent performance, fuel efficiency, and a smoother ride.

Their unique hull designs offer differentiation from other boat manufacturers, enabling Vexus boats to stand out in the market.

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