June 21, 2024

Mercury Avator:Revolutionizing Marine Propulsion

The Mercury Avator Electric Outboard marks a significant shift in boating technology. These electric motors are designed for smooth, quiet operation, making them perfect for both seasoned boaters and those new to the sport.

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With near-zero maintenance and easy-to-use controls, the Avator series offers unparalleled convenience and reliability.

Since launching in 2023, the Avator lineup has expanded to include models like the 7.5e, 20e, and 35e, bringing higher power and efficiency to Mercury Marine's offerings.

These models provide performance comparable to traditional gasoline engines, making the transition to electric propulsion seamless for many users.

Photo By: mercurymarine.com

The Avator 20-35e even boasts extended runtime thanks to advanced battery technology.

Mercury Marine's commitment to innovation doesn't stop at performance. The Avator's user-friendly design and integration of intuitive controls ensure a hassle-free boating experience.

Moreover, its environmentally friendly nature makes it a sustainable choice for today's eco-conscious boaters.

Photo By: mercurymarine.com

Key Takeaways

  • The Avator series offers smooth, quiet, and low-maintenance operation.
  • Models like the 7.5e, 20e, and 35e provide high performance and extended runtime.
  • Mercury Avator Electric Outboard features user-friendly design and eco-friendly benefits.

Overview of the Avator Product Line

Mercury's Avator Electric Outboards include several models, each designed to offer unique features and benefits for boating enthusiasts.

These models range from the compact Avator 7.5e to the more powerful Avator 75e, addressing various needs and preferences.

Avator 7.5e

The Avator 7.5e is ideal for small boats and recreational use. This entry-level electric outboard provides clean and quiet propulsion, making it perfect for eco-friendly boating.

With its compact design and easy-to-use controls, anyone can handle it with confidence.

It boasts near-zero maintenance and is engineered for longevity with corrosion-preventive materials, suitable for both freshwater and saltwater environments.

The 7.5e model showcases Mercury’s commitment to innovation, earning awards in both marine and electronics industries since its launch in 2023. Users appreciate its smooth and responsive controls, ensuring a pleasant boating experience.

Avator 20e

The Avator 20e offers increased power and duration, making it suitable for larger boats that require more thrust.

Equipped with advanced battery technology, this model emphasizes longer runtime and efficiency under various conditions.

Suitable for more robust marine activities, the 20e balances power with the environmental benefits of electric propulsion.

Like its smaller counterpart, the 20e uses intuitive controls and a near-zero-maintenance design.

It's engineered for resistance against corrosion and can be used in both saltwater and freshwater. This model’s versatility and advanced features make it a popular choice among discerning boaters who seek a powerful yet eco-friendly outboard motor.

Avator 35e

The Avator 35e significantly ups the ante with two 2300Wh batteries, providing 20% longer runtime compared to competitors with single 5000Wh batteries.

Perfect for demanding applications, this model ensures you stay out on the water longer without worrying about power.

Its internal testing was performed using a 12-foot Lund WC-12 boat, ensuring reliable performance under varied conditions.

This powerful model is celebrated for its efficiency and durability. Like other Avator models, the 35e is engineered for easy maintenance and corrosion resistance. Its ability to handle larger boats and extensive use makes it a favorite for those who require a sturdy, reliable machine.

Avator 75e

The Avator 75e brings significant power to the Avator lineup. Designed to support larger vessels, this model uses new 5400Wh batteries and a larger Power Center.

Up to four 5400Wh batteries can be connected and charged simultaneously, ensuring extended durations on the water.

The 75e model is ideal for boaters who need higher power and longer usage times.

Its zero-emission and fume-free operation make it an excellent choice for an eco-conscious boater. Additionally, like all Avator motors, it offers corrosion-resistant materials, making it durable for diverse aquatic environments, whether freshwater or saltwater.

Design and Technology

The Mercury Avator electric outboard motors are engineered for efficiency and ease of use. They incorporate several advanced technologies, including transverse flux motor technology, modular batteries, and digital remote controls.

Transverse Flux Motor

The Avator's use of a transverse flux motor sets it apart from traditional motors. This motor design not only enhances efficiency but also reduces weight. As a result, the motor delivers consistent performance without the bulk typically associated with high-power engines.

This type of motor operates by using a perpendicular magnetic field to generate torque, which is more efficient. This cutting-edge technology makes the Avator motor quieter and smoother, perfect for environmentally conscious users.

Modular Batteries

Modular batteries give the Avator its versatility. These batteries can be easily swapped in and out, extending time on the water without lengthy recharges.

Users can choose between several battery options depending on their boating needs.

With easy installation and quick exchange capabilities, these batteries allow boaters to adapt to various settings and durations.

The modular design also contributes to ease of maintenance, reducing potential downtime for users. This makes the Avator a practical choice for frequent boaters.

Digital Controls

Another standout feature of the Mercury Avator is its digital controls. These controls offer intuitive operation through both tiller and remote options.

The digital interface provides real-time data on battery levels, motor status, and more.

This enhanced level of control improves user experience and safety. With responsive controls, boaters can maneuver with precision.

The digital system is also linked to the Mercury Marine app, allowing for seamless integration with iOS and Android devices.

The app provides tutorials, dealer connections, and other functionalities, making it a comprehensive tool for boaters looking to maximize their on-water experience.

Performance and Specifications

The Mercury Avator electric outboard motors stand out due to their impressive power, reliable range, and efficient performance. Whether comparing power output or examining runtime capabilities, these motors are designed to meet modern boating needs effectively.

Power and Torque

The Avator motors are designed to deliver notable power and torque.

For instance, the Avator 20e produces 2.2 kW of power at the prop shaft, which is comparable to just under 3 hp. This model provides performance that rivals its 5 hp gas four-stroke counterparts.

Meanwhile, the Avator 35e offers 3.7 kW of power, equating to around 5 hp, while matching the performance of a 9.9 hp gas model.

Torque plays a significant role in the motor's performance as well. Electric motors generally offer instant torque, allowing for quick and smooth acceleration.

This immediate power delivery makes Avator motors particularly responsive.

Range and Runtime Estimates

Range and runtime are crucial for boaters who need to plan their trips.

The Avator 7.5e, for example, can run up to 60 minutes or 5 miles at full throttle with a fully charged 1kWh battery. At a constant 25% throttle, it can achieve up to 19 hours or 34 miles.

The Avator 35e, equipped with two 2300Wh batteries, offers a runtime that is 20% longer compared to competitors with a single 5000Wh battery.

These estimates can vary based on factors like boat type, load, and environmental conditions.

Efficiency and Acceleration

Efficiency is a hallmark of the Avator series. These electric outboards are built for optimal energy use, translating every bit of battery power into effective propulsion.

Users will appreciate the quiet operation, a notable improvement over traditional combustion engines.

Acceleration in the Avator models is smooth and immediate, thanks to the electric motor's ability to deliver peak torque instantly.

This results in a more enjoyable and reactive boating experience, allowing users to navigate with precision and ease.

Experience and Operation

The Mercury Avator electric outboard motors deliver a smooth, quiet boating experience with intuitive controls. Their design ensures ease of use and reliability, making boating enjoyable and worry-free.

Quiet Operation

The Mercury Avator motors are exceptionally smooth and quiet. They operate with minimal noise, allowing for a peaceful boating experience.

This quiet operation makes them ideal for fishing or leisurely cruises on calm waters. The absence of loud engine noise also enhances communication on board, making it easier for passengers to converse and enjoy their time on the water without interruptions.

Moreover, the silent operation of the Avator motors helps reduce noise pollution in natural habitats, which is beneficial for wildlife and marine environments.

Handling and Controls

Handling the Mercury Avator is straightforward, thanks to its intuitive controls.

Users have the option of a tiller handle or remote controls. Both types are designed for responsiveness and ease of use.

The tiller handle is comfortable to hold and makes steering the boat simple and precise.

The remote controls offer digital interfaces, allowing users to easily monitor and manage motor performance. These features ensure that anyone, regardless of experience level, can operate the boat confidently.

Maintenance and Reliability

The Mercury Avator electric outboards are known for their low maintenance requirements. The design minimizes the need for regular upkeep, which is a significant advantage for boat owners.

With fewer moving parts compared to traditional outboard motors, the Avator requires less attention and reduces the likelihood of mechanical failures.

Reliability is a key feature of these motors. They are built to withstand harsh marine conditions and deliver consistent performance.

This ensures that users can rely on their Mercury Avator to be ready whenever they plan to head out on the water.

This combination of low maintenance and high reliability makes the Avator a dependable choice for boating enthusiasts.

Environmental Impact

The Mercury Avator electric outboards offer significant environmental benefits, primarily through zero direct emissions and promoting sustainability. These advantages make them an attractive choice for eco-conscious boaters.

Zero Direct Emissions

One of the standout features of the Mercury Avator electric outboards is their zero direct emissions. Traditional gasoline outboards release harmful pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and hydrocarbons.

These emissions contribute to air and water pollution, impacting the marine environment and public health.

Electric outboards, like the Avator series, eliminate these direct emissions entirely.

By running on electricity instead of fossil fuels, the Avator outboards reduce the carbon footprint associated with boating. This can be particularly beneficial in sensitive areas, such as lakes or coastal regions where preserving water quality is crucial.

Along with curbing atmospheric pollutants, the reduction of oil and fuel spills is a vital benefit. These spills can harm aquatic life and ecosystems.

By choosing electric propulsion, boaters can help safeguard the environment from these destructive incidents.

Sustainability Benefits

The Mercury Avator electric outboards support sustainability in several ways. First, electric motors typically have lower maintenance needs than their gasoline counterparts. This means fewer resources are used over the motor's lifespan, reducing waste and environmental impact.

Additionally, Mercury Marine's commitment to sustainability is reflected in their award-winning electric propulsion series. Their products are designed with the environment in mind, ensuring that the materials and processes used are as eco-friendly as possible.

By choosing the Avator electric outboard, users are supporting a shift toward more sustainable boating practices.

These practices not only protect ecosystems but also help promote a healthier planet for future generations.

Compatibility and Integration

Mercury Avator electric outboard motors are designed to seamlessly integrate with various boat types and technologies, making your boating experience smoother and more enjoyable. They support multiple boat types, connect with advanced digital systems like Smartcraft Connect, and integrate with the Mercury Marine App for enhanced control and monitoring.

Boat Types and Sizes

Mercury Avator electric outboards are versatile and fit a variety of boat types and sizes. These motors are suitable for fishing boats, inflatable boats, jon boats, and pontoon boats.

Their design ensures optimal performance across different boat weights and dimensions. For instance, the Avator models (7.5e, 20e, 35e, 75e, and 110e) cater to a wide range of boating activities, from casual lake cruising to serious fishing expeditions.

The robust construction and corrosion resistance make them ideal for both freshwater and saltwater environments.

Smartcraft Connect

The compatibility with Smartcraft Connect brings advanced integration to the Mercury Avator lineup. The Mercury Smartcraft® Connect Module allows users to access real-time engine data on multifunction displays (MFDs).

This module provides critical information such as fuel consumption, engine diagnostics, and performance metrics, ensuring boaters have all the essential data at their fingertips.

The integration with GPS systems enhances navigational capabilities, offering a comprehensive and interactive boat control experience.

Mercury Marine App Integration

The Mercury Marine App extends the functionality of the Avator electric outboards by offering a range of connectivity features. This app allows users to monitor engine performance, access maintenance schedules, and receive alerts directly on their smartphones.

The app also supports GPS-based tracking, improving safety and navigational accuracy. It helps boaters plan their trips more efficiently and ensures their outboard motors are well-maintained.

The easy-to-use interface makes it simple for anyone to get the most out of their boating experience, whether they're seasoned boaters or newcomers.

Accessories and Additional Features

Mercury Avator electric outboards come with a range of accessories to enhance the boating experience. These accessories, including displays and battery chargers, ensure that boaters have everything they need for a smooth and reliable journey.

Avator Displays

Avator displays provide real-time information to the user. They show vital stats such as battery life, speed, and power usage.

The displays are designed to be easy to read, even in bright sunlight. This helps boaters to stay informed and make better decisions on the water.

The displays can be mounted in various locations, ensuring the best visibility for the operator. They are also compatible with other gauges and controls, integrating seamlessly into the boat’s dashboard.

This compatibility makes it easier to manage all aspects of boat performance from one place.

Batteries and Chargers

Avator electric outboards use advanced batteries for longer runtime and reliability. These batteries come in different capacities, allowing users to choose the best option for their boating needs.

For example, the Avator 35e model can use two 2300Wh batteries, which provide significant runtime.

Chargers are equally important for keeping the batteries ready to go. Mercury offers quick-connect chargers that are easy to use and help reduce downtime.

These chargers ensure that the batteries are fully charged in a short period, making it convenient for frequent boaters.

Purchase and Support

Buying a Mercury Avator electric outboard requires considering warranty options and authorized dealers for the best experience. Reliability and ease of access to support are key factors for new owners.

Warranty and Maintenance Services

Mercury Avator electric outboards come with a warranty that covers essential parts and services. The Avator outboard and battery registration ensures that owners receive timely support and updates about their product.

Regular maintenance is minimal due to the near-zero-maintenance design of these outboards, making them highly convenient.

For any maintenance needs, Mercury Authorized Dealers offer specialized services, ensuring parts and procedures are reliable. This guarantees that the motor remains in optimal condition, providing peace of mind for users.

It's advisable to keep track of maintenance schedules and service records to make full use of the warranty benefits.

Mercury Authorized Dealers

Purchasing from a Mercury Authorized Dealer ensures that customers get genuine products with full warranty coverage. These dealers are trained and equipped to handle any service and support needs, offering a reliable source for both purchase and post-purchase services.

Authorized dealers also provide detailed information about the Avator outboard models, helping customers choose the best fit for their boating needs.

Customers can expect professional assistance with choosing accessories, obtaining necessary parts, and scheduling maintenance.

Engaging with authorized dealers also means access to expert advice and potential upgrades for their boating equipment. This relationship can enhance the overall ownership experience, ensuring the electric outboard performs at its best throughout its lifecycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Mercury Avator electric outboard motors offer impressive features such as long battery life, equivalent horsepower to gasoline models, and simple maintenance. They are designed to be compatible with various boat types and come with a warranty for peace of mind.

How does the battery life of the Mercury Avator compare with traditional outboard motors?

The battery life of the Mercury Avator depends on usage and conditions. While traditional gasoline outboards need regular refueling, Avator electric motors provide longer run times on a single charge for typical boating activities.

What are the horsepower equivalents for the various Mercury Avator electric outboard models?

Mercury Avator offers models like the 7.5e, 20e, and 35e. These electric outboards are engineered to be comparable in power to traditional gasoline engines, delivering similar performance without emissions.

Can the performance of the Mercury Avator electric outboards be compared to traditional gasoline outboards?

Yes, the performance of Mercury Avator electric outboards is comparable to traditional gasoline outboards. They offer smooth, quiet operation and have been designed to match the handling and responsiveness of their gasoline counterparts.

What type of warranty does Mercury offer for the Avator electric outboard series?

Mercury offers a comprehensive warranty on the Avator electric outboard series. This warranty covers various aspects of the motor, ensuring that users have reliable support and service options available.

Are the Mercury Avator electric outboards compatible with all types of boats?

Mercury Avator electric outboards are designed to be compatible with a wide range of boats. This includes both freshwater and saltwater environments, allowing boaters flexibility in their choice of craft.

What are the maintenance requirements for the Mercury Avator electric outboard motors?

The maintenance requirements for Mercury Avator electric outboards are minimal compared to traditional outboards. They feature a near-zero-maintenance design.

This means less time spent on upkeep and more time on the water.

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