June 2, 2023

Bennington Pontoon - Ultimate Guide: Expert Tips for Your Perfect Boat Experience

Bennington Marine has long been a leader in the pontoon boat industry, offering a wide range of models to suit various budgets and boating needs. From their entry-level S Series to their flagship QX models, the company is known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and luxury. As pontoon boats continue to gain popularity, understanding the key features and benefits of Bennington pontoons can help potential buyers make an informed decision.

In this guide, we will explore the various aspects that make Bennington pontoons stand out from the competition. Whether it's the ample space for passengers, customization options, or overall performance, these boats are designed with user satisfaction in mind. By delving into the unique features and available upgrades of Bennington pontoons, buyers can confidently select the perfect vessel for their boating adventures.

Bennington Pontoon Overview

Bennington is a leading pontoon boat manufacturer known for delivering luxury, performance, quality, and value. In this section, we'll dive deeper into these attributes that make Bennington pontoons stand out among competitors.

Luxury Performance

Bennington pontoon boats are designed to provide the pinnacle of luxury and performance. From the luxurious Q series to the sporty R series, every aspect of their design is focused on comfort and entertainment. With high-quality materials, state-of-the-art technology, and performance-oriented features, Bennington pontoons offer smooth rides and innovative amenities that allow passengers to relax and enjoy the water.


One of the key reasons behind Bennington's success is their unwavering commitment to quality. Every Bennington pontoon boat is built using premium-grade materials and superior craftsmanship. The four-tier model array - Q series, R series, L series, and S series - showcase this commitment to quality, offering customizable options and rugged construction that can withstand the test of time.

Bennington takes pride in their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. Each boat undergoes thorough inspections throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring a top-notch final product. This dedication to quality gives owners peace of mind, knowing they're investing in a reliable and long-lasting vessel.


Besides luxury and quality, Bennington Pontoons also offer great value for your investment. With highly customizable options across different price points and budgets, customers can find the perfect balance between affordability and luxury in their boats.

From the budget-friendly S series to the more opulent Q series, every Bennington pontoon offers a compelling combination of style, design, and performance to suit various preferences. This diverse range, along with lasting quality and exceptional customer service, makes Bennington pontoons a worthy investment for all boating enthusiasts.

Series and Models

Bennington Pontoon boats are known for their quality, performance, and versatility. When it comes to choosing a model, there are two main series to consider, each designed with specific features and options to cater to various needs and preferences: the S Series and the Q Series.

S Series

The S Series is Bennington's most affordable line of pontoons, offering a great balance between value and performance. These boats are perfect for families and individuals looking for a comfortable, feature-rich pontoon without breaking the bank. The S Series boats come in various sizes and configurations to suit the needs of different users.

Some key aspects of the S Series include:

  • Versatility: With various floorplan options, the S Series caters to those who enjoy water sports, fishing, or simply cruising around the lake.
  • Performance: Despite their affordability, S Series pontoons still offer solid performance, ensuring a smooth and stable ride.
  • Quality Construction: Bennington is known for its attention to detail and high-quality construction, and the S Series is no exception, with robust frames and crossmembers.

Q Series

The Q Series is Bennington's flagship line, designed for those who seek the utmost in luxury and performance in their pontoon boats. Characterized by modern sculpted lines and premium features, the Q Series boats truly stand out in the pontoon industry.

Notable aspects of the Q Series include:

  • Luxurious Design: The Q Series boats boast a striking appearance with high-end materials and finishes, making them an ideal choice for those who appreciate luxury and style.
  • Advanced Features: Q Series models are equipped with advanced technology and amenities, such as digital touchscreens, customizable lighting options, and upscale audio systems.
  • Superb Performance: The Q Series boats are built to provide an exceptional on-water experience, ensuring top-notch handling, speed, and stability.

Both the S and Q Series of Bennington Pontoons cater to a wide range of needs and preferences, and each series comes with various features and options. Regardless of which series best suits an individual's needs, Bennington's commitment to quality and performance remains consistent across all its pontoon models.

Boat Design and Construction

Deck Boat

Bennington Pontoon boats are known for their luxury and premium comfort. The deck boat is an essential aspect of providing this experience. Different floor plans and customizable options allow customers to craft a deck boat that fits their needs.

  • Spacious layout
  • Comfortable seating areas
  • Weather-proof materials

These features offer a great environment for socializing, leisure, and various water-based activities.

Boat Design

Boat design is a crucial factor that contributes to the overall functionality of a Bennington Pontoon boat. Some typical elements of their innovative designs include:

  • 3D Boat Designer: Visualize and customize the boat's exterior, furniture, and flooring colors
  • Optimal performance: Designed for stability, speed, and agility
  • Trend-setting: Features unique, eye-catching designs that set them apart from competitors

With these design elements, Bennington Pontoon boats consistently elevate customers' on-water experiences.


The construction process of a Bennington Pontoon boat involves several key features that ensure durability, strength, and a quiet ride, even in rough waters:

  • Thicker cross channels: These provide more vertical strength compared to typical channels found on most pontoons
  • Extruded M-deck brackets: Enhance stability and support, minimizing twisting
  • Fanged elevator bolted deck construction: Ensures a solid, quiet pontoon ride

Through these high-quality construction techniques, Bennington continues to produce exceptional, long-lasting pontoon boats.

Engine Options

When choosing a Bennington pontoon boat, it's crucial to select the right engine option for your needs. In this section, we will discuss the three primary engine types available for Bennington pontoons: Outboard, Twin Engine, and I/O (Sterndrive).


Outboard engines are the most common choice for pontoon boats due to their simplicity, efficiency, and easy maintenance. These engines are mounted externally on the boat, providing excellent maneuverability and efficiency at various speed ranges. Bennington offers a wide selection of high-performance outboard motors, so you can customize the power according to your requirements. Some of their pontoons can support outboard motors with up to 600 HP.

  • Advantages of Outboard Engines:
    • Easy maintenance and accessibility
    • Excellent maneuverability
    • High efficiency at various speed ranges

Twin Engine

For larger Bennington pontoon boats, opting for a twin-engine setup can provide increased power, performance, and stability. These configurations feature two outboard motors that can reach a combined horsepower of up to 900 HP. Twin engine options allow for a smoother ride, better handling, and improved acceleration, especially in more challenging conditions.

  • Advantages of Twin Engines:
    • Increased power and performance
    • Enhanced stability and handling
    • Improved acceleration in rough conditions

I/O (Sterndrive)

I/O or Inboard/Outboard (also known as sterndrive) engines are another option for powering your Bennington pontoon boat. These engines offer benefits such as powerful torque and increased fuel efficiency, alongside a sleeker, more streamlined design. Bennington pontoons can accommodate sterndrive engines with up to 430 HP.

  • Advantages of I/O (Sterndrive) Engines:
    • Powerful torque and fuel efficiency
    • Sleek, streamlined design
    • Additional swim platform space

It's essential to carefully consider which engine option best suits your needs and preferences when selecting a Bennington pontoon boat. The right choice will ensure optimal performance, fuel efficiency, and enjoyment out on the water.

Comfort and Accessories

Bennington Comfort

Bennington pontoons are known for their luxurious and comfortable interiors, designed to provide the ultimate on-water experience. With plush seating, high-quality marine-grade materials, and ample space for passengers, Bennington boats provide unmatched comfort to elevate your boating excursions.

Loaded with Standards

Bennington pontoons are loaded with standard features that enhance comfort and convenience on the water, including:

  • Spacious and versatile floorplans
  • Plush, ergonomic seating with ample storage
  • Soft-touch vinyl upholstery, resistant to UV rays and mildew
  • High-quality, anodized aluminum rails for extra strength and durability
  • Fiberglass consoles with stylish accents and ergonomic designs
  • Sound systems with Bluetooth connectivity and marine-grade speakers
  • Built-in cooler areas to keep beverages and food chilled

These features, combined with Bennington's commitment to quality and craftsmanship, create a comfortable and enjoyable boating experience for all.


To further enhance your Bennington pontoon experience, there are numerous accessories available that can be added to tailor your boat to your preferences. Some must-have Bennington pontoon accessories include:

  • Floating Key Ring: A valuable accessory to secure your keys and prevent them from sinking into the lake, ensuring a hassle-free boating trip.
  • Pontoon Cover: A custom-fit cover for your Bennington pontoon will protect your investment from harsh weather conditions and extend the life of your boat's upholstery and components.
  • Boarding Ladder: A sturdy and easy-to-use ladder ensures safe and convenient access to your pontoon, both for yourself and your guests.
  • Bimini Top: A Bimini top provides essential protection from sun and rain, ensuring that your time on the water remains comfortable and enjoyable.

By selecting accessories that meet your specific needs, you can customize your Bennington pontoon to create the perfect on-water experience tailored just for you.

Boat Purchase and Location

Boat Purchase Guide

When considering purchasing a Bennington Pontoon, it's essential to begin by identifying your needs and preferences to guide your decision-making process. Factors like the size of the boat, layout, and configuration options such as pontoon or tritoon will play an important role in determining the right model for you.

For example, think about the number of people you'll have on board regularly and how you want to accommodate and interact with them on the boat. Bennington offers a range of customizable pontoons to cater to your requirements.

Take note of the specific features and amenities in each model. Modern Bennington pontoons like the QX Line and the Q Line offer a balance between luxury, comfort, and performance. Check the boat's length, width, and maximum engine power capacity to ensure it will meet your needs.


Transporting your Bennington Pontoon to and from your desired water destination will require appropriate towing equipment. Always refer to the boat's owner manual for specific towing guidelines and information. Ensure your towing vehicle has the necessary capacity to handle the weight and dimensions of the pontoon safely.

It's also important to invest in a good quality trailer and trailer guides to facilitate smooth loading and launching of your boat. Trailer guides can be especially helpful for those new to boating, as discussed on the Club Bennington forum.


The location where you will use your Bennington Pontoon will significantly impact your usage and enjoyment. Consider factors like accessibility, proximity to your home, available docking or storage options, and the type of water body (lake, river, ocean, etc.).

Before making a purchase, it's also helpful to confirm compliance with any relevant regulations. For example, boats manufactured for use in California need to meet specific emissions regulations for spark-ignition marine watercraft as mentioned in the owner's manual.

Lastly, be mindful of fluctuations in weather and water conditions as these can impact your boating experience.

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