June 27, 2023

CATANA Group Unveils YOT, the Fresh Power Catamaran Sensation on the Seas

At Sea Magazine, we've been seasoned voyagers, sailing on the endless tides of innovation within the nautical sphere. Our compass is set firmly towards the unknown, charting a course to discover and illuminate the latest advancements and thought-provoking inventions from the boating world. The thrill of the new, the audacious, the game-changing - it’s the very salt in our sea-breeze.

So, when the call from the Catana Group sounded in our ears like a ship's horn through the fog, it hit a resonant chord. They beckoned, and we, as seekers of the uncharted territories of marine engineering, were all too eager to respond.

we are on our own quest, one that’s fuelled by the hunger for the new, innovative, and conscious Marine products & services. The Catana Group, with its sea-foam breath of innovation, promises a feast we couldn’t turn down. So, here we are, napkins tucked in, knives and forks at the ready, preparing to dive into whatever bold flavours they have to offer.

As a pure-player in the catamaran market, Catana Group has won the hearts of yachtsmen with the Catana brand, recognised as setting the standards for cruising catamarans, as well as with Bali, the concept that revolutionised cruising catamarans.

With an offer essentially based on sailing, the Group needed to offer powerboats featuring the same high standards as those that have made Bali and Catana so successful. 

Today, Catana Group is proud to announce the launch of the YOT brand. A new brand of power catamarans that brings a breath of fresh air to the yachting sector.

YOT – An innovative concept forms the genesis of the project

The project began in 2020 with one simple idea: to design and offer innovative power catamarans that effectively meet expectations.

The powerboats in the Bali range are still inspired by the sailing range and retain traces of a sailboat design.  The approach to powerboats has therefore been totally rethought, refocused on the uses and trends in powerboating, a sector which has very specific characteristics in terms of navigation, uses, design and codes.

The concept also centred on the desire to offer something different, based on the Group's presence and expertise as a pure-player in the catamaran market.

Right from the very beginnings of the project, the ambition was clear: to produce a range of high-end power catamarans, with well-thought-out design and comfort, agile and high-performance seakeeping, good range, reasonable fuel consumption and the ability to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.

Olivier Poncin, his partners and his teams worked towards one single objective: to enjoy being aboard. 

YOT - A dedicated brand and division

For this new segment, Catana Group has combined its know-how and over 40 years' experience in catamaran design and innovation with a team and service providers specialising in motorboating. A dedicated department has been created within the group, from design and studies, through production, to sales, marketing and branding.

Boris Compagnon, Sales and Marketing Director of Catana Group, explains:

« For us, YOT is both a leap into a world where we're going to have to make our mark, because the offer will be solid and tempting, but also onto a playing field in which we already have full legitimacy with our industrial know-how in terms of catamarans. Catana Group’s DNA brings the ability to have an in-depth and visionary understanding of the market, and it's through this prism that we have conceived YOT. »

The conception and design have been entrusted to JnJ Design. With almost 40 years' experience and a passion for boating, the naval architects have an impressive track record and a clear ambition to improve the user experience.

The group's expertise and capacity for innovation are supported by a new in-house design team with experience in the motorboat industry.

Marketing is also specialised, with a dedicated distribution network, a brand developed with the Mazarine group and its communication tools.

YOT – Experience the power of fun

The YOT brand is aimed at anyone seeking fun at sea aboard a boat.

It meets the needs of both beginners and experienced enthusiasts.

It is designed to meet every need, from day trips to cruising, for couples, sporty trips, parties, gathering with friends, and also romantic weekends.

YOT has a style, a modern and trendy design in step with the new expectations of our times, imagined for living intensely.

YOT offers boats that are comfortable, stable and safe. Seaworthy, agile and powerful, their twin-hull design ensures excellent performance and a smooth passage through the sea. Lively and fun, they combine power with reasonable fuel consumption.

YOT is about having more room on board, more living space giving maximum on-board self-sufficiency. Every square centimetre has been optimised, thought through, and rethought to create generous, functional spaces that are a pleasure to live in.

Boris Compagnon announces a preview of the very first model at the 2023 Cannes Yachting Festival. « The first YOT 36 unit will be presented in September 2023 at this year’s Cannes Yachting Festival, and we will be in a position where we can respond to the first owners at the very beginning of 2024. »


CATANA GROUP is a family company specialising in the design, construction and marketing of leisure craft.

It has 5 production sites, three in France, one in Tunisia and one in Portugal, a service base and an industrial joinery facility. Based at Canet en Roussillon in the South of France, the group has over 40 years' experience and today employs more than 1,300 people united in the corporate project of offering innovative and eco-responsible concepts. 

Showing exceptional growth since 2014, Catana Group is listed on the stock exchange and markets the Bali and Catana brands in the sailing catamaran sector.


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