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Herreshoff Boats: A Comprehensive Guide to Classic Craftsmanship

Herreshoff boats have a rich history, with the Herreshoff family playing a vital role in the design and construction of some of the most notable yachts since 1878. Their expertise in yacht design, engineering, and management has earned them an esteemed place in the maritime world. The Herreshoff Family's passion for creating high-quality yachts, such as the famed Reliance and Westward, has resulted in vessels that were the epitome of technological advancements and superior performance at their time.

The legacy of the Herreshoff family continues with their yachts being widely sought after by sailing enthusiasts and collectors alike. With offerings ranging from classic sailboats to meticulously engineered motor yachts, the brand is well-known for its dedication to excellence in craftsmanship, innovation, and design. Today, Herreshoff boats can be found around the world, appreciated not only for their historical significance but also for their timeless beauty and exceptional performance on the water.

Herreshoff's continued influence on the yacht-building industry extends to various establishments dedicated to preserving their maritime heritage. The Herreshoff Marine Museum, located in Bristol, Rhode Island, showcases a collection of their classic designs and offers educational programming to inspire future generations of yacht builders and sailors. With a storied past and a persistent presence in the industry, the Herreshoff family's contributions have indelibly enriched the world of yachting.

History and Legacy

Herreshoff Manufacturing Company

The Herreshoff Manufacturing Company was founded by brothers John Brown Herreshoff and Nathanael Greene Herreshoff in 1878. This company was known for its innovative boat designs and unmatched craftsmanship. One noteworthy achievement was the design and construction of the first steam-powered fishing vessel in 1872.

America's Cup Success

Nathanael Herreshoff was recognized as a maritime maverick and played a major role in America's Cup history. He designed six consecutive America's Cup winning yachts, many of which can still be seen today.

Herreshoff Marine Museum

The Herreshoff Marine Museum was established to preserve the history and innovative work of the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company. The museum hosts a collection of Herreshoff boats and maintains the legacy by showcasing the company's work.

Halsey Herreshoff

Halsey Herreshoff, a descendant of the Herreshoff brothers, contributes to the preservation and continuation of the Herreshoff legacy by promoting awareness of the company's achievements and participating in events such as the Herreshoff Jubilee.

The Herreshoff legacy continues today, as passionate owners and enthusiasts acknowledge the significance of both original and replica boats. The Hodgdon Collection of America's Cup Models features contenders, defenders, and challengers from 1851 to 1937, showcasing the impact and contribution of the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company to the world of sailing.

Boat Models and Design


The Reliance was a famed Herreshoff yacht known for its innovative design and exceptional performance. Designed by the Herreshoff family, this racing yacht showcased tremendous technological advancements during its time. Known for its precision and performance, the Reliance was a true testament to the skill and craftsmanship of the Herreshoff family (source).


The Herreshoff schooner is another boat model built by the Herreshoff family, designed to showcase the elegance and beauty of historical sailing yachts. These boats were constructed with an acute attention to detail and craftsmanship that has become synonymous with the Herreshoff name (source).

12 1/2

The Herreshoff 12 1/2 is a 16-foot sailboat originally designed for training young yachtsmen. With a 12.5-foot waterline length, this boat model was primarily focused on teaching sailing fundamentals in a safe and controlled environment (source).

Boat Hull Types and Performance

Herreshoff boats are known for their variety of hull types, which can include displacement and semi-displacement designs. These different hull types cater to various performance needs – from providing a smooth and comfortable ride to maximizing speed and agility for racing (source).

  • 18: A smaller model, the Herreshoff 18 offers ease of handling and performance for amateur sailors and experienced yachtsmen alike.
  • 28: The Herreshoff H-28 is a classic and versatile design originating from L. Francis Herreshoff in 1942. It's known for balancing comfort and performance (source).
  • 38: The Herreshoff 38 features a larger design compared to its counterparts, providing additional space and accommodations for longer voyages.
  • 50: As one of the largest models, the Herreshoff 50 showcases the epitome of luxury and spaciousness for extended sailing adventures.

With a rich history of yacht design and a commitment to quality and innovation, the Herreshoff boats continue to be an iconic representation of nautical engineering and timeless elegance.

Construction and Materials

Herreshoff boats have a rich history and are known for their meticulous craftsmanship and use of innovative materials. The construction of these boats primarily involves the use of wood, but they also have incorporated metals and new materials over time to enhance their durability and performance.

Herreshoff Manufacturing Company, founded by brothers John and Nathanael Herreshoff in 1878, was known for producing high-quality yachts and vessels 1. Over the years, they have designed many notable boats, including the 12½, a 16-foot sailboat with a 12.5-foot waterline intended for training young sailors 2.

Traditionally, Herreshoff boats were built using wooden frames and planks. Various types of woods were used, with each serving a specific purpose based on its characteristics. For example, oak was often used for framing because it is strong and rot-resistant, while cedar and mahogany were used for planking due to their lightweight and durability properties.

During the construction process, wooden frames were assembled and attached to a backbone made of wood, and planks were fastened to the frames. Bronze screws and other fastenings were used to hold the pieces together, ensuring longevity and strength in the boat's structure.

As technological advancements took place, Herreshoff began incorporating new materials alongside traditional woodwork. For instance, steam-bent wood pieces were used to create curved shapes 3, and in some cases, they used steel and aluminum to reinforce key sections of the boats.

Herreshoff boats also made use of ballast, which is a combination of lead and other heavy materials, to provide stability during navigation. This ballast was carefully shaped and placed in the hull to fit the design's requirements for weight and distribution.

In summary, the construction and materials used in Herreshoff boats demonstrate the perfect balance between traditional craftsmanship and innovative techniques. This ultimately led to the creation of timeless, high-quality vessels known for their beauty, precision, and performance.

Power and Propulsion

Herreshoff boats have a rich history in the world of yachting, known for their craftsmanship and innovative designs. When it comes to power and propulsion, these boats have utilized various types of engines and systems to provide optimum performance and efficiency.

Most classic Herreshoff boats were initially designed with inboard engines in mind, where the engine was housed internally within the hull of the boat, providing a more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing appearance source. Inboard engines allow for better weight distribution, improved stability, and better maneuverability in tight spaces, making them a popular choice for yachts.

As the boating industry progressed and evolved, so did the propulsion options for Herreshoff boats. Some models have adopted the use of outboard motors, which are mounted on the transom of the boat, providing an external form of propulsion source. Outboard motors allow for easier access to the engine for maintenance and repairs, as well as providing boat owners the option to quickly swap motors if necessary.

Regarding fuel types, Herreshoff boats have a range of options available. Both gasoline and diesel engines have been utilized in manufacturing these boats. Diesel engines are known for their durability, fuel efficiency, and reliability, while gasoline engines offer faster acceleration and higher top speeds source.

Herreshoff's history in marine engineering extends even further back, with Nathanael Greene Herreshoff, one of the founders, being part of innovations in steam propulsion in the past. He held a patent for a steam boiler design, showcasing his expertise and forward-thinking source.

In summary, Herreshoff boats have demonstrated adaptability and innovation through their use of various power and propulsion systems. From their initial focus on inboard engines to the adoption of outboard motors, as well as incorporating both gasoline and diesel engines, Herreshoff boats continue to maintain a respectable reputation in the yachting world.

Boat Categories

Herreshoff boats have a rich history and are known for their high-quality craftsmanship. They offer various types of boats, suitable for different boating enthusiasts. In this section, we will discuss three categories of Herreshoff boats: Antique and Classic, Ketch, and Cruisers.

Antique and Classic

Herreshoff is renowned for its classic and antique yacht designs. A popular model in this category is the Herreshoff 12 1/2, which has stood the test of time since its inception in the early 20th century. These boats are loved for their timeless design, attention to detail, and strong sailing performance. Another notable model in this category is the Buzzards Bay 15, embodying the quintessential Herreshoff aesthetic with its wooden construction and elegant lines.


Herreshoff ketches are characterized by their two-masted configuration, with the mizzen mast being shorter than the main mast. This design provides enhanced maneuverability, making ketches easier to handle in various wind conditions. One stunning example of a Herreshoff ketch is the Gaff Cutter, built in 1902. It stands as a testament to the Herreshoff brothers' ingenuity and craftsmanship while maintaining the classic beauty they are known for.


Herreshoff cruisers have been designed with comfort, seaworthiness, and performance in mind. These boats are built for long journeys, offering comfortable accommodation to enjoy life on the water. A prominent example in this category is the Rozinante, a classic canoe yacht designed for coastal cruising. Herreshoff cruisers are perfect for those seeking a boat that provides both elegant design and functionality.

Herreshoff boats demonstrate the company's commitment to quality and craftsmanship across all categories, making them an ideal choice for recreational boating enthusiasts. Whether you are interested in antique and classic designs, versatile ketches, or comfortable cruisers, Herreshoff has a wide array of options to suit various preferences and needs.

Buying and Selling

New Vessels

Herreshoff has a variety of new vessels available for purchase. These yachts are skillfully designed and built to ensure optimal performance and luxury. Herreshoff offers both sailing and power yachts, catering to the desires and preferences of various buyers. You can explore new Herreshoff vessels from yacht brokers and dealerships found in many countries, including the United States.

Boats for Sale

There are numerous Herreshoff boats for sale, ranging from classic sailboats to modern yachts. Prospective buyers can browse listings on various platforms such as YachtWorld, Herreshoff Yacht Sales, and Boat Trader. These websites offer a comprehensive range of used Herreshoff boats alongside new vessels, with options available in the United States and other countries.

In addition, Herreshoff boats have a reputation for their exceptional craftsmanship and timeless designs. When searching for the perfect vessel, buyers should consider factors such as the boat's age, condition, and location, as well as their intended use of the boat (e.g., cruising, racing, or leisure).

Boat Dealerships

Boat dealerships play a vital role in connecting buyers and sellers within the Herreshoff market. These dealerships have expert knowledge of the brand and its boats, ensuring that customers find the ideal vessel to suit their needs. Some prominent dealerships and brokers within the United States include Fay's Boat Yard, Inc., and Herreshoff Yacht Sales. These dealerships provide not only sales services but also assistance with boat maintenance, ensuring that the Herreshoff legacy continues to thrive among yacht enthusiasts.

Learning and Support

America's Cup Hall of Fame

The Herreshoff Marine Museum is home to the America's Cup Hall of Fame, which honors individuals who have made significant contributions to the prestigious sailing competition. Established in 1992, the Hall of Fame has inducted over 85 key players, including sailors, designers, builders, and supporters. This prestigious institution shares and celebrates the rich history of the America's Cup and the Herreshoff family's numerous successes.

Hall of Boats

In addition to the America's Cup Hall of Fame, the Herreshoff Marine Museum houses the Hall of Boats. Visitors can explore an impressive collection of Herreshoff-built yachts that showcase the innovative designs and engineering prowess of John and Nathanael Herreshoff. A prime example of their craftsmanship is the steam-powered yacht Stiletto, which was constructed in 1885 and broke numerous speed records. The Hall of Boats wonderfully demonstrates the legacy of the Herreshoff family in shaping the maritime industry.


The Herreshoff Marine Museum is dedicated to educating people about the Herreshoff legacy and maritime history. One notable program offered at the museum is the New Pathways Boat Shop, which is designed to inspire young people to pursue their goals by acquiring new and unique skills while building boats. Located in Bristol, Rhode Island, on the campus of the renowned Herreshoff Manufacturing Company, this marine education program provides students with hands-on experience and instills a strong understanding of craftsmanship and innovation.

The museum also offers a range of programming for both youth and adults, both on shore and on the water, establishing it as a unique center for learning and historical perspective.


As an institution deeply rooted in preserving and sharing the Herreshoff legacy and maritime history, the Herreshoff Marine Museum relies on the generous support from visitors and enthusiasts. By supporting the museum, one can make a significant impact on the preservation of marine and industrial innovation, as well as ensure the development of a sustainable and thriving institution.

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