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Harmony Boats for Sale: Explore Prices, Models, Specs, and Competitors

When exploring the market for luxury yachts and performance watercraft, Harmony Boats emerges as a distinguished brand offering a blend of elegance, cutting-edge technology, and performance. Known for their meticulous craftsmanship and innovative design, Harmony Boats provide a wide range of models tailored to the discerning maritime enthusiast. Every model in the lineup is designed with an eye for detail and engineered to deliver both aesthetics and performance, making each voyage an exceptional experience.

The pricing and availability of Harmony Boats vary, reflecting the customized features and specifications unique to each vessel. Buyers can choose from various models and specifications to suit their nautical aspirations and lifestyle needs. In a competitive international boat market, Harmony Boats stands out, offering compelling features that cater to both recreational boating and luxury sailing. These vessels are not only an indulgence but also an investment in quality and maritime excellence.

Key Takeaways

  • Harmony Boats offers a variety of luxury yacht models that focus on superior craftsmanship and performance.
  • Detailed customization options lead to varied pricing, aimed at providing exclusivity and meeting individual buyer needs.
  • Harmony Boats maintains a competitive edge by continually innovating in design and technology in an expansive international market.

Harmony Boats Overview

Harmony Boats offer a selection of high-quality watercraft renowned for their durability and performance. Their fleet features a range of models suitable for various maritime activities, harnessing the robustness of glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) to ensure longevity and safety on the water.

Harmony Boat Models

  • Family Leisure Series: Designed for comfort and versatility, the Family Leisure series comes in multiple sizes to accommodate different group sizes.

  • Fishing Pro Range: Tailored for anglers, these models incorporate specialized features to enhance the fishing experience.

  • Speedster Sport Line: Built for thrill-seekers, the Speedster Sport line offers high-speed performance and sleek designs.

Design and Specifications

  • Construction: Utilizing top-grade GRP, Harmony Boats provide a strong, yet lightweight structure, ensuring efficient fuel use and easy handling.

  • Amenities: Each model boasts an array of amenities, from spacious seating to advanced navigation systems, balancing practicality with comfort.

Harmony Boats Lineup

Harmony Boats presents a range of sailboats designed with precision and quality, offering sailors various models tailored for performance and comfort. The lineup features well-crafted vessels, suitable for both day sailing and overnight cruising.

Harmony 31

The Harmony 31 is a compact sloop that excels in versatility. It's equipped with a practical layout for ease of movement and suitable for those who enjoy day trips or the occasional overnight stay. Manufactured with durability in mind, the Harmony 31 has been a popular choice since its introduction, offering a balance between performance and comfort.

Harmony 38

Moving up in size, the Harmony 38 is recognized for its robust construction and ergonomic design. This model serves as a reliable cruiser, perfect for sailors looking for a vessel that handles well on extended voyages. It offers a spacious cockpit and a comfortable saloon, making it ideal for both sailing and leisure.

Harmony 47

The Harmony 47 is the flagship of the fleet, providing a luxurious experience on the water. Its long waterline and well-thought-out specs cater to those seeking a high-performance sloop capable of undertaking long-haul cruising. With ample space below deck and a refined interior, the Harmony 47 invites sailors to embark on grand adventures without sacrificing comfort.

Harmonious Variants

In addition to these specific models, Harmony Boats also offers variants that cater to different sailing needs and preferences. Each variant maintains the brand's commitment to quality and performance while providing options for customization. Whether it's adjustments for racing or enhanced features for cruising, Harmony Boats ensures that their lineup meets the evolving demands of modern sailors.

Performance and Engineering

In assessing Harmony Boats, their engineering prowess is evident in robust engine specifications and impressive sailing performance. The vessels are designed with a keen attention to detail, ensuring a powerful and efficient sailing experience.

Engine Specifications

Engine Power and Type: Harmony Boats are commonly equipped with high-performance diesel engines, designed to deliver considerable power. Engine options vary, with many models offering a range between 20 to 40 horsepower.

  • Fuel Efficiency: The engines are also optimized for fuel efficiency, striking a balance between power and consumption.
  • Reliability: Renowned for reliability, the diesel engines ensure peace of mind during extended voyages.

Sailing Performance

Sailing Capabilities: Harmony Boats stand out in their sailing performance, being engineered for both speed and maneuverability.

  • Hull Design: The hull design contributes to a smooth and stable ride, even in choppy conditions.
  • Sail Plan: With an array of sail plans, these boats adapt to various wind conditions, maximizing performance.
  • Performance: They consistently demonstrate excellent upwind capabilities and are responsive in light winds, a testament to their well-thought-out design and construction.

Pricing and Availability

When searching for Harmony Boats, potential buyers will find a range of prices and models suitable for various budgets and needs. The cost of new boats is contingent on specifications such as size, type, and additional features. Pricing for new Harmony Boat models can be more predictable, but the availability varies based on the manufacturer's production schedule and distribution capacity.

On the pre-owned market, 2006 models may offer more competitive pricing, attracting buyers seeking value. The availability of these models is more sporadic, often dependent on the current owners selling their vessels. Prospective buyers must note that the condition of the boat and included features can significantly influence the cost.

New Harmony Boats:

  • Standard Models: Starting from approximately $25,000.
  • Custom Specifications: Can exceed $50,000 dependent on bespoke features.

Used Harmony Boats (e.g., 2006):

  • Good Condition: Prices typically range from $10,000 to $15,000.
  • Refurbished or Upgraded: May increase the value beyond the average range.

Competitive models from other manufacturers are also available in the market, and they play a crucial role in pricing dynamics. Most manufacturers aim to stay competitive by offering boats that align closely with Harmony Boats' standards of quality and feature set. The availability of these alternatives could affect consumer choice, potentially broadening the range of options and price points.

Prospective buyers are encouraged to research and compare prices from various sellers and dealers to ascertain the best possible deal on a Harmony Boat or its competitors. It is advisable to scrutinize the boat's condition, history, and specifications before purchase, ensuring a wise investment.

Competitive Analysis

In assessing Harmony Boats' position in the market, it is important to consider how their models and pricing compare with those of competing brands. Factors such as design, utility, and cost efficiency are integral in understanding their competitive edge.

Competing Models

Harmony Boats faces significant competition from various manufacturers offering boats with similar specifications. For instance, Model X from Harmony competes directly with Brand A's Model Y. Both models may cater to the same consumer segment but differ in aspects like:

  • Hull Design: Harmony may offer a flat-bottom hull conducive to stable fishing experiences, while Brand A's Model Y features a V-hull more suitable for speed and agility on the water.

  • On-board Features: Harmony boats might come with added storage compartments as a standard, in contrast to Model Y's modular customizable storage solutions.

By comparing the specifics, consumers can discern which brand meets their precise boating needs.

Market Comparisons

When conducting a market comparison, price and specifications of Harmony Boats are balanced against the industry standards set by other manufacturers. The competitive success of Harmony Boats can be influenced by their ability to offer better prices or advanced specifications. For example, if Harmony's entry-level models are priced competitively against similar offerings from established brands, it may indicate strong market positioning.

Manufacturers often have proprietary features that set their models apart. Harmony Boats' utilization of proprietary technology in their craft's construction or onboard equipment can be compared to innovations presented by competitors in their market propositions. This analysis helps identify whether Harmony Boats has a unique selling proposition that can disrupt the market dynamics.

International Boat Market

In the diverse landscape of the international boat market, trends fluctuate with each region's economic climate, technological advancements, and consumer preferences. Two distinct regions presenting an array of opportunities and challenges are Europe and North America.

European Market

The European yacht industry is marked by a strong presence in countries such as Italy, France, and Spain. Italy takes a leading position in luxury yacht manufacturing, while France is known for its high-end boat craftsmanship. Spain, especially areas like Barcelona and Mallorca, acts as pivotal hubs for yacht sales and rentals. The Swedish market is renowned for a wide range of leisure boats, emphasizing both design and sustainability.

In Greece, the boat market is often driven by tourism where local manufacturers benefit from the high demand for charter vessels. Meanwhile, Athens has become a significant locale for yacht enthusiasts and hosts many global boating events which stimulate the sales of harmony boats and other models.

  • Greece: Known for the charter vessel demand due to tourism.
  • Spain: Hub for yacht sales, rentals and refurbishments.
  • France: High-quality craftsmanship with a reputation for luxury.
  • Sweden: Emphasizes sustainable boat manufacturing.

North American Insights

The North American market is a mix of luxury yachts and practical leisure boats. There, manufacturers often compete by offering a range of models that balance price with features. Pricing is usually competitive, with several manufacturers vying for the attention of a diverse consumer base.

Performance specs are detailed and vary widely across manufacturers, attracting buyers with specific preferences. The North American market is vibrant with boat shows that showcase the latest innovations and allow for direct comparison of competitive models. This close comparison enables consumers to make informed decisions based on comprehensive specifications and varied price points.

  • Pricing: Competitive across an array of models.
  • Specs: Detailed and varying, suiting precise buyer needs.
  • Boat Shows: Central to market vibrancy and consumer decision-making.

Buying a Harmony Boat

When considering a Harmony Boat, potential buyers must assess a range of factors from price and specifications to evaluating the competitive landscape of yachts, including antique and classic models.

Pre-Purchase Considerations

Price and Budget: A crucial factor is the budget. Harmony Boat prices can vary widely, with new models commanding premium prices and pre-owned vessels, such as antique and classic yachts, often representing more cost-effective options.

Specifications: Specifications like length, beam, draft, and displacement are key to understand the boat's capabilities and handling characteristics. These specs can also influence the suitability of certain waterways or docking facilities for the vessel.

Model Variations: Harmony Boats come in various models, each with distinct features and amenities. Buyers should scrutinize these differences to choose a model that aligns with their sailing preferences and needs.

Condition: The condition is particularly pertinent when considering antique and classic Harmony yachts. They require a thorough inspection to ascertain the level of maintenance needed or the potential for restoration.

Competition: Other manufacturers such as YD Yachts may offer competitive alternatives. Comparing these can provide buyers with insights on market trends and value propositions.

Where to Find Harmony Boats

Dealers and Brokers: Authorized Harmony Boat dealers are reliable sources, offering expert advice and access to the latest models. For pre-owned boats, brokers can help navigate the marketplace, including sourcing antique and classic yachts.

Online Marketplaces:

  • Boat listing websites are convenient for browsing available Harmony Boat models.
  • Auction sites may list rare or unique vessels, including antique and classic options that are of special interest to collectors and enthusiasts.

As the decision to buy a Harmony Boat involves significant investment and personal consideration, buyers are advised to engage in thorough research and seek professional advice before finalizing their purchase.

Maintaining Your Harmony Boat

Regular maintenance is crucial for ensuring a Harmony boat remains in optimal condition. Below are essential care guidelines for owners.


  • Hull: Wash the hull regularly to prevent the buildup of algae and barnacles. On GRP hulls, use a specialized fiberglass cleaner and apply a coat of wax for added protection.
  • Deck: Sweep and rinse decks frequently to remove dirt and salt. For soiling that is tougher, a mild detergent solution may be applied.

Engine Maintenance:

  • Regularly check the oil and coolant levels.
  • After every use, flush the engine with fresh water to avoid corrosion.
  • Annually service the engine according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Inspection Schedule:

  • Biannual Inspections: Perform a thorough check of the hull, rudder, and propellers for integrity.
  • Annual Check-Ups: Ensure that all on-board electronics and navigation systems are functioning properly.


  • When storing for the winter, fully drain water systems to prevent freezing damage.
  • Remove sensitive electronics if the boat will be exposed to freezing temperatures.

Safety Gear:

  • Routinely inspect life vests, fire extinguishers, and flares.
  • Replace any safety equipment that is not in proper working order.


  • Use boat covers to shield the interior from UV damage and weather when not in use.
  • Store the boat in a dry, sheltered place to prolong its lifespan.

Adhering to a strict maintenance regimen will keep a Harmony boat performing at its best while also upholding its value. Skilled technicians or the boat manufacturer should address any complex issues that may arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides insights into the various models offered by Harmony Yachts, price comparisons with other brands, costs of used boats, feature comparisons with competitors, a look into reputable yacht manufacturers, and the traits of high-end sailing vessels.

What range of models does Harmony Yachts currently offer and what are their specifications?

Harmony Yachts offer a variety of models designed for both performance and comfort. Each model is tailored to cater to different sailing experiences, equipped with unique specifications related to hull design, sail plan, and onboard amenities.

How do the prices of Harmony boats compare with those of similar yachts from competitive manufacturers?

The prices of Harmony boats are positioned to offer competitive value, aligning with the market's standards for yachts of similar size and specifications. They often rival the costs of other established yacht brands, ensuring consumers receive a blend of quality and affordability.

What are the expected costs associated with purchasing a used Harmony boat?

The purchase price for a used Harmony boat depends on its model, year, condition, and the market demand. Buyers should account for maintenance, docking fees, and potential upgrades when evaluating the total cost of ownership.

Can you provide a comparison of features between Harmony boat models and those of its closest competitors?

Harmony boat models typically come equipped with features that aim to enhance sailing performance and comfort. When compared to their closest competitors, Harmony boats strive to provide innovative design elements and technologically advanced components for an improved sailing experience.

What are the reputable classic sailing yacht manufacturers?

Reputable classic sailing yacht manufacturers include names like Hinckley Yachts, Oyster Marine, and Swan Nautor. These manufacturers are known for their craftsmanship, longstanding maritime heritage, and commitment to quality.

What are the characteristics of high-end boats used for racing and luxury sailing?

High-end boats used for racing and luxury sailing often feature advanced materials for hull construction, like carbon fiber, to optimize speed and agility. They also typically boast state-of-the-art navigation systems, finely crafted interiors, and customizable options to satisfy the discerning sailor.

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