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Elan Sailboats: Expert Insights and Performance Review

Elan Yachts, a renowned yacht builder, has consistently delivered exceptional sailing vessels that cater to various needs and preferences. From luxurious family sailing to high-performance cruising, these boats have earned a global reputation for their innovative design, uncompromising quality, and impressive sailing capabilities. With a diverse range of models available on the market, including new and used yachts, Elan has something to offer for every sailing enthusiast.

The Elan brand is particularly known for its Impression line, which features more luxurious and spacious sailboats without compromising on performance. These boats, such as the Elan Impression 344, 394, 444, and the largest Impression 514, cater to those who prioritize style, comfort, and spacious living quarters while out on the water. Elan's dedication to blending luxury and sailing performance has garnered the company multiple awards and nominations, further solidifying their position as a leading yacht manufacturer.

Elan Sailboats Overview

Elan Yachts

Elan Yachts is a well-known sailboat manufacturer with a strong focus on performance and innovation. The company offers a range of models designed to provide an exceptional sailing experience for both seasoned sailors and beginners. Their sailboats are divided into three main lines: the E Line, the Impression Line, and the GT Line. They also offer different sizes and layouts, such as the two or three-cabin versions of the Elan E4, offering flexibility to match various sailing preferences.

The E Line is known for its high-performance sailing capabilities combined with cruising features for the best-of-both worlds experience on the water. For example, the Elan E6 was designed for easy sailing by an experienced couple, but truly shines with a good crew. Elan works closely with Olympic sailing teams to test their boats and optimize their designs by incorporating the latest sailing technologies.

Elan Power

Elan Power is the company's motor yacht division, which is not as prominent as their sailboats but offers a range of powerboats that share the same commitment to quality, performance, and innovation. These motor yachts are designed with comfort and luxury in mind, providing a perfect platform for coastal cruising or longer ocean voyages.

Slovenia Origin

Elan Yachts hails from Slovenia and has a rich history dating back to 1945. The company has experienced significant growth and success over the years, establishing a strong reputation in the world of sailing. After a roughly 10-year absence from the U.S. market, Elan has made a strong return with the launch of new boats, including the Elan E4. Renowned British naval architect Rob Humphreys has been involved in designing some of their sailboats, further solidifying Elan's commitment to delivering high-performance sailing vessels.

In conclusion, Elan Yachts combines performance, innovation, and a strong heritage to deliver exceptional sailboats suited to various sailing needs. With continued involvement from world-class sailors and designers, Elan will likely continue to impress the sailing community with their range of high-quality sailboats.

Performance and Design

Elan Sailboats are known for their combination of performance, design, and comfort. The yachts are designed to cater to various sailing demands, ranging from casual family sailing to regatta-winning performance.


Elan yachts are built with speed in mind, even for their cruising models. For instance, the Elan 410 is designed to be both quick and comfortable. In light wind conditions, the tall rig allows for maximum sail area, which can be easily reefed when the wind becomes stronger. This feature allows the boat to achieve optimal speed in various sailing conditions while maintaining control and stability.


A crucial aspect of Elan sailboats' performance and design is the draft, which determines the depth of water required for the boat to float. The draft impacts the boat's overall performance, as it influences maneuverability and speed. For example, the Elan E4 is available in two different drafts: 1.90m for greater stability in deeper waters and 1.55m for shallow waters, allowing sailors to adapt the boat to their sailing preferences and particular sailing conditions.

In conclusion, Elan sailboats are designed with performance, speed, and draft in mind, offering versatile options to meet the varied demands of sailors worldwide.

Models and Features


The Elan E4 is a high-performance sailing yacht designed for both racing and cruising. It features a sleek, modern design and includes advanced technology for improved sailing performance. The E4 has a hull length of 20'10" and a beam width of 8'2" Elan E1.

Key features of the Elan E4 include:

  • Performance-oriented hull design
  • Spacious cockpit for comfortable sailing experience
  • Efficient and easy-to-handle sail plan


The Elan E6 is an advanced sailing yacht similar to the E4, but larger and featuring additional amenities for longer journeys. Offering increased comfort and a more luxurious experience, the E6 incorporates the signature high-performance sailing features found in other Elan yachts Elan Yachts.

Impression 384

The Impression 384 is a luxurious cruising yacht, designed for comfortable long-distance sailing. With its spacious and bright interior, it offers an inviting atmosphere for its occupants.

Notable features of the Impression 384 include:

  • Large saloon and spacious cabins
  • Comfortable cockpit layout
  • Easy handling capabilities for smooth sailing

Impression 434

A step up from the Impression 384, the Impression 434 offers an even more luxurious and comfortable sailing experience. With a length of 43 feet, the extra space allows for additional features and improved functionality.

Some key features of the Impression 434 include:

  • Innovative, practical layout
  • Large, well-equipped galley
  • Generous storage space throughout the yacht

Impression 50

The Impression 50 is a luxurious yacht designed for long-distance cruising. Combining comfort, performance, and elegance, this model offers an enjoyable sailing experience.

Key features of the Impression 50 include:

  • Spacious and innovative layout
  • Stylish, modern interior design
  • Performance-oriented sail plan

514 Impression

The 514 Impression is the largest yacht in the Impression line, providing a truly luxurious and comfortable sailing experience. With an impressive length of 51 feet, this yacht offers additional amenities and space for extended journeys.

Some notable features of the 514 Impression include:

  • Elegant, spacious interior
  • Comfortable accommodations for large groups
  • High level of customization options available

Interior and Accommodations


The interior of Elan sailboats offers a luxurious and comfortable experience for guests, with features such as sufficient headroom, natural light, and high-quality materials. In the Elan GT6, the [<a href="">flagship model</a>], the spacious main cabin features a large, U-shaped seating area around a dining table, which can accommodate multiple guests. Integrated storage compartments are available throughout the cabin for added convenience.


Elan sailboats prioritize functionality and practicality in their head design. The private heads are typically equipped with a separate shower stall, electric toilet, and modern fixtures. In the [<a href="">Impression 394 (Elan)</a>], for example, there is a well-appointed head with essential amenities built for comfort and convenience during sailing trips.


The sleeping accommodations in Elan sailboats offer a comfortable and relaxing environment for rest during long voyages. Many models provide various berth configurations, including double and single berths with high-quality mattresses, ample storage space, and reading lights. In the [<a href="">Elan GT6</a>], the owner's cabin features a large island double berth, allowing for easy access and added comfort.


Elan sailboats are designed with thoughtful and efficient layouts that maximize space without compromising performance. The [<a href="">Elan GT5</a>] offers a choice between a two-cabin or a three-cabin layout, with the possibility of customizing the interior according to the owner's preferences. The [<a href="">Elan GT6</a>] features a three-cabin layout, with the owner's cabin forward and two guest cabins aft, providing a comfortable and spacious environment for longer sailing trips.

In summary, the interior and accommodations of Elan sailboats ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for their guests on extended voyages, while also offering stylish design and attention to detail. The cabins, heads, berths, and layouts of these sailboats are well-designed to meet the needs of modern sailors without sacrificing performance.

Deck and Cockpit


Elan sailboats are known for their well-designed deck and cockpit areas, focusing on providing comfort and functionality for the sailors onboard. The helm station on Elan sailboats is strategically placed to offer optimum visibility and control, ensuring a smooth sailing experience for whoever is at the helm. On models like the Elan E4, there are various keel packages available, catering to different sailing preferences and conditions.

The cockpit area in Elan sailboats is designed to offer comfort and space for sailors and passengers. For example, the Elan GT6 has an expansive cockpit, making it an excellent choice for socializing and relaxing while sailing. The cockpit benches are designed with comfort in mind, ensuring a pleasant experience for everyone on board.

In terms of construction, Elan sailboats feature foam-cored and resin-infused hull and deck structures. This design choice provides a stiff and relatively lightweight boat, contributing to its overall performance and durability. You can expect a high-quality, reliable sailboat when choosing an Elan model.

To summarize, the deck and cockpit areas of Elan sailboats are designed with comfort, functionality, and performance in mind. With a strategically placed helm, spacious and comfortable cockpit areas, and dependable construction, these boats are an excellent choice for sailors seeking a boat that can provide a satisfying sailing experience.

Technical Specifications


The Elan E5 sailboat has a light displacement of 16,094 lb (7,300 kg) and a ballast weight of 5,952 lb (2,700 kg) Elan E5 Deep draft.

Inboard Diesel Engine

The Elan E5 is designed for demanding sailors who seek a perfect balance between serious, regatta-winning performance and elegant design with abundant space and comfort Elan E5 | Elan Yachts. Further details on its inboard diesel engine are not provided in the search results.

Deep Draft

The deep draft version of the Elan S5 sailboat features a deeper T-shaped keel to grant extra performance, especially upwind Elan S5 Deep draft (Elan Yachts). It is a 39'2" (11.96m) racer-cruiser sailboat with a draft of 7'11" (2.4 m) Elan E5 Deep draft. The Elan S5 was designed by Humphreys Yacht Design (United Kingdom) and built between 2015 and 2019 by Elan Yachts (Slovenia) Elan S5 Deep draft (Elan Yachts).

Cruising Destinations

Elan sailboats are perfect for exploring the beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean Sea. In this section, we'll cover some popular cruising destinations with Elan yachts: Croatia, Greece, Italy, and Spain.


Croatia is a top destination for sailing enthusiasts with its stunning coastline, clear blue waters, and numerous islands. Cruising aboard an Elan sailboat, sailors can explore popular destinations such as:

  • Split: A historic city located in central Dalmatia, perfect as a starting point for sailing trips.
  • Hvar: A trendy island with vibrant nightlife, crystal-clear waters, and scenic beauty.
  • Dubrovnik: A UNESCO World Heritage site, known for its majestic city walls and Old Town.

There are multiple marinas available for docking Elan yachts, making it easy for sailors to hop from one island to another.


Greece is a sought-after sailing destination with its azure waters, captivating history, and idyllic islands. Some top locations to visit with Elan sailboats in Greece are:

  • Cyclades: A group of islands known for their picturesque villages, ancient ruins, and vibrant nightlife.
  • Saronic Gulf: An ideal destination for beginners, offering calm waters and close proximity to Athens.
  • Ionian Islands: Featuring lush green landscapes, pristine beaches, and calm sailing conditions.

Greece offers various anchorages and marinas to accommodate Elan sailing yachts while exploring different islands.


Italy's alluring coastlines and picturesque seaside towns make it a popular choice for Elan sailors. Some must-see destinations in Italy include:

  • Amalfi Coast: Known for its chic towns, cliffside views, and crystal-clear waters.
  • Sardinia: An island that boasts unspoiled beaches, turquoise waters, and unique cultural experiences.
  • Sicily: The largest Mediterranean island, offering a mix of history, culture, and stunning landscapes.

Italy provides ample facilities and marinas, making it convenient for Elan yacht owners to navigate and explore the Italian coast.


Spain, with its warm climate and diverse landscapes, is an excellent destination for sailing with Elan sailboats. Some top cruising spots in Spain include:

  • Balearic Islands: Comprising Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera, known for their beautiful beaches and lively atmosphere.
  • Costa Brava: Offering rugged cliffs, secluded bays, and picturesque fishing villages along the northeastern coast of Spain.
  • Canary Islands: A group of seven volcanic islands, perfect for year-round sailing adventures.

With well-equipped marinas and anchorages, Spain ensures a convenient and enjoyable experience for sailors aboard Elan yachts.

Charter and Dealership


AurumYacht is a reputable dealer offering a wide range of Elan sailboats for charter, delivering high-quality yachts and services for sailing enthusiasts. They focus on providing an excellent sailing experience and dedicated customer support, ensuring that customers have access to the best Elan models available.

Clients can choose from a variety of Elan sailboats, each catering to unique requirements and preferences, from high-performance racing yachts to luxury cruising vessels. Some popular choices include the Elan 45, Elan 40, and the Elan 45.1 Impression. With a comprehensive fleet, AurumYacht provides a tailored sailing experience for everyone, whether they are seasoned sailors or just starting their nautical journey.


BoatPoint is a professional yacht charter service offering Elan boats for rent, with a selection of models, spec sheets, and photos from the manufacturer. BoatPoint guarantees a memorable sailing trip on a premium boat made by the prestigious yacht manufacturer Elan.

Below are some popular Elan models available at BoatPoint:

  • Elan E3: 9.25m length, 4 available for charter, starting from $128,094
  • Elan E4: 10.60m length, 34 available for charter, starting from $164,254
  • Elan E5: 11.95m length, 12 available for charter, starting from $224,521
  • Elan GT5: 13.20m length, 3 available for charter, starting from $272,734

BoatPoint prides itself on offering a user-friendly platform that allows customers to seamlessly search, compare, and book their Elan sailboat for the ultimate sailing adventure. With a commitment to safety and customer satisfaction, BoatPoint is an ideal choice for anyone looking to charter an Elan boat.

Elan and Watersports

Elan is a well-known Slovenian manufacturer of sailboats, renowned for its high-quality craftsmanship and performance-oriented design. Their history in watersports, however, goes beyond just sailing. Elan has been in the boat-building industry for over 65 years and started with producing kayaks and other small craft before venturing into larger boats and sailboats in the 1970s [<a href="">Cruising World</a>].

Elan's dedication to maritime leisure activities is evident in their models designed by Rob Humphreys Yacht Design since 1995. Their range of sailboats is tailored to offer a mix of performance sailing and cruising features, catering to various sailing enthusiasts' needs [<a href="">Elan Yachts</a>].

In addition to sailboats, Elan has a strong background in the production of skis. They have been manufacturing skis since 1945 and are one of the pioneers in alpine skiing technology. Combining their expertise in both sailboats and skis, Elan has expanded its product lines to cater to those who seek an adventure in various watersports.

Elan's sailboat models are designed with versatility and performance in mind. Among their popular ranges are the E Line, the Impression Line, and the GT Line. Each line offers a unique sailing experience, combining various features to satisfy specific preferences and requirements [<a href="">Elan Yachts</a>].

Here's a brief overview of Elan's sailboat lines:

  • E Line: Elan's signature high-performance sailing heritage is combined with cruising features for the best-of-both-worlds experience on the water.
  • Impression Line: These models focus on comfort and ease of sailing, ideal for family cruising.
  • GT Line: The Grand Touring series offers a balance between performance sailing and luxury cruising.

In summary, Elan has a long and storied history in watersports, ranging from their beginnings in small craft and kayaks to their current impressive lineup of sophisticated sailboats. Their commitment to innovation and design, combined with their expertise in skiing, makes Elan a respected and popular choice among watersports enthusiasts. 

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