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Beneteau Boats: Exploring Their Innovation and Performance

Beneteau Boats, a renowned name in the yachting industry, has been designing and manufacturing remarkable vessels for more than a century. With a commitment to innovation and quality, the company has successfully cemented its position as one of the top boat manufacturers in the world. Beneteau offers a diverse range of yachts, sailing boats, and outboard motorboats that cater to the ever-evolving preferences and needs of boating enthusiasts globally.

One of the key factors contributing to Beneteau's success is their strong global network of dealers and after-sales service providers. This ensures that Beneteau boat owners always receive top-notch assistance, no matter where they are cruising. As a trusted brand, Beneteau consistently strives to revolutionize their offerings, evidenced by their latest launch of five new boat models – a remarkable achievement for the 2020-21 season.

These paragraphs introduce the topic of Beneteau Boats and mention the company's focus on innovation, the global network of dealers and after-sales service providers, and the recent launch of new boat models.

Beneteau History

Beneteau is a company with a rich and storied history that dates back to 1884, when shipwright Benjamin Bénéteau founded the company in Croix-de-Vie, France. The company originally specialized in building sailing trawlers, but over time, it has grown to be one of the world's largest manufacturers of sailing yachts and pleasure crafts.

In the mid-20th century, the company expanded its range of products by venturing into the motorboat market. With André Bénéteau, who was passionate about sea fishing, at the helm, the Antares range of motorboats was created, cementing Beneteau's reputation for innovation and quality.

Today, Beneteau is part of the larger Groupe Beneteau, which also includes other prominent boat manufacturers like Jeanneau. The group has its roots firmly planted in the Vendée region of France, and together, they continue the legacy of producing top-notch yachts and boats. Some key milestones in the history of Groupe Beneteau and Beneteau include:

  • Launching the First range of sailing yachts in 1977, which was a turning point in Beneteau's history
  • Acquiring Jeanneau in 1995, expanding the group's market reach and product portfolio
  • Celebrating 130 years of boatbuilding history in 2014 and continuing to lead the industry as a family-run business

While the company has a long and illustrious history, their focus remains firmly on innovation, design, and the incorporation of advanced technologies. This ongoing commitment to advancement has solidified their position as a global industry leader in the world of yachting and boating.

Sailboat Models

Oceanis Series

The Oceanis series is a popular range of cruising sailboats produced by Beneteau. These yachts are designed for comfort, performance, and ease of handling, making them ideal for both short and extended cruises. Some notable models in the Oceanis series include:

  • Oceanis 46.1: A versatile 46-foot monohull with various layout options, known for its spaciousness and performance.
  • Oceanis 40.1: A 40-foot yacht with an emphasis on innovative living spaces and comfort.
  • Oceanis 45: A sleek, modern 45-foot sailboat with ample living and storage space.
  • Oceanis 51.1: A 51-foot model combining luxury and performance for comfortable offshore cruising.

Most Oceanis models feature a sloop rig, which provides good sailing performance and ease of handling.

First Series

The First series consists of high-performance sailing yachts, combining speed and agility for thrilling sailing experiences. These boats are designed for more competitive or adventurous sailors. Some notable models in the First series include:

  • Oceanis Yacht 62: A 62-foot luxury sailing yacht with streamlined lines and exceptional cruising comfort.
  • Oceanis Yacht 54: A 54-foot performance-oriented yacht, with innovative features that simplify sailing and enhance comfort.

Both the Oceanis Yacht 62 and Oceanis Yacht 54 models boast elegant designs and advanced sailing technologies, making them ideal for experienced sailors and racing enthusiasts.

Motorboat Models

Antares Series

The Antares series offers a range of comfortable and safe motorboats designed for leisure boating or fishing adventures. The Antares 8 is a popular choice in this line, featuring an outboard motorboat with a sleek design and comfortable accommodations for up to four people. These boats are perfect for short cruises or coastal excursions.

Gran Turismo Series

Beneteau's Gran Turismo series is a collection of high-performance luxury motorboats, with the Gran Turismo 36 as a standout model. These boats offer a blend of speed and comfort for those seeking an upscale boating experience. The Gran Turismo models are equipped with powerful engines and boast spacious interiors, making them ideal for longer trips or entertaining guests.

Flyer Series

The Flyer series is all about versatility and fun on the water. With models such as the Flyer 9 SPACEdeck, Beneteau offers boats that are suitable for both leisure and sport, from water skiing to fishing. The Flyer boats often feature an open deck layout, making them easy to maneuver and perfect for enjoying the outdoors.

Swift Trawler Series

Beneteau's Swift Trawler series consists of reliable and efficient sailing trawlers designed for long-distance cruising. One notable model in this series is the Antares 11 Fly, providing ample living space and a comfortable interior for extended stays on the water. These trawlers are equipped with modern amenities, making them a popular choice among sailors seeking a combination of traditional trawler design and contemporary conveniences.

The various motorboat models offered by Beneteau cater to a wide range of boating enthusiasts, from leisurely cruisers to sporty adventurers. Their diverse lineup ensures there is a suitable option for various needs and preferences.


Beneteau, a renowned boat manufacturer, has a presence across numerous regions worldwide. This French company, established in 1884, has gained a global reputation for quality and innovation over the years 1.

In the United States, boat enthusiasts can find a wide range of Beneteau boats available for sale. According to Boat Trader, there are currently 498 Beneteau boats for sale in the country, including 287 new vessels and 211 used boats listed by private sellers and professional dealers2.

The United Kingdom is another region where Beneteau boats are widely appreciated. As a prominent yacht brand, Beneteau has numerous new and used yachts listed by experienced yacht brokers and boat dealerships in the UK3. The company's presence in the UK showcases its popularity among boating enthusiasts in this region.

In Spain, Beneteau is well represented, with many yachts for sale listed by experienced dealers and brokers4. The strong presence in the Spanish market further reinforces Beneteau's international appeal, as the brand caters to the needs of boaters in this region.

Moreover, Beneteau boats are available in various models, including the popular Oceanis 55, which can be found not only in Europe but also in North America and Asia5. The availability of Beneteau boats across these different regions demonstrates the company's dedication to providing quality and innovative vessels for a global audience.


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Boating Activities

Beneteau Boats offer a wide range of possibilities for boating enthusiasts to enjoy various activities on the water. Whether you are interested in cruising, overnight adventures, or water sports, there's a Beneteau model designed to cater to your boating experience.

Cruising and Overnight Cruising

Cruising is a popular activity among boat owners, and Beneteau designs their boats to provide maximum comfort and performance for those who love to explore the open water. With large fuel tanks for extended range, generous living spaces, and well-equipped galleys, Beneteau boats are ideal for day or overnight cruising.

With options like the Gran Turismo 36, which features excellent performance and fuel efficiency, Beneteau owners can experience memorable trips on the water without worrying about refueling or finding accommodations onshore.


Beneteau boats are also perfect for those who enjoy water sports. As noted in a BENETEAU article, the Flyer 9 SUNdeck is equipped with a powerful engine, making it ideal for towed water sports like wakeboarding and wakesurfing. Other options for water enthusiasts include snorkeling, scuba diving, and stand-up paddleboarding, all easily accessible thanks to the spacious decks and convenient swim platforms on Beneteau boats.

Day Cruising and Boating Experience

For those who prefer day cruising, Beneteau also offers models designed for comfort and entertainment during shorter trips. The Flyer 9 Spacedeck, for example, provides flexibility for a variety of waterborne activities, making it perfect for casual day cruises where passengers can relax, swim, or engage in water sports.

When you invest in a Beneteau boat, you are investing in a boating experience that can cater to a wide range of preferences and interests. With options for cruising, overnight stays, water sports, and day trips, there is a Beneteau model ideally suited to enhance your time on the water.

Propulsion Systems

Beneteau boats offer a variety of propulsion systems, catering to every boater's needs and preferences. In recent years, they have implemented sustainable solutions, such as electric and hybrid systems, in addition to traditional systems like inboard and outboard engines.

The Oceanis 30.1 is one such example, with an all-electric propulsion system available. This electric model, named Oceanis 30.1e, features a Torqeedo engine with power equivalent to 14 HP and a range of up to 6 hours at 4 knots. It provides a silent, comfortable, and emission-free sailing experience.

For clients who prefer inboard engines, Beneteau offers both diesel and gas options. In collaboration with brand partners like Volvo Penta, they provide reliable and efficient engines. Inboard diesel engines are popular choices in models such as cruisers and racer-cruisers due to their robust performance, longevity, and fuel economy.

Outboard engines are available as well, offering benefits such as easy maintenance, accessibility, and compact design. Outboard-4s models are commonly found on small to medium-sized boats. Beneteau's partnership with Vision Marine Technologies exemplifies their commitment to innovation in outboard systems. The companies' collaboration will result in groundbreaking eco-responsible alternative propulsion solutions for various Beneteau models by 2030, as per their recent announcement.

Boat dimensions, such as draft, displacement, and beam, play a significant role in determining the most suitable propulsion system. By offering a wide range of options, Beneteau ensures its customers can select the best system for their unique requirements, striking a balance between performance, efficiency, and environmental impact.

Hull Types

Beneteau Boats offers a range of hull types that are tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of boaters. These hull types exhibit distinct characteristics, such as comfort, stability, and speed, making them suitable for different boating activities and conditions.

One popular hull type found in Beneteau boats is the modified vee or semi-V hull. This type of hull provides a good balance between stability and performance. The modified vee offers improved handling and a smoother ride in choppy seas compared to a flat-bottomed hull, making it ideal for cruising and offshore adventures. It also ensures that the boat has a shallow draft, allowing it to navigate through shallow waters with ease.

Another commonly found hull type in Beneteau boats is the planing hull. The planing hull is designed to provide high speed and smooth operation on the water. When the boat accelerates, the hull lifts partially out of the water, reducing water resistance and allowing the boat to glide effortlessly at high speeds. Beneteau incorporates this hull type in its powerboats, ensuring quick and agile performance.

These are just examples of the different hull types found in Beneteau's diverse fleet of boats. Other hull designs, such as deep-V hulls and displacement hulls, can also be found in various models. Each of these hull types is designed to suit specific boating activities, water conditions, and performance expectations, further enhancing the versatility of Beneteau's range of boats.

Purchase Information

Beneteau Boats offers a diverse range of sailing yachts and motorboats for various boating practices since 1884. When considering the purchase of a new vessel, it is essential to gather information about dealers, prices, and available options to make an informed decision.


Beneteau boats are sold exclusively through a network of authorized dealers. These dealers serve as the primary contact for potential buyers and guide them through the entire process, from selecting the appropriate boat to fitting it out according to individual needs and preferences. By ensuring a personal touch, dealers provide potential buyers with a high level of service and expertise.


The prices of Beneteau boats vary depending on factors such as the model, size, features, and customization options. It is crucial for buyers to research and compare different models to arrive at a suitable choice based on their budget and requirements. Dealers can offer personalized advice and quotations to help potential buyers make an informed decision.

New Vessels

Beneteau strives to stay ahead in the boating industry by launching innovative new vessels designed to cater to varying customer needs. Some of the recent models introduced include the Oceanis 40.1 and the Oceanis Yacht 54. Each new vessel offers a unique combination of style, space, and performance, ensuring a perfect match for every type of boater.

When purchasing a Beneteau boat, potential buyers can expect a team of professionals dedicated to helping them achieve their boating dreams. By choosing the right dealer, obtaining accurate pricing information, and exploring the latest new vessels, any boater can find the perfect match to suit their needs in the Beneteau lineup.

Popular Models

Beneteau is a renowned boat manufacturer that offers a diverse range of models suitable for various boating practices and preferences. This section highlights some of the popular models from their lineup.

One of the well-received sailboats in Beneteau's collection is the Oceanis 46.1. This model is lauded for its combination of luxury, performance, and comfort. The generous space onboard and distinctive stepped hull design make it an excellent choice for those who seek a balance between sailing pleasure and family cruising.

Another sought-after model in the Oceanis series is the Oceanis 40.1. This versatile sailboat boasts a spacious interior, ergonomic deck plan, and impressive sailing performance, making it perfect for cruising with family and friends.

The Oceanis 45 is yet another popular model, catering to those who value style and innovation. Its sleek profile, spacious cockpit, and seamlessly integrated interior features provide a modern and elegant sailing experience.

For boat enthusiasts seeking the epitome of luxury, the Oceanis Yacht 62 and Oceanis Yacht 54 offer unmatched elegance and sophistication. These yacht models are designed with exceptional attention to detail and unparalleled living spaces that redefine the standards of comfort and seafaring excellence.

Turning to powerboats, the Antares 8 has garnered interest for its stylish and practical design. This outboard-powered cruiser is perfect for weekend getaways and coastal cruising, providing plenty of amenities and features for a memorable journey.

Another popular powerboat is the Gran Turismo 36, a versatile express cruiser designed for comfort, performance, and luxury. Its sporty lines and spacious living areas make it an ideal choice for those seeking thrilling adventures on the water.

The First 14 is a performance-oriented sailboat that caters to sailors seeking a fun and agile boat. Its lightweight design and user-friendly features make it enjoyable for novices and experienced sailors alike.

For fishing enthusiasts and family trips alike, the Antares 11 Fly offers a spacious flybridge and modern features that ensure the perfect blend of functionality, comfort, and style.

The Flyer 9 Spacedeck is a popular day boat designed with a focus on space and comfort, perfect for entertaining and enjoying the outdoors.

Lastly, the Oceanis 51.1 offers a unique combination of smart design, performance, and luxury. This sailboat is an excellent choice for those seeking a balance between leisurely cruising and competitive sailing.


Beneteau Boats offer a wide variety of features that cater to the needs of sailing enthusiasts and provide a comfortable experience on the water. A notable feature of these boats is their practicality, as they combine practical features, performance, and elegance even in smaller boat models.

One attractive aspect of Beneteau Boats is their focus on both cruising and racing-performance. For over 40 years, they have been designing boats for sailors who enjoy club racing as much as cruising, resulting in a cohesive product line that suits various needs.

Among the popular features found in Beneteau boats, there are:

  • Dual engines on smaller models: This offers better maneuverability and power, ensuring a smooth and responsive sailing experience.
  • Extra berth for storage: This additional space can be used for storing supplies, equipment, or personal belongings, increasing the convenience on longer trips.
  • Space at anchor: Beneteau boats are designed with spacious interiors, aiming to provide comfort and relaxation for those on board.
  • Ease to sail: With a focus on user-friendly layouts and systems, Beneteau boats are suitable for both experienced sailors and newcomers to the sport.

One of the popular models, the Beneteau Oceanis, is known as a bluewater boat, ideal for long-distance cruising. The Oceanis range emphasizes a desire to offer various options and continues to evolve its offerings for different sailing preferences.

A key feature that contributes to the comforts and style of a Beneteau boat is its sundeck. The sundeck allows passengers to relax and soak up the sunshine while enjoying their time on the water. This spacious area is designed to ensure an enjoyable sailing experience, whether the passengers are racing or leisurely cruising.

In summary, the features of Beneteau boats showcase their commitment to practicality, performance, and aesthetics. With attention to details and the needs of sailors, Beneteau continues to evolve and remain a top choice for sailing enthusiasts worldwide.    

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