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BENETEAU: A Comprehensive Guide to Luxury Yachts

Beneteau, a French sail and motorboat manufacturer, has a rich history and reputation for designing and producing high-quality boats. With production facilities in France and the United States, the company has become a major player in the international boating industry. As part of the larger Groupe Beneteau, they benefit from a diversified, complementary, and innovative product offering.

Founded in France, Beneteau has evolved over the years while maintaining its commitment to excellence and craftsmanship. Now producing both sail and power boats, the company has earned a position as one of the world's leading boat manufacturers. Their range of vessels caters to a variety of sailing preferences, from leisurely cruises to competitive racing.

With a strong presence in multiple countries and a vast network of experienced yacht brokers and boat dealerships, Beneteau boats are easily accessible to those searching for the perfect vessel to suit their needs. As the brand continues to grow and innovate, Beneteau remains a key figure in the global boating community, consistently meeting the demands and expectations of its customers.

History and Background

Beneteau, a renowned boat builder, was founded by Benjamin Bénéteau in 1884. Born into a large family in St-Gilles, Vendée, Benjamin was adopted by an uncle, François Houyère, at the age of six. This relationship fostered a love of the sea, adventure, and boats in Benjamin (/source).

In 1909, Benjamin Bénéteau created the first engine-powered sailing boat in the region. Production was halted during the Great War, but the family-run shipyard resumed operations afterwards, unveiling a new fishing boat in the 1920s (/source).

Committed to innovation and performance, Beneteau launched its legendary First series with the First 30 designed by André Mauric in 1976. This marked a new direction for the company, which continued to expand its offerings and market share (/source).

The holding company, Groupe Beneteau, eventually added other prestigious brands to its roster, such as Jeanneau and Lagoon in 1995, solidifying its stature as a global market leader (/source).

Throughout its history, Beneteau has consistently pushed the boundaries of boat design, with vessels like the Flyer and the Swift Trawler, which reinvented traditional concepts and became best-sellers in their respective categories (/source).

Yacht Models and Series


The Oceanis range from BENETEAU offers a diverse selection of cruising sailboats, designed for both comfort and performance. The series includes models such as the Oceanis 40.1, Oceanis 51.1, Oceanis 45, and Oceanis 46.1. Each model is tailored to meet the needs of cruising enthusiasts, with spacious and modern living spaces, versatile deck plans, and innovative hull designs.

  • Oceanis 40.1: A versatile yacht with a balance between comfort and performance, featuring a spacious interior and various layout options.
  • Oceanis 51.1: Designed for extended cruises, this yacht offers an innovative stepped hull design, providing impressive sailing performance and spacious living areas.
  • Oceanis 45: A spacious and easy-to-handle sailboat that offers a wide range of customization options to suit different sailing requirements.
  • Oceanis 46.1: Boasting a unique blend of performance, comfort, and elegance, this model features a distinctive flared hull design to maximize interior space and improve seakeeping abilities.


BENETEAU's Antares series is known for its versatile and seaworthy motorboats. The Antares range includes models such as the Antares 7 and Antares 8. These motorboats are specifically designed for cruising and fishing adventures, offering ample space for friends and family along with an array of modern amenities.

  • Antares 7: A compact yet comfortable motorboat, perfect for coastal cruising and weekend getaways. It offers an ergonomic layout, spacious cabin, and efficient outboard power.
  • Antares 8: With a modern design and comfortable living spaces, this motorboat is ideal for day trips or weekend adventures. It comes with a bright and cozy interior, large panoramic windows, and a functional deck layout.


BENETEAU's racing-oriented model line, known as Racer/Cruiser, focuses on sailboats that offer an optimal balance between performance and cruising comforts. While the First series is often associated with such models, their Racer/Cruiser sailboats generally feature tall fractional rigs, high-performance keels, and upgraded deck hardware, as mentioned on Wikipedia. These vessels showcase the brand's commitment to innovation and passion for speed, without compromising comfort or safety.

Motorboat Models and Series

Beneteau is a renowned company that specializes in crafting high-quality motorboats and luxury yachts, suitable for various activities like long cruises, fishing, quick trips, and sporting adventures. With a vast range of motorboat models, Beneteau boats cater to diverse client requirements and preferences.

The Beneteau motorboat series can be broadly categorized into four distinct ranges to suit different types of boating experiences. These include the Flyer range, Antares range, Swift Trawler, and Gran Turismo range.

  • Flyer range: This sports series features stylish and versatile motorboats designed for water sports, cruising, and outdoor activities. Flyer models come in various sizes, providing excellent performance and agility on water.
  • Antares range: Known for their excellent seaworthiness and comfort, Antares models are family-friendly motorboats designed for coastal cruising and inland waterways. These motorboats provide a unique balance between style, functionality, and safety.
  • Swift Trawler: The Swift Trawler series is perfect for those who prefer long-distance cruising and luxury living. These trawler motorboats offer impressive fuel efficiency, spacious interiors, and advanced technology for an unparalleled cruising experience.
  • Gran Turismo range: This range showcases luxury motorboats featuring cutting-edge design, exceptional performance, and high levels of comfort. Gran Turismo models are ideal for those seeking thrilling sensations and elegance in their boating experience.

In addition to these primary ranges, Beneteau offers various customization options for its motorboats, enabling buyers to tailor their vessel according to their preferences. The diverse motorboat models suffice for multiple applications, from casual cruising and long-distance adventuring to fishing, diving, and water skiing.

Hull Types and Construction

BENETEAU is known for its innovative and high-quality boat construction. In this section, we will explore the various hull types and construction methods used by the company for their sailboats and motorboats.

There are several hull types commonly found in the marine industry, with each serving a particular purpose. Some of the primary hull types include deep vee, modified vee, displacement, and planing hulls. BENETEAU designs their boats with a focus on hydrodynamics, ensuring optimal performance, stability, and safety.

Deep Vee Hull: Deep vee hulls are designed to slice through waves, providing a smooth ride in rough water conditions. They have a sharp entry and deadrise angles, which allow the boat to maintain speed while minimizing impact. BENETEAU incorporates deep vee hulls in many of their motorboats for improved performance and comfort.

Modified Vee Hull: Modified vee hulls are a variation of the deep vee design, featuring a slightly flatter bottom and lower deadrise angles for better stability at rest and improved fuel efficiency. These hulls offer a good balance between smooth sailing and stability. Some BENETEAU models utilize modified vee hulls for enhanced versatility.

Displacement Hull: Displacement hulls are designed for long-distance cruising and blue water sailing, featuring a rounded underwater shape that moves water aside as the boat progresses. These hulls provide excellent stability while sacrificing some speed, making them ideal for BENETEAU's Oceanis range of sailboats.

Planing Hull: Planing hulls are designed to lift out of the water as they gain speed, allowing the boat to skim across the surface. This design reduces water resistance, resulting in higher speeds and better fuel efficiency. BENETEAU utilizes planing hulls in some of their motorboats for optimum performance.

BENETEAU uses three primary construction methods for building boat hulls and decks: hand lay-up, resin infusion, and injection modeling. The hand lay-up method involves manually placing layers of resin and fiberglass onto a mold, creating a strong and lightweight structure. Resin infusion involves injecting resin into a mold containing fiberglass layers, providing a consistent and efficient construction process. Injection molding is a more advanced method where resin and fiberglass are combined in a closed mold, ensuring excellent bonding and reducing waste.

Propulsion Systems

BENETEAU offers a variety of propulsion systems for their sailboats, covering a broad spectrum of options including inboard, outboard, diesel, gas, and electric. This diverse range of systems allows customers to choose the right solution for their specific needs and preferences.

Inboard engines are typically preferred for their low noise levels, improved handling, and increased living space on board. BENETEAU equips some of their sailboats, such as the First 44e, with hybrid-series propulsion systems. These systems consist of electric motors powered by a 20 kWh battery pack, allowing for silent and emission-free sailing. Diesel generators are also used to recharge the batteries, providing more autonomy and comfort during long journeys.

Outboard engines, on the other hand, offer benefits such as easier maintenance, lower initial costs, and better overall performance. Some BENETEAU models, like the Oceanis 30.1, are available with all-electric propulsion systems. With engine power equal to 14 HP, the Torqeedo engine has a range of up to 6 hours at 4 knots, providing a unique boating experience while minimizing environmental impact.

GAS and diesel propulsion systems are still widely used across various BENETEAU models due to their reliability, power, and long-range capabilities. However, it's evident that the company is gradually shifting towards eco-friendly solutions like hybrid and electric systems, aligning with the growing trends towards sustainability in the boating industry.

Boating Experiences

BENETEAU is renowned for its diverse range of boats, tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of boating enthusiasts. Their vessels cater to various types of boating practices, including yacht sailing, leisure boating, day cruising, overnight cruising, and watersports.

When it comes to sailing, BENETEAU offers a variety of sailing yachts designed for competitive as well as leisurely escapades on the water. The brand has established itself as a leader in the yacht industry, with an emphasis on innovation, performance, and comfort, satisfying both experienced sailors and newcomers alike.

Leisure boating embraces short trips, sunset cruises, and scenic reconnaissance, and BENETEAU's powerboats and sailing yachts can cater to these experiences with ease. Their boat range is designed with impressive maneuverability, making it the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy a relaxing day on the water.

For adrenaline seekers who want to engage in watersports, BENETEAU’s powerboats provide the speed and power necessary for water skiing, wakeboarding, and other thrilling watersports activities. Their boats feature ergonomic designs and high-performance capabilities, ensuring a seamless waterfront experience.

Overnight cruising is the epitome of luxury as it allows enthusiasts to explore far-off destinations while experiencing the joy of life on the water. BENETEAU's vacation-worthy boats are designed to provide exceptional accommodations and amenities, such as comfortable sleeping quarters, well-equipped galleys, and spacious lounging areas, ensuring a memorable stay on board.

In conclusion, BENETEAU's diverse portfolio of vessels caters to a wide range of boating experiences, from competitive sailing to leisurely day cruising and everything in between. Passionate about bringing unforgettable boating memories to life, the company continues to innovate and lead the industry with its remarkable designs, features, and capabilities.

Price Range and Dealers

BENETEAU is a well-known brand that offers a wide range of sailing and power boats, with varying prices depending on the model, size, and features of the vessel. In the United States, you can find both new and used BENETEAU boats available from several dealers and brokers.

When it comes to prices, BENETEAU boats can vary greatly, depending on factors like size, model, features, and condition of the boat. The price range for BENETEAU sailboats typically starts from around $100,000 for smaller models and can go up to a few million dollars for the larger, luxury sailing yachts.

For those interested in power boats, BENETEAU offers a variety of options as well. The price range for power boats can start from around $50,000 for compact models and can exceed a million dollars for larger, high-end motor yachts.

To find a dealer or broker selling BENETEAU boats, you have a few options. You can search for dealers through the BENETEAU dealer network, which includes around 400 dealers across five continents. In the United States, some notable dealers of BENETEAU boats include Edwards Yacht Sales and Ancasta, which offer both sailing and power boats from various BENETEAU model ranges.

Keep in mind that while conducting your search for a BENETEAU boat, reaching out to multiple dealers and brokers can help you find the boat that best suits your needs and budget. This can also allow you to view a variety of different models, compare prices, and potentially negotiate a deal.

Competing Brands and Models

When it comes to the world of sailing and motorboating, there is no shortage of competition for BENETEAU. One such prominent competitor is Jeanneau, another subsidiary brand of the Groupe Beneteau. Jeanneau is known for its extensive range of sailboats and motorboats, designed for various navigational needs and uses.

Like BENETEAU, Jeanneau has created a name for itself in the marine industry with its innovative and diverse selection of boats. A few of the popular ranges in Jeanneau's lineup include the Sun Odyssey (sailboats), Leader (powerboats), and the NC series (motorboats). Each range caters to a specific market segment, from casual cruisers to avid racers.

Apart from Jeanneau, other competing brands within the Groupe Beneteau include Prestige, Lagoon, and more. These brands also offer a variety of sailboats and motorboats, catering to different customer preferences.

Since both BENETEAU and Jeanneau are subsidiaries of Groupe Beneteau, their offerings often showcase similar style elements and share resources. However, each brand strives to maintain its own unique identity, catering to specific market niches, and offering customers a wide range of options to choose from within the sailing and motorboating world.

Media and Publicity

Beneteau has a strong presence in the media with both traditional outlets and online platforms. Being a brand synonymous with quality and innovation for over 136 years, it has attracted the attention of numerous publications and digital platforms, helping to spread their passion for the sea to a wider audience.

Beneteau America, for instance, has received significant media coverage in the United States, which has been well supported by the company itself. This coverage has been largely promoted on social media, thereby reaching an even larger audience.

Partnerships with advertising and marketing agencies have also played a crucial role in the promotion of Beneteau products. For example, the collaboration with T2H Advertising resulted in the successful launch of several new sailboats and powerboats in North America, along with the creation of effective messaging, an engaging online presence, and software tools to streamline the sales process.

Furthermore, Beneteau has a dedicated YouTube channel, which showcases their sailboats and powerboats, as well as the efforts of the finest architects, designers, and craftsmen in creating them. This platform allows viewers to get a closer look at each boat, understand its features, and appreciate the passion put into creating these remarkable vessels.

To sum up, Beneteau's media and publicity efforts have been successful in highlighting their passion for producing premium boats, as well as in sharing their innovative designs and products with a global audience. This has undoubtedly contributed to maintaining and expanding their well-established reputation for excellence within the marine industry. 

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