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Bali Catamarans: Revolutionizing Luxury Sailing Experiences

Bali Catamarans has gained popularity among sailing enthusiasts because of its state-of-the-art design and unique approach to the modern boating experience. Their innovative concept focuses on incorporating openness in various aspects, such as open-mindedness, openness to life, the sea, nature, and others, making them a sought-after choice for sailing enthusiasts.

The company offers a diverse range of models that cater to different preferences and needs. One of their models, the Bali Catspace, was conceptualized by Olivier Poncin and designed by Lasta Design. This particular catamaran showcases the latest innovations in cruising while maintaining a smooth and efficient sailing experience. The integral deck design allows the occupants to move easily between spaces, such as the aft platform and the forward cockpit with lounge areas.

When it comes to purchasing a Bali Catamaran, options are available through various dealers, such as YachtWorld and, where buyers can explore different models and even customize their preferences. This flexibility enables potential buyers to create their dream catamaran, fitting their specific requirements and styles without compromising the quality and performance that Bali Catamarans is known for.

Bali Catamaran Overview

History and Brand Values

Bali Catamarans, a brand of Catana Group, is a French shipyard that specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative and stylish pleasure catamarans. Conceived by Olivier Poncin and launched in 2014, Bali Catamarans focuses on providing a unique sailing experience with openness and modernity.

These catamarans represent a departure from traditional designs, embracing open-mindedness, openness to the sea, and a newfound art of living on the water (source). Bali Catamarans separate themselves from other cruising cats by using closed-cell foam for the core in the hull construction, rather than the more traditional balsa wood core (source).

Types and Models

Bali Catamarans offers a wide range of models, each designed to cater to different sailing needs and preferences. One such model is the Bali Catspace, created by Olivier Poncin and designed by Lasta Design. This catamaran combines the latest innovations in cruising and offers an efficient and smooth sailing experience through its integral deck design (source).

Some popular Bali Catamaran models include:

  • Bali Catspace
  • Bali 4.0
  • Bali 4.1
  • Bali 4.3
  • Bali 5.4

Each model offers unique features and varying price points, catering to a diverse clientele. Bali Catamaran prices start from €382,300 for the Bali Catspace model (source).

As the brand continues to grow and innovate, Bali Catamarans remains dedicated to its core values of openness, modernity, and a unique sailing experience for all its customers.

Design and Features

Living Space

Bali Catamarans are known for their open space and comfortable living areas. The innovative design of the Bali 4.8 and Bali Catspace models provide ample living space for passengers, making them perfect for long cruises and relaxing on board.

Forward Cockpit

The forward cockpit in Bali Catamarans replaces the traditional trampoline found on most catamarans with a solid composite foredeck, resulting in a more versatile and roomy outdoor area. This innovative feature allows for either greater indoor or outdoor space, depending on the model.


The salon in Bali Catamarans is designed for comfort, featuring a home-style refrigerator and ample seating options. Natural ventilation is also prioritized, creating a pleasant atmosphere in the main living area.

Hull Windows

Large windows on the cabin sides provide a panoramic view of the surroundings, allowing passengers to stay connected to the beauty of the sea even when indoors.

Fly Bridge

Bali Catamarans often include a fly bridge for convenient access to navigation instruments and additional outdoor seating.

Panoramic Views

The unique design of Bali Catamarans ensures that passengers can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views, both from inside the boat and on deck. The spacious and open layouts promote a connection to nature and the sea, enhancing the overall experience.

Seating Area

With multiple seating areas, passengers can enjoy various spots to relax and socialize. From the forward cockpit to the fly bridge, Bali Catamarans offer plenty of options for comfortable lounging.

Aft Platform

An aft platform on Bali Catamarans provides easy access to the water for swimming and water activities, as well as additional space for relaxation.

Performance and Safety

Bali Catamarans are well-known for their performance and ability to handle various sea conditions. Sail Magazine's review of the Bali 5.4 states that the catamaran performed well in 12 knots of wind and easily tacked through 90 degrees, providing an enjoyable sailing experience.

Moreover, the Bali catamarans inherit many sailing qualities from their Catana parentage, which can be attributed to the careful design and engineering put into these boats. This emphasis on performance is also confirmed by Catamaran Guru, where they have tested these catamarans in various weather conditions and have found them to be a joy to sail.

In terms of safety, Bali catamarans are designed with modern features that provide peace of mind during ocean voyages. The large flybridge present in many models, such as the Bali 5.4, offers excellent visibility allowing the captain to safely navigate the vessel. The well-designed hull and overall construction of Bali catamarans ensure that they remain stable and secure in rough waters.

Further enhancing safety, the catamarans are equipped with modern navigation and communication systems, making it easier for sailors to stay informed about weather conditions and potential hazards while at sea. Additionally, the use of high-quality materials and reliable equipment on board provides a reassuring sense of security for both the crew and passengers.

Notable Models

Bali Catamarans offers a variety of innovative and unique catamaran models designed for boating enthusiasts who appreciate openness and the new art of living.

Bali 4.2

The Bali 4.2 captures the essence of the "Open Space" concept, characterized by its fluid and functional layout. With its spacious and comfortable living areas, the 4.2 has been designed for relaxation and enjoyment.

Bali 4.4

A sibling to the 4.2, the Bali 4.4 offers an innovative layout with an elevated helm position and expansive living spaces. The 4.4 is the perfect choice for family cruising.

Bali 4.6

The Bali 4.6 is designed for ultimate relaxation and enjoyment at sea. Its spacious flybridge provides ample space for entertaining or helping with sail trim, making it ideal for long-distance cruising.

Bali 5.4

As one of Bali's flagship models, the 5.4 boasts luxurious accommodations, spacious cabins, and innovative design features. The Bali 5.4 sets itself apart as a premium cruising catamaran, perfect for extended journeys.

Bali Catspace Sail

The Bali Catspace Sail is designed with space, comfort, and practicality in mind. This innovative model redefines the standards for cruising catamarans with its unobstructed panoramic views and spacious living areas.

Bali Catspace MY

The Bali Catspace MY is a motor yacht version of the popular Catspace Sail. Combining the "Open Space" concept with efficient motorized propulsion, the Catspace MY provides unparalleled comfort and performance in its class.

Bali 4.3 MY

Finally, the Bali 4.3 MY is an innovative motor yacht that effortlessly combines comfort and speed. Its unique, open layout provides a spacious and welcoming environment, making it an ideal choice for family cruising or entertaining guests.

Sustainability and Innovation

Bali Catamarans, an offshoot of the well-established Catana yard, has made sustainability and innovation a core aspect of its design and production process. The company is known for continuously incorporating advanced technologies and unique concepts to create high-performance, environmentally friendly catamarans.

A key innovation in Bali Catamarans is the implementation of a submerged membrane bio-reactor. This cutting-edge technology filters 100% of the grey and black water onboard their boats, eliminating polluting discharge and improving overall sustainability. Bali has become a pioneer in this field as all their Catana and Bali catamarans are now equipped with this bio-membrane generator (Yacht Style).

Another area where Bali Catamarans excels is the use of renewable energy sources. Solar panels are often integrated into their catamaran designs, providing an eco-friendly and efficient energy solution. These solar panels help power the vessel's electrical system, reducing the dependence on fossil fuels and extending cruising range using clean energy. Batteries also play a vital role in storing the surplus generated solar energy, allowing the boat to run on clean, renewable power even during times of low sunlight.

Among the other innovative features on Bali Catamarans is the unique "Bali door." This design element adds an open concept to their catamarans, connecting the interior and exterior spaces, enhancing the overall enjoyment of their boats. Bali's approach to innovation has made them a leading player in the catamaran market (BALI Catamarans).

In summary, Bali Catamarans demonstrates their commitment to sustainability and innovation through the implementation of bio-membrane generators, solar panels, and cutting-edge design features. As a result, they have emerged as a leading player in the catamaran market, providing eco-friendly and high-quality sailing options for their clients.

Top Sailing Destinations

Bali Catamarans are designed for those who seek pleasure and sensations on the water. They are ideal for exploring top sailing destinations around the world. In this section, we will highlight a couple of must-visit sailing destinations in Spain and Italy, perfect for your next adventure with your Bali Catamaran.

When it comes to Spain, the Balearic Islands are an exceptional choice for a sailing vacation. Comprising of four main islands - Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera - the Balearics offer picturesque coastlines, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant nightlife.

Sail Magazine highlights the impressive sailing performance of Bali Catamarans even in light breeze conditions, making them perfect for island hopping in the Mediterranean Sea.

In Italy, the Amalfi Coast is a must-visit destination for sailing enthusiasts. Known for its dramatic cliffs, colorful villages, and historical sites, the Amalfi Coast offers a unique blend of culture, nature, and luxury. The emerald waters and secluded coves along the coastline are perfect for anchoring your Bali Catamaran, whether you want to relax on a pristine beach or explore hidden grottos.

Another breathtaking destination in Italy is Sardinia. This large island located in the heart of the Mediterranean offers a diverse landscape, from rugged mountains to pristine beaches. Sardinia boasts a stunning coastline that stretches over 1,800 km, dotted with historic ruins, picturesque villages, and vibrant marinas. Sailing around Sardinia with your Bali Catamaran offers a perfect opportunity to experience the island's unique charm and natural beauty.

In conclusion, Spain and Italy are home to some of the world's most inspiring sailing destinations. The combination of culture, rich history, and natural wonders make these locations ideal for exploring with your Bali Catamaran. Embarking on a sailing adventure in these stunning locations promises unforgettable experiences and everlasting memories.  

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