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Roberts Boats: A Comprehensive Guide to Models and Features

Roberts Boats, a renowned name in the boating world, has been designing and crafting quality vessels since its inception in 1966. Offering a wide range of over 400 boat plans, the company specializes in various types of boats, from sailboats and powerboats to steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood epoxy boats. Founded by Bruce Roberts, the brand has continued to expand and evolve, with a focus on customer satisfaction and innovative design, earning a strong reputation in the international boating community.

Among their extensive collection, the popular Roberts 55 and Roberts 434 models stand out due to their impressive specifications and features. These boats cater to a diverse audience, with options for cruisers, liveaboards, and long-range voyagers. Designed to withstand the elements and provide a comfortable experience, Roberts boats emphasize functionality, performance, and durability, which makes them a preferred choice among boat enthusiasts worldwide.

In conclusion, Roberts Boats has established itself as a trusted and respected brand within the maritime industry, providing reliable and appealing vessels for various purposes. With their commitment to innovative design and quality craftsmanship, these boats continue to impress and captivate those who embark on unforgettable adventures at sea.

History and Background

Roberts Boats, a significant name in the boating industry, has been associated with its founder Bruce Roberts. He launched the Bruce Roberts shipyard 50 years ago, over which time it has gained recognition in global yacht building. Bruce Roberts has published numerous books related to yacht building, contributing to the vast knowledge in this field. The ships constructed by the Bruce Roberts shipyard have been made from various materials, including steel, aluminum, and fiberglass.

One of the key aspects of the history of Roberts Boats is their connection with William Henry "Willy" Roberts, known for his legendary flats skiffs. A native of Key West, Willy Roberts built beautiful wooden skiffs before transitioning to fiberglass in the 1960s. His designs have left an indelible impact on the inshore flats fishing community and the marine industry as a whole. Furthermore, the company has seen many evolutions in boat designs and constructions throughout its history, such as customization and the introduction of new materials to enhance their products' functionality.

In recent times, Bruce Roberts boats continue to be valued for their quality and durability, as evidenced by a 2009 Roberts Spray model listed for sale in Minnesott Beach, North Carolina. The enduring performance and versatility of Roberts Boats' creations can be attributed to the company's commitment to enhancing their designs and keeping up with the changing needs of the boating community.

It is important to acknowledge the contributions of the brand and how they have shaped the industry since their inception, with Bruce Roberts' decades of dedication and hard work in the world of yachting are still influencing boat builders today.

Types of Roberts Boats

Roberts Boats is a renowned manufacturer of various types of boats, including ketch, sloop, cruiser, and coastworker series. Each model comes with its unique features, providing options for various recreational boating activities.

Ketch Models

Ketch models, such as the Bruce Roberts Mauritius, are generally characterized by their two-mast setup. These models consist of the following attributes:

  • Sail: Ketch rig, typically with a mainsail, mizzen sail, and jib
  • Beam: Varies depending on the model
  • Draft: Varies depending on the model
  • Hull Type: Displacement

Sloop Models

Roberts Boats is also known for its sloop models that cater to different sailing preferences. A noteworthy model is the 40 Spray, offering the following features:

  • Sail: Sloop rig, comprising a mainsail and a foresail
  • Beam: Around 12 feet
  • Draft: About 5.5 feet
  • Hull Type: Full keel

Sloop models like the Spray 40 are designed for various recreational boating activities, from racing to cruising.


Cruisers from Roberts Boats are tailored for long journeys and comfortable living on board. An example of this is the Bruce Roberts Steel Pilothouse 43:

  • Sail: Sloop or Ketch rig options available
  • Beam: Around 13 feet
  • Draft: Approximately 6 feet
  • Hull Type: Displacement

These boats often come with multiple cabins, a spacious saloon, and other useful amenities.

Coastworker Series

The Coastworker Series is designed for its robustness and reliability, suitable for coastal and commercial work, such as fishing or transportation. These boats are available with different hull types depending on the model, including:

  • Boat Hull Types:
    • Displacement
    • Semi-Displacement
    • Planing

Among the variety of options that Roberts Boats offers, their ketch, sloop, cruiser, and coastworker series cater to a wide range of boating preferences and requirements, meeting the needs of enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Construction and Materials

Roberts boats, designed by Bruce Roberts, are known for their versatile construction options and suitability for different building materials. The construction material for a Roberts boat is often left to the builder, including choices like steel, aluminum, fiberglass, wood epoxy, and plywood.

One popular model, the Offshore 38, is a solid cruising yacht capable of providing a comfortable ride and all-round sailing performance. The complete plans for this yacht model include large-scale drawings and full-size frame patterns.

Builders can choose from various construction techniques, such as multi-chine steel for the Roberts 28, or other materials when building the popular Adventurer 22 and Adventurer 24 sailboats.

Steel is a common material for Roberts boats due to its strength and durability. A steel hull provides enhanced protection against collisions, and with proper maintenance, it can last longer. This construction choice is ideal for those looking to build a wide beam sailing vessel or a heavy-displacement motor yacht.

Another common construction material is fiberglass, which offers the advantages of being lightweight, easy to repair, and versatile. Fiberglass Roberts boats can be found in various types, such as aft cockpit sailing yachts, allowing for easy handling by a small crew.

As with any boat construction, the choice of materials for a Roberts boat will have a significant impact on the finished product's performance, maintenance requirements, and aesthetic appeal. The selection will ultimately reflect the builder's requirements, preferences and expectations for the vessel.

Engineering and Propulsion Systems

Roberts Boats is known for its advanced engineering and an array of propulsion systems that cater to various customer needs. The company offers both inboard and outboard engines, providing boaters with efficient and reliable options.

Inboard Engines

Inboard engines are housed within the hull of the boat, providing a low center of gravity and optimal weight distribution. These engines are often fueled by diesel, which is known for its efficiency and extended range. Some key features of inboard diesel engines include:

  • High torque and power output
  • Fuel-efficient performance
  • Lower noise and vibration levels

Outboard Engines

Outboard engines are mounted externally on the transom of the boat, providing easy access for maintenance and service. While they're typically fueled by gasoline, there are also modern outboard diesel engines available. Outboard engines offer the following advantages:

  • Easy serviceability
  • Enhanced maneuverability
  • Simplified installation and replacement

Propulsion Systems

Roberts Boats has invested in state-of-the-art propulsion systems to provide boaters with an unparalleled experience. Some options available are:

  • Electric propulsion systems: These environmentally-friendly systems offer quiet operation and reduced emissions. Electric propulsion has become a part of the larger sustainability revolution in boating.
  • Hybrid systems: Combining the benefits of both electric and diesel engines, hybrid systems provide increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions without compromising on power or torque output.
  • Advanced Diesel propulsion: These systems deliver reliable and heavy-duty performance, with engines covering a power range from 400 to 10,000 kW.

Roberts Boats' commitment to innovation and engineering excellence ensure that customers enjoy outstanding performance, reliability, and efficiency in their boating experiences.

Pricing and Buying Options

When it comes to finding Roberts boats for sale, there are several options available for buyers. Both new and used vessels can be found with varying prices depending on the boat model, year, and condition.

One option for finding Roberts boats is through Boat Trader, an online marketplace that offers a wide variety of boat makes and models. Here, you can find boats from dealers and private sellers, which allows you to compare prices and find the best deal for your budget.

Another place to look for Roberts boats is at, which has a number of boats available with detailed information on each listing. This website features both new and used vessels, and you can sort the results by price, length, and year to find the boat that suits your needs.

For those looking for more affordable options, also offers a selection of boats for sale. Here, you can find some used models that may fit into a more modest budget, without sacrificing quality.

In summary, when searching for a Roberts boat, consider the following points:

  • Check multiple online marketplaces, such as Boat Trader,, and
  • Compare prices and condition between new and used vessels.
  • Sort listings by price, length, year, or other relevant factors.

By considering these options, you'll be able to make an informed decision on the best Roberts boat for your needs and budget, whether you're looking for a new vessel or an affordable used model.

Availability and Dealers

Roberts Boats are available for sale in various locations across the United States and Canada. There are several dealers and websites where you can find new or used Roberts boats, with a variety of models to choose from.

In the United States, you can find Roberts boats for sale on Boat Trader, which offers listings from individual sellers and dealers. This platform allows you to search for boats based on location, price, and other specifications, making it easy for potential buyers to find the perfect boat to suit their needs.

Another option for finding Roberts boats in the United States is They offer an extensive range of models, like the Bruce Roberts Steel Pilothouse 43 and Bruce Roberts Mauritius, both available at various dealerships across the country.

For those interested in purchasing a Roberts boat in Canada, you can explore available listings on websites like Smart Marine Guide. This site provides information on various models, such as the 1993 Roberts 53, with its steel pilothouse and numerous amenities like a Webasto heating system and full-sized fridge.

When searching for the right Roberts boat to suit your needs, consider the following:

  • Location of the dealer or seller
  • Price range and budget
  • Desired features and amenities
  • Specific model, like the Bruce Roberts Steel Pilothouse 43 or Bruce Roberts Mauritius

Services and Support

At Roberts Marine, they offer a wide range of services catering to boat repair and maintenance needs. Their services comprise yearly maintenance packages to keep your boat in optimal condition. With an experienced team of professionals, every customer is assisted with exceptional care and expertise.

Boat Repair Services

Their repair services are carried out with precision and efficiency, ensuring that customers can get back on the water as soon as possible. As a full-service boat repair facility, Roberts Marine addresses various repair needs such as:

  • Engine repairs and tune-ups
  • Electrical system maintenance
  • Fiberglass and gelcoat repairs
  • Trailer repairs and inspections

Boat Storage Solutions

Another essential aspect of Roberts Marine's offerings is their storage facility. They provide both indoor and outdoor storage options, customized to fit each boat owner's requirements. With secure and accessible facilities, customers have peace of mind when storing their vessels at Roberts Marine.

Contact and Support

For more information or service inquiries, you can contact Roberts Marine at (715) 749-4133 or via email at roberts[email protected]. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist you with any questions or concerns regarding boat repairs, storage, and related services.

Projects and Performance

Roberts Marine handles various projects, customizing solutions according to each customer's needs. Whether your boat requires an upgrade in performance or routine annual maintenance, the experienced team at Roberts Marine ensures top-tier workmanship and professionalism throughout the process.

Displacement, LOA, and Water Capacity

The displacement of a boat refers to the total weight of the water it displaces when fully loaded. This weight includes cargo, passengers, fuel, water, and other items necessary for a voyage. The displacement of a boat is crucial in determining its stability, load-carrying capacity, and overall performance.

One example of a Roberts boat is the 2001 Roberts Spray 38 Classic, which has a displacement of 39,683 lbs or 18 metric tons. By knowing the displacement, we can better understand its weight distribution, comfort, and motion while in use.

The length overall (LOA) of a boat is the total length of the vessel, from bow to stern. This measurement is essential for understanding the boat's size, dockage requirements, and maneuverability. The 2001 Roberts Spray 38 Classic has a LOA of 44 feet, making it a mid-sized vessel suitable for different sailing purposes.

The water capacity of a boat determines how much water it can carry on board for various uses, such as drinking, cooking, and washing. The 2001 Roberts Spray 38 Classic has a water capacity of 132 gallons (600 liters), providing an adequate supply for extended voyages or liveaboard situations.

It is important to consider all these aspects when selecting a boat, such as a Roberts boat, for both practical and recreational uses. By comparing different models based on the displacement, LOA, and water capacity, one can make a well-informed decision that caters to their specific requirements and preferences.

Recreational Boating Activities

When it comes to recreational boating, Bruce Roberts boats offer a versatile platform for a range of fun-filled activities. These boats often come equipped with comfortable cockpits, where you can relax, converse, and enjoy the open waters.

One popular activity to engage in is waterskiing, wakeboarding, or wakesurfing. Bruce Roberts boats offer the space and power to pull skiers or wakeboarders, ensuring everyone on board has a thrilling experience. Remember to always have a spotter on the boat to keep an eye on the person in the water, and ensure everyone follows safety regulations.

If you prefer a more tranquil experience, recreational boating can involve simply cruising to new locations, anchoring or mooring, and enjoying your time on the water. Many Bruce Roberts boats offer ample room in the cockpit, allowing you and your guests to socialize or dine alfresco style.

For those interested in getting closer to nature, Bruce Roberts boats can also serve as a base for kayaking, paddleboarding, or canoeing. With spacious storage options, you can bring along smaller watercraft like inflatable kayaks or paddleboards to use when you've reached a scenic, calm spot.

Fishing enthusiasts can benefit from the stability and space offered on Bruce Roberts boats. Settle into your favorite fishing spot, and cast your line with ease from the comfort of the cockpit or deck. Just remember to adhere to local fishing regulations and guidelines for a sustainable and responsible experience.

Lastly, if you enjoy embracing the great outdoors, consider boating and camping. Many boaters enjoy finding remote public shorelines and setting up camp for a night under the stars. Bruce Roberts boats provide the space and amenities needed for a comfortable overnight stay, whether on board or ashore.

No matter your interests, recreational boating with a Bruce Roberts boat offers endless possibilities for on-water fun and adventure. 

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