April 29, 2024

Wicked Tuna Cast 2024: Meet the Expert Fishermen Dominating the Seas

Wicked Tuna, a reality TV show that premiered in 2012, follows the lives of commercial fishermen in Gloucester, Massachusetts, as they compete to catch the elusive and valuable bluefin tuna.

Wicked Tuna

As the series continues to captivate audiences, the 2024 cast promises to deliver more excitement and drama in its pursuit of the prized fish. The cast is made up of experienced fishermen, each with their unique skills and strategies, providing viewers with an authentic look at the challenges and rewards of bluefin tuna fishing.

The show's setting plays a crucial role, as Gloucester is a renowned fishing port in New England, providing a picturesque backdrop for the series.

The bluefin tuna fishery is highly competitive, with strict regulations and quotas put in place to ensure the conservation of the species.

Wicked Tuna showcases not only the action of fishing but also the importance of sustainable practices in this global industry.

Wicked Tuna

Key Takeaways

  • Wicked Tuna follows commercial fishermen as they compete to catch bluefin tuna in Gloucester, Massachusetts
  • The 2024 cast includes experienced fishermen who offer an authentic portrayal of the fishing industry's challenges and rewards
  • The show highlights the need for sustainable fishing practices in the competitive and regulated bluefin tuna fishery

About Wicked Tuna

Wicked Tuna is a popular reality TV series that airs on the National Geographic Channel. It follows a group of skilled fishermen as they search for the valuable bluefin tuna, competing with each other to catch the largest and most profitable fish.

These fishermen face various challenges, including harsh weather conditions, difficult seas, and stiff competition.

The show's main focus is on the fishermen themselves, who are equipped with extensive knowledge of the sea and the bluefin tuna.

The cast includes fishermen such as Bill Monte, Scott Ferriero, Dave Marciano, Jason Muenzner, and Donna Monte.

Wicked Tuna

Each cast member brings unique, tried-and-true techniques to the table, making the competition even more exciting.

Wicked Tuna is set mostly around Gloucester, Massachusetts, which is known for its rich fishing history.

The show provides an entertaining display of the modern-day fishing industry while preserving traditions passed down from previous generations. Audiences can expect a blend of drama, camaraderie, and excitement from each episode.

With its captivating premise and unique cast of characters, Wicked Tuna continues to attract viewers and maintain its status as a popular reality TV series in 2024.

Cast of Wicked Tuna 2024

Dave Marciano

In the 2024 season of Wicked Tuna, Dave Marciano appears as one of the main cast members. He has been a part of the show since its inception, showcasing his expertise in catching bluefin tuna.

Dave captains the vessel Hard Merchandise and has become a fan favorite for his determination and skills in the fishing world.

Dave Carraro

Another experienced captain, Dave Carraro, continues to be a significant part of the Wicked Tuna cast in 2024.

Carraro leads the FV-Tuna.com boat and has appeared in 9 episodes of season 13. Known for his keen eye and competitive spirit, Dave Carraro remains a significant figure in the show as he battles with other captains to bring home the largest bluefin tuna.

Tyler McLaughlin

The young and ambitious Tyler McLaughlin is also featured in the 2024 cast of Wicked Tuna.

He captains the boat Pinwheel and appears in 9 episodes of season 13. With his relentless determination and skill, Tyler strives to prove himself among the more experienced captains, securing his place in the competitive world of bluefin tuna fishing.

Paul Hebert

Appearing in the 2024 season is Paul Hebert, another mainstay of the show.

As an experienced fisherman, Hebert captains the boat Wicked Pissah and is respected by his peers for his skills and knowledge of the industry.

Hebert’s friendly demeanor and passion for fishing create memorable moments and valuable insights for viewers of the show.

Bob Cook

2024 also introduces us to Bob Cook, an emerging figure in the Wicked Tuna cast.

Captain of the boat Fat Tuna, Cook brings a fresh perspective and unique fishing techniques to the table. As he navigates the challenges of bluefin tuna fishing, Bob Cook demonstrates his adaptability and determination to become a formidable competitor among the seasoned captains.

Jack Patrican

Another rising star in the fishing world, Jack Patrican joins the cast of Wicked Tuna in 2024.

As the captain of the boat No Regrets, Patrican eagerly faces the challenges and rivalries that come with bluefin tuna fishing. With his dedication to learning and mastering the craft, Jack Patrican is a valuable addition to the show's lineup of skilled fishermen.

Setting and Filming Locations

Gloucester, Massachusetts

The reality TV show Wicked Tuna is set and filmed in the historic fishing community of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Located in the North Shore region of the state, Gloucester became an integral fishing port early in its history due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean.

Key Locations

Some key locations in Gloucester featured in the show include the bustling harbor and docks where the fishermen prepare their boats and equipment for their daily excursions. The town's charm and rich maritime history also provide an authentic backdrop, making this an ideal filming location.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

In addition to Gloucester, Wicked Tuna has a spin-off series called Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks, which takes place in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. This region is known for its beautiful beaches, distinctive wildlife, and strong fishing traditions.

Key Locations

The series showcases the challenges and triumphs of local fishermen as they navigate the dynamic waters of the Outer Banks, fishing for the highly prized bluefin tuna.

Among the key locations featured in this spin-off are the picturesque waterfront towns and harbors, as well as the stunning coastal landscapes that make the Outer Banks a popular destination for tourists and anglers alike.

By filming in these two locations, both rich in fishing traditions, Wicked Tuna highlights the diverse and competitive world of tuna fishing in the United States while also emphasizing the importance of conservation efforts.

Highlighting the Bluefin Tuna

The bluefin tuna is a highly sought-after species, particularly the Atlantic bluefin tuna, known for its size, speed, and the challenge it presents to fishermen.

These remarkable fish can grow to impressive sizes, with some adults reaching over 900 kg (1984 lb) in weight and more than 3 meters (9.8 ft) in length. They are also capable of reaching speeds up to 40 mph (64 km/h) and can dive to depths of up to 1000 meters (3280 ft).

The Atlantic bluefin tuna's natural habitat spans both the western and eastern Atlantic and portions of the Mediterranean Sea. They are known for their migratory patterns, traveling thousands of miles each year in search of food and spawning grounds. During their migrations, bluefin tuna play an essential role in maintaining the health and balance of marine ecosystems.

The bluefin tuna's popularity as a prized catch in the sportfishing community has been showcased by the television series "Wicked Tuna," which chronicles the lives of several fishing crews competing to catch these magnificent fish.

The popularity of the show has increased public interest in and awareness of the bluefin tuna's importance in our oceans.

However, the Atlantic bluefin tuna faces numerous challenges, including overfishing, environmental changes, and habitat degradation.

These factors have contributed to a decline in their population, causing concern among conservationists and scientists.

Efforts to preserve and protect this remarkable species include monitoring and regulating fishing practices, implementing sustainable aquaculture solutions, and working to improve the health of the marine ecosystems where they live.

Wicked Tuna Season Structure

Season 13 Overview

Wicked Tuna, a popular TV show on National Geographic, showcases the thrilling and competitive world of bluefin tuna fishing.

The show's cast in 2024 includes familiar faces like Bill Monte, Scott Ferriero, Dave Marciano, Jason Muenzner, and Donna Monte.

Season 13 of the series brings new challenges and excitement for both the viewers and the fishermen.

The season premiere of Wicked Tuna Season 13 introduces new obstacles for the featured fishermen.

New challenges include unpredictable weather patterns and fierce competition within the fleet. With a global audience eagerly watching, the crewmembers push through the challenges in their quest to catch the prized bluefin tuna.

Here is a brief overview of the cast members that appear in Season 13:

Cast MemberNumber of Episodes
Bill Monte193
Scott Ferriero193
Dave Marciano194
Jason Muenzner194
Donna MonteNot specified

Throughout the season, the cast members showcase their expertise in various fishing techniques, including rod and reel, handline, and harpoon fishing.

According to TV Guide, the show also features special episodes where the spotlight shifts to early season jumbos.

These episodes focus on the fleet's efforts to catch valuable large-sized tuna.

With its diverse cast and captivating stories, Wicked Tuna continues to attract a global audience.

As the crew faces new challenges in Season 13, viewers can expect skill, perseverance, and the fishermen's inherent passion for the sea to shine through each episode.

Fan Engagement and Resources

National Geographic Resources

Wicked Tuna fans can find plenty of resources and information on the National Geographic website.

Here, enthusiasts can watch full episodes of the show and browse through brief episode summaries.

This is an excellent place to get more acquainted with the 2024 cast, such as Dave Marciano, Bill Monte, and Scott Ferriero, who were all part of the show in the given year, according to TV Guide.

Moreover, National Geographic, or Nat Geo, offers articles and behind-the-scenes content about Wicked Tuna, providing in-depth information on the show.

This makes the National Geographic Channel website a comprehensive resource for fans.

How to Reach Out

Wicked Tuna fans who want to connect with the show and its cast have various options.

Most of the cast members are active on social media platforms, making it easy for fans to follow them and get updates on their lives and the show.

Fans can also subscribe to National Geographic's email newsletter for the latest updates on Wicked Tuna and other Nat Geo shows.

This is a convenient way to stay informed on upcoming episodes, events, and exclusive news.

For specific inquiries, fans can contact the National Geographic Channel through their email support system.

This can help with resolving issues related to viewing content, getting information about the show, and sharing feedback.

Conservation and Global Influence

The popularity of shows like Wicked Tuna has created a surge of interest in the Atlantic bluefin tuna, a highly prized fish found in the global seafood market.

This increasing demand has led to concerns about the sustainability and conservation of this species in the wild.

As a result, multiple organizations and governments are engaging in efforts to manage and protect the Atlantic bluefin tuna population.

In recent years, the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) has implemented strict quota regulations to limit overfishing while allowing for the industry's growth.

Fishermen are obligated to report their catches, adhere to seasonal closures, and use specific gear to minimize bycatch.

Efforts like these have contributed to a gradual recovery in Atlantic bluefin tuna stocks.

The Wicked Tuna cast's awareness of the importance of sustainable fishing practices has also contributed to these efforts.

The fishermen display respect for the resource they depend on for their livelihood and are often seen discussing the need to ensure bluefin tuna thrive for future generations.

Their work showcases how regional and global conservation efforts can create a positive impact on the Atlantic bluefin tuna populations.

Through following regulations and promoting responsible fishing practices, the show's cast can inspire other fishermen to take up similar approaches in their industries.

Because of its influence and reach, Wicked Tuna has the potential to contribute to spreading awareness about the importance of conserving precious marine resources like the Atlantic bluefin tuna.

As the show gains more popularity and viewers, the message of global conservation will reach an even broader audience, encouraging more people to engage in or support sustainable and responsible fishing practices.

Wicked Tuna Spin-Offs

Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks

National Geographic introduced a successful spin-off of their popular series Wicked Tuna, titled Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks.

Set in the waters off North Carolina's Outer Banks, some familiar faces from the original series, as well as a few new ones, ventured south to take advantage of the lucrative bluefin tuna fishing opportunities in this challenging yet bountiful region.

The Outer Banks series showcases a variety of talented fishermen, each bringing their own unique skills and strategies to the table.

With bluefin tuna being a highly sought-after prize, tensions often run high, as crews race against each other and the clock to secure the most valuable catches.

Not only does Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks highlight the competitive nature of the fishing world, but it also provides insights into the rich history and culture of the Outer Banks area.

This scenic coastal region is home to numerous maritime traditions, and the series frequently incorporates local knowledge and sea tales from the past.

In essence, Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks combines the elements of competition, camaraderie, and regional history, creating a captivating viewing experience for fans of the original Wicked Tuna series and newcomers alike.

By capturing the essence of this unique fishing environment, National Geographic has managed to expand the world of Wicked Tuna, while staying true to its core themes and values.

Production Crew and Behind-the-Scenes

Craig Piligian

Craig Piligian is an executive producer for Wicked Tuna, a hit series on National Geographic.

With years of experience in the television industry, Piligian has helped bring the fascinating stories of fishermen to life.

Under his guidance, the show has delivered action-packed episodes with stunning visuals and an engaging narrative.

By showcasing the daily struggles and triumphs of the crews, Craig Piligian has been instrumental in reaching audiences worldwide with Wicked Tuna's captivating storytelling.


Mitch is a key member of the Wicked Tuna production crew.

He plays an essential role in capturing the footage that makes up the show, and ensures the stunning visuals accurately represent the hard work and dedication of the fishing teams.

Mitch works tirelessly alongside the rest of the production team to bring audiences a show that is both visually striking and informative.

Behind-the-scenes access: The Wicked Tuna: Season 13 crew has managed to offer viewers an immersive look at the fishing process.

This is achieved through unique camera angles, advanced technology, and a determined team of professionals working both on and off the vessels.

  • On location: Filming on multiple boats throughout the season, the production crew often faces challenging weather conditions and navigation logistics. Despite these challenges, they strive to deliver the best possible footage to truly represent the fishermen's experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the new members of the Wicked Tuna cast for 2024?

In the 2024 season of Wicked Tuna, there are a few new cast members, including Bill Monte, Scott Ferriero, Dave Marciano, Jason Muenzner, and Donna Monte.

These new members join the existing team of fishermen, adding their own unique skills and experiences to the show.

What happened to Paul Hebert from Wicked Tuna?

As of now, there hasn't been any information found on Paul Hebert's departure or status in the 2024 season of Wicked Tuna. This section will be updated if any new information becomes available.

When is the release date for the 2024 season of Wicked Tuna?

The 2024 season of Wicked Tuna premiered on March 3, 2024. The first episode was titled "Early Season Monsters."

How old are the members of the Wicked Tuna cast in 2024?

The ages of the Wicked Tuna cast members might vary, but specific information on their ages isn't readily available. It can be assumed that the members of the cast are experienced fishermen with several years of expertise under their belts.

Are there any female anglers joining the Wicked Tuna cast this season?

Yes, Donna Monte is one of the new female anglers joining the Wicked Tuna cast in the 2024 season. Her addition to the team adds more diversity to the group of fishermen and will bring a fresh perspective to the show.

What is the current status of TJ and Tyler's relationship on Wicked Tuna?

As of 2024, the specifics of TJ and Tyler's relationship status on Wicked Tuna are not available in the search results.

Their interactions during the show may give the audience insight into their dynamic. It could also show how the events of this season influence their relationship.

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