April 4, 2024

Yamaha Motor Aquires Torqeedo, the global market leader in electric mobility on water

Hey, sea lovers and thrill-seekers, it's Charlie here, spinning you the latest tale from the boundless blue. Today, we're diving into a story not about conquering the untamed oceans, but about steering our vessels into the future with a cleaner wake behind us. Yamaha Motor, in a move that's as bold as it is necessary, has just sealed the deal on acquiring Torqeedo, the sharp end of the spear in electric marine mobility.

Torqeedo Deep Blue

This isn't just any transaction. It's the merging of Torqeedo, under the wing of its former guardian, DEUTZ AG, into the expansive embrace of Yamaha. This fusion is a critical chapter in Yamaha's Marine CASE Strategy 2024, painting a future where the marine industry sheds its carbon skin for a greener, electric-powered one.

The heartbeat of this saga is Fabian Bez, Torqeedo's skipper, who sees this alliance with Yamaha as a treasure map leading to uncharted territories of innovation and sustainable leadership in the bustling market of electric boat motors. “With Yamaha's might behind us, we're setting sail towards a future where our oceans are not just paths for our adventures, but beneficiaries of our progress,” he muses.

Torqeedo For Sailboats

Yamaha Motor, traditionally a titan of the waves, is now plunging into the electric currents with this acquisition, charging at full speed towards a future where shipping sheds its old, carbon-heavy coat. “Grabbing the wheel with Torqeedo, we're not just navigating the electrification of the marine scene; we're leading it, making the dream of zero-emission shipping a reality,” declares Toshiaki Ibata, Yamaha's Senior Executive Officer.

Torqeedo, with its treasure chest of nearly two decades of expertise, over 250 patents, and a compass pointing towards innovation, is now joining forces with Yamaha to push the boundaries of what's possible on water. Together, they're not just making waves; they're reshaping the ocean of tomorrow.

So, to all you sea wanderers, environmental crusaders, and technology buffs, this isn't just news. It's a call to watch the horizon for a future where our love for the seas is matched by our respect for the planet. Ahoy to that!

Torqeedo On A RIB

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