May 16, 2023

Captain Dave Carraro

Captain Dave Carraro, the star of National Geographic Channel's "Wicked Tuna," has recently acquired a new boat. After selling his previous boat, the Duffy 38 TUNA.COM last year, Carraro went on the lookout for a new vessel. He wanted a Downeast boat and since Maine is the home of Downeast boats, he started his search there. The new boat was built at SW Boatworks in Lamoine, Maine, and features a 1000-horsepower Caterpillar C18 ACERT Marine Propulsion Engine provided by Milton CAT.

Capt. Dave Carraro

Carraro is no stranger to the fishing world. He is considered one of the best tuna fishermen on the east coast and has won the reality show "Wicked Tuna" four times. His new boat is a testament to his passion for fishing and his dedication to his craft. The boat was built to his specifications and features state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

Carraro's new boat is not just any boat. It is a big boat built for big-time tuna hunting. The boat is equipped with everything Carraro needs to catch the biggest and best tuna out there. From the engine to the fishing equipment, everything has been carefully selected to ensure that Carraro has the best chance of catching the fish of a lifetime.

Capt. Dave Carraro

Captain Dave Carraro


Captain Dave Carraro is a well-known tuna fisherman and TV star who has been fishing for over 30 years. He was born in 1965 and is currently 58 years old. Carraro started his career in the fishing industry as a charter boat captain in his hometown of Gloucester, Massachusetts. He worked on several boats before buying his own boat, the

Carraro is not only a captain but also a licensed pilot. He uses his flying skills to spot schools of tuna from the air, which helps him catch more fish. He has been featured on the National Geographic Channel's show "Wicked Tuna" since its debut in 2012.

Net Worth

According to reports, Captain Dave Carraro has an estimated net worth of $600,000. He is one of the highest-paid captains on the show, reportedly earning $83,000 per season. Carraro's wealth comes from his successful fishing career and his appearance on the TV show.


Captain Dave Carraro is a private person when it comes to his personal life, and there is no information available about his relationship status or if he has any children.

New Boat

Recently, SW Boatworks built a new boat for Captain Dave Carraro. The boat is 44 feet long, has a beam of 17 feet 6 inches, and weighs close to 35,000 pounds. The new boat is larger than his previous boat, the Duffy, which was 38 feet 6 inches long. The new boat is expected to help Carraro catch even more tuna and improve his chances of winning the competition on "Wicked Tuna."

In conclusion, Captain Dave Carraro has had a successful career in the fishing industry and is a well-known TV star. He is one of the highest-paid captains on "Wicked Tuna" and has an estimated net worth of $600,000. Recently, he got a new boat that is expected to help him catch even more tuna.

Capt. Dave Carraro's New Boat

New Boat

Captain Dave Carraro of has acquired a new boat for the upcoming tuna fishing season. The new vessel is a custom-built Downeast boat that he has been overseeing the construction of at SW Boatworks in Lamoine, Maine.

SW Boatworks

SW Boatworks is a well-known boat builder that has been in business for over 25 years. They specialize in building custom boats for commercial and recreational use. The company has a reputation for building high-quality boats that are seaworthy and reliable.

Captain Carraro chose SW Boatworks to build his new boat because of their expertise and experience in building Downeast boats. He has owned two Downeast boats in the past and wanted to stick with a design that he was familiar with. The new boat is 44 feet long and has a beam of 15 feet. It is powered by a 1,000 horsepower engine and has a top speed of 30 knots.

The pilot house of the new boat is spacious and comfortable, with a large seating area and excellent visibility. The boat has a state-of-the-art electronics package that includes radar, sonar, and GPS. It also has a hydraulic hauler for pulling in the heavy tuna.

Captain Carraro is excited to take his new boat out on the water and hopes to have a successful season. He will be fishing out of Gloucester, MA, as usual, and will be competing against other top tuna fishermen in the area.

Capt. Dave Carraro


Captain Dave Carraro's new boat, the Calvin Beal 44, is equipped for commercial fishing, including tuna, cod, and striped bass. Carraro has been a commercial fisherman for over 30 years and has fished in locations such as the Bahamas, Mexico, and the East Coast.

Commercial Fishing

Commercial fishing is the practice of catching fish and other seafood for the purpose of selling them. Carraro is a seasoned commercial fisherman, having fished for a variety of species over the years. He has experience with both inshore and offshore fishing, and has used a variety of fishing techniques to catch his prey.

Tuna Fishing

Carraro is best known for his tuna fishing skills, having caught many giant tuna over the years. He has competed on the reality TV show Wicked Tuna, where he captains the boat Wicked Pissah. He has also fished for tuna in locations such as the East Coast and Mexico.

Cod Fishing

Cod fishing is another type of commercial fishing that Carraro has experience with. Cod is a popular fish that is used in many dishes, including fish and chips. Carraro has fished for cod on the East Coast, where it is a common catch.

Striped Bass

Striped bass is a popular game fish that is also caught commercially. Carraro has experience catching striped bass, which is a common catch on the East Coast. Striped bass is known for its delicious taste and is often used in recipes such as fish tacos.

Overall, Captain Dave Carraro's new boat is equipped for a variety of commercial fishing activities, including tuna, cod, and striped bass. Carraro has extensive experience fishing in locations such as the Bahamas, Mexico, and the East Coast, and is known for his tuna fishing skills on the reality TV show Wicked Tuna.

Q&A With Top Fans

Charlie (Sea Magazine): Good morning, everyone! This is Charlie from Sea Magazine, and today we have three dedicated fans of the legendary boat captain and reality TV star, Dave Carraro. Please welcome Amy, Jack, and Leah. Let's delve deeper into Dave's life and career and unveil some lesser-known facts about him.

Amy: Hey! Big fan here. Ever since the pilot episode of the show, I've been hooked.

Charlie: That's fantastic, Amy. Dave Carraro's journey in the commercial fishing industry is truly remarkable. So, let's start with a simple one. What do you think is the most intriguing fact about Dave's early life?

Jack: For me, it has to be the fact that Dave earned his pilot license at a young age. Before his TV career, he worked for JetBlue Airways Corporation as a pilot. Not many know that Dave’s expertise wasn't just limited to the sea, but the sky as well!

Charlie: That's an interesting tidbit! Leah, what about you?

Leah: The FV, Dave's boat, always fascinated me. He started his fishing charter business at a very young age too. It's no surprise he became one of the most successful commercial fishermen in the Bluefin tuna sector.

Charlie: Definitely. And, Amy, anything that surprised you about his personal life?

Amy: Oh, absolutely! The fact that he has a dog named Calvin is adorable. Plus, I recently found out he has three children. How he balances such a demanding career with family life is impressive.

Jack: And speaking of balance, remember those few times Dave took falls on the deck? That showed how unpredictable and challenging the world of commercial fishing is. His resilience always stood out.

Charlie: That's true. Did any of you know about Dave’s roots in the Atlantic Highland?

Leah: Yes! He went to Middletown High School, right?

Charlie: Exactly, Leah. The sea fox himself, as many fans fondly call him, has his roots there. Amy, any interesting stories or trivia about the early days of the show?

Amy: Certainly! The production company initially had reservations during the first season, wondering if a show based on the fishing charter business would appeal to the masses. But Dave and his first mate's dedication won everyone over. The authenticity and passion truly shone through.

Jack: Don’t forget about the charter boats. Before TV, Dave already had a significant reputation in the charter boat community. The reality show just elevated it.

Charlie: Talking about elevating things, Dave does a lot more than just fish, doesn’t he?

Leah: Totally! Dave's a big advocate for sustainability in the commercial fishing industry. And the fact that he personally eats fish, especially Bluefin tuna, highlights his close connection to the ocean and its treasures.

Amy: Plus, after his stint with JetBlue Airways, he's now become a poster figure for merging two distinct career paths - aviation and fishing.

Charlie: That’s true. As we wrap this up, any final words about Captain Dave Carraro?

Jack: Dave's journey from a young boy with a captain's license, to working with JetBlue Airways Corporation, and then transitioning into one of the most respected figures in the commercial fishing industry, is truly an inspiration.

Leah: Absolutely. From the sea fox of Atlantic Highland to a reality TV star, Dave's story is a testament to following one's passion.

Amy: And let's not forget his unwavering dedication, even when the waves got tough. Cheers to Captain Dave Carraro!

Charlie: Well said, all of you! It's clear Dave Carraro has left an indelible mark on his fans. Thanks to Amy, Jack, and Leah for joining us today. Until next time, this is Charlie from Sea Magazine signing off. Safe sails and tight lines, everyone!

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