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Tracker Boats: Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Model

When it comes to reliable and versatile aluminum fishing boats, few names stand out like Tracker Boats. Known for their high-quality construction and innovative features, Tracker Boats offer a range of options for both fishing enthusiasts and hunters.

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With their all-welded aluminum design, Tracker Boats deliver durability and performance on the water.

Tracker's lineup includes Mod V, Deep V, and Jon boats, each tailored to different needs and preferences.

Whether you're into bass fishing, walleye fishing, or duck hunting, there's a model designed for you.

Many of the boats come factory-rigged with Minn Kota trolling motors, Mercury outboards, and Lowrance fishfinders, ensuring you have top-notch equipment right from the start.

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One of the standout features is the ability to customize your own boat through Tracker's "Build My TRACKER Boat" platform.

Here, you can select the exact specifications, accessories, and features you want, creating a boat that matches your specific requirements.

This level of customization, combined with the brand's reputation for quality, makes Tracker Boats a popular choice among water sports enthusiasts.

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Key Takeaways

  • Tracker Boats are known for their durable, all-welded aluminum construction.
  • They offer customizable options to tailor your boat to specific needs.
  • Factory-rigged models come equipped with top brands like Minn Kota, Mercury, and Lowrance.

Tracker Boats Overview

Tracker Boats is renowned for its high-quality, dependable fishing boats that are perfect for various water activities. They are a favorite among anglers due to their durability and innovative design.

History and Brand Mission

Tracker Boats was established in 1978 by Bass Pro Shops' founder Johnny Morris. The aim was to offer fully rigged, ready-to-fish boat packages. The brand quickly gained popularity for its affordability and quality.

Tracker focuses on building durable, dependable boats. Their mission is to provide high-quality boats that enhance the fishing experience.

They are also supported by major retailers like Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's. Each craft adheres to rigorous standards set by the NMMA and the U.S. Coast Guard.

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Types of Tracker Boats

Mod V Boats: These aluminum boats are designed for smooth, stable rides even in choppy waters. They come with a variable hull angle that slices through waves and enhances stability.

Deep V Boats: Known for their sharp deadrise at the bow, these aluminum boats excel in bigger waters. They provide a smooth ride through larger waves and are stable at rest.

Jon Boats: These boats range from riveted models to all-welded, extra-rugged variants. They are ideal for shallow waters and offer top-quality, long-lasting construction. Explore the Tracker Jon Boats for more details.

Multi-Species Boats: These boats, like the Super Guide V-16 SC, are versatile with exceptional value and are perfect for targeting various fish species like walleye and smallmouth bass.

Each type is built to withstand different water conditions and serve different fishing needs, making Tracker a versatile brand for any angler.

Fishing Boat Features

Tracker Boats focus on providing exceptional performance and durability across different types of fishing boats, such as Deep V, Mod V, and Jon Boats. These boats are designed with unique features to meet the needs of various fishing enthusiasts.

Deep V Boats

Deep V Boats are known for their deep hull design, which provides a smoother ride in choppy waters. These boats, like the Super Guide V-16 SC, have an all-welded aluminum hull for durability. They often come with a side-console layout for easier navigation. This design is perfect for fishing in large lakes and coastal waters.

Key features include:

  • All-welded aluminum hull for strength and durability.
  • Side-console layout that enhances steering control.
  • Ability to handle rough waters better than flat-bottom boats.

Mod V Boats

Mod V Boats are designed for bass and panfish enthusiasts. With spacious casting decks and ample storage, these boats prioritize convenience and functionality. The Pro Team 175 TXW model comes equipped with a trolling motor and fishfinder, making it ideal for competitive fishing.

Key features include:

  • Spacious casting decks for improved fishing experience.
  • Ample storage for gear and tackle.
  • Advanced fishing equipment like trolling motors and fishfinders.

Jon Boats

Jon Boats are versatile, flat-bottom boats suited for shallow waters. Known for their simplicity, they are perfect for backwaters and narrow rivers. These boats are usually light and easy to transport, which makes them popular for casual anglers.

Key features include:

  • Flat-bottom design for stability in shallow waters.
  • Lightweight build for easy transport and launching.
  • Ideal for shallow water fishing and small trolling motor use.

Performance and Deadrise

Performance in fishing boats is largely influenced by the design and construction. The deadrise refers to the angle between the bottom of the boat and the horizontal plane of the water. A deeper deadrise is beneficial for rough water performance, as seen in Deep V boats.

All-welded construction enhances durability and longevity across all boat types.

Key points about performance:

  • Deadrise angle impacts the boat's ability to cut through waves.
  • All-welded construction ensures a solid, durable frame.
  • Different designs cater to varied water conditions and fishing needs.

Design and Construction

Tracker boats are known for their high-quality materials and construction methods that enhance both usability and safety. These boats are designed for durability, leveraging modern technology and robust materials to ensure a long lifespan and reliable performance.

Material and Build Quality

Tracker boats feature a 2-piece aluminum hull crafted with precision. This material is lightweight yet durable, providing excellent performance on the water.

Pressed-in strakes add to the hull's strength and stability, improving the boat's overall handling.

Robotic welding is used for the stringers and transoms, ensuring consistency and high-quality welds. This method reduces the risk of human error and produces a more reliable structure.

An all-aluminum box-beam transom offers extra support and rigidity, essential for mounting powerful outboard motors.

The longitudinal stringer system enhances the boat's rigidity and reduces flex, which is crucial for high-speed performance.

Expanding foam filling provides buoyancy and sound dampening, making the ride smoother and quieter. Meanwhile, the pressure-treated floor resists rot and decay, extending the boat's useful life.

Safety and Durability

Safety is a cornerstone in Tracker boat designs. The all-aluminum box-beam transom adds robust support and strength, ensuring the boat can handle rough waters and heavy loads.

The longitudinal stringer system provides additional structural integrity, minimizing the risk of structural failure.

The use of pressure-treated flooring further enhances durability by resisting water damage.

Additionally, the expanding foam ensures that the boat remains unsinkable under most conditions, adding an extra layer of safety.

Tracker boats come with a limited lifetime warranty, reflecting their confidence in the boat's longevity and reliability. This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, providing peace of mind to owners.

Boat Specifications

TRACKER boats are designed with precision and performance in mind. This section covers their dimensional details and capacity/power features.

Dimensional Details

TRACKER boats come in various sizes to suit different fishing needs.

The PRO TEAM 175 TF is 17'7" in length with a beam of 7'5". Meanwhile, the TRACKER Deep V aluminum boats range around 16' length, suitable for various water conditions.

The one-piece aluminum hulls and welded-in stringer systems enhance durability. Meanwhile, the TARGA V-18 WT boasts marine-grade aluminum construction.

These dimensional features ensure stability and ample space for anglers and their gear.

Capacity and Power

The capacity of TRACKER boats is designed to accommodate both gear and anglers efficiently.

For example, the TARGA V-18 WT includes three 9' rod compartments and a 49-gallon livewell. This model is powered to handle northern fishing conditions effectively.

Maximum recommended horsepower (HP) varies. For instance, the PRO TEAM 175 TF supports a higher HP to boost performance.

Fuel capacity is also optimized; some models include built-in fuel tanks for extended trips. These combined capacities ensure that anglers have the power and fuel needed for successful outings.

Motors and Electronics

Tracker boats are equipped with advanced motors and electronics to ensure a top-notch fishing experience.

Outboard motors provide reliability and power, while trolling motors offer enhanced control and precision.

Modern fishfinders and GPS systems enhance navigation and fish tracking.

Outboard Motors

Outboard motors are the primary source of power for Tracker boats.

Most Tracker boats are fitted with Mercury outboard motors, known for their durability and performance.

These engines range in horsepower to match various models, from small Jon boats to larger deep V and Mod V boats.

Outboard motors are key to the versatility of Tracker boats, allowing them to operate in diverse water conditions.

They are designed for easy maintenance and fuel efficiency, ensuring long-lasting use.

With a wide power range, they can support both casual fishing trips and more intense angling adventures.

Trolling Motors

Trolling motors enhance fishing by providing quieter, more controlled movement through the water.

Minn Kota is a popular brand for trolling motors on Tracker boats.

These electric motors are essential for precise maneuvering, especially in shallow or weed-heavy areas.

Tracker boat owners often upgrade from a standard 12V system to a more powerful 24V system.

This change allows for longer battery life and stronger performance.

Minn Kota models offer features like variable speed controls and foot pedals, which provide hands-free operation for anglers.

Fishfinders and GPS

Fishfinders and GPS systems are crucial for successful fishing trips.

Many Tracker boats include Lowrance fishfinders, which use CHIRP transducers to provide clear, detailed images of fish and underwater structures.

These devices significantly improve an angler’s ability to locate and catch fish.

GPS systems aid in navigation on large and unfamiliar bodies of water.

Integrated displays combine mapping and fishfinder data, offering a comprehensive view of the fishing environment.

The detailed charts and waypoints help anglers plan their trips and return to productive fishing spots easily.

Accessories and Customizations

Tracker boats offer a wide range of accessories and customizations to enhance the boating experience. Key options include protective boat covers and trailers, as well as various seating and storage solutions.

Boat Covers and Trailers

Protecting a Tracker boat is vital, and custom-fit covers provide excellent protection.

These covers are designed to fit precisely and include diamond coat for added durability.

Canvas and covers for the cockpit and bow are also available, making sure all parts of the boat remain safeguarded.

Trailer options are another significant consideration.

Tracker trailers often feature chrome wheels and matching hub covers for a sleek appearance.

Many trailers come with pivot-up locking for easy storage and handling.

This ensures that launching and retrieving the boat is smooth, making the whole experience more convenient.

Seating and Storage

Seating in Tracker boats is designed with comfort and practicality in mind.

Options include cushioned seats for leisurely fishing trips and ergonomic designs that support long hours on the water.

Installing a midnight lazer switch panel can add a modern touch and enhance the boat's control features.

Storage is equally essential.

Tracker boats can be outfitted with carpeted storage units that keep items secure and organized.

Plenty of storage options, including compartments for fishing gear, life jackets, and personal items, ensure that everything has its place.

This prevents clutter and makes on-board organization easy and efficient.

Models and Series

Tracker Boats offers a variety of models and series designed to meet different fishing needs. With options ranging from bass boats to multi-species boats, there is something for every angler.

Series Overview

Tracker Boats has several key series: Mod V, Deep V, and Jon boats.

The Mod V series includes models like the Bass Tracker Classic XL and the Pro Team 175 TXW. These boats feature a variable hull angle for better handling and stability.

The Deep V series includes models like the Targa V-18 WT and the New Super Guide V-16 SC. These models are designed for rougher waters with a sharp deadrise at the bow to slice through waves.

The Jon boat series includes models like the Grizzly 2072 CC. These boats are all-welded and built to be tough, ideal for rugged environments.

Popular Models

Several models stand out in the Tracker Boats lineup.

The Bass Tracker Classic XL is popular for its stability and maneuverability, making it great for bass fishing.

The Pro Team 175 TXW features the REVOLUTION Hull and provides excellent performance.

Another favorite is the Targa V-18 WT, known for its durability and ability to handle larger bodies of water.

The New Super Guide V-16 SC is a versatile choice for various fishing styles.

The Pro Guide V-175 Combo offers a blend of comfort and fishing capability, while the Targa V-19 Combo is perfect for families, providing both fishing features and room for relaxing.

Ownership Experience

Owning a Tracker boat comes with several benefits, including strong warranty options and excellent community support. These aspects can make a significant difference in the overall satisfaction of boat ownership.

Warranty and Maintenance

Tracker boats come with robust warranty offers that cover various aspects of the boat.

Buyers typically get a limited lifetime warranty on the hull, ensuring long-term protection.

Additionally, a transferable five-year warranty covers components like electronics and upholstery.

Maintenance is made easy with numerous authorized service centers.

Owners can find nearby locations through the Tracker Elite Dealers network.

Regular maintenance helps keep the boat in peak condition, extending its lifespan and performance.

Contact options are readily available through Tracker’s website or dealer network, making it simple to schedule service or ask questions about warranties.

Community and Support

Tracker boat owners benefit from a strong and active community.

This includes participation in forums like the iboats Boating Forums where owners share experiences, tips, and advice.

Owner support is also reinforced by Tracker’s dedication to providing resources such as manuals, troubleshooting guides, and customer service contacts.

This ensures that help is always available whether it's online or through the Bass Pro Shop's knowledgeable staff.

By being part of this community, owners can enjoy a rich network of support and camaraderie, enhancing their boat ownership experience.

Purchasing Process

Buying a Tracker boat offers clear pricing and a simple buying experience. You'll benefit from purchasing directly through a large network of dealers ensuring convenience and local support.

Price and Value

Tracker boats are known for their No Haggle No Hassle® National Price. This pricing policy ensures every customer pays the same base price for the same model, removing negotiation stresses.

Customers appreciate knowing their deal isn't varying by location or sales strategy.

Additionally, Tracker boats include built-in value by handling manufacturing in-house, leading to more competitive prices.

For example, by creating their own fuel tanks and trailers, Tracker reduces costs tied to outside suppliers. This approach helps keep overall prices reasonable while maintaining quality.

Dealers and Locations

When it comes to purchasing a Tracker boat, customers have the advantage of a broad network of partnered dealers.

Whether you're buying through the Tracker Online Sales Team or visiting a showroom, choosing a dealer near you can simplify the process.

These dealers handle the entire transaction, from finance options to delivery.

This setup allows for personalized service, making it easy to address any questions or concerns.

Additionally, buying through a local dealer means easier access to warranty services and maintenance support.

This network helps ensure a smooth, worry-free purchase and ownership experience for all Tracker boat buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tracker boats offer a range of options for fishing and recreational activities. Below, you will find detailed answers to common questions about pricing, features, manufacturers, advantages of buying used boats, performance comparisons, and top-selling models.

What is the price range for Bass Tracker boats?

Bass Tracker boats typically range from $10,000 to $30,000. Factors such as the model, included features, and whether it is new or used will affect the price. Customization options and additional accessories can also impact the overall cost.

What are the features of Sun Tracker pontoon boats?

Sun Tracker pontoon boats are known for their spacious design, comfortable seating, and premium build quality.

Standard features often include a robust audio system, ample storage space, and a sturdy swim platform. Some models might also offer fishing amenities like rod holders and livewells.

Who manufactures Tracker boats and where are they located?

Tracker boats are manufactured by White River Marine Group. The company is based in Springfield, Missouri. They have advanced production facilities to ensure high-quality craftsmanship and rigorous testing procedures for each boat.

What are the advantages of buying a used Tracker boat?

Buying a used Tracker boat can offer significant cost savings. Used boats are often much cheaper than new models while still providing reliable performance.

Additionally, used boats may come with extra accessories included in the purchase price, which adds value.

How does the performance of a 17 ft Bass Tracker compare to other models?

The 17 ft Bass Tracker is known for its stability and ease of handling. It performs well in a variety of water conditions, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced boaters.

Compared to larger models, it offers better maneuverability while maintaining adequate speed and comfort.

What are the top selling models of Tracker boats?

Some of the top-selling models of Tracker boats include the Pro Team 175 TXW, the Bass Tracker Classic XL, and the Tracker Grizzly 2072. These models are popular due to their durability, versatile use cases, and reliable performance across different fishing and recreational activities.

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