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Suntracker Boats: Your Ultimate Guide to Top Models and Features

Sun Tracker Boats is a well-known brand in the boating industry, known for its quality and reliability. Offering a range of pontoon boats designed for fishing and recreational purposes, Sun Tracker appeals to a variety of customers looking for a memorable experience on the water. With dealers spread across the globe, including Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's Boat Centers, Sun Tracker boats are easily accessible for purchasing and servicing.

One of the key features that sets Sun Tracker Boats apart from other manufacturers is the attention to detail and design in their pontoon boats. Ranging from 16 to 24 feet in length, these boats are available in various sizes and layouts, catering to different needs and preferences of boating enthusiasts. Not only do they offer excellent performance and functional models, but they also come with a plethora of amenities, making them perfect for creating lasting memories with family and friends on the water.

Another aspect that makes Sun Tracker Boats stand out is their commitment to providing a high-quality boat at various price points. With boats available from $19,995 to $69,595, there is a Sun Tracker boat to fit every budget. Additionally, the company offers enticing financing deals, making it even more attainable to own one of these renowned vessels and enjoy the ultimate on-water experience.

Sun Tracker Boat Models

Sun Tracker is a well-known brand in the pontoon boat industry, known for its high-quality fishing and recreational pontoon boats. This section will highlight some popular Sun Tracker boat models, focusing on fishing pontoons and recreational pontoons.

Fishing Pontoons

Sun Tracker offers various fishing pontoon boat models designed for anglers with features that enhance the fishing experience on the water.

  • Bass Buggy 16 XL Select: The Bass Buggy 16 XL Select is an affordable and compact fishing pontoon, suitable for small lakes and rivers. It has seating for up to seven people and comes with features like a forward-console fishing seat, rod holders, and an aerated livewell.

  • Bass Buggy 18 DLX: The Bass Buggy 18 DLX offers more space and upgraded features compared to the 16 XL Select. It can accommodate up to eight people and has a larger deck for fishing, as well as additional storage compartments and fishing chairs.

  • Fishin' Barge 20 DLX: The Fishin' Barge 20 DLX provides even more room and features, such as a 9-gallon aerated livewell, lockable rod storage, and an upgraded helm with a Lowrance HOOK2 4x fishfinder. It can comfortably fit up to 10 passengers.

Recreational Pontoons

Sun Tracker also offers recreational pontoons designed for family fun and entertainment, primarily under the Party Barge series.

  • Party Barge 18 DLX: The Party Barge 18 DLX is perfect for small gatherings with seating for up to nine people. It features a comfortable lounge, a fold-down table, and a Bimini top to provide ample shade.

  • Party Barge 20 DLX: The Party Barge 20 DLX is a versatile pontoon that can be used for both fishing and relaxation. It has fishing chairs, a padded sundeck, and comes equipped with a Bluetooth-capable stereo system. This model can accommodate up to 10 passengers.

  • SportFish 20 DLX: Combining the best of both worlds, the SportFish 20 DLX offers a mix of fishing and relaxation amenities. It features four fishing seats, multiple livewells, a fold-down table, and a rear lounging area.

  • Party Barge 22 DLX: The Party Barge 22 DLX is an excellent option for larger groups, with seating for up to 11 people. It also includes a spacious deck, a changing room with optional curtain, and an entertainment-friendly layout with a rear L-lounge and ample storage.

Sun Tracker pontoon boats can be purchased through a global network of independent boat dealers, as well as Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's Boat Centers. With a variety of models and features to choose from, there's a Sun Tracker pontoon boat to fit the needs of both anglers and recreational boaters alike.

Features and Specifications

Outboard Motors

Sun Tracker pontoon boats are equipped with reliable and efficient outboard motors for optimal performance. The choice of motor power may vary depending on the boat model, size, and intended use. Popular outboard brands for Sun Tracker pontoons include Mercury and Evinrude, offering a range of horsepower options from 25 to 200 HP. Some features of these outboard motors include:

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Low emissions
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Easy maintenance

For more details on specific motor options for Sun Tracker boats, consider checking the specifications on the Sun Tracker Boats List.

Bimini Tops

Sun Tracker boats often come with a Bimini top to provide shade and protection from the elements. These durable canvas tops can be easily extended or retracted depending on weather conditions and preferences. They are typically constructed with heavy-duty materials to ensure long-lasting use and resistance to wear and tear. Some features of Bimini tops on Sun Tracker pontoon boats include:

  • Adjustable heights and lengths
  • Sturdy aluminum framing
  • Quick-release hardware for easy installation and removal
  • Different color options

To explore more about Sun Tracker pontoon boats and their unique features, you can visit the official SUN TRACKER Pontoon Boats website.

Activities and Usage

Family and Friends

Sun Tracker pontoon boats provide an excellent setting for recreational activities with family and friends. These boats have ample space and unique entertainment opportunities, allowing you to create lasting memories with your loved ones. From cruising the lake to sharing a picnic onboard, Sun Tracker boats enable you to enjoy quality time with your family, including grandkids.

  • Spacious seating areas
  • Float effortlessly on lakes and rivers
  • Great for picnics and relaxing on the water


Sun Tracker's XP3 models, specifically designed with tritoon features, offer higher performance on the water. These boats cater to watersports enthusiasts, providing both stability and horsepower for adrenaline-pumping activities.

Watersport Activity Sun Tracker Advantage
Water Skiing Higher horsepower ratings enable greater speeds
Wakeboarding Tritoon design creates a stable platform for towing
Tubing Smooth handling ensures an enjoyable ride

Whether it's water skiing, wakeboarding, or tubing, Sun Tracker boats give you the perfect combination of performance, stability, and comfort – ensuring endless fun for everyone on board.

Dealers and Sales

Sun Tracker Boats are known for their high-quality recreational pontoons, and they have established a strong sales network through partnerships with quality independent boat dealers, as well as Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's Boat Centers. These partnerships ensure an easy-to-shop, easy-to-buy, and easy-to-own experience for customers looking to purchase a Sun Tracker Boat.

Customers can use Sun Tracker's dealer search feature to find the nearest dealer by entering their location or preferred boating destination. These dealers are distributed across various geographic locations, including Texas and other parts of the United States and Canada. In addition to authorized dealers, interested buyers can also search for Sun Tracker boats through private sellers on platforms such as Boat Trader and

Sun Tracker Boats also offer attractive financing options to their customers. Their Club Exclusive special financing program provides competitive rates and terms designed to suit a variety of budgets. This flexibility makes boat ownership more accessible to a wider audience of potential buyers.

To summarize, Sun Tracker Boats partners with a combination of quality independent boat dealers, Bass Pro Shops, and Cabela's Boat Centers to provide an extensive sales network, while offering competitive financing options through their Club Exclusive program. Their range of fishing and recreational pontoon boats caters to varying needs and preferences, making them a popular choice for boat enthusiasts.

Warranty and Construction

Sun Tracker boats are known for their built-in quality construction and attention to detail, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride for boat enthusiasts. One of the key features that sets Sun Tracker apart from their competitors is their industry-leading warranty, known as the 10+LIFE™ warranty.

The 10+LIFE™ warranty offers a comprehensive 10-year bow-to-stern warranty, covering factory-installed materials and workmanship for a decade from the time of purchase. This includes electrical components, livewells, plumbing, vinyl, furniture, Bimini tops, and much more. Engine coverage is provided by the Mercury manufacturer's warranty, offering peace of mind for boat owners.

In addition to the impressive warranty, Sun Tracker boats are built using tritoon technology, which enhances stability, improves buoyancy, and allows for a smoother ride on rough waters. This design feature is especially vital for those using their boats for activities such as fishing or watersports.

Sun Tracker doesn't just focus on the boats themselves, but also on providing custom-matched trailers to ensure that your boat is transported safely and securely. These trailers are tailored to fit your specific boat model, enhancing the overall user experience and extending the life of your investment.

When purchasing a Sun Tracker boat, you'll also have access to the Tracker Learning Center, a valuable resource for boat owners to learn more about the operation, maintenance, and other aspects of boat ownership. This additional support reflects Sun Tracker's commitment to ensuring their customers have a positive and hassle-free experience with their boats.

To summarize, the combination of built-in quality construction, industry-leading warranties, custom-matched trailers, tritoon technology, and access to valuable resources like the Tracker Learning Center makes Sun Tracker boats a top choice for those seeking a reliable and enjoyable boating experience.

Listings and Prices

Sun Tracker pontoon boats are known for their versatile features and comfortable designs, making them a popular choice among boat enthusiasts. They are available for sale through a global network of independent boat dealers, as well as through reputable retailers like Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's Boat Centers.

One of the best places to find Sun Tracker boats for sale is on Boat Trader. This platform presents a variety of Sun Tracker boats in different locations, offering listings for new and used models. Prices may vary depending on the model, size, and features of the boat, as well as factors like location and condition.

For example, here are some Sun Tracker boats listed on Boat Trader:

  • 2022 Sun Tracker 22ZLX in Plantation, Florida for $49,999
  • 2023 Sun Tracker Party Barge 18 DLX in Nampa, Idaho for $35,240

To help you find the perfect Sun Tracker boat, also offers a wide selection of listings. With over 4,000 boats available, you can compare prices, features, and locations to make an informed decision.

Sun Tracker strives to maintain transparency and fairness in their pricing by offering a smart pontoon buy policy. This means that the final price is presented upfront, eliminating the need for negotiation, and ensuring that all customers receive the same price for a specific boat.

While purchasing a Sun Tracker boat, you may also need to consider additional costs for features like gas and maintenance. Gas expenditures will vary based on factors such as the size of the boat, engine type, cruising speed, and distance traveled.

In summary, Sun Tracker boats can be found through multiple platforms, with a variety of models and prices available to suit a wide range of preferences and budgets. Their smart pontoon buy policy ensures transparent pricing, making it easy for customers to make informed decisions. Remember to consider additional costs, such as gas and maintenance, when purchasing a Sun Tracker boat. 

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