April 17, 2023

Viking 44 Convertible: What's New and Exciting in 2023

The Viking 44 Convertible is a versatile yacht that seamlessly blends performance and luxury. This tournament contender is equally adept at conquering East Coast canyons and cruising to the Bahamas in air-conditioned comfort. With its aerodynamic profile, raked bow, sloping sheer, and swept-back deckhouse, the Viking 44 Convertible is both visually striking and highly functional.

The latest version of the Viking 44 Convertible offers a spacious, well-appointed salon with ample seating, a dedicated entertainment area, and generously sized staterooms. It also boasts a 119-square-foot cockpit, providing a spacious battleground for fishing enthusiasts. This model runs on the same proprietary surface as its sibling, the Viking 44 Open, ensuring a high-performance experience similar to that of a Viking express fishing boat while retaining the style and accommodations of a convertible yacht.

For those seeking a luxurious cruising experience without sacrificing performance or functionality, the Viking 44 Convertible is a worthy option. Its innovative design and attention to detail make it an appealing choice for yachting enthusiasts and fishing aficionados alike. With the Viking 44 Convertible, you can expect a yacht that delivers on both form and function.

Viking 44 Convertible Overview

The Viking 44 Convertible is a versatile and high-performing yacht capable of meeting the needs of tournament contenders and luxury cruisers alike. With a design focused on aerodynamics, the 44 Convertible features a raked bow, sloping sheer, and a swept-back deckhouse with a black-masked windshield. This design allows for exceptional performance at sea, carving through rollers and deflecting spray with ease, while also providing a top speed of 38 knots and a cruise speed between 32 and 34 knots (HMY Yachts).

The interior of the yacht showcases its versatility, offering both tournament-ready capabilities and a stylish two-stateroom cruising layout. This is achieved through a thoughtful and adaptable design, allowing owners to customize the yacht to their specific preferences (Yachting Magazine).

Notable features of the Viking 44 Convertible include:

  • A spacious and comfortable salon, complete with a U-shaped galley, dinette, and ample seating for relaxation and entertainment
  • A generously sized master stateroom with a queen berth and private access to the head
  • A guest stateroom, which can be configured with either twin bunks or a double berth

In addition, the Viking 44 Convertible is designed to make the most use of available space, offering ample storage throughout the yacht, including dedicated spaces for fishing rods and other gear (Power & Motoryacht).

Design and Styling

Exterior Design

The Viking 44 Convertible boasts a sleek and stylish exterior design, with a focus on both functionality and aesthetics. Its hull is designed for high performance, running on the same proprietary surface as the Viking 44 Open. This design feature allows the 44C to perform like a Viking express fishing boat, while also offering the elegance of a larger convertible yacht.

Interior Layout

Guests aboard the Viking 44 Convertible can enjoy a spacious and luxurious interior layout, with a beam measuring just under 17 feet. The large Salon, with its comfortable seating and dining options, is perfect for entertaining or relaxing after a day on the water. The galley and staterooms feature ample storage and easy access to essential amenities, ensuring a comfortable stay on board the vessel.

The Viking 44C is built with both practicality and sophistication in mind, making the most of its interior space. This convertible yacht features three staterooms and two heads, providing sleeping accommodations and privacy for all guests onboard.


The Viking 44 Convertible offers an array of modern features, designed for both entertainment and relaxation. The salon and galley are adorned with high-gloss teak, giving the space a warm and inviting feel. The dinette, spacious seating areas, and well-appointed galley will make meal preparation and dining both enjoyable and effortless.

Fishing enthusiasts will appreciate the 360-degree visibility of the convertible's flybridge, allowing for optimal fishing and clear views of the cockpit. The captain's command center, situated in a walk-around helm, ensures ease of navigation and control for an enhanced yachting experience.

Performance and Specifications

Engine Options

The Viking 44 Convertible is powered by two different engine options, depending on the buyer's preference. The first option consists of two MAN 6-Cylinder diesel engines, each providing 800 horsepower. The second option features twin 1,000-hp Volvo D13 diesel engines. Both options deliver impressive power output and reliable performance for this sport yacht.

Speed and Range

Equipped with the 1,000-hp Volvo D13 engines, the Viking 44C boasts a cruise speed of 33 knots and a top speed of 38 knots, providing fast and efficient travel on the water. The overall range of this convertible sport yacht depends on the engine configuration and various other factors.

Fuel Efficiency

The Viking 44 Convertible has a fuel capacity of 825 gallons, allowing for extended trips on the water. While specific fuel efficiency data is not readily available, the powerful Volvo D13 and MAN engine options ensure reliable and consistent performance.

In summary, the Viking 44 Convertible boasts impressive specifications and performance capabilities. With its versatile engine options, sleek design, and efficient fuel consumption, this sport yacht is a powerful and stylish choice for anyone looking to venture out on the open water.

Fishing Amenities

Cockpit Features

The Viking 44 Convertible offers a spacious and well-designed cockpit for avid anglers. The cockpit boasts 119 square feet of space, providing plenty of room for fishing activities and gear1. There are various configurations available, allowing for a custom-tailored fishing experience. The cockpit also includes a bait freezer, a live well, and an easily accessible tackle center for enhanced convenience and efficiency while fishing2.

Tackle Storage

Proper storage of your fishing tackle is essential in maintaining the performance and longevity of your equipment. The Viking 44 Convertible's design ensures that there is ample storage for all your fishing gear. The cockpit houses a centralized tackle center, which offers organized and easily accessible storage for all your tackle necessities3. Additional storage options can be found throughout the vessel, allowing for optimal allocation of space and ensuring your gear is stored safely and securely4.

Fishing Technologies

Modern fishing technologies are a key component of successful sportfishing. The Viking 44 Convertible is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to enhance the angling experience. Electronics such as GPS, sonar, and radar systems are incorporated into the vessel, providing crucial information on fish location and behavior, as well as improving navigational safety and efficiency5. Customizable options are also available, ensuring that the Viking 44 Convertible is tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of each owner and their fishing style6.

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Electronics and Navigation

Bridge Helm Station

The Viking 44 Convertible features a spacious and ergonomic bridge helm station, designed to provide the captain with easy access to all essential controls and instruments. The helm area boasts a modern and sleek black-masked windshield for increased visibility and reduced glare.

State-of-the-art electronics are installed at the helm, with dedicated space for multiple displays, providing comprehensive control over the vessel. The helm station also provides ample seating, ensuring comfort and convenience for both the captain and passengers during navigation.

Navigation Systems

Equipped with top-of-the-line navigation systems, the Viking 44 Convertible ensures safe and efficient voyages. The yacht utilizes advanced GPS technology, radar, and chartplotter systems for accurate positioning and route planning. Additionally, an advanced autopilot system is available for increased convenience and ease during extended trips.

The navigation systems onboard the Viking 44 Convertible are carefully integrated to provide seamless communication between devices, offering real-time updates on navigational data and improving decision-making while underway.

Entertainment Options

The Viking 44 Convertible is designed not only for sportfishing and cruising but also for socializing and entertainment. The yacht features a high-quality audio-visual system, including flat-screen TVs and a marine-grade stereo system with speakers located throughout the vessel. This allows passengers to enjoy their favorite entertainment options both inside and on the exterior decks.

Guests can relax in the comfortable salon or enjoy the fresh air and views from the observation mezzanine, which offers aft-facing lounge seating, allowing for a comfortable vantage point to watch the fishing action or simply take in the scenery. The 44 Convertible can provide an incomparable experience, satisfying both cruising enthusiasts and those who love to entertain.

Pricing and Availability

The Viking 44 Convertible is a luxurious sportfishing yacht that offers an ideal combination of performance, comfort, and style. Pricing for this model can vary based on location, customization options, and model year. Here are some examples of recent listings for the Viking 44 Convertible:

For further information on pricing and availability, it is recommended to reach out to authorized Viking dealers like Galati Yacht Sales or HMY Yachts. They can provide the latest updates on Viking 44 Convertible's pricing and help potential buyers find the perfect yacht to fit their needs and preferences.

As we are discussing the 2023 model, it is essential to know that the availability of this model may be limited. It is advised to consult with yacht dealers or brokers to confirm availability and any lead times on new or pre-owned Viking 44 Convertible yachts.

Comparisons with Competitors

The Viking 44 Convertible is an impressive boat with an aerodynamic profile, raked bow, and a sloping sheer, designed to provide a smooth and efficient ride on the water. It also boasts a high freeboard, allowing the bow to confidently handle waves and minimize spray (HMY Yachts). When comparing the Viking 44 Convertible to its competitors, it's essential to look at various aspects like performance, versatility, and features.

In terms of performance, the Viking 44 Convertible utilizes a proprietary running surface similar to the 44 Open model, aiming to provide the high performance of a Viking express fishing boat (boats.com). This advanced hull design gives the Viking 44 Convertible an edge over competitors, which may not have the same level of performance and speed on the water.

Versatility is another area where the Viking 44 Convertible stands out. This boat is designed to be both tournament-ready for sportfishing enthusiasts and a luxurious two-stateroom cruiser (Yachting Mag). Some competitors may not offer the same level of adaptability to cater to different functions and personal preferences.

Lastly, the Viking 44 Convertible boasts an impeccable fit and finish, giving the boat a feel of a much larger convertible yacht (Power & Motoryacht). High-quality materials and attention to detail can significantly impact user experience and might differentiate the Viking 44 Convertible from competitors with lesser fit and finishes.

Ultimately, the Viking 44 Convertible's performance, versatility, and impressive fit and finish contribute to its competitive edge in the market.


The Viking 44 Convertible is a truly innovative and versatile sport fishing and cruising yacht. It combines the attributes of a tournament-worthy competitor with the luxury and comfort one would expect from a high-end yacht (HMY Yachts).

With nearly 6 feet of freeboard, this vessel offers impressive wave-slicing capabilities, making it suitable for navigating rough waters with ease (HMY Yachts). Additionally, the Viking 44 Convertible's spacious and stylish two-stateroom layout allows for a comfortable and convenient cruising experience (Yachting Magazine).

In summary, the Viking 44 Convertible is a powerful, luxurious, and adaptable yacht, capable of conquering various marine environments and providing an unforgettable experience for its occupants. It is undoubtedly a testament to Viking Yachts' commitment to quality, performance, and innovation.

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