April 10, 2024

Saxdor 400 GTC- Price Breakdown: Unveiling True Value and Features

The Saxdor 400 GTC is an exceptional yacht that combines luxury with performance. This sleek, modern vessel offers a unique experience for those who value both comfort and exciting nautical adventures.

Saxdor 400 GTC Price

Crafted with innovative design and cutting-edge technology, the Saxdor 400 GTC sets new standards in the world of yachting. It is perfect for exploring open waters.

Starting at a base price of around $314,600 with 2 Mercury 350 hp V10 engines (excluding VAT), Well equipted price is around $500K. The Saxdor 400 GTC is a sophisticated option for buyers who want a versatile, high-performance yacht.

Whether you are using it for entertaining guests or simply taking a serene cruise on the water, this yacht guarantees unforgettable experiences.

Saxdor 400GTC Price

Key Takeaways

  • The Saxdor 400 GTC offers a sleek design and luxury combined with high-performance capabilities.
  • With a starting price of approximately $314,600, the yacht features 2 Mercury 350 hp V10 engines.
  • Designed to cater to versatile needs, the Saxdor 400 GTC is perfect for both entertaining and cruising.

Overview of Saxdor 400 GTC

Design Philosophy

The Saxdor 400 GTC is a luxury boat that reflects the company's commitment to style, innovation, and performance. The design of the 400 GTC is focused on providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for its passengers, while maintaining a sleek and modern appearance.

Some striking features include a full-beam wheelhouse and "terraces" that fold down from the sides, allowing for sporty and agile performance 1.

Naval Architecture

When it comes to the naval architecture of the Saxdor 400 GTC, the Finnish shipyard has implemented a twin-stepped, vacuum-infused hull design. This design choice not only enhances the boat's strength but also optimizes its weight for better handling and improved fuel efficiency 2. The Saxdor 400 GTC is engineered for twin outboard rigs, ensuring optimal speed and maneuverability.

Price Positioning

Regarding the pricing of the Saxdor 400 GTC, the base model starts at €286,000 (excluding VAT) or approximately $314,600. This price includes two Mercury 350 hp V10 engines, providing ample power and performance 3.

While there are additional customization options available for purchase, the base price position of the Saxdor 400 GTC already offers a luxurious and stylish boat experience for its prospective owners.


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Exterior Features

Main Deck Design

The Saxdor 400 GTC showcases a brilliant main deck design that I find truly impressive. The full-beam wheelhouse provides a spacious and stylish area to enjoy the view or entertain guests. Built with a unique naval architecture, it also guarantees a comfortable journey every time.

The twin-stepped, vacuum-infused hull enhances strength and lightweight performance, making it an efficient and powerful yacht.

Folding Terraces

One of the most remarkable features of the Saxdor 400 GTC is the folding terraces amidships. These side terraces create an open and expansive space when you're at anchor or cruising at a leisurely pace. It's astonishing how this design can transform the yacht into a more spacious and welcoming environment.

Private Island Experience

For me, this yacht epitomizes the idea of a private island experience. The side terraces not only offer additional space but also act as an extension of the main deck, creating more room to enjoy the surroundings. Coupled with the forward lounging area and well-appointed aft deck, the Saxdor 400 GTC presents an exclusive atmosphere in which to relax and indulge in luxury.

The Saxdor 400 GTC perfectly balances style, space, and performance, thanks to its innovative design elements and twin outboard engine configuration. As a result, exploring the open seas and discovering new destinations becomes an even more delightful experience on this exceptional yacht.

Performance and Specifications

Twin Outboard Rigs

One of the key features of the Saxdor 400 GTC is its twin outboard rig configuration, which sets it apart from many other boats in its class. The yacht is engineered for two powerful Mercury 350 hp V10 engines, ensuring its ability to deliver exceptional performance across various conditions. This type of power system is not only efficient, but also allows easy maintenance as compared to inboard engine systems.

Speed and Handling

I can say with confidence that the Saxdor 400 GTC is designed to provide excellent speed and handling capabilities. The vessel features a twin-stepped, vacuum-infused hull that adds to its strength and reduces weight, allowing it to achieve impressive speeds.

The 400 GTC can reach speeds of up to 40 knots, while some configurations can even reach a staggering 50 knots.

The yacht's technical specifications also play a significant role in its remarkable performance. With a length of 12.4 meters or 40 feet and 9 inches, the 400 GTC is sizable enough to provide ample space for guests while ensuring excellent hydrodynamics.

Moreover, the hull's design not only allows the yacht to cut through waves smoothly but also offers impressive stability at high speeds.

When it comes to handling, the Saxdor 400 GTC doesn't disappoint. The yacht's performance characteristics and technical features are skillfully engineered to provide excellent maneuverability and control, ensuring an enjoyable and safe boating experience for both new and experienced boaters alike.

Interior Design

Wheelhouse Comforts

I must say, the interior of the Saxdor 400 GTC includes an impeccably designed wheelhouse that ensures both style and practicality. The wheelhouse extends to the full beam of the boat, providing a spacious area for passengers.

Another impressive feature is the insulated glazing, which not only adds an elegant touch but also helps maintain a comfortable ambient temperature.

Cabin Layout

The Saxdor 400 GTC's cabin layout really stands out, with a forward double cabin and a head with a separate shower area. Both the cabin and bathroom have a standing headroom of more than 6ft, ensuring ample space for a comfortable stay on board. The master cabin also features skylights, allowing natural light to illuminate the space.

Living Spaces

In terms of living spaces, the Saxdor 400 GTC boasts versatility and functionality. There is an optional third berth to accommodate guests, offering additional flexibility for those on board. The sense of style is consistent throughout the interior, with every inch being meticulously designed for a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Amenities and Practicality

Family-Friendly Features

In my opinion, the Saxdor 400 GTC offers a range of family-friendly features that make it an excellent choice for anyone with kids. The ample internal living space provides plenty of room for children to play and relax comfortably.

The cockpit area is also designed with kids in mind, providing a safe space for them to enjoy their time on board. Additionally, the master cabin and amidships cabin are cozy and well-appointed, ensuring that the entire family has a pleasant stay on the yacht.

Bathroom and Galley

The Saxdor 400 GTC is also practical in terms of its bathroom and galley facilities. The bathroom is equipped with all the essentials, ensuring that everyone's needs are met.

Meanwhile, the galley includes a range of appliances and storage options, allowing for easy meal preparation and cleanup. This makes the yacht a convenient option for families who want to enjoy their time on the water without worrying about the practicalities of day-to-day living.

Storage Solutions

One of the most important aspects of the Saxdor 400 GTC, in my opinion, is its storage solutions. On a yacht, every inch of space counts, and the 400 GTC maximizes its storage capabilities with clever design choices.

The wheelhouse dinette area features ample seating, which also serves as practical storage space beneath the cushions. The companionway steps also offer convenient access to additional storage compartments, ensuring that everything from toys to personal belongings can be easily stowed away.

Customization Options

Interior and Exterior Choices

At Saxdor, they understand the importance of personalizing your boating experience. The Saxdor 400 GTC offers a range of customization options for both interior and exterior choices. As a proud owner, I can confidently share my experiences with you.

For instance, the interior of the Saxdor 400 GTC can be tailored to meet your unique preferences. With various upholstery, carpet, and wood finish options to choose from, you can create an environment that truly reflects your taste.

My Saxdor 400 GTC sports a modern and elegant color scheme, thanks to the customization options.

On the exterior, you can choose between different hull and deck colors, ensuring your 400 GTC stands out among the rest.

The Saxdor 400 GTC also offers a cleverly designed modular cockpit. From a fully equipped outdoor galley to comfortable seating arrangements, the modular seating can be configured to suit your specific needs. In my case, the layout has been perfect for family gatherings and quiet evenings on the water.

Engine Configurations

The Saxdor 400 GTC is designed to perform. When configuring the engine setup, you have the choice of selecting from various outboard options. As mentioned on the Saxdor website, the starting price includes 2 Mercury 350 hp V10 engines. However, I found that you can upgrade or customize the engine configuration based on your performance requirements.

An optional third berth can also be added to the Saxdor 400 GTC, providing additional sleeping arrangements for family and friends. This particular option seamlessly integrates with the already spacious and comfortable interior layout.

Ownership Experience

Warranty and Service

I found that owning a Saxdor 400 GTC comes with the assurance of a reliable warranty and service. Saxdor provides a comprehensive warranty for their luxury yachts, which includes coverage for the hull, deck, and other major components. This ensures that if a problem arises, the owner can have it addressed by qualified professionals.

When it comes to service, I have found that Saxdor works closely with their network of authorized dealers and brokers, ensuring that the 400 GTC receives the best possible care and maintenance.

Additionally, Saxdor provides clear guidelines on the recommended service intervals, which helps owners maintain their yacht's performance and prolong its lifespan.

Community and Brand Prestige

As a Saxdor 400 GTC owner, I take pride in being part of an exclusive community that values luxury, innovation, and performance. Saxdor has established a solid reputation in the yachting industry, and the 400 GTC model is a testament to their commitment to creating versatile and enjoyable yachts.

The innovative design, spacious layout, and advanced technology set it apart from competitors and make it a sought-after vessel among yacht enthusiasts.

Associating with the Saxdor brand and the 400 GTC in particular provides an unparalleled sense of prestige. Owners enjoy access to a network of knowledgeable brokers and fellow owners, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared passion for luxury yachting. Being a part of this community also affords the opportunity to attend exclusive events and showcases, which further enhances the overall ownership experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the starting price for a new Saxdor 400 GTC?

The starting price for a new Saxdor 400 GTC with two Mercury 350 hp V10 engines is around €286,000 or $314,600, excluding VAT [^1^]. Keep in mind that the actual price may vary depending on additional features and customization options.

How much does a pre-owned Saxdor 400 GTC typically cost?

I cannot provide a specific price range for pre-owned Saxdor 400 GTCs as the market is relatively new and the model was recently introduced. It is best to search online marketplaces like YachtWorld for current listings and pricing information.

Are there significant price differences between the 2021 model and the latest Saxdor 400 GTC?

Since the Saxdor 400 GTC is a relatively new model, it's difficult to determine significant price differences between the 2021 version and the latest model. I recommend checking with dealers or online listings to compare pricing information of various model years.

What are the unique features of the Saxdor 400 GTC's interior?

The Saxdor 400 GTC has a few unique interior features, such as a full-beam wheelhouse and terraces that fold down from the sides [^3^]. Additionally, the yacht is designed for comfort, with spacious living areas, customizable interior options, and a variety of high-quality materials used throughout.

Can you provide a comparison between the standard features of Saxdor 400 GTC and other models like the 320 GTC?

The Saxdor 400 GTC is a larger model compared to the 320 GTC. The 400 GTC is designed with a full-beam wheelhouse and unique folding terraces, unlike the 320 GTC [^3^]. Additionally, the 400 GTC features a twin-stepped vacuum-infused hull for added strength and lightweight performance. Both models are engineered for outboard rigging, with the 400 GTC being the flagship model of the Saxdor series.

What should I expect in terms of performance and range from the Saxdor 400 GTC?

The Saxdor 400 GTC is equipped with twin outboard engines. For example, the Mercury 350 hp V10 provides impressive sporty performance [^1^]. Although specific performance figures are not readily available, the advanced hull design and powerful engine options result in a high-performing yacht with an excellent range. You can consult Saxdor or a local dealer for more detailed performance specifications.

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