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Saxdor Boats for Sale: Your Ultimate Guide to Smart Purchasing

Saxdor Boats is an innovative and fast-growing boat brand, known for its premium quality, sleek designs, and versatile performance capabilities. These boats are highly sought after by both experienced and novice boaters alike, as they offer a wide range of vessels suitable for various marine activities. From compact personal watercraft to luxurious yachts, Saxdor has something to suit every boating enthusiast's needs.

With a variety of Saxdor boats for sale, potential buyers can choose from new and used models listed by private sellers, professional yacht brokers, and boat dealerships in different parts of the world. The boats listed range in size and length, catering to diverse tastes and budgets. Given the brand's recent launch and rapid growth, most Saxdor models available for purchase are relatively new, with the oldest model listed being from 2020 and the newest from 2023.

Saxdor Boats Overview

Saxdor is a highly acclaimed brand, known for creating boats that combine powerful speed with all-around comfort. This section will provide brief overviews of various Saxdor boat models such as the Saxdor SX 200, Saxdor 200, and the Saxdor 320 GTO.

Saxdor SX 200

The Saxdor SX 200 is a personal watercraft, blending the convenience of a jet ski with the safety and comfort of a compact boat. Some of its notable features include:

  • Powerful engine options
  • Ample storage space
  • Seating for passengers
  • Top speed reaching more than 40 knots

The Saxdor SX 200 provides a perfect balance of sports performance and cruising capabilities for water enthusiasts.

Saxdor 200

The Saxdor 200 is another popular model, designed specifically for day cruising and watersports. Key aspects of this model include:

  • Length: 20 feet
  • Engine options: 110 horsepower to more than 175 horsepower
  • Comfortable seating with sunbathing areas
  • Excellent fuel efficiency
  • Affordable price point

You can find both new and used Saxdor 200 vessels on various platforms, making them a great option for boaters looking for a versatile and budget-friendly watercraft.

Saxdor 320 GTO

The Saxdor 320 GTO stands out as the range-topping model, offering a unique combination of high-speed performance and luxurious amenities. Important features of the 320 GTO are:

Aspect Details
Length 32 feet
Horsepower Up to 600
Top speed Estimated at 50+ knots
Passengers Comfortable seating for up to 10
Amenities Spacious cabin area, wet bar, sun loungers

The Saxdor 320 GTO is ideal for boaters seeking a sophisticated watercraft with top-notch performance, while providing various engaging features both above and below deck.

Pricing and Financing

Sales Price

Saxdor boats for sale come in a range of prices depending on the model, age, and condition of the boat. New boats are available from dealers, while used boats can be found through private sellers or brokerage listings. Some Saxdor boats are available from as low as $35,000 up to $370,000 for more premium models. It's essential to establish a budget before searching for your ideal Saxdor boat and consider factors like maintenance costs and storage fees.

Model Price Range
Saxdor 9 ft $10,000 - $25,000
Saxdor 34 ft $250,000 - $370,000

Financing Options

Several financing options are available for buyers interested in owning a Saxdor boat. Most marine lenders offer boat loans with varying loan terms and APRs depending on the customer's credit and the boat's age. It's essential to research different financing options and compare their rates, terms, and conditions. For example, some Saxdor SX 200 boats come with a 5-Year Mercury Gold Warranty and low monthly payments. Keep in mind that a larger down payment often results in lower interest rates and more favorable loan terms.

Taxes and Fees

When purchasing a Saxdor boat, it's essential to factor in additional costs such as taxes and fees. These may include:

  • Sales tax: Depending on the state where you purchase and register the boat, sales tax can vary. It's important to check your local tax rates.
  • Registration fees: These fees may vary depending on the boat size and your state. Typically, registration fees need to be paid annually.
  • Insurance: Boat insurance costs depend on various factors, such as the boat's value, age, and features

Engine and Performance

Mercury Outboard Engines

Saxdor boats are known for their compatibility with Mercury outboard engines. These engines are reliable and offer great performance on the water. Buyers have the option to choose an entry-level 100hp engine or go for a more powerful 175hp V6 engine, depending on their preferences and needs.

Fuel Economy

One of the key aspects of Saxdor boats is their impressive fuel economy. The lightweight design of Saxdor boats, such as the Saxdor SX 200, contributes to better fuel efficiency. The boat weighs around 780 kg, excluding the engine, and approximately 1000 kg with the engine and a full tank of fuel. This reduced weight allows the boat to achieve better performance and save on fuel costs.

Top Speed

With a twin-stepped hull and a deadrise angle that promotes stability, Saxdor boats are designed for storming performance. These boats can achieve high top speeds while maintaining stability and control. The Mercury outboard engines, specifically the 175hp V6 engine, add to this performance, providing adequate power for water sports or fast cruising.

In conclusion, the engine and performance of Saxdor boats are outstanding, thanks to Mercury outboard engines, impressive fuel economy, and their ability to achieve high top speeds with ease.

Design and Features

Helm Console

The Saxdor helm console features a user-friendly design, complete with an easily accessible Simrad touchscreen that offers intuitive navigation capabilities. The console's layout ensures that all important controls and instruments are within the captain's reach, allowing for confident and efficient operation.

Seating Layout

Saxdor boats are known for offering a versatile and comfortable seating layout. Many models feature a dinette area, which can be converted into additional seating or sunbed space depending on your needs. The arrangement typically includes jockey seats, and some models come with optional transom gates to adjust the configuration further.

Sunbed and Shade

For sunbathing enthusiasts, Saxdor boats come equipped with a spacious sunbed providing maximum relaxation on the water. In addition, some models also offer optional sunshade solutions, such as a camper-style tent or foredeck cushions for added comfort and protection from the sun.

Toilet and Storage

One essential feature of Saxdor boats is the presence of a water toilet, providing convenience and comfort during longer trips. In addition, these boats offer ample storage space, with some models featuring full-length, spacious compartments that can accommodate gear, personal belongings, or even additional cushions for the front deck. The boats also come with a soft deck, enhancing the overall aesthetic and providing a comfortable walking surface.

Safety and Comfort

Saxdor boats are designed with both safety and comfort in mind, making them an ideal choice for families who want to enjoy a day out on the water. One of the standout features of Saxdor boats is their slender beam. This design element not only contributes to their sleek appearance, but also enhances stability, providing a smooth ride even at high speeds.

The brand offers a range of models to suit different boating needs, from personal watercraft to yachts up to 40 feet. For example, the Saxdor 200 combines the convenience of a jet ski with the safety and comfort of a compact boat. This versatile model ensures that affordability doesn't come at the cost of quality or performance.

When it comes to speed, Saxdor boats are designed with powerful engines to deliver thrilling experiences on the water. The hydrodynamic hull design ensures that these boats can maintain their speed even in choppy conditions, giving you confidence in their performance.

For families, comfort is a top priority, and Saxdor boats deliver. The spacious and well-appointed interiors offer ample seating and storage, allowing you and your loved ones to bring everything you need for a day on the water. Some larger models also feature cabins with sleeping quarters, providing even more versatility for weekend getaways or extended trips.

Finally, safety remains a crucial aspect of Saxdor boat design. From the construction materials and methods to the addition of essential safety features, Saxdor prioritizes your well-being on the water. Handrails, non-slip surfaces, and well-placed grab handles ensure that you and your family can move around the boat safely.

In summary, Saxdor boats offer a unique combination of safety, comfort, and performance, making them a top choice for families and boating enthusiasts alike. Their slender beam design, powerful engines, and focus on the well-being of passengers all contribute to a line of boats that truly stand out in today's boating market.

Extended Protection Plans

Brunswick Product Protection

Brunswick Product Protection offers a 5 Year Product Protection Plan on select Saxdor boats. This plan covers your engine and provides coverage against costly repairs. The protection plan is specifically designed for Mercury Gold Level engines, ensuring added peace of mind for boat owners. It is important to note that this is a third-party engine only extended protection plan, which means it covers the engine but not the entire boat.

Key features of the Brunswick Product Protection Plan for Saxdor boats include:

  • 5-year coverage duration
  • Protection against costly engine repairs
  • Mercury Gold Level engine coverage

MarineMax Protection

Some Saxdor boats for sale come with an additional MarineMax Protection Plan. This plan is available for select in-stock and available Saxdor SX 200 boats and offers a range of benefits. Like the Brunswick Product Protection Plan, MarineMax Protection is designed to shield against costly repairs, ensuring smooth sailing for boat owners.

The MarineMax Protection Plan for Saxdor boats offers the following features:

  • Coverage for select in-stock and available Saxdor SX 200 boats
  • Low monthly payments starting from $290 to $385 per month
  • Mercury Gold Level, 5 Year Product Protection Plan for your engine
  • Coverage against costly repairs

Utilizing these extended protection plans ensures that you can enjoy your Saxdor boat with confidence, knowing that you have protection against unexpected repair costs. With both Brunswick Product Protection and MarineMax Protection options available, Saxdor boat owners can select the right plan to suit their needs and extend a worry-free boating experience.

Dealers, Locations and Brokers

Florida Dealers

In Florida, Saxdor boats can be found at a number of dealerships, such as MarineMax in Miami, Clearwater, and Panama City Beach. These dealerships offer a range of in-stock Saxdor boat models, featuring quality designs and innovative features. Some popular models include the Saxdor 200 and the Saxdor 320.

  • MarineMax Miami
  • MarineMax Clearwater
  • MarineMax Panama City Beach

Alongside new boats, these dealers may also offer used Saxdor boats for sale, providing cash value options for buyers with varying budgets.

United States Dealers

Saxdor boats are available at dealerships across the United States. Many listings can be found on websites such as Boat Trader and YachtWorld, where both new and used Saxdor boats are offered. These websites help connect buyers with dealers, brokers, and private sellers based on the desired boat type, model, and price range.

International Dealers

Internationally, Saxdor boats are rapidly growing in popularity with dealerships present in various countries. The official Saxdor Yachts website offers a comprehensive list of dealers worldwide, including locations in Europe, Asia, and Oceania. You can locate the nearest dealer by selecting your country and exploring the available Saxdor boat models.

Whether you are in the United States, Florida, or around the world, finding a Saxdor boat for sale that meets your requirements is made simple by connecting with the right dealers and brokers within your region.

Comparison with Other Boats

Personal Watercraft

Saxdor boats, like their Saxdor 200 SPORT, provide a similar experience as personal watercraft. Compared to traditional personal watercraft, Saxdor boats offer better seakeeping versatility and sexy styling. They are designed for those who seek affordable boating solutions with impressive fuel economy.

One significant advantage of Saxdor boats over other personal watercraft is their towability. With their compact size, they can be easily towed behind a family car, making them convenient for launching and recovering at various waterfront locations.

Jet Ski

In comparison to jet skis, Saxdor boats provide a safer and more comfortable experience. While jet skis are known for their agility and speed, they lack the stability and comfort offered by Saxdor boats. The Saxdor SX 200, for instance, combines the convenience of a jet ski and the safety of a compact boat.

Saxdor boats also offer a more family-friendly option, with seating for multiple passengers and room for storage, making them perfect for a day out on the water.

Compact Boat

Saxdor boats stand out as an innovative choice among compact boats due to their attractive design, versatility, and affordability. Some features that set them apart include:

  • Easy to tow, launch, and recover with a family car
  • Impressive fuel economy for long days on the water
  • Seakeeping versatility, suitable for various marine environments

In summary, Saxdor boats provide a unique blend of personal watercraft, jet ski, and compact boat features. They cater to those seeking a stylish, versatile, and easily maneuverable boat for a great day on the water with family and friends.

Reviews and Testimonials

Saxdor Boats has been making waves in the market with their innovative designs and impressive performance. The Saxdor 320 GTO is praised for being fast, functional, and safe. It is a versatile package that works well as a tender or dayboat.

The Saxdor 200 Pro Sport has been described as a personal watercraft that combines a jet ski's convenience with the safety and comfort of a compact boat. It has been praised for its nimble performance, running like a "PWC on steroids."

In terms of engines, Saxdor offers multiple options, such as in the Saxdor 200 Sport, which provides different power levels for varying user requirements. The 200 Sport features a double-stepped hull design with a 22.5-degree deadrise, resulting in a soft-riding and grippy hull.

Build quality, materials, and attention to detail have been commended across the Saxdor range. The boats feature stainless-steel switches and fittings that ensure durability over time. Moreover, their spaces are well-designed, ensuring maximum functionality and comfort within compact dimensions.

As Saxdor boats continue to gain popularity, both in Europe and internationally, their reputation for quality and performance remains steadfast. Boat owners and reviewers alike are drawn to the company's unique offerings that provide style, fun, and functionality in a range of vessels, from the smaller Saxdor 200 to the more expansive Saxdor 400 GTC cruiser. 

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