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Supra Boats: The Ultimate Choice for Water Sports Enthusiasts

For those who love water sports, Supra Boats delivers a truly exceptional experience.

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Known for their luxury wakeboard boats and wake surf boats, Supra Boats combines high-performance with style and innovation.

They offer cutting-edge features that cater to both casual enthusiasts and serious athletes.

Supra Boats enhances the boating experience with advanced technology and high-quality materials.

Models like the Supra SL Towboat come with powerful engines and premium wake and surf technologies, providing a thrilling ride every time.

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The interior design ensures comfort, making these boats perfect for family outings or competitive sporting events.

Exploring the latest models reveals a dedication to innovation and unmatched style.

This push for excellence is why Supra Boats stands out in the world of luxury watercraft.

From their sleek designs to their impressive performance features, Supra Boats sets the standard in the industry.

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Key Takeaways

  • Supra Boats offers high-performance and stylish wakeboard and wake surf boats.
  • Models are equipped with advanced tech and quality interiors.
  • Supra Boats is known for innovation and luxury in water sports.

History and Evolution of Supra Boats

Supra Boats has a remarkable history marked by innovation and quality. The company has continually pushed the boundaries in the world of towed watersports, delivering advanced technologies and premium designs.

The Birth of Supra

Supra Boats was founded with a vision to create high-quality towboats.

The company was established by George Fowler, who is often referred to as the Father of Supra.

Located in Maryville, Tennessee, Supra focused on providing excellent craftsmanship and customer satisfaction from the beginning.

Over the years, the brand built a reputation for delivering reliable and innovative boats, an achievement applauded within the watersports community.

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Advancements Through the Years

Over the last 40 years, Supra has made significant advancements in boat technology.

They introduced state-of-the-art wake and surf systems that significantly improved the boating experience.

Supra's dedication to precision engineering and bold designs set them apart from their competitors.

The company focused on continually enhancing their models with advanced tech, ensuring every boat delivered the best performance for wakeboarding and other water sports.

This commitment to innovation and quality solidified their standing in the industry, making Supra a trusted name among enthusiasts.

Design and Manufacturing

Supra Boats focuses on creating high-quality wakeboard boats with innovative designs and precision engineering. Their commitment to excellence ensures each boat is built to last.

Hull Design and Construction

Supra Boats is known for its advanced hull design, which enhances stability and performance.

The engineering team uses computer-aided design (CAD) software to model the hull shapes, ensuring they perform well in various water conditions.

The company utilizes high-strength materials like fiberglass to construct the hulls, providing durability and longevity.

Each hull undergoes a meticulous construction process, including hand-laid fiberglass layers that reinforce the structure.

They also feature integrated ballast systems that can be adjusted to create the perfect wake for wakeboarding and surfing.

This combination of thoughtful design and robust materials results in boats that deliver both performance and quality.

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Precision Engineering

Supra Boats prides itself on precision engineering.

They integrate state-of-the-art technology into their boats, such as touch-screen controls and advanced onboard systems.

The boats come with a premium audio system developed in collaboration with industry experts, ensuring top-notch sound quality on the water.

Additionally, the Supra Tower is designed for strength and ease of use, featuring multiple configurations for towing and storage.

The company’s engineering team works tirelessly to refine each component, aiming to deliver a superior boating experience.

This focus on engineering excellence ensures that Supra Boats not only meet but exceed customer expectations for performance and reliability.

Supra Boat Models Overview

Supra Boats offers a range of models that cater to different boating needs, from performance and luxury to versatility and compact power. Each model is designed with specific features and capabilities to suit various preferences.

Supra SA: Performance and Specs

The Supra SA is renowned for its performance.

This model features a powerful engine and is known for its agility on the water.

The SA is equipped with advanced wake and surf systems, making it ideal for wakeboarding and wake surfing enthusiasts.

The boat's dynamic driver seat ensures the driver has an unobstructed line of sight, enhancing safety and control.

Additionally, the interior boasts high-quality materials and innovative storage solutions.

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Supra SE: Size and Luxury

The Supra SE is the flagship model, known for its size and luxury.

Measuring 24.5 feet long, it can comfortably carry up to 18 passengers.

The SE features Chill Tech vinyl seating, providing comfort under the sun.

With 4,700 pounds of standard ballast, this model creates impressive wakes.

The SE also includes a swim step, making it easy to enter and exit the water, and an expansive bow area for additional seating.

Supra SL: Versatility

The Supra SL stands out for its versatility.

This model offers a balance between performance and comfort, making it a popular choice for families.

The SL features a flexible seating arrangement and plenty of storage space for all your gear.

It is equipped with a robust engine and advanced surf systems, allowing for an excellent wakeboarding and surfing experience.

The design also includes user-friendly controls and innovative safety features.

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Supra SR: Compact Power

The Supra SR is the compact powerhouse of the Supra Boat lineup.

It replaces the long-running SR model and now measures 21 feet 10 inches.

Despite its smaller size, the SR does not compromise on performance.

It features a powerful engine and the same high-quality construction found in larger models.

The SR is designed for those who need a nimble and agile boat with the ability to navigate tighter waterways, while still enjoying all the advanced features that Supra Boats are known for.

Performance Features

Supra Boats offers cutting-edge technology to enhance performance, including AutoWake with Predictive State, Swell 3.0 Surf System, and powerful engines that deliver efficiency and maneuverability.

AutoWake with Predictive State

AutoWake technology optimizes ballast to ensure the best wave and wake shapes.

It uses sensors to measure the boat's pitch and roll, automatically adjusting the ballast system for optimal ride conditions.

The Predictive State feature allows the system to anticipate and make adjustments in real-time, improving wave consistency and quality.

This ensures that every ride is smooth and enjoyable, whether you're wakeboarding or wakesurfing, making AutoWake a key component for performance.

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Swell 3.0 Surf System

The Swell 3.0 Surf System creates customizable waves for surfing.

It includes dual surf tabs which can be adjusted to shape the wave.

This system allows for quick transitions between surfers without adjusting ballast.

It's perfect for accommodating various skill levels.

The Swell 3.0 also enhances the boat’s maneuverability, allowing precise control over the wave characteristics.

This system is essential for creating the perfect surf experience every time.

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Engine Power and Efficiency

Supra Boats are equipped with powerful engines like the Indmar Raptor 6.2L V8, delivering high horsepower and maximum efficiency.

These engines provide the necessary power for towing while maintaining fuel efficiency.

The engines are designed to offer reliability and consistent performance, crucial for extended sessions on the water.

This focus on power and efficiency ensures that the boat performs well under various conditions, whether cruising, towing, or racing.

Technological Integrations

Supra Boats merges innovation with functionality to enhance the boating experience.

Key technologies such as the Vision Control Center, Smart Plate, FXOne Power Tower, and a comprehensive infotainment system highlight the brand's advanced offerings.

Vision Control Center

The Vision Control Center is the nerve center of Supra Boats.

It features a high-resolution touchscreen display that integrates vital functions such as navigation, boat controls, and performance monitoring.

This system provides real-time data on speed, ballast levels, and engine status, allowing the driver to make informed decisions quickly.

Additionally, the interface is user-friendly, with intuitive menus that minimize the time spent fiddling with controls, thus maximizing the time spent enjoying the water.

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Smart Plate and FXOne Power Tower

The Smart Plate and FXOne Power Tower are essential components that elevate both performance and ease of use.

The Smart Plate, integrated with AutoWake technology, adjusts automatically to optimize the boat's wake and wave shapes.

This ensures a custom riding experience tailored to both beginners and pro-level riders.

The FXOne Power Tower is designed for strength and convenience, allowing easy tower adjustments with the push of a button.

Together, these technologies create a seamless and enjoyable boating experience, providing stability and superior wave control.

Supra's Infotainment

Supra's Infotainment system combines entertainment and connectivity to keep everyone on board engaged. Featuring a top-tier sound system, Bluetooth connectivity, and easy access to music and media, this system ensures high-quality audio throughout the boat.

The infotainment center is also integrated into the Vision Control Center, allowing users to control their media easily. Whether streaming music or accessing apps, the setup keeps everything centralized and accessible, ensuring that the fun never stops while out on the water.

These technological features demonstrate Supra Boats' commitment to delivering an exceptional on-water experience through innovation and ease of use.

Interior and Comfort

Supra Boats are designed to provide luxury and functionality on the water. They offer a comfortable seating arrangement and ample storage space to enhance the boating experience for families and water sports enthusiasts alike.

Seating Configuration

Supra Boats use high-quality vinyl that is durable and resistant to UV rays and mildew. This ensures the seats remain in great condition over time.

The Chill Tech Vinyl used in their boats keeps seats cool even under the hot sun, making it ideal for long summer days on the water.

Seating is configured to maximize comfort and convenience. The seats are crafted with a stitching technique found in high-end luxury cars, adding to the overall premium feel.

For family outings, the seating capacity is designed to accommodate several passengers comfortably, ensuring everyone has a pleasant experience.

Storage Solutions

Supra Boats provide an excellent balance of form and function when it comes to storage. They incorporate innovative solutions to make the most of available space without compromising on comfort.

This is especially important for families who need to stow away gear, snacks, and other essentials for a day out on the lake.

One notable feature is the boat’s sub-floor ballast system, which helps in redistributing weight and improving performance. This system also frees up additional storage space.

The placement of compartments is well thought out, ensuring that items are easily accessible yet securely stored. Whether it’s for water sports equipment or personal belongings, Supra Boats make it easy to keep everything organized and out of the way.

Boating Experience

Supra boats offer exceptional handling, impressive wake and wave creation, and strong capacities for water sports, making them a top choice for boating enthusiasts who value performance and luxury.

Handling and Ride Quality

Supra boats are known for their excellent handling and smooth ride. The advanced hull design provides great stability, even in rough water conditions. This ensures a smooth and controlled ride no matter where you are.

The steering system is responsive, allowing for precise maneuvering. Cutting-edge technology like the joystick control makes docking and navigating tighter spaces straightforward.

The powered captain’s chair, available with heaters and memory settings, enhances overall comfort during long rides.

Wake and Wave Creation

Supra boats are designed with wakeboarding and wakesurfing in mind. They are equipped with advanced ballast systems that help create perfect wakes and waves for these sports.

The Supra SV's unique hullside patterns contribute to generating consistent and customizable wakes.

The wake-shaping technology allows riders to adjust the size and shape of the wakes. This makes it possible for both beginners and pros to enjoy an optimal riding experience.

Premium sound systems on board ensure that music complements the sporting events perfectly.

Capacities for Water Sports

Supra boats offer excellent capacities for various water sports such as wakeboarding and wakesurfing.

For instance, the 2023 Supra SE is a 24.5-foot-long boat that can carry up to 18 passengers. This makes it ideal for group outings and sporting events.

The boats come with ample storage to keep all necessary gear organized. Customizable seating options, such as Chill Tech vinyl, provide both comfort and functionality. These features together ensure that everyone on board has a safe and enjoyable time on the water.


Supra Boats are known for their luxurious design, powerful performance, and excellent build quality. Learn about the key dimensions, engine specifics, and fuel system that make these boats exceptional.

Dimensions and Size

Supra Boats come in various sizes to suit different needs. The Supra SE model is the largest, measuring 24.5 feet in length with a width of 102 inches. It has a capacity to accommodate up to 18 people comfortably.

These dimensions provide ample space, ensuring a comfortable ride. The boat's weight is a sturdy 6,150 lbs, which enhances stability and durability on the water. Other models, like the Supra SA, are slightly smaller but still offer impressive space and comfort.

Engine and Performance

Performance is a key selling point for Supra Boats.

For instance, the Supra SL is equipped with a ROUSH Charged 6.2L Raptor by Indmar engine, capable of producing 450 horsepower and 400 ft-lbs of torque.

This engine ensures strong and reliable performance whether wakeboarding or cruising. The Supra SA, the official tow boat for the Pro Wake Tour, also boasts a powerful engine that meets the demands of professional wakeboarding and wakesurfing, making it a favored choice for serious sports enthusiasts.

Fuel System

The fuel system in Supra Boats is designed for both efficiency and convenience.

Models like the Supra SE have a significant fuel capacity, allowing for extended outings without the need for frequent refueling.

This is especially useful for long days on the water, ensuring uninterrupted fun and activities. The fuel systems are built to support the high-performance engines, ensuring they run smoothly and efficiently, contributing to both the overall performance and longevity of the boat.

Ownership Essentials

Proper ownership of a Supra boat involves understanding key practices such as refueling, maintenance, and transportation. These essentials ensure the boat remains in top condition and operates safely.

Refueling and Fuel Management

Refueling a Supra boat requires specific steps for safety and efficiency.

First, always use high-quality gasoline. Check the fuel tank and related components for any signs of leaks or corrosion at least once a year.

Avoid refueling while the engine is running and ensure no open flames are nearby.

Follow these tips for best practices:

  • Turn off all engines and electrical equipment
  • Keep fuel nozzle in contact with the tank to prevent static sparks
  • Don’t fill the tank completely to allow for fuel expansion

Proper fuel management can prevent engine problems and extend the life of your boat’s motor.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Regular maintenance of your Supra boat is crucial for longevity and performance.

This includes checking the engine, inspecting the hull for any damage, and cleaning the interior.

Examine the electrical system regularly for any worn-out wires or connections. Maintenance also involves annual professional service checks to ensure everything is in working order.

Key maintenance tasks include:

  • Changing the oil and filters regularly
  • Inspecting and cleaning the propeller
  • Checking fluid levels, including coolant and hydraulic fluids
  • Maintaining the battery and ensuring it is fully charged

Routine maintenance helps in identifying potential issues before they become major problems, ensuring a smooth and safe boating experience.

Towing and Transportation

Transporting your Supra boat requires knowing the towing capacity of your vehicle and the specifics of securing the boat.

Ensure your trailer is compatible with your boat’s size and weight. The towing vehicle should have a proper hitch setup, and safety chains must be used.

Important steps to follow:

  • Check tire pressure and condition on the trailer
  • Verify that the boat is securely fastened with straps or ropes
  • Adjust mirrors to have a clear view of the trailer

When towing, drive at safe speeds and be mindful of turns and stops. Proper preparation ensures the boat is transported safely, avoiding any damage during the journey.

Choosing the Right Supra Boat

Selecting the right Supra boat depends on various factors such as the intended use, desired features, and personal preferences. Buyers need to consider these aspects carefully to find a boat that meets their needs for water sports, parties, and cruising with medium-sized groups.

Buyer Considerations

When choosing a Supra boat, buyers should consider boating goals like water skiing, wakeboarding, or just relaxing on the water.

Group size is also important. Some models are designed for medium-sized groups, making them ideal for gatherings and small parties.

Additionally, consider the desired level of comfort and luxury, along with the boat's overall performance and fuel efficiency. Having a clear understanding of needs will help in picking the right vessel.

Comparing Supra Models

Supra offers various models, each tailored to different preferences.

For example, the 2022 Supra SR is a top choice for crossover excellence. It features a compact design at 20'11" without compromising on performance. This boat is great for multiple tow sports, including wakeboarding and skiing.

Another model to consider is the 2024 Supra lineup, known for its luxury and performance. Each model is crafted to provide an unparalleled experience on the water.

Compare these models based on purpose, size, and features to find the perfect fit.

Customization Options

One of the standout aspects of Supra boats is their extensive customization options.

Buyers can choose from a variety of designs, colors, and added features to match their preferences.

Custom features can include upgraded sound systems, enhanced seating arrangements, and advanced navigation systems.

These options allow boat owners to personalize their vessel to fit their specific needs, whether it’s for hosting parties, enjoying water sports, or simply cruising.

Pricing and Value

Supra Boats provide a blend of luxury, performance, and advanced features. Pricing reflects these attributes, making them a significant investment.

Understanding the Pricing

Supra Boats are positioned in the premium segment of the market. The Supra SV model starts at around $190,000. This price includes high-value features like the Swell Surf System, AutoWake, and a power tower.

Comparatively, similar boats like the Malibu 22 LSV start at about $163,000, but some of these features are optional.

Pricing varies based on model, features, and customizations. Entry-level models might start closer to $100,000, whereas fully-loaded, high-performance models can exceed $200,000.

Assessing the Investment

Investing in a Supra Boat means prioritizing performance, luxury, and advanced technology. Features like the Swell Surf System and AutoWake enhance the boating experience.

Meanwhile, the high horsepower engines and quality construction add to the value for money.

When considering the cost, potential buyers should factor in what they’re getting in terms of durability, performance, and innovation.

These boats are designed for serious wakeboarding and waterskiing, making them a preferred choice for enthusiasts.

Resale Value and Depreciation

Supra Boats generally hold their value well compared to many other boat brands. Well-maintained boats with regular upkeep can secure a good resale price.

According to Boat Trader, used Supra Boats can range from around $9,725 to $256,965, depending on age, condition, and features.

Depreciation is inevitable, but because of their high build quality, appealing design, and performance, Supra Boats tend to depreciate at a slower rate. Ensuring regular maintenance and keeping the boat in excellent condition can significantly impact its resale value positively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Supra Boats are known for their performance, style, and versatility in water sports and recreational activities. Below are some commonly asked questions about Supra Boats, covering costs, models, reviews, and comparisons.

How much does a Supra boat typically cost?

The cost of a Supra boat can vary widely based on the model and features. Generally, they range from around $70,000 to $150,000 or more, depending on the customizations and specifications chosen by the buyer.

What are the latest Supra boat models available?

Supra Boats offers a selection of models to meet various needs. Among the latest are the Supra SA and the Supra SE, known for their superior performance in wakeboarding and wakesurfing. For detailed specifications, check the Supra SA Tow Boat.

What reviews do Supra boats generally receive from users?

Supra boats are often praised for their high-quality build, impressive performance, and luxurious amenities. Many users highlight their reliability and suitability for various water sports. They are well-regarded in the boating community for both recreational use and competitive sports.

Who manufactures Supra boats?

Supra Boats are manufactured by Skier's Choice, a company that also produces Moomba boats. Skier's Choice is known for its commitment to quality and innovation in the water sports industry.

How do Supra boats compare in quality to other similar brands?

Supra boats are often compared to other high-end brands like Malibu and MasterCraft. They stand out for their advanced technology, attention to detail, and high performance in water sports. Their build quality and luxurious features make them a strong contender in the market.

What distinguishes Supra from Moomba boats in terms of features and pricing?

While both Supra and Moomba boats are made by Skier's Choice, Supra boats are generally positioned as the more premium option.

Supra boats come with more advanced features, higher-quality materials, and greater customization options. Meanwhile, Moomba boats are designed to be more affordable while still offering excellent performance and reliability.

For specifics, refer to the 22-foot-boat-guide by Supra Boats.

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