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Supreme Boats: A Comprehensive Guide to Top Quality Watercraft

Supreme Boats has established itself as a renowned manufacturer in the towboat industry, providing high-quality and versatile vessels for watersports enthusiasts. Known for its premium performance, style, and strength, Supreme Boats stands out as an accessible option for those looking to maximize their fun on the water. With a range of models designed specifically for wakeboarding and wakesurfing, the brand's boats cater to various preferences and skill levels.

The towboats offered by Supreme Boats feature advanced hull designs and cutting-edge technologies that ensure smooth and enjoyable experiences on the water. With options like the ZS232 that boasts an impressive 4,900 pounds of ballast and the S-series with its EZ-V hulls, customers have plenty of choices, from compact options to larger, feature-packed vessels.

Supreme Boats' towboats provide exceptional value with their well-crafted designs and impeccable performance, making them popular among watersports enthusiasts worldwide. The quality and variety offered by the brand make it easy to find the perfect towboat that fits your unique needs and allows for optimal enjoyment of your favorite water activities.

2023 Supreme Boats Models


The 2023 Supreme ZS252 is a 25'2" long towboat with a 36" draft. It is designed for both wakesurfing and wakeboarding enthusiasts. The ZS252's performance can be dialed up to a professional level with the addition of up to 5100 pounds of ballast, evenly distributed in six individually controlled locations. This allows for powerful surf waves and wakeboard wakes from the Tapered-V hull.


The 2023 Supreme S220 is the latest addition to the Supreme S lineup with a fresh and innovative design. This model features higher freeboard, a hybrid bow shape, and clean sheerline and hull sides giving it a distinct and solid look on the water. It is built to deliver more bang for the buck without compromising on performance.


The 2023 Supreme S240 is a versatile and sleek boat model designed to provide optimal wakesurfing and wakeboarding experiences. It features a spacious and comfortable layout, along with advanced surf technologies to cater to watersports enthusiasts who want optimal performance paired with stylish design.


The 2023 Supreme ZS212 is a 21'2" long towboat with a 36" draft, known as one of the Zeus boats due to its Z-shaped sheer line. The ZS212's Tapered-V hull is designed to offer powerful surf waves and wakeboard wakes for riders to enjoy. This boat model is perfect for those who want to feel in control of their watersports experience and impress onlookers with its unique design.


The 2023 Supreme ZS232 is a 23'2" towboat with a 36" draft, designed for optimal performance in wakesurfing and wakeboarding. With its streamlined design and advanced hull technology, this model promises to deliver powerful waves and wakes that will satisfy water sports enthusiasts. It combines style, performance, and comfort, making it a top choice for those who want the best of all worlds in their towboat.

Innovative Design and Style

Supreme Boats has consistently proved itself as a frontrunner in the wake surfing and wakeboarding industry, with their focus on incorporating innovative design and style into their towboat models. They showcase a combination of surf, strength, and spirit, creating boats that cater to budget-conscious buyers without compromising on performance or visual appeal1.

The distinct features of their towboats, such as the two uniquely styled bows and the integrated look of the F-Series Tower by Roswell, not only enhance the boat's functionality but also make a bold statement on the water2. Supreme Boats offer customizable color options, allowing boat owners to flaunt their individualistic style, turning heads at every dock3.

A notable example of the company's commitment to design and style is the S240, a 24-foot water sports boat that can accommodate up to 16 people4. The S240 redefines the "value class" by offering a luxurious and stylish aesthetic usually exclusive to premium towboats. This design philosophy extends to their other models, ensuring that Supreme Boats caters to a wide variety of tastes and preferences.

In summary, Supreme Boats has successfully positioned itself as a brand that offers innovative design and style without compromising on performance or affordability. Their attention to detail, along with the customizable options and unique features, ensures a memorable experience for anyone who steps aboard one of their exceptional towboats.


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Performance and Power

Wakesurfing and Wakeboarding

Supreme Boats are known for their high performance, specifically designed for watersports like wakesurfing and wakeboarding. These boats deliver powerful waves and wakes, enabling riders to reach their peak performance and have fun on the water. The modified deep-v running surfaces, partnered with up to 4600 lbs of ballast, optimize displacement for a thrilling experience.

Features that contribute to the exceptional performance of Supreme Boats include:

  • Unibody construction for added strength and durability
  • Powerful GM Marine engines
  • World-class performance for wakesurfing and wakeboarding

Most Valuable Towboat (MVT)

When it comes to the Most Valuable Towboat (MVT) title, Supreme Boats has a range of models that impress. One such model is the S211. Although it measures just under 21 feet, the S211 packs a punch with its stylish design and world-class performance.

Features of the S211 include:

  • Traditional modified v-bow for a spacious interior
  • Accommodations and performance at a great value
  • Ability to create large wakes for various water sports

Further enhancing their MVT status, Supreme Boats introduced the 2019 ZS Series - high-performance wake surfing boats.

Key facts for the ZS Series:

Model Length Beam Draft Dry Weight Fuel Cap People Cap Ballast Cap Warranty
ZS232 23' 2" 102" 32" TBD 81 gals 14 4600 lbs 5 yrs

The ZS Series boats have a strong, quiet foundation that houses Supreme Power by GM Marine, ensuring a high-performing and efficient experience on the water. The combination of performance, power, and accommodations make Supreme Boats a favorite among wakesurf enthusiasts and wakeboarders alike.

Key Features

Quiet Ride Technology

Supreme Boats ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience on the water with the implementation of their Quiet Ride Technology. This feature reduces vibration and noise, resulting in a comfortable and relaxing trip. The attention to detail in the boat's construction, such as strategically placed insulation and seals, creates a serene atmosphere in the midst of an action-packed day on the water.

Ballast System

Supreme Boats presents a highly functional ballast system, which plays an integral role in creating the perfect wakes for wakeboarding and wakesurfing adventures. The ZS232 model, for instance, offers an impressive 4900 pounds of ballast through six individually pumped locations. This flexibility allows for customization based on the preferences of the wake surfer or wakeboarder.

Supreme Boats Models:

Model Ballast Capacity Seating Capacity
ZS212 - 12
ZS232 4900 lbs 14
S220 - -
S240 - -

The ballast system in Supreme Boats provides outstanding performance to support the needs of both competitive and recreational watersports enthusiasts.

Market and Industry Trends

The boating industry is experiencing significant growth, with boat sales projected to increase by 2% in 2023 compared to 2019 numbers 1. This puts the anticipated number of boat sales at around 285,900 units, equivalent to 782 boats sold per day. One major player in this growing market is Supreme Boats, offering a collection of wakesurf and wakeboard boats.

Fishing boats are making up a substantial portion of sales, which is a trend that's expected to continue in the coming years. Moreover, several trendsetters are shaping the industry, such as an increasing preference for luxury, value, and environmentally friendly options 2.

Supreme Boats sets itself apart as a value-driven brand, offering luxury boat features at more accessible prices. For example, their S240 "S" class is a 24-foot towboat that comes in a "value class" category, providing customers with a high-quality boating experience without breaking the bank 3. This approach has helped Supreme Boats attract a larger market share, especially among budget-conscious buyers.

The industry has also started to notice a growing interest in environmentally friendly options among boating enthusiasts. Eco-friendly boats and engines, as well as innovations in electric and hybrid propulsion systems, have become increasingly popular. This trend further highlights the need for companies like Supreme Boats to adapt and meet the preferences of their customers.

As the market continues to expand, competition is expected to intensify among boat manufacturers. To stay ahead, Supreme Boats must not only maintain its value proposition but also recognize and capitalize on emerging trends in the industry.


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Value Leaders

Supreme Boats has established itself as a value leader in the towboat market, catering to watersports enthusiasts who seek a competitive performance without compromising on style or quality.

One key factor contributing to their exceptional value proposition is the combination of surf, strength, and spirit. Supreme Boats offer a range of uniquely styled models, including integrated F-Series Towers by Roswell and various custom color options, making them stand out among competitors.

Another element that underscores Supreme's value leadership is their focus on wakesurfing and wakeboarding capabilities. The Supreme S238, for example, comes with 1,100 lbs. of standard ballast and room for 16 passengers, ensuring an exciting experience for everyone aboard.

Specific models, such as the S240 "S" class, are designed to provide more bang for the buck without sacrificing luxury. These "value class" boats rival premium 24-foot towboats in style and are an appealing option for those looking for a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.

Moreover, Supreme's commitment to extreme value has led them to become the fastest-growing boat brand in the industry. By continually delivering world-class performance, style, and strength, Supreme Boats ensures that they remain a value leader in the towboat sector.

PCM Marine Engines

Supreme Boats has been in a partnership with PCM for over 16 years to provide high-quality, high-performance engines designed for the watersports industry. PCM (Pleasure Craft Marine) has been a leader in the inboard marine propulsion market for over 45 years, manufacturing engines that meet the demanding needs of watersports enthusiasts.

The GM Marine 100% closed-cooled six-liter engines by PCM significantly contribute to the strength and durability of Supreme Boats. These engines help turn the boats into quiet, smooth-riding vessels that enhance the overall cruising, surfing, and boarding experience.

In addition to their reliable performance and durability, PCM engines are also equipped with advanced features and benefits. One notable innovation is the introduction of the HYPERFORMANCE H5DI and H6DI models which offer industry-leading horsepower and torque. These engines are not only powerful but also boast exceptional fuel efficiency in their class.

To sum up, PCM Marine Engines play a crucial role in the performance, strength, and reliability of Supreme Boats, making them the go-to choice for inboard power in the watersports industry.

Family Towboats

Supreme Boats is a renowned manufacturer of family towboats that offers world-class performance, style, and strength built for watersports enthusiasts. Catering to those who are seeking high-quality boats at an affordable price, they manage to provide exceptional value.

One of the standout features of Supreme Boats is the range of options within their 2022 Model Line, allowing individuals to choose the perfect boat for their needs. From the versatile S-series to the innovative ZS series, these towboats are designed to help people get the most fun out of their time on the water.

Some of the key characteristics that set Supreme Boats apart include:

  • Multifunctionality: Supreme Boats are designed to cater to various water activities, including wakesurfing, wakeboarding, and water skiing.
  • Premium Build Quality: The construction of these boats uses durable materials, ensuring long-lasting reliability and endurance.
  • Performance: With powerful engines and cutting-edge hull designs, Supreme Boats provide excellent handling and maneuverability in diverse conditions.
  • Customization: Owners can personalize their Supreme Boat to match their preferences and requirements, ensuring greater satisfaction and enjoyment.

A popular model from Supreme Boats is the ZS252, which has quickly become a favorite among families interested in towboats. This boat offers an exceptional value for those on a budget without compromising on performance, style, or features.

Supreme Boats' commitment to innovation and improvement has resulted in their position as one of the fastest-growing boat brands in the industry. As more people discover the benefits of owning a Supreme Boat, the brand continues to gather acclaim and recognition for its premium quality family towboats.

Centurion's Sister Brand

Supreme Boats is a sister brand of Centurion Boats, sharing a dedication to producing high-quality and high-performance wakeboard and wakesurf boats. Both brands are known for their world-class performance, style, simplicity, and strength, catering to water sports enthusiasts who value fun on the water.

Owned by Correct Craft, Supreme Boats has been growing rapidly and is now regarded as one of the fastest-growing boat manufacturers in the world. This growth can be attributed to the brand's commitment to offering exceptional quality wakeboard and wakesurf boats at an extreme value.

In 2011, Rick Lee, the longtime owner of Centurion Boats, acquired Supreme Boats which led to the expansion and further development of these two premium brands in the wakesurf and wakeboard boats industry. Although Lee still maintains a minority ownership interest in Centurion and Supreme, he continues to work with both brands in a consulting role.

Supreme Boats' recent milestones include the completion of its first boat in a new 160,000 square foot production facility in Valdosta, Georgia in June 2021. This new facility highlights the brand's commitment to innovation, efficiency, and its continuing growth in the industry.

Some popular Supreme Boat models include the 2023 S220 and the 2023 S240, both of which offer a 36" draft and are available for customization through Supreme's Build Your Ride program. These boats, along with Centurion's offerings, provide an unparalleled on-water experience for wakeboard and wakesurf enthusiasts.

Dealers and Sales Network

Supreme Boats, known for their valuable wakesurf and wakeboard boats, have established an extensive network of dealers around the globe. These dealers provide customers with top-notch sales experiences while showcasing Supreme Boats' latest models and features.

In the United States, dealers can be found in states like South Dakota, New York, Georgia, Indiana, among others. Some prominent dealers include:

  • Black Hills Outdoor in Rapid City, SD
  • Morgan Marine in Silver Bay, NY
  • The Boat Shop in Eatonton, GA
  • Wawasee Boat Company in Syracuse, IN
  • Team Marine in Candies Lane, US

Additionally, Supreme Boats has been expanding its dealership network to better cater to its growing customer base. In the recent past, they have welcomed 21 more dealers to their network, enhancing their reach and ensuring customers can access their products with ease.

As for boats for sale, potential buyers can easily find new and used Supreme Boats available at various dealerships or on platforms like Boat Trader. Listings on Boat Trader include models like the ZS252, S240, ZS232, S220, and ZS212. Interested buyers can browse through the listings, which showcase images, prices, and locations for available boats.

In summary, Supreme Boats boasts a widespread dealership network that helps boat enthusiasts find the perfect wakesurf and wakeboard boat to suit their needs. With a growing number of dealers, the company aims to make it convenient for customers to experience their top-quality and high-performance boats.

Contact and Online Presence

Supreme Boats is a reputable brand known for its wakeboard and wakesurf boats. They have an official website where potential customers can learn more about their products and the latest news concerning their Waterproof Tour Experience events.

For individuals who are interested in contacting Supreme Boats for additional information, the company offers several methods. Their main office is located at 601 Gil Harbin Industrial Blvd, Valdosta, GA 31601. They can also be reached by phone at 1-209-384-0255 or by email at [email protected].

Furthermore, Supreme Boats has a contact form on their website where potential customers can submit their details and queries. The form requires information such as the individual's first and last name, email address, phone number, country, postal code, and a message detailing their needs or questions.

Apart from their primary online presence on their official website, Supreme Boats also maintains a presence on River Boats, a sister site for their Supreme and Shawnee boats. This site provides further contact details, including a physical address at 54 Dillard Rd, Midway, AR 72651, as well as phone and fax numbers: (870) 507-0902 and (870) 507-0903, respectively.

In addition to these websites, Supreme Boats showcases its dedication to the boating community by actively engaging with customers and enthusiasts on prominent social media platforms. This allows the company to share updates, news, events, and interact with fans, all while displaying their commitment to excellence in the marine industry.

Supreme Boats in the West

Supreme Boats has made a strong presence in the western regions of the United States, with its high-quality wakesurf and wakeboard boats gaining popularity among water enthusiasts. Their innovative designs and superior performance have contributed to their growing popularity in the region, especially for wakesurfing and wakeboarding activities.

One notable model in the Supreme Boats lineup is the ZS232, a 23'2" surf powerhouse with an impressive 4900 pounds of ballast capacity in six individually pumped locations. This model is designed to cater to the unique demands of western water sports enthusiasts, ensuring those behind the boat enjoy the perfect surfing and wakeboarding experiences.

In addition to the ZS232, Supreme Boats offers a comprehensive range of models for various water-based activities. The S-series and ZS series are both popular choices in the west. The S220, a 22-footer, sports the new EZ-V hull design and can seat 14 people with 4,400 pounds of ballast.

Accessibility to Supreme Boats in the West is made possible by a network of dealers such as BoardCo, offering a combination of new and used Centurion and Supreme surf boat inventory for sale. These dealerships provide customers with an extensive selection, ensuring they can find the right boat for their needs while experiencing exceptional customer service throughout the purchasing process.

Some of the key features found in Supreme Boats' lineup include:

  • State-of-the-art surf and wake systems
  • Customizable ballast and speed controls
  • Comfortable seating arrangements
  • Durable construction materials
  • Efficient fuel consumption

Whether novices or experts, water-sports enthusiasts in the West can rely on Supreme Boats to provide a reliable, enjoyable, and memorable experience on the water, making every outing worth the ride.

Authorized Locations

Supreme Boats, known for their versatile and high-quality wakesurf and wakeboard boats, have a wide network of authorized dealers across different locations. These authorized dealers are committed to providing excellent customer service, ensuring buyers can experience the surf, strength, and spirit of these affordable towboats.

To find an authorized dealer near you, Supreme Boats offers a convenient locator tool on their website. Customers can enter their location details, which will help them find the nearest dealer in their area.

Supreme authorized locations offer a variety of services and benefits to customers, including:

  • Access to the Supreme Boats full range of models, such as the S220, S240, ZS212, ZS232, and ZS252.
  • Comprehensive owner's manual and product support for each boat model.
  • Test rides and demos to help buyers understand and experience the performance and features of the boats.
  • Valuation and trade-in options for owners looking to upgrade or replace their existing boats.
  • Tours of the Supreme Boats factory, providing insights into the manufacturing process and quality assurance measures.

By choosing an authorized location, customers can trust they are working with experienced and knowledgeable dealers, dedicated to offering the best in Supreme Boats products and services. This ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience when purchasing and owning a Supreme Boat.

Marine Industry Recognition

Supreme Boats has achieved notable recognition within the marine industry. In February 2020, the company was awarded the 2019 Marine Industry Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Award for excellence in customer satisfaction by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA). This prestigious award showcases Supreme Boats' dedication to actively measuring customer satisfaction and their commitment to continuous improvement.

The NMMA CSI Awards are designed to honor boat and engine manufacturers who have achieved an independently-measured standard of excellence of 90 percent or higher in customer satisfaction. Supreme Boats not only achieved this benchmark but also has the distinction of being one of just nine companies in its segment to receive this recognition. As a first-time recipient of this award, Supreme Boats has demonstrated its commitment to delivering high-quality products and excellent customer service within the marine industry.

These awards are presented during the Innovation Breakfast at the Progressive® Insurance Miami International Boat Show®, which is an annual event that showcases the latest advancements and innovations within the boating industry. The NMMA is a leading industry organization, and being recognized by them helps to solidify Supreme Boats' reputation as a top boat manufacturer committed to customer satisfaction.

In summary, the Marine Industry Customer Satisfaction Index Award highlights Supreme Boats' dedication to upholding high standards of quality and customer satisfaction. This recognition from the National Marine Manufacturers Association is a testament to the company's commitment to excellence in the competitive marine industry.

Fiberglass Construction

Supreme Boats, known for their high-quality tow boats, take pride in their fiberglass construction process. The use of fiberglass results in strong, durable boats that can withstand harsh marine environments for many years.

One important aspect of the fiberglass construction process involves applying fiberglass and resin using a chopper gun. This tool is widely used by manufacturers, including high-end builders such as Sea Ray, Everglades, Malibu, and Ranger, to create resilient boat structures. The chopper gun allows for the quick application of fiberglass material, ensuring a speedy production process without compromising on quality.

Supreme Boats' fiberglass construction comprises multiple layers of fiberglass material, which are meticulously hand-laid to create a structurally sound hull. During the process, the layers are carefully inspected and reinforced, ensuring the boat's durability and performance.

Supreme Boats are manufactured in Merced, California, and their tow boats are equipped with Correct Craft subsidiaries PCM and Crusader Engines. These powerful engines, combined with the fiberglass construction, make Supreme Boats a top choice for towed watersports enthusiasts.

In summary, the fiberglass construction of Supreme Boats uses modern techniques coupled with precision and care, resulting in a durable, high-performing product for towed watersports.  

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