June 9, 2024

Scarab Boats: Ultimate Performance and Style on the Water

Scarab boats are known for their sporty performance and luxury features, making every day on the water an exciting adventure.

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These boats offer a range of models, each customizable to meet the owner’s preferences and needs. Whether you’re looking for a boat for water sports or simply a relaxing day out, Scarab boats have options that cater to various activities.

The brand has a strong worldwide dealer network ready to assist with both purchases and servicing. Financing options are flexible, and potential buyers can easily find a dealer online to start their journey. Scarab jet boats provide an unmatched combination of performance, luxury, and versatility.

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From the compact 165 ID to the spacious 255 ID, each model offers customizable options for a personalized boating experience. The 195 ID stands out with its customizable exterior and interior, catering to specific tastes and styles. Scarab's commitment to quality and performance ensures that every day on the water is memorable.

Key Takeaways

  • Scarab boats offer sporty performance and luxury features.
  • A strong dealer network and flexible financing make buying easy.
  • Various models are customizable to meet individual preferences and needs.

History of Scarab Boats

Scarab boats have a rich history dating back several decades. They were first introduced by Team Scarab, created by Larry Smith, a renowned name in the boating industry.

In their early years, Scarab boats gained significant popularity for their performance and design. One of their notable models was the 26' hull, which was known for its deep deadrise and pad bottom hull design. This model was well-regarded for its performance dynamics and modern styling.

Scarab boats became widely recognized in the 1980s when they were featured in the popular TV series Miami Vice. The main character, Sonny Crockett, piloted a Wellcraft 38 Scarab KV. This exposure helped boost the brand's popularity, making Scarab synonymous with sleek and fast boats.

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The Wellcraft Scarab lineup continued to evolve, introducing various models over the years. In the early 1990s, Team Scarab developed a small waterjet-powered stunt boat, showcasing their innovation in the boating industry.

One of the most famous Scarab models is the 43 Scarab SCS (Super Competition Series), known for its history in Key West and its standout performance in Poker Runs. This model featured stand-up bolsters for six people and was powered by triple Mercury Hi-Performance engines.

In recent years, Scarab introduced Scarab jet boats. These jet boats are known for their high maneuverability and performance on the water, continuing the legacy of innovative design and engineering that Scarab is known for.

Key Highlights

  • Founder: Larry Smith
  • Popular Models: 26' Scarab, 38 Scarab KV, 43 Scarab SCS
  • Media Appearance: Miami Vice TV series
  • Innovations: Waterjet-powered stunt boats, Scarab jet boat series

Model Overview

Scarab Boats offers a versatile range of jet boats designed for performance and enjoyment on the water. This section breaks down key details about each model to help potential buyers understand their options.

165 ID

The 165 ID is the compact model in the Scarab lineup. With a length of 16 feet, it is perfect for those looking for agility and ease of handling.

Despite its smaller size, it comes with a powerful engine that ensures thrilling rides. The boat can comfortably seat up to five people, making it ideal for small family outings.

It includes a swim platform for easy water access and spacious storage compartments. With several color options and customizable features, the 165 ID offers a personalized boating experience.

195 ID

The 195 ID stands out due to its blend of performance and family-friendly features. At 19 feet long, it's larger than the 165 ID, providing more space and stability.

This model features innovative design elements like comfortable seating arrangements and ample storage. Equipped with a robust engine, the 195 ID delivers high-speed capability.

It also includes modern amenities such as an upgraded sound system and premium upholstery. This boat is designed to ensure both exciting rides and relaxed cruises, making it a versatile choice.

255 ID

For those seeking luxury and performance, the 255 ID is a standout option.

This 25-foot model is built to impress with its spacious layout and superior build quality. It can accommodate up to 13 passengers, making it perfect for larger gatherings.

The 255 ID comes with twin-engine options for unparalleled power and acceleration. It features advanced navigation systems and high-tech controls.

Comfort is a priority, with plush seating and sophisticated interiors. The boat also offers extensive customization options to cater to personal tastes and preferences.

255 Open ID

The 255 Open ID is designed for those who love open-air boating. This model features an open-bow layout that maximizes space and seating flexibility.

At 25 feet, it shares the size and many features of the 255 ID but with an emphasis on outdoor enjoyment. It is equipped with powerful twin engines that ensure ample speed and performance.

The open design includes multiple storage areas and a large swim platform. The 255 Open ID also offers customizable options and modern features, making it a prime choice for adventure seekers who enjoy the feel of open water.


Scarab boats boast advanced engine technology, excellent handling on the water, and various cruise control options to enhance your boating experience.

Engine Specifications

Scarab boats come equipped with Rotax marine engines. For instance, the Scarab Jet 195 ID features the powerful Rotax 300 ACE engines.

These engines provide a mix of power and efficiency, with maximum speeds reaching up to 52 mph. The engine weight is well-balanced, contributing to overall performance and agility. Meanwhile, the fuel capacity allows for extended outings without frequent refueling.

Most models include twin 230 hp Rotax engines as standard, but options for higher horsepower are available for those seeking more speed and power.

Handling Characteristics

The handling of Scarab boats is finely tuned to provide a smooth and responsive experience on the water.

Their innovative design includes water ballast bags that help stabilize the boat and improve handling. Meanwhile, the Scarab 195 Open handles turns with precision, making it ideal for both casual cruising and more spirited riding.

The LOA (length overall) measurement of 18′ 10″ ensures a stable platform while still being maneuverable. Features like flip-up bucket seat bolsters and pull-up cleats add to the ease of handling, making docking and tight maneuvers more manageable.

Cruise Control Options

Scarab boats offer versatile cruise control options, enhancing the overall boating experience.

Many models come with cruise control mode, allowing for consistent speed even in varying water conditions. This is particularly useful for water sports like skiing, where steady speed is crucial.

The Scarab 195 HO Impulse includes advanced features such as a Bimini top and stereo remote at the helm, making it easier to manage settings while underway. These features provide a seamless experience, letting you focus on enjoying your time on the water rather than constantly adjusting speed.

Features and Amenities

Scarab jet boats are known for their thoughtful designs and luxurious features. From the practical layout of the cockpit to the advanced entertainment system, these boats offer a high level of comfort and convenience.

Cockpit Design

The cockpit of a Scarab jet boat is crafted with the user in mind. It features a spacious layout with comfortable seating and easy access to all controls. The helm is designed for optimal visibility and ergonomic use, helping the driver to stay in control.

Multiple storage options, such as under-seat compartments and dedicated places for personal items, ensure everything is within reach. The upholstery is made from durable, marine-grade materials that withstand harsh weather conditions.

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Entertainment System

Scarab jet boats come equipped with a high-quality entertainment system.

It includes multi-speaker setups that deliver clear, powerful sound, ideal for enjoying music while out on the water. The stereo system often features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to stream music directly from their smartphones or other devices.

Some models are fitted with advanced head units that offer additional options like satellite radio and USB inputs. Mood lighting around the speakers adds a fun, personalized touch to the boating experience.

Storage Solutions

Storage is a key feature in Scarab jet boats. The boats have multiple storage compartments designed for various needs.

A ski locker provides a convenient place to store water sports equipment, keeping the deck clear and safe. Other storage solutions include in-floor compartments and bow storage areas, making it easy to organize gear.

Battery storage is also designed for easy access, ensuring that it's simple to perform routine maintenance or replacements. The efficient layout helps maximize space without compromising comfort.

Safety and Reliability

Scarab boats are known for their robust safety features and reliable performance on the water. They come equipped with advanced systems and strong warranties to ensure peace of mind for every owner.

Emergency Systems

Scarab boats are fitted with critical safety components like an emergency engine shut-off. This stops the engine instantly if the driver falls overboard, preventing the boat from running adrift.

The Scarab custom gauge cluster includes important data points like speed, fuel levels, and other engine metrics. The steering wheel is designed with a deluxe, tilt feature, allowing for easy maneuvering and quick adjustments.

Many models also include a depth finder to help avoid shallow areas that can damage the hull. These safety tools collectively ensure a safer boating experience.

Warranty and Protection

Scarab boats offer a lifetime limited warranty on the hull structure, ensuring long-term durability against structural damage, including issues like osmosis, which affects the hull's integrity over time.

A factory warranty typically covers the boat's components for the first few years, giving owners extra assurance. Some Scarab boats include a trailer warranty that protects the boat’s trailer from defects.

These warranties provide a solid foundation of trust for any potential buyer. Knowing that the company stands behind its products with these warranties enhances the overall ownership experience.

Water Sports and Recreational Use

Scarab boats are known for their performance and versatility on the water. They offer features designed to enhance wakeboarding, watersports, and towing.

Wakeboarding and Watersports Features

Scarab jet boats are a popular choice for water sports enthusiasts. They offer powerful engines, like the twin 300 hp Rotax jet drives in the Scarab 235 Open ID, which can reach speeds up to 60 mph. The boats are built for agility and speed, making them ideal for activities like wakeboarding.

These boats come equipped with board racks and ample storage for gear, ensuring that everything needed for a day on the water is within reach. Many models feature specialized ballast systems to create large wakes, adding to the excitement of wakeboarding and other water sports.

Towing and Trailer Insights

When it comes to towing and storage, Scarab boats offer practical solutions. Their trailer weight and dimensions are designed for easy transport. For instance, the Scarab 195 ID balances a lightweight design with durability, making it easier to tow.

Details such as bridge clearance and storage length on trailer are carefully planned to make sure these boats can be stored in standard garages. This helps in preventing any issues when transporting or storing the boat.

Scarab provides specs to help owners plan for total height on trailer and other transport needs, making it simple to enjoy these boats wherever the adventure takes them. This attention to detail ensures that Scarab boats are as easy to store as they are thrilling to use.

Buyer's Guide

When looking to purchase a Scarab boat, you must understand the various models available, along with their features and what sets them apart. This guide covers 2024 freshwater boats, water sports boats, and how to choose the right model for your needs.

2024 Freshwater Boat and Gear Buyers Guide

The 2024 Freshwater Boat and Gear Buyers Guide includes an overview of the best boats and equipment for freshwater adventures. Scarab Boats' freshwater models, like the Scarab Jet 195 ID, are known for their sleek design and powerful performance. These models are ideal for fishing, cruising, or simply enjoying a day on the lake. Key features include enhanced stability, innovative hull designs, and superior comfort.

Essential gear such as life vests, GPS systems, and fishing equipment should not be overlooked. It's also wise to consider storage options and trailer requirements when choosing a freshwater boat. This guide aims to help you find the perfect balance of functionality and style for your freshwater boating needs.

2024 Water Sports Boat Buyers Guide

The 2024 Water Sports Boat Buyers Guide highlights the top choices in boats tailored for water sports enthusiasts. Scarab's water sports models, such as the 2024 Scarab Jet 285 ID, are built for activities like wakeboarding and water skiing. These boats feature powerful engines, advanced wake control systems, and ample storage for gear.

Special features like wakeboard towers, ballast systems, and digital speed control are common in these models. When selecting a water sports boat, consider the type of activities you prefer and look for models that offer the best performance and safety features. Scarab’s lineup provides a variety of options to match your specific water sports needs.

Choosing the Right Model

Choosing the right Scarab model depends on your specific needs and preferences. For those interested in speed and performance, the 2024 Scarab Jet 195 ID offers a compact and agile option. Families who enjoy multiple water activities might prefer the Scarab Jet 285 ID, which offers more space and features designed for water sports.

It's also important to consider your usual boating environment. Freshwater boats differ from those designed for saltwater use. Additionally, think about the size of your typical group and whether you need more seating or storage. Scarab provides a range of models suited for various activities, ensuring that you can find one that matches your lifestyle and boating preferences.

Ownership Experience

Scarab boat ownership offers a chance to join a vibrant community, take part in exciting events, and personalize your boat with various upgrades. It also involves regular maintenance to keep the boat in top shape.

Community and Events

Scarab owners benefit from an active online community. The Scarab Jet Boat Owners & Enthusiasts group on Facebook is a popular place to share tips, photos, and stories.

Owners frequently share advice on troubleshooting and boat maintenance. They also organize meet-ups and events, creating a sense of camaraderie. Upcoming events range from casual weekend get-togethers to larger boat shows. These gatherings provide opportunities to see different models and learn from experienced boaters.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Regular maintenance is crucial for keeping a Scarab boat in good condition. Owners should check the engine, clean the hull, and inspect the electrical systems regularly.

Scarab boats, known for their powerful performance, need careful upkeep to maintain their agility and speed. Regularly visiting a Scarab dealer for professional servicing ensures the boat runs smoothly.

Owners often discuss routine care and problem-solving in forums like the Scarab Rotax Forum.

Accessories and Upgrades

Personalizing a Scarab boat can enhance the ownership experience. Many owners enjoy adding custom features like upgraded sound systems, GPS units, and performance parts.

Popular accessories include high-quality marine speakers, swim platforms, and custom seating. These not only enhance comfort but also improve the boat’s functionality. Dealers and online stores offer a range of upgrades catering to various needs and preferences.

Modifications are often shared within the Scarab community, allowing owners to exchange ideas and showcase their unique setups. This makes the process of finding the best gear and enhancements both exciting and rewarding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Scarab boats are known for their premium build quality and unique design. This section addresses common questions about their features, pricing, and manufacturing.

Why are Scarab boats considered a premium option in the boating market?

Scarab boats are valued for their high-quality materials and advanced engineering. They offer superior performance and stylish designs. The boats are equipped with powerful engines and advanced navigation systems, making them ideal for both recreational and professional use.

What is the average price range for a new Scarab boat?

The price of a new Scarab boat typically ranges from $30,000 to $90,000. The cost depends on the model, size, and additional features. Special editions and customizations can push the price higher.

What became of Scarab boats after their peak popularity?

Scarab boats gained fame in the 1980s and remain respected in the boating community. The brand has adapted to market changes and continues to produce innovative models. They are still available and popular among enthusiasts today.

Which company is responsible for the manufacturing of Scarab boats?

Rec Boat Holdings LLC manufactures Scarab boats. The company specializes in jet boats and operates under the ownership of Groupe Beneteau, a leading figure in the marine industry. They ensure quality and innovation in every product.

What distinguishes Scarab jet boats from other jet boat brands?

Scarab jet boats are distinguished by their responsive handling and robust construction. They use high-powered Rotax engines, which offer better acceleration and maneuverability. The boats also feature modern aesthetics and practical layouts ideal for watersports and leisure cruising.

What are the unique features of Scarab offshore boats?

Scarab offshore boats are known for their durability and speed. They have reinforced hulls that perform well in rough waters.

The boats are designed with ample storage, comfortable seating, and advanced safety features. This makes them popular choices for fishing and long-distance cruising.

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