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Scarab Boats for Sale: A Comprehensive Buyer's Guide

Scarab boats have long been associated with performance, style, and quality. Known for their jet-powered watercraft, these boats offer an unmatched experience for thrill-seekers and watersport enthusiasts alike. With their 2023 lineup recently released, potential buyers have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of models that cater to different needs and preferences.

When it comes to finding Scarab boats for sale, online platforms like Boat Trader and offer numerous listings, ensuring that there's a suitable match for every interested buyer. From the compact and accessible 165 ID model to the sportier and more spacious 215 ID, these vessels are built to deliver exceptional performance and maneuverability on the water.

To assist you in your search for the perfect Scarab boat, it's important to take advantage of available resources and carefully assess your own preferences, budget, and intended usage. By doing so, you'll be able to make an informed decision and ultimately experience the exhilarating and unforgettable experience that Scarab boats have to offer.

Overview of Scarab Boats

Scarab is a well-known brand in the boating industry, recognized for its performance-focused jet boats designed for enthusiasts who enjoy watersports such as skiing and wakeboarding. These boats are built to provide superior handling, speed, and maneuverability on the water.

In the 2023 lineup, Scarab offers various models that cater to different preferences and needs. One of the popular choices among boating enthusiasts is the Scarab 165 ID, which starts at an MSRP of $38,525. This boat is designed for action, offering excellent performance on the water for those looking to engage in watersports.

Another notable model is the Scarab 215 ID, which offers more space and seating capacity. It is perfect for families and groups who want to enjoy both relaxing cruises and watersports activities.

Scarab boats are equipped with powerful engines and features that enhance their performance for watersports. These include:

  • Jet propulsion systems, offering greater thrust and precise handling, allowing for better control in watersports activities like skiing and wakeboarding
  • Wake enhancement options, such as ballast systems and trim tabs, which help create the perfect wake for riders
  • User-friendly controls and features, making it simple for even inexperienced boaters to enjoy a smooth ride.

When shopping for a Scarab boat, prospective buyers can browse Boat Trader and for new and used boats, often with detailed listings and pricing information. Dealerships across the United States also carry a selection of Scarab boats, making it easy for those seeking the perfect performance jet boat to find their ideal model.

Popular Scarab Boat Models

In this section, we explore popular Scarab boat models, known for their speed, performance, and innovation. Each model offers a unique set of features to cater to different boating needs.

165 ID

The Scarab 165 ID is a 16-foot jet boat ideal for thrill-seekers and water sports enthusiasts. Key features include:

  • Choice of Rotax Jet Engine options
  • Seating for up to 5 people
  • Integrated swim platform and ski tow

It offers a compact design while maintaining optimal performance, making it perfect for a day on the water with friends and family.

195 ID

Scarab's 195 ID model offers more space, with seating capacity for up to 8 passengers. This means more room for fun and relaxation. Notable features are:

  • Rotax Jet Engine options providing impressive acceleration and top speeds
  • Multiple seating configurations
  • Convertible sun pad for relaxation

The 195 ID provides the perfect combination of performance, comfort, and versatility.

215 ID

The Scarab 215 ID is designed to elevate your boating experience to a whole new level, with space for up to 10 passengers and twin Rotax Jet Engines. Key features include:

  • Dual console design
  • Ample storage for gear
  • Premium audio system

Whether you are into skiing, wakeboarding, or cruising, the 215 ID is built to deliver an unforgettable day on the water.

255 Open ID

Scarab's 255 Open ID is a versatile 25-foot boat, offering a spacious open layout with plenty of seating and storage options. Its key features are:

  • Seating for up to 13 people
  • Optimized fishing setup with rod holders and a live well
  • Convertible rear-facing bench seat

This boat is built for unforgettable days of fishing, water sports, and cruising with friends and family.

285 ID

The largest model in the lineup, the Scarab 285 ID provides a luxurious and comfortable boating experience. Built to impress, it boasts:

  • Cabin with sleeping accommodations
  • Fully equipped galley and head
  • Expansive seating area with a retractable sunshade

This model is perfect for those who enjoy spending extended periods on the water and demand comfort and performance in equal measure.

In conclusion, each of these iconic Scarab models offers a unique set of features designed to cater to various boating needs. Harnessing decades of innovation and engineering excellence, Scarab boats provide exceptional performance, versatility, and style.

Buying New vs. Used Scarab Boats

Benefits of New Boats

Purchasing a new Scarab boat offers several advantages. First, when buying new, you have the opportunity to customize your boat with the latest features and technology. Some of these features might include:

  • Advanced navigational systems
  • High-quality stereo systems
  • Upgraded upholstery and seating options

Another benefit of buying a new Scarab boat is the warranty. A new boat typically comes with a comprehensive warranty that covers repairs and replacements of various components, offering peace of mind.

Additionally, financing options are often more attractive for new boats, enabling buyers to spread the cost over a longer period with lower interest rates.

Advantages of Used Boats

While buying new has its benefits, there are also used Scarab boats available that provide key advantages.

Price is a major factor when considering a used boat. Pre-owned Scarab boats are generally less expensive than their new counterparts, allowing you to save money or purchase a larger or better-equipped vessel.

Another positive aspect of buying a used boat is the ability to research its history. By looking into maintenance records, usage patterns, and any known issues, you can determine whether that particular boat is a wise investment.

Finally, used Scarab boats have already experienced the initial depreciation, which occurs in the first few years of ownership. This means that you may retain more value on your purchase should you decide to sell the boat later.

In conclusion, whether you choose to purchase a new or used Scarab boat, each option has its unique advantages. Consider your preferences, budget, and requirements to make the best decision for your boating experience.

Different Hull Types and Boat Uses

Modified Vee

A Modified Vee hull is a popular choice among Scarab boats for its versatility and maneuverability. This design features a flatter V-shape at the aft and a sharper V-shape towards the bow. This combination creates a stable and smooth ride in a variety of water conditions. It is ideally suited for both freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing, providing stability and agility during your fishing adventures.

Deep Vee

The Deep Vee hull design is an excellent choice for those who prioritize performance and speed. This hull shape features a steep V-angle, which allows it to slice through waves smoothly and efficiently. Scarab boats with Deep Vee hulls are typically more agile and responsive, making them ideal for riders who require high-speed capabilities. While they provide a secure and smooth ride, Deep Vee hulls can be more fuel-consuming than other designs, so consider your priorities when choosing your perfect Scarab boat.


Scarabs boats are great options for cruising adventures, whether it's for overnight cruising or day cruising. They provide enough amenities and comfort to create enjoyable experiences on the water. Many of these boats come equipped with comfortable seating, ample storage, and essential facilities to enhance the overall cruising experience.

  • Overnight Cruising: For those planning to spend nights onboard, Scarab boats come with cabin spaces that offer basic amenities like comfortable berths and compact galley areas. Their practical designs make them cozy choices for overnight stays on the water.

  • Day Cruising: Day cruising on a Scarab boat allows you and your passengers to spend a thrilling day out in the sun. With various seating options, ample space, and plenty of storage for water toys and essentials, these boats provide a relaxed and enjoyable day-out experience.


Scarab boats cater to both freshwater and saltwater fishing enthusiasts. Designed with practical features, these boats are capable of handling the challenging nature of fishing expeditions.

  • Freshwater Fishing: Scarab boats handle well on lakes and rivers alike, providing stability and space to create memorable freshwater fishing trips. With ample casting space and efficient storage solutions, these boats are well-suited for anglers.

  • Saltwater Fishing: The strength and durability of Scarab boats make them ideal options for saltwater fishing. They offer features like rod storage, livewells, and sturdy construction to endure the harsh conditions of saltwater environments.

Jet Propulsion System

Scarab jet boats are known for their performance and agility on the water. The Jet Propulsion System is a key factor in providing an exhilarating experience for those seeking fun and sporty adventures.

One of the main types of propulsion systems used in Scarab boats is the Rotax jet propulsion engine. This type of inboard propulsion system has several advantages compared to traditional outboard, outboard-4s, and other propulsion systems.

  • Efficiency and speed: The jet propulsion system delivers an impressive acceleration, enabling Scarab boats to reach high speeds in a matter of seconds, offering a thrilling boating experience.
  • Maneuverability: Jet boats have an excellent turning and handling capability, making them easy to navigate in tight spots or when performing water sports, such as wakeboarding or water skiing.
  • Safety: With no exposed propeller, jet boats minimize the risk of injuries while swimming, diving, or engaging in water-based activities around the boat.

Apart from the Rotax jet propulsion engine, some Scarab models also come with advanced technologies, such as the Garmin vessel control system, enhancing the overall boating experience by providing added control and ease of use.

To sum up, Scarab jet boats, with their Jet Propulsion System, offer performance, safety, and maneuverability, which make them a popular choice for individuals looking for a sporty and enjoyable boating experience.

Boat Dealers and Private Sellers

Scarab boats can be found through both boat dealers and private sellers. Boat dealers typically have a wide range of new and used Scarab boats for sale, allowing customers to choose from a variety of models, sizes, and price points. Professional boat dealers often offer financing options, warranty packages, and additional services, such as maintenance or winterization, which can be helpful for boat owners.

You can locate Scarab boat dealers through the Scarab Jet Boats Dealer Locator. This tool allows you to search for dealers in the United States or Canada using your zip code or country. Buying from an authorized dealer closest to where you boat is encouraged to ensure optimal customer support and access to services.

In addition to dealers, private sellers also offer Scarab boats for sale. Websites such as Boat Trader and feature listings from both dealers and private sellers, making it easy to compare prices and features. Private sellers may have more room for negotiation on price, but be prepared to handle registration, inspection, and insurance independently, as these tasks would be managed by a professional boat dealer.

When searching for Scarab boats in specific locations, such as Florida, you can use websites like to filter listings by location, allowing you to find options available nearby.

In summary:

  • Boat dealers offer a variety of new and used Scarab boats, with financing options and additional services available
  • Private sellers may have more room for negotiation but require buyers to handle registration, inspection, and insurance independently
  • Use the Scarab Jet Boats Dealer Locator, Boat Trader,, and to find Scarab boats for sale for your desired location

Price Range and Market Information

Scarab boats are known for their performance, sporty design, and bold appearance. They come in various models that cater to different budgets and preferences. The price range for Scarab boats typically depends on factors such as the age and condition of the boat, its size, features, and engine performance.

For those looking to buy a pre-owned Scarab boat, older models like the 2014 Scarab 215 can be found for around $42,250. As for newer models, the 2023 Scarab lineup is already available in the market, with the starting price for the Scarab Jet 165 ID at $38,525.00. The most expensive Scarab boats are typically larger models with more advanced features and higher engine performance.

To have an idea of the average price range for Scarab boats, here are some examples based on the mentioned search results:

  • 2016 Scarab 215: $43,900
  • 2014 Scarab 215: $42,250
  • 2023 Scarab 165 ID: Starting at $38,525.00
  • 2015 Scarab 165 HO Impulse: $24,999
  • 2023 Scarab SBI 165: $58,313

To find Scarab boats for sale, prospective buyers can consult online marketplaces such as Boat Trader and Both of these platforms offer an extensive listing of Scarab boats available for purchase across different locations, including price details and specifications. Moreover, buyers can also work with yacht brokers or local dealerships that carry Scarab boats in their inventory.

In summary, the cost of Scarab boats varies depending on factors like the model, age, and features, with prices for older models starting in the low-$20,000s, and newer models starting at around $38,525. To find the best deals and choices, buyers can explore popular online marketplaces and consult with yacht brokers or dealerships who specialize in Scarab boats.

United States Market

Scarab boats are popular high-performance jet boats known for their speed and agility. In the United States, there are several options for those interested in purchasing a new or used Scarab boat. The market is rich with numerous models, sizes, and features available to cater to various boating enthusiasts' preferences.

In New Jersey, one can find a range of Wellcraft Scarab 23 boats for sale. These boats offer a good combination of power and sleek design, providing an exciting boating experience. Tuckerton, New Jersey, is a popular location to find these boats, with offerings from different years and price points.

Among the largest collections of Scarab boats for sale, the 2023 models stand out with their modern design and advanced features. Some popular 2023 models in the United States include:

  • Scarab 215 ID, located in Mandeville, Louisiana
  • Scarab SBI 165, located in Somerset, Kentucky

These boats showcase the latest innovations in Scarab's jet boat lineup, offering excellent performance and comfort to potential buyers. Prices can vary depending on the model and the additional features included.

Model Location Length Price Range
Scarab 215 ID Mandeville, Louisiana 21 ft Contact Seller
Scarab SBI 165 Somerset, Kentucky 16 ft 5 in Contact Seller

In addition to new boats, the United States market contains many used Scarab boats for sale, with plenty of options for those looking for affordability and value. Some popular used Scarab models include the:

  • 2023 Scarab 165 ID, a versatile wakeboard boat available in St. George, Utah
  • 2023 Scarab 255 ID, a larger ski and wakeboard boat for sale at Marine United in Louisiana

Whether interested in a new or used Scarab boat, the United States market offers a wealth of options, allowing boating enthusiasts to find the perfect vessel to suit their needs and preferences. With the largest collections of boats for sale across various locations, the market is teeming with opportunities for potential buyers.

Specifications and Features

Boat Length

Scarab jet boats come in different lengths to cater to various preferences and needs. For instance, the Scarab 165 ID has a length overall (LOA) of 15 feet and 9 inches, while the larger Scarab 215 ID spans 21 feet and 8 inches. These lengths contribute to an enhanced, comfortable, and thrilling experience on the water.


Having an average beam provides stability and ample space for onboard activities. With a sufficient beam width, Scarab jet boats ensure that passengers can move around and enjoy their time on the water. For example, the Scarab 165 ID has a beam of 7 feet and 1 inch, allowing for adequate space and comfort.


A shallow draft is an essential feature of Scarab jet boats. This characteristic makes it easier to navigate shallow waters and enhances the boat's overall performance. In the case of the Scarab 215 ID, the draft is just 1 foot, providing the ability to maneuver with ease and versatility.


These boats boast impressive horsepower, with some models offering up to 600 hp. For example, the Scarab 165 ID can be configured with up to 300 hp, delivering unmatched speed and acceleration, while the Scarab 215 ID offers a maximum of 500 hp, allowing for thrilling performance on the water.

Other Notable Features

  • Hull: Scarab jet boats feature a fiberglass modified-vee hull, providing a smooth and efficient ride through various water conditions.
  • Center Console: The center console design offers convenient access to controls, storage, and seating, maximizing the use of space on the deck.
  • Powerboat: As a powerboat brand, Scarab prioritizes performance, speed, and quick acceleration. Their jet vessels are designed to endure high speeds and deliver a thrilling experience for their owners.
  • Steering: The responsive steering system on Scarab jet boats makes it easier to maneuver and handle, enhancing the overall boating experience.

Watersports and Recreation


Scarab boats are well-known for their versatility and performance, making them an excellent choice for watersports enthusiasts. The sleek design and powerful jet propulsion system allow for smooth control and maneuverability, perfect for skiing activities.

Some popular Scarab models for skiing include the Scarab 255 and Scarab 215, both offering ample space for passengers and storage for ski equipment. Many Scarab boats also come equipped with ski tow bars or towers, providing a safe and convenient attachment point for tow ropes.

Model Length Passengers Ski Features
Scarab 255 25 ft 13 Ski tow bar, ample storage
Scarab 215 21 ft 10 Ski tow bar, ski locker


In addition to skiing, Scarab boats also excel in facilitating wakeboarding adventures. The jet propulsion system creates a small, clean wake ideal for beginners, while skilled wakeboarders can enjoy the challenge of performing tricks behind the boat. Some Scarab models, like the Scarab 165, can be equipped with wakeboard towers to enhance the wakeboarding experience.

Ensuring a fun day of cruising and watersports, Scarab boats provide the thrill and excitement that families and friends seek. These durable and stylish boats are designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, making them a top choice for those looking to enhance their water adventures.

Model Length Passengers Wakeboard Features
Scarab 165 16 ft 5 Optional wakeboard tower, clean wake

Wellcraft Scarab and Other Brands

Wellcraft is a popular boat manufacturer known for their high-quality Scarab series. The Wellcraft Scarab models are versatile boats designed for various activities such as day-cruising, freshwater fishing, and saltwater fishing. They are well-regarded for their impressive design, which equips them to handle seas unlike typical center consoles.

One prominent model is the Wellcraft 302 Scarab Sport, which boasts a 24-degree dead rise at the transom and an 8-foot beam. Powered by Mercury 250 Saltwater Series Electronic Fuel Injected outboard engines, the boat provides excellent performance and speed.

Some other Wellcraft Scarab models available for sale include:

  • 2014 Wellcraft SCARAB SPORT $160,000
  • 2017 Wellcraft 242 Scarab Offshore $89,970
  • 2018 Wellcraft Scarab 302 Offshore $195,000

In addition to Wellcraft Scarabs, there are other brands that manufacture Scarab boats as well. One such brand is Scarab, which offers a range of boats, including the Scarab 215 ID in their lineup. Scarab boats are known for their sleek design and impressive performance on the water, making them a popular choice among boating enthusiasts.

In conclusion, the Wellcraft Scarab series, as well as other Scarab boats, offer various options for boating enthusiasts looking for a combination of performance, design, and versatility. 

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