June 15, 2024

Duffy Boat: The Eco-Friendly Way to Cruise Coastal Waters

Duffy Electric Boats offer a unique and delightful experience on the water. These electric boats are known for their iconic design, enduring quality, and unmatched joy of operation.

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Originally designed for harbors, bays, rivers, and small lakes, Duffy boats have proven their capability by handling up to 40 mph winds in protected waters.

They provide an excellent combination of eco-friendliness and luxury for anyone looking to enjoy a peaceful boating adventure.

In 2024, owning a Duffy boat means access to different models, each tailored to meet various needs and preferences.

From the Sun Cruiser 22 to the Snug Harbor 18, there's a model perfect for every boater's need.

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The attention to detail and commitment to quality ensure a smooth, quiet ride for all passengers, creating memorable moments on the water.

For those not ready to buy, Duffy offers rental services that provide the same enjoyable experience without commitment.

Whether you're in Newport Beach or exploring other locations, renting a Duffy boat guarantees an afternoon of fun and relaxation.

With excellent customer care and support, Duffy Electric Boats continues to lead in providing exceptional boating experiences.

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Key Takeaways

  • Duffy Electric Boats combine eco-friendliness and luxury for a unique boating experience.
  • Various models are available for purchase, each offering different features and sizes.
  • Rental services allow for enjoyable boating without the commitment of ownership.

History of Duffy Electric Boats

Duffy Electric Boats have grown from a small, innovative idea to a symbol of eco-friendly boating. Over five decades, they have advanced in design and functionality while maintaining their American craftsmanship roots.

Duffy's Beginnings

The story of Duffy Electric Boats starts in the summer of 1969. A young man named Duffy was frustrated with the constant breakdowns of his family’s gas-powered runabout.

Seeking a solution, Duffy took inspiration from a friend who suggested using a golf cart motor.

With a $300 loan from his father, he successfully converted his family’s boat into an electric one. This innovation marked the birth of Duffy Electric Boats.

By 1970, the company was formally established in California, focusing on creating electric boats that were practical, quiet, and environmentally friendly.

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Evolution of Design

Over the years, Duffy Electric Boats have continually evolved in design.

Initially, the boats were simple conversions of gas-powered vessels. As technology advanced, the designs became more sophisticated, incorporating features like the Duffy Power Rudder, which improves maneuverability.

Handcrafted by American workers, the boats are known for their durability and aesthetic appeal.

Different models, like the Snug Harbor 18 and the Bay Island 22, cater to various needs. The Duffy 22 even completed a 100-mile trip around Catalina Island in challenging conditions.

Today, Duffy Electric Boats are a staple in harbors and small lakes, offering a mix of tradition and innovation.

Types of Duffy Electric Boats

Duffy Electric Boats offer various models designed for different needs and preferences. Each model provides unique features and benefits, ensuring a pleasurable boating experience.

Duffy Bay Island 22

The Duffy Bay Island 22 is known for its spacious design and functional features. This boat is perfect for larger groups, providing comfortable seating and ample walking space.

It has wide, stable decks and is equipped with top-quality materials for durability.

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Key Features:

  • Capacity: Can accommodate up to 12 people comfortably.
  • Comfort: Plush seating and multiple entry points for easy access.
  • Storage: Plenty of storage under seats and in compartments.
  • Extras: Optional amenities like a refrigerator and a powerful sound system.

These features make the Bay Island 22 stand out for parties, family outings, or a relaxing day on the water.

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Other Popular Models

Several other models are also popular among boating enthusiasts.

The Snug Harbor 18 is notable for being compact yet roomy, with a large interior and features like removable tables and an ice chest.

The Duffy 20 CS brings modern, sustainable boating with zero emissions. It combines stylish design with state-of-the-art technology to enhance the boating experience.

For those who seek maneuverability, the Cat 16 offers a smooth ride with a hydrodynamic PowerPod™.

It’s great for small waterways due to its superior handling and compact size, making it easy to navigate.

These models showcase Duffy Electric Boats' commitment to quality, comfort, and innovation in electric boating.

Owning a Duffy Boat

Owning a Duffy Boat offers a unique and enjoyable boating experience. From the purchase process to care and accessories, here's what you need to know about maintaining and enjoying your Duffy Electric Boat.

Purchase Process

When buying a Duffy Boat, potential owners have a variety of models to choose from, including the Snug Harbor 18, Duffy 20 CS, and Sun Cruiser 22.

Each model has customizable options to fit personal preferences.

Visit the Duffy Electric Boats site to explore options and get in touch with their sales team.

Key Steps:

  1. Selection: Choose the model that best fits your needs.
  2. Contact: Reach out to the Duffy Boats sales team for quotes and financing options.
  3. Customization: Pick optional features like sound systems or refrigerators.
  4. Purchase: Finalize the purchase and arrange delivery.
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Care and Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance are crucial for keeping a Duffy Boat in top condition.

Regular cleaning and timely servicing can extend the boat’s life and ensure a smooth sailing experience.

Be sure to inspect the boat for any wear and tear after each trip.

Essential Maintenance Tips:

  • Regular Cleaning: Rinse the boat with fresh water after every use to remove salt and debris.
  • Battery Care: Charge the battery fully after each use and check electrolyte levels monthly.
  • Routine Inspections: Inspect the hull, electrical systems, and upholstery regularly. Schedule an annual service check with Duffy Boats.
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Accessories and Parts

Enhance your boating experience with a range of accessories and parts available for Duffy Boats.

Common accessories include upgraded sound systems, refrigerators, and custom enclosures.

You can easily order parts directly from Duffy’s website.

Popular Accessories:

  • Enhanced Sound Systems: Crystal clear sound quality throughout the boat.
  • Refrigerators: Keep drinks and snacks cool during trips.
  • Custom Enclosures: Protect against the elements and add privacy.

Duffy Boats offers a comprehensive selection of accessories designed to improve comfort and functionality on the water.

Rental Services

Duffy Electric Boats offer a unique and enjoyable way to experience the water. This section explores how to rent these boats and provides details on rental rates and package options.

How to Rent a Duffy

Renting a Duffy boat is a simple and straightforward process.

At the Newport Beach location, customers can contact the rental office by phone at 949-645-6812, or they can visit the Duffy Electric Boats rental page.

Rentals are available for various durations, allowing flexibility in planning a trip.

Reservations can also be made online for convenience.

For those interested, booking early is recommended, especially during peak seasons and holidays to ensure availability.

To rent a Duffy Electric Boat, customers must be at least 21 years old. Before taking the boat out, a brief orientation is provided to ensure safe operation of the boat.

Rental Rates and Packages

The rental rates for Duffy Electric Boats vary depending on the duration.

At the Balboa Fun Zone location, the following rates apply:

  • 1 Hour: $149
  • 2 Hours: $299
  • 3 Hours: $429
  • 4 Hours: $549

There are different boat models available, such as the Duffy 21' Old Bay, which includes amenities like a window enclosure and Bluetooth stereo.

Rates may differ for holidays or special events, so it’s important to check the rental rates and packages beforehand.

Each boat provides comfort and luxury, making it perfect for family outings or small gatherings. Up to ten people can enjoy a cruise, making it an ideal choice for those looking to explore Newport Beach’s scenic views.

Operating a Duffy Boat

Operating a Duffy boat is simple and enjoyable, offering a comfortable ride with minimal noise.

It's designed for easy maneuvering in protected waters, with key safety features that help ensure a smooth experience.

Maneuvering and Controls

A Duffy boat’s controls are easy to use, making it ideal for beginners.

The control panel includes the throttle, steering mechanism, and various switches for lights and audio.

Drivers should start by familiarizing themselves with these elements in a calm, open area.

Throttle: This controls the boat’s speed. For smooth acceleration or deceleration, gently move the throttle forward or backward.

Steering: The wheel operates like that of a car. Slow, steady movements help navigate comfortably through harbors or bays.

Switches: There are various switches for operating the lights and audio system. These are typically located on or near the control panel for easy access.

Safety and Regulations

Safety is crucial when operating any electric boat, including a Duffy. Before starting, check that all safety equipment is on board, such as life vests and a fire extinguisher.

Life vests: Ensure enough life vests for all passengers. It's important to wear them at all times while on the water.

Emergency procedures: Know how to handle emergencies. This includes understanding basic first aid and how to signal for help.

Rules and regulations: Follow local boating regulations. This includes speed limits, right-of-way rules, and restricted areas. Make sure to operate the boat within designated areas to avoid hazards.

By adhering to these guidelines, operators can enjoy a safe and pleasant experience while cruising in a Duffy boat. For more detailed information on beginner tips, visit this guide.

The Duffy Boating Experience

Duffy boats offer a relaxing and enjoyable boating experience with a focus on comfort, pleasure, and versatility. These electric boats are perfect for family outings, time with friends, and special events.

Onboard Amenities

Duffy boats are equipped with a range of amenities that enhance comfort and convenience.

The Duffy 20 CS, for example, features spacious interiors with ample seating that allows everyone to relax and enjoy the ride. The boat has a center galley with an optional refrigerator, making it easy to store snacks and drinks.

Another popular model, the Snug Harbor 18, has a fully-insulated ice chest under the aft side seat, removable solid wood tables, and wide entry steps on both sides for easy access. These features make every trip comfortable and enjoyable, ensuring that passengers can focus on spending quality time on the water.

Events and Gatherings

Duffy boats are ideal for hosting various events and gatherings. Whether it's a casual weekend ride or a special celebration, these boats create a memorable experience. Family and friends can enjoy a tranquil cruise while taking in the sights and sounds of the waterway.

The boats' zero-emission technology ensures a quiet and eco-friendly journey, allowing passengers to converse easily without engine noise. Duffy boats have been synonymous with quality and luxury for over 50 years, making them a trusted choice for both private and commercial events. Their timeless design and reliable performance make them perfect for creating lasting memories.

Locations and Destinations

Duffy Boats offer a delightful way to explore various scenic locations. Specific areas like Newport Harbor boast numerous attractions, while other popular boating areas provide calm and serene environments for leisurely cruises.

Newport Harbor Attractions

Newport Harbor is a prime destination for Duffy Boats. One standout location is the Balboa Fun Zone, which offers arcades, rides, and waterfront dining. Families enjoy visiting here for its lively atmosphere.

Another key spot in Newport Harbor is PCH Rent, where you can rent Duffy Boats. They provide boats equipped with luxurious amenities, making it a perfect choice for both beginners and seasoned boaters.

Harborside Restaurant is an excellent place to dock and dine. Located near the waterfront, it serves delicious seafood and other American favorites. This makes it a convenient pitstop while exploring.

Lastly, Lido Marina Village boasts boutique shopping and gourmet eateries. This area is perfect for those wanting to combine boating with a little retail therapy.

Popular Boating Areas

Duffy Boats are perfect for exploring various calm and picturesque areas. Besides Newport Harbor, popular destinations include harbors, bays, and small lakes. Many boaters enjoy the peaceful waters of these locations.

One notable destination is Dana Point Harbor, known for its beautiful marinas and ocean views. It's a favorite for its laid-back vibe and ideal cruising conditions.

Marina del Rey is another top choice. It's famed for its spacious harbor with plenty of docking options, making it convenient for boaters to stop and explore nearby attractions.

Mission Bay in San Diego offers a large water expanse, perfect for leisurely cruises. Boaters can also enjoy barbecues onshore in the many picnic areas available.

Customer Care and Support

Duffy Electric Boats offers comprehensive customer care and support services designed to ensure your boat remains in top condition. Key services include warranty coverage and various contact options for customer assistance.

Warranty and Service

Duffy Electric Boats provides robust warranty and service options aimed at preserving the longevity and performance of their boats.

They offer a Duffy Care maintenance program which includes a yearly full electrical and mechanical inspection. This service ensures all components are functioning correctly.

Additionally, the program includes extensive cleaning services, such as bottom cleaning to remove algae and marine growth. This helps prevent performance issues and keeps the boat looking great. If any parts need repair or replacement, Duffy offers these services at their authorized Factory locations, ensuring that all maintenance adheres to factory standards.

Contact Information

For customer support, Duffy Electric Boats offers several contact options.

For questions regarding sales, rentals, and general inquiries, customers can call (949) 645-6812. Specific inquiries about boat sales can be directed to (949) 438-4107.

For parts and service-related questions, customers can reach out to (949) 650-4633. Additionally, they provide email contact options and support, which ensures that customers have multiple ways to get the help they need. Duffy’s responsive support team is committed to addressing requests promptly, whether they involve technical support, maintenance schedules, or sales consultations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Duffy Boats are a popular choice for eco-friendly, luxurious cruising. This section covers common inquiries about costs, rentals, buying considerations, ocean navigation, maintenance, and parts.

What is the typical cost of a Duffy Boat?

The price of a new Duffy Boat can vary based on the model and features.

On average, a new one ranges from $20,000 to $50,000. Used boats may be cheaper but condition and age will affect the price.

Where can individuals find Duffy Boat rentals in Newport Beach?

For rentals in Newport Beach, Duffy Boats offers a variety of options. It's a convenient and popular spot to rent, enjoy the harbor, and experience these electric boats firsthand.

What should one consider before buying a used Duffy Boat?

Before purchasing a used Duffy Boat, inspect the battery condition, maintenance records, and overall state of the hull and interior.

It’s important to verify that all electrical components are functioning properly.

Are Duffy Boats suitable for ocean navigation?

Duffy Boats are best for calm waters like lakes, rivers, and harbors. They are not designed for ocean navigation due to potential currents and rougher waters.

What maintenance considerations are there for Duffy Boat owners?

Maintenance for Duffy Boats includes regular battery checks, cleaning the hull, and ensuring the electrical systems are in good condition. Routine care ensures longevity and optimal performance.

Where can one purchase parts for Duffy Boats?

Duffy Boat parts can be purchased directly from the Duffy Electric Boats website. They offer a range of parts and accessories to keep the boat in top condition.

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