March 20, 2024

Palm Beach Boat Show 2024: A Must-Visit Nautical Extravaganza

The Palm Beach International Boat Show is a prestigious annual event that showcases a wide range of marine vessels. From luxury superyachts to sportfishing boats, and personal watercraft, the event has it all.

Held along Flagler Drive in downtown West Palm Beach, the boat show provides enthusiasts and potential boat owners a unique opportunity to witness the latest innovations and designs. Additionally, it offers visitors the chance to attend educational seminars, participate in family-oriented activities, and enjoy exceptional dining experiences.

A significant highlight of the Palm Beach Boat Show is the VIP Experience. This offers exclusive access to premium lounges, as well as private viewing and meeting areas for high-profile guests. The wide array of exhibits, attractions, and entertainment options make this event a must-attend for those interested in marine recreation and industry trends.

Moreover, the show places emphasis on marine conservation and education, reflecting the growing awareness of environmental issues within the boating community.

Key Takeaways

  • The Palm Beach International Boat Show presents an extensive selection of boats and marine exhibits.
  • The VIP Experience offers exclusive privileges and access to upscale amenities for distinguished guests.
  • The event emphasizes marine conservation and education, aligning with environmentally conscious values.

Event Overview

Dates and Venue

The Palm Beach International Boat Show takes place in beautiful West Palm Beach, along the scenic Flagler Drive. This annual event showcases an impressive selection of yachts, accessories, and marine merchandise.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Intracoastal in downtown West Palm Beach, the 2024 show promises an extensive in-water display that ranges from center consoles to superyachts.

The 42nd Palm Beach International Boat Show will be held from Thursday, March 21 to Sunday, March 24, along the West Palm Beach waterfront. The event, which is owned by the Marine Industries Association of Palm Beach County, has become a significant economic engine for the community and the tri-county area.

Ticketing Options

There are various ticketing options available for those who wish to attend the boat show.

A one-day ticket allows access to the event for a single day, while a two-day ticket provides the flexibility to attend on any two days of the show. Both ticket options can be purchased online.

  • One-Day Ticket: Provides access to the event for one day.
  • Two-Day Ticket: Allows attendees to visit the show on any two days.

Visitors can look forward to exploring the Safe Harbor Rybovich, an impressive display of superyachts, as well as the Lakeside Pavilion, a dedicated area featuring marine merchandise and accessories.

The Palm Beach International Boat Show is an exciting event for boat enthusiasts and marine industry professionals alike. With its diverse selection of yachts, marine products, and stunning venue, it successfully showcases the thriving South Florida boating scene in a captivating and engaging manner.

VIP Experience

Windward VIP Club

The Windward VIP Club offers an exclusive sanctuary within the Palm Beach International Boat Show for guests looking to enhance their experience. The club provides a unique indoor and outdoor lounge setting where attendees can relax, enjoy gourmet food, and premium open bars.

Amenities and Benefits

Gourmet Food and Premium Open Bars: The Windward VIP Club ensures that guests are well-catered for throughout the event, providing both gourmet food and premium open bars for an elevated experience.

Indoor and Outdoor Lounge Setting: The luxury pop-up activations within the club feature a combination of indoor and outdoor spaces, perfect for socializing and enjoying the beautiful waterfront views.

Collaborations and Additional Offers: The Windward VIP Experience often collaborates with other events in the area, such as the Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary Art Fair. As part of these collaborations, VIP guests may receive complimentary passes to partner events and exclusive offers.

Visitors attending the Palm Beach International Boat Show can look forward to a remarkable VIP experience curated by Informa Markets. The Windward VIP Club, along with its exceptional amenities and benefits, provides the perfect environment for attendees to revel in luxury and joy.

Exhibits and Attractions

Yacht and Superyacht Showcase

The Palm Beach International Boat Show is known for its vast display of yachts and superyachts, featuring some of the world's most renowned manufacturers, such as Benetti.

Visitors can explore an impressive selection of watercraft, ranging from 8-foot inflatables to superyachts nearly 300 feet in length. The show also hosts the exclusive Superyacht Show Palm Beach, where some of the most luxurious and cutting-edge superyachts are displayed for an exclusive audience.


Aquazone, presented by Nautical Ventures, is an interactive exhibit showcasing the latest in marine accessories, water sports gear, and electric technology.

From e-foil demonstrations to new and advanced propulsion systems, the Aquazone is sure to provide both entertainment and knowledge for visitors looking to stay updated with the latest innovations in marine technology.

Arts and Marine Exhibitions

A unique aspect of the show is the collaboration with the Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary Art Fair, offering a blend of art and marine excellence.

By attending both events, visitors can extend their experience beyond the boat show, gaining access to some of the most exceptional contemporary artwork in the region. The fusion of artistic expressions and marine engineering highlights the show's commitment to providing visitors with a truly immersive experience.

Entertainment and Activities

Culinary Experiences

Visitors to the Palm Beach Boat Show can enjoy a variety of food options.

From locally-sourced seafood to a diverse selection of international cuisine, there is something for every palate. Food trucks and stalls will offer delicious fare such as ceviche, sushi, lobster rolls, and more. Local restaurants and bars will also be ready to impress with their finest dishes and beverages.

Water Sports Demonstrations

One of the highlights of the Palm Beach Boat Show is the opportunity to see and experience water sports demonstrations.

Thrill-seekers can witness flyboard aerial aquabatics and paddle boarding exhibitions, as well as innovative products like Fliteboard electric foil boards and Yujet electric surfboards.

For those who prefer to stay submerged, the show will also feature exciting Sea Bob diving sleds that allow you to zip through the water with ease.

Family-Friendly Events

The Palm Beach Boat Show strives to provide entertainment for all ages, and the family-friendly events are a testament to this commitment.

Kids will love the interactive Hook the Future experience, tailored to teach young anglers fishing techniques. The Aquabanas Party City is another attraction suitable for families, featuring floating islands for swimming, lounging, and playing.

In addition to the activities mentioned, visitors can also enjoy hands-on experiences with Hobie kayaks, allowing them to try out the latest models in a safe and fun environment. With activities to appeal to a wide range of interests, the Palm Beach Boat Show ensures an enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Boat Categories

The Palm Beach International Boat Show showcases a wide variety of boat categories for enthusiasts and potential buyers. Among the categories, visitors can expect to see approximately 800 boats, including superyachts, sportfishing boats, cruisers, center consoles, and inflatables.


Superyachts are typically over 100 feet long and are known for their luxurious features and advanced technology. The event boasts an impressive collection of new and high-end pre-owned superyachts from renowned manufacturers worldwide.

Sportfishing Boats

A must for fishing enthusiasts, sportfishing boats at the show offer the latest innovations in design, performance, and technology. These boats not only cater to the needs of avid fishing fanatics but also provide comfortable accommodations for long trips.


The Sailboats category includes monohulls, catamarans, and trimarans. The show features sailboats of various capabilities and sizes, ranging from compact day-sailors to luxurious ocean cruisers.

Visitors can admire the craftsmanship, innovative design, and quality materials that make these boats perfect for both leisurely sailing and competitive racing.

Center Consoles

A popular choice for fishing and cruising, center consoles are versatile boats that have become staples in the marine industry.

Show visitors can find a wide selection of center console boats, each designed to accommodate specific needs, from inshore and offshore fishing to family cruising.


Inflatables boats are known for their easy transport and storage options, as well as their adaptability to various water-based activities.

The Palm Beach Boat Show presents several types of inflatables, including inflatables with rigid hulls, tenders, and foldable boats suitable for fishing, water sports, or simply for roaming across large bodies of water.

Marine Conservation and Education

Nonprofit Organizations

One notable nonprofit in the marine conservation space is the ANGARI Foundation, which focuses on advancing marine science education through its at-sea and on-shore programs.

They aim to foster a greater trust and dialogue between scientists and the public, while also educating the community on ocean conservation and investing in the future of STEM education.

With support from events like the Palm Beach International Boat Show, they can further develop educational programs like their Coastal Ocean shark research initiative.

Another significant player in the marine industry is the Marine Industries Association of Palm Beach County (MIAPBC), which strives to promote and protect the growth of the marine industry in Palm Beach County for the benefit of its members, the community, and the environment.

They bring annual signature events like the Palm Beach International Boat Show and the Holiday Boat Parade to the community, further contributing to marine conservation and education.

Educational Seminars

During the Palm Beach International Boat Show, there are opportunities for attendees to participate in educational seminars and workshops.

These sessions focus on various aspects of marine life, conservation, and the boating industry. Participants can learn about sustainable practices, marine ecosystem preservation, and the importance of responsible boating.

Logistics and Planning


Visitors attending the Palm Beach International Boat Show have a variety of accommodation options in proximity to the event.

The show takes place in the beautiful West Palm Beach waterfront area and is directly across the Intracoastal Waterway from Palm Beach Island.

A popular choice among attendees is the Palm Harbor Marina, which offers easy access to the show and a fantastic view of the waterfront.

For those interested in hotel options, there are numerous options available near the event location, ranging from luxury accommodations to more budget-conscious choices.

Transportation and Parking

Getting to the show is quite straightforward, with a variety of transportation services available.

Visitors can choose from taxis, rideshare services like Uber and Lyft, or make use of the public transportation provided by Palm Tran.

Parking options are also available for those who prefer to drive.

The Hibiscus Garage, Gardenia Garage, Sapodilla Garage, and Okeechobee Garage are all within walking distance from the show.

Additionally, there are parking options available at nearby buildings such as Phillips Point and Esperante Corporate Center.

To make your visit seamless, it is recommended to plan your transportation and parking arrangements in advance.

Event Map and Schedule

In order to make the most of your visit to the Palm Beach International Boat Show, it is essential to become familiar with the event map and schedule.

The show covers a large area and features numerous in-water displays, land exhibits, and marine merchandise.

An event map will be provided upon arrival, which outlines the layout of the show, exhibitor locations, and notable attractions.

The schedule will include important details such as the start and end times for each day, special events, and exhibitor presentations.

By reviewing the event map and schedule, visitors can plan and prioritize their time to ensure a successful and enjoyable experience at the Palm Beach International Boat Show.

Visitor Information

Health and Safety

In order to ensure the well-being of all attendees, the Palm Beach International Boat Show takes health and safety seriously.

The event organizers follow the latest guidelines and best practices to mitigate any risks related to COVID-19.

It is advisable to frequently sanitize your hands, practice social distancing, and wear a mask, especially in crowded areas.

Accessibility Features

The boat show strives to be as inclusive and accessible as possible for visitors with disabilities.

All main entrance gates are equipped with ramps for easy access.

Wheelchairs are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

To ensure smooth navigation, their docks are designed to be wider, providing ample space for those with mobility concerns.

Additionally, there are accessible restrooms located throughout the event site.

The boat show's visitor information center can provide further details on accessibility accommodations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates for the Palm Beach International Boat Show?

The Palm Beach International Boat Show is set to take place on March 21st through March 24th.

How can I purchase tickets for the Palm Beach International Boat Show?

Tickets for the Palm Beach International Boat Show can be purchased on the official website, which provides information on general admission tickets and VIP experiences.

Can I find a list of exhibitors for the Palm Beach International Boat Show?

Yes, the list of exhibitors for the Palm Beach International Boat Show is typically available on the official website closer to the event date. Visitors can browse through the list and plan their visit accordingly.

What is the location for the Palm Beach Boat Parade?

The Palm Beach Boat Parade is not a part of the Palm Beach International Boat Show, and it is not mentioned in the provided search results. Further information can be sourced separately.

Who is the organizer of the Palm Beach International Boat Show?

Although the specific organizer is not mentioned in the provided search results, the Palm Beach International Boat Show is an established annual event since 1982, becoming a leader in the boating and marine industry of South Florida.

Which event is considered the largest boat show in the world?

The search results do not provide information on which event is considered the largest boat show in the world. Further research would be required to answer this question.

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