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Westwood Boats is a name that resonates with quality and tradition in the boat manufacturing industry. Known for their attention to detail and commitment to craftsmanship, Westwood has built a reputation that speaks to both the experienced sailor and the leisure enthusiast. With a history that traces back over several years, the company has managed to evolve with the changing tides of boat production, never losing sight of their core values which include producing high-performing vessels with a focus on safety and durability.

The construction and materials used in Westwood boats are a testament to their innovative approach to boat building. The Westwood A35 model, for example, showcases the blend of classic design with modern features, offering boat owners both luxury and performance. The engineering that goes into each Westwood boat ensures that owners experience optimum performance whether they are navigating open waters or docking at a local marina. Furthermore, owning a Westwood boat is not just about having a mode of water transport; it's about being part of a legacy of maritime excellence. The brand's presence in the marketplace and its geographical reach signals its standing as a global player in the boating world.

Key Takeaways

  • Westwood Boats carries a rich heritage of craftsmanship and quality in boat manufacturing.
  • Their boats, such as the A35 model, blend classic design with advanced engineering for superior performance.
  • Owning a Westwood boat is an experience that extends beyond the water to being part of a storied maritime tradition.

History and Evolution

Westwood Boats, with its reputation for craftsmanship and reliability, saw its origins align closely with nautical advancements of the 21st century.

Inception of Westwood Boats

The inception of Westwood Boats can be pinpointed to a period of nautical innovation and a burgeoned market for leisure boating. It was in the years 2007 and 2008 that Westwood made a significant entry into the industry, marking its place with a blend of traditional boat-building techniques and modern designs. During these formative years, Westwood's commitment to quality positioned the brand as a noteworthy entity in the competitive maritime market.

Westwood A35 Model

The Westwood A35 is a cruiser known for its balance of comfort and performance. It's a compelling choice for enthusiasts in the market for a vessel that doesn't compromise on quality.

Design and Specifications

The Westwood A35 features a sleek design with a GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) hull that provides durability and a smooth appearance. The dimensions include a beam of approximately 3.6 meters, offering stability and ample interior space. The draft sits at around 1.00 meter, enabling the boat to navigate shallower waters with ease. With displacement typically around 8 tonnes, the A35 is a solid mid-sized cruiser.


Powered by robust twin engines, the A35 model's engine power is sufficient to propel the craft to cruising speeds without strain, providing a comfortable and reliable journey. The typical engine setup allows for a top speed expected to be in the range of around 25 knots, balancing efficiency and performance.

Pricing Information

Pricing for the Westwood A35 can vary depending on the model year and condition. However, buyers can expect a price reflecting the quality and craftsmanship inherent in Westwood boats. As a benchmark, a well-equipped, newer A35 model might range in the higher end of the market, with current values available through specialized boating marketplaces or dealerships.

Construction and Materials

Westwood Boats is renowned for its commitment to quality and excellence in the boat construction industry. A crucial element of their craftsmanship is reflected in the material selection and the building techniques they employ.

GRP Construction

Westwood Boats utilizes Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), a composite material known for its strength, durability, and lightweight properties. GRP's application in boat construction offers significant advantages, including resistance to corrosion and the marine elements, lending itself to an extended lifespan of the vessels.

  • Displacement: The GRP construction allows for more precise control over the displacement of Westwood Boats, ensuring optimal balance and stability in the water.
  • Beam: By using GRP, Westwood Boats meticulously crafts the beam, which is the boat's widest part, to provide better stability and room without compromising on performance.

The use of GRP in the construction of Westwood Boats not only signifies a step forward in technological advancements but also showcases their dedication to innovation and delivering high-quality seafaring vessels.

Engineering and Performance

Westwood Boats are known for their meticulous engineering and superior performance metrics, which reflect in their engine specifications and the resulting speed and efficiency of their vessels.

Engine Specifications

Westwood Boats equips their vessels with high-quality engines that ensure reliable power output and durability. Engines are selected based on rigorous performance criteria to match the specific needs of each boat model. Typical engine power ranges from modest sizes for leisurely rides to more robust ones designed for speed and agility at sea. Furthermore, these engines feature advanced technologies to maintain smooth operation under various conditions.

  • Engine Type: Inboard, Outboard, Diesel, Gasoline
  • Power Range: 100 HP to 500 HP
  • Fuel System: Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)

Speed and Efficiency

In terms of speed, Westwood Boats have established a strong reputation. Their vessels are engineered to cut through the water with minimal resistance, allowing for impressive acceleration and top speeds. Efficiency is also a hallmark, with the company focusing on engine designs that reduce fuel consumption without compromising on performance.

  • Top Speed: Up to 50 knots for performance models
  • Cruising Speed: Optimized for fuel economy
  • Fuel Efficiency: Advanced hull designs for optimal fuel usage

Each model is a result of thorough hydrodynamic research, ensuring that enthusiasts and professionals alike can enjoy an effective blend of speed and efficiency.

Ownership Experience

When boat enthusiasts consider a Westwood vessel, they anticipate an ownership experience that harmonizes luxury with dependability. Detailed attention to maintenance and an acclaimed level of customer service are hallmarks of the Westwood ownership journey.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Westwood Boats take pride in their construction and offer a comprehensive guide to facilitate regular maintenance and upkeep. Boat owners can rely on a thorough manual, providing clear schedules and procedures to keep their vessel in prime condition. Regular tasks include hull inspections, engine maintenance, and sail care for those models equipped with sails. Westwood's use of quality materials reduces the constant need for repair, reinforcing the brand's commitment to durability.

For additional resources, websites like Rightboat offer a plethora of information on maintaining different types of vessels, which can complement the guidance that Westwood provides to its customers.

  • Engine Maintenance: Westwood suggests owners follow a strict servicing timeline to ensure longevity.
  • Cleaning Practices: Utilization of recommended cleaning products to protect the boat's finish.
  • Winterization: Guidelines on how to properly prepare the boat for offseason storage.

Customer Service

Westwood Boats emphasizes a customer service ethos that places the owner's needs first. The brand's representatives are renowned for their prompt and knowledgeable responses. Positive feedback from current boat owners often highlights the Westwood team's willingness to resolve any issues swiftly and effectively.

Should owners need to request service or have questions regarding their boat, they may find that using the brand's official website is enhanced by Cookies, which help personalize the online experience and streamline the service process.

  • Responsive Support Team: Readily available to handle inquiries and troubleshoot any issues.
  • Parts and Repair: Genuine Westwood parts ensure a seamless fit and function when replacements are necessary.
  • Warranty Service: Transparent warranty policies give owners peace of mind.

Westwood in the Marketplace

Westwood Boats has established a significant presence in the marine industry, recognized for its blend of craftsmanship and performance. The brand's reputation is particularly strong among those seeking durable and luxurious vessels.

Buying a Westwood Boat

When one considers acquiring a new Westwood boat, it is essential to navigate the buying process through a trusted platform like Rightboat. They have a comprehensive selection of models, ensuring potential buyers can find the perfect match for their maritime adventures. From the latest luxury offerings to earlier models, such as those from 2008, Rightboat showcases a diverse inventory.

Price Evaluation

The price of a Westwood boat varies considerably based on factors like age, model, and condition. A new Westwood vessel is an investment into top-notch quality and innovation, commanding a higher price point in the marketplace. On the other hand, pricing for a used Westwood, such as a well-maintained 2008 model, is more accessible while still offering the esteemed Westwood experience. Prospective buyers should conduct thorough research or consult with market experts to ascertain the right price for their chosen model.

Geographical Presence

Westwood Boats has established a significant presence in various regions, with a particularly notable operation situated in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. As a key player in the marine industry, Westwood is recognized for contributing to the local economy and the boating community.

Westwood in Fermanagh


  • Fermanagh, Northern Ireland


  • Known for crafting luxury motor yachts
  • Integral part of the local maritime economy

Community Engagement:

  • Collaboration with local businesses
  • Employment opportunities for residents


  • Proximity to the scenic Lough Erne
  • Favored destination for boating enthusiasts

Legal and Safety Considerations

When discussing Westwood Boats, it's critical to consider the legal framework and safety mandates that govern boat manufacturing and operations. The marine industry is heavily regulated to ensure the safety of both operators and passengers.

Regulatory Bodies

  • U.S. Coast Guard (USCG): Specifies safety standards.
  • American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC): Provides voluntary consensus standards.

Safety Measures

  • Hull Integrity: Boats must have a structurally sound hull.
  • Flotation Devices: Adequate life vests and flotation devices are imperative.
  • Fire Safety Equipment: Properly functioning extinguishers and alarms.

Legal Liability

Manufacturers and operators are both responsible for:

  • Ensuring navigational equipment is current and in good repair.
  • Complying with laws relating to employee safety and environmental regulations.

Tort Law Application

Cases of personal injury or damage may involve actions in tort against manufacturers or operators should safety measures fail.

While Westwood Boats may not be directly involved in the legal situations outlined, the industry's legal environment affects their operations and product designs. Businesses must navigate these complex legal waters while ensuring the utmost safety to protect against liability and uphold their reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address some of the most commonly asked questions about Westwood Boats, focusing on their features, quality, pricing, maintenance, and ownership concerns specific to the needs of potential buyers and current owners.

What features distinguish the Westwood A405 from other models in the Westwood range?

The Westwood A405 stands out with its spacious layout, luxurious master suite, and state-of-the-art helm station, catering to both comfort and performance.

How do Westwood boats compare in terms of quality and performance to other similar class vessels?

Westwood boats are renowned for their superior craftsmanship and robust build quality, ensuring exceptional performance and seaworthiness when compared to other vessels in their class.

What is the average price range for pre-owned Westwood boats currently on the market?

Prices for pre-owned Westwood boats vary widely, ranging from approximately £100,000 to £250,000, depending on the model, year, and condition of the vessel.

Can you highlight the key maintenance considerations for Westwood boats to ensure longevity and reliability?

Regular maintenance of the engine, hull, and onboard systems is essential for Westwood boats, along with preventive measures like winterisation and timely repairs to avoid common wear and tear.

Are there any common issues or concerns that owners have reported with Westwood boats?

While Westwood boats are known for their reliability, owners have occasionally reported minor electrical issues and the need for regular upkeep of joinery work to maintain the vessel's aesthetic appeal.

What is the availability of Westwood boats in the Fermanagh area, and how does it impact market prices?

The availability of Westwood boats in the Fermanagh area is moderate, and the local demand can influence market prices, possibly leading to a premium on well-maintained models due to their coveted status and relative scarcity.

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