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Tiara Yachts is a renowned luxury yacht and performance yacht manufacturer known for its modern design, technical innovations, and optimal performance. With a rich history and dedication to tradition, Tiara Yachts combines classic styling with contemporary innovations to deliver vessels that meet the demands of today's yacht enthusiasts. Their lineup caters to a diverse range of tastes and requirements, with models varying in size and length from 28 feet to 60 feet.

Established in the United States, Tiara Yachts has made a significant impact in the industry and has expanded its reach globally. Their extensive collection currently includes approximately 453 yachts for sale, consisting of both new and used vessels, available through experienced yacht brokers in various countries such as the United States, Italy, Canada, Greece, and Puerto Rico.

Throughout the years, Tiara Yachts has been dedicated to providing flexible luxury and endless adventure in their designs, ensuring that yacht enthusiasts can enjoy the most satisfying and stylish experience on the open water. Driven by a commitment to excellence, the brand has solidified its position among the most respected yacht manufacturers and continues to grow and innovate with time.

History and Background

Tiara Yachts, a prestigious boat manufacturer, has its roots in Holland, Michigan. The company was founded as part of S2 Yachts, a renowned corporation with a rich boat-building heritage spanning over four decades. Tiara's diverse range of models includes both fishing and cruising yachts, varying in length from 34 to 53 feet.

The story of Tiara Yachts is closely tied to its founder, Leon Slikkers. His boat-building career started at the well-known Chris-Craft Boat company. Driven by his passion for crafting high-quality watercraft, Leon later established his own business focusing on sailboats, and thus laid the foundation for what would become Tiara Yachts.

In the early stages, the company produced sailboats under the S2 Yachts brand. However, as the Slikkers family continued to expand and diversify their business, they ventured into powerboats and ultimately established Tiara Yachts. Today, the family's commitment to craftsmanship and performance remains rooted in the DNA of the brand, driving the company to create luxury watercraft that catch the eye of boating enthusiasts around the world.

Apart from Tiara Yachts, the Slikkers family also founded Pursuit Boats, another successful enterprise specializing in luxury watercraft. This diversification highlights the family's dedication to boat building and their ability to adapt to the changing demands of the boating industry.

In summary, the history and background of Tiara Yachts are deeply entwined with the vision and dedication of its founder, Leon Slikkers, as well as the Slikkers family's long-standing commitment to producing top-quality, luxurious watercraft. With a base in Holland, Michigan, and roots in S2 Yachts and the sailboat industry, the company continues to evolve while remaining a symbol of excellence in the world of luxury yachting.

Tiara Yachts Models

Tiara Yachts is a luxury yacht manufacturer known for their innovation, performance, and classic styling. Their lineup caters to diverse boating needs with models ranging from the Express Cruiser to the LS Series.

Express Cruiser

The Express Cruiser line offers elegant, versatile yachts designed for comfortable cruising and entertaining. With models like the 3100 Open, they are perfect for both day boating and extended trips. Key features include:

  • Spacious cabins with luxury accommodations
  • Cutting-edge technology and electronics
  • Ample seating areas for relaxation


The Open series targets those who seek adventure on the water, such as the 4300 Open. These yachts feature:

  • A large cockpit for fishing and water sports
  • Inviting interiors with modern amenities
  • Versatility for a range of boating activities


Tiara's Coupe line provides a sleek fusion of technology, performance, and modern design. Key aspects of the Coupe models involve:

  • Stylish exteriors with functional layouts
  • Advanced helm system for effortless navigation
  • Comfortable and luxurious living spaces

Coupe Series

The Coupe Series amplifies the best features of the Coupe line by incorporating elegant designs and technological innovations, enhancing the boating experience.

LS Series

The LS Series introduces the luxury sport segment, combining sporty performance with the classic Tiara heritage. With yachts such as the 38 LS and 48 LS, this series offers:

  • Triple outboard engines for impressive speed and agility
  • Spacious, stylish entertainment spaces
  • Innovative cockpit designs for optimal functionality

Ex 60

The Ex 60 is an upcoming flagship model from Tiara Yachts, boasting cutting-edge advancements and the embodiment of luxury.

The Tiara Yachts brand mainly operates in the United States, providing a variety of models that cater to diverse tastes and needs. With a focus on quality, integrity, and innovative engineering, they continue to appeal to boating enthusiasts seeking a blend of tradition and modernity in their yachts.

Performance and Specifications

Tiara Yachts is known for its luxury and performance-oriented vessels, offering a range of hull designs to cater to various boating needs. One popular hull type in their lineup is the Deep Vee, which provides excellent stability and handling in rough waters. For those seeking a vessel with a smoother ride, the Modified Vee and Semi-Displacement hulls offer optimal balance between speed and comfort.

Regarding propulsion systems, Tiara Yachts offers a variety of engine configurations. Some models like their 2021 Tiara Sport 43 LE are equipped with Outboard-4s engines, providing a powerful yet efficient performance. Others feature Inboard/Outboard engines or Electric propulsion systems, catering to different boating preferences.

A remarkable innovation in some Tiara yacht models is the use of Volvo Penta's IPS system, which delivers superior maneuverability, fuel efficiency, and lower emissions compared to traditional shaft-driven systems. This advanced propulsion technology further enhances the sailing experience.

Tiara Yachts' models tend to have varying LOA (Length Overall) measurements, catering to diverse needs in terms of size and functionality. For instance, their Tiara Sport 38 LS has a LOA of 38'1", providing ample space for leisurely activities and overnight stays on the water.

When it comes to draft and beam measurements, Tiara Yachts often feature Deeper-Depth Draft and Wide Beam designs, ensuring stability and spaciousness on board. These characteristics also contribute to the yachts' seaworthiness and make them suitable for various boating adventures.

Looking forward to 2024, Tiara Yachts is expected to continue evolving and innovating to meet the demands of a discerning clientele. Buyers can anticipate even more refined performance, design, and technology in upcoming models, further enhancing the reputation of Tiara Yachts as a leading luxury yacht builder.

Boating and Activities

Tiara Yachts are versatile vessels designed for a range of boating activities, making them perfect for family and friends who enjoy spending time on the water. Some of the main activities these yachts cater to include fishing, saltwater fishing, day cruising, overnight cruising, and entertaining.

Tiara Yachts are well-equipped for fishing and saltwater fishing adventures with spacious decks, ample storage, and professionally rigged fishing gear. Essential features on some models also include built-in bait wells, fish boxes, and rod storage. These amenities make it easy for anglers to enjoy their favorite pastime while aboard a Tiara Yacht.

When it comes to day cruising, Tiara Yachts' performance and design ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride. With comfortable seating areas, appealing aesthetics, and advanced navigation systems, day-cruising becomes a luxurious and satisfying experience. The versatile layouts available allows guests to bask in the sun or relax under shaded areas, whatever their preference may be.

Tiara Yachts also excel in providing overnight cruising accommodations. The cabins are designed to offer maximum comfort with plush bedding, well-equipped galleys, and finely crafted woodwork. The attention to detail ensures that guests can rest and rejuvenate during longer voyages, making their time on the water both memorable and enjoyable.

Entertaining on a Tiara Yacht is a delight, as their design and amenities provide ample space for socializing, dining, and relaxation. With features such as outdoor grilling stations, full galleys, and spacious lounging areas, hosting gatherings becomes a seamless and enjoyable experience. The yachts exhibit a fine balance between luxury and functionality, satisfying both the host and guests alike.

In summary, Tiara Yachts cater to a wide array of boating activities, proving their versatility and commitment to excellence. Whether it's fishing, day cruising, overnight cruising, or entertaining, Tiara Yachts make every effort to ensure their vessels meet and exceed the expectations of those aboard.

Construction and Build Quality

Tiara Yachts is known for their commitment to crafting high-quality, American-made luxury yachts. The company focuses on quality, construction, and customer care to ensure that their products stand out in the market (source).

They offer a range of models, including the EX 60, a true yacht that boasts excellent performance and a top speed of 46 mph. The construction and finish of the EX 60 demonstrates the superb quality that Tiara Yachts is known for (source). Additional models in their lineup consist of the IPS-powered Coupe sedan cruiser and various outboard-powered choices such as the LS dayboat, LX dual-console bowrider, and LE express cruisers (source).

Key features that showcase the quality of Tiara Yachts' construction include:

  • Advanced materials: Tiara uses modern, high-quality materials to enhance durability, strength, and overall performance.
  • Attention to detail: Every aspect of the yacht, from the hull to the fittings and finishes, is carefully designed and crafted to ensure a high level of quality and style.
  • Innovative designs: Tiara incorporates the latest design trends and technology into their yachts to compete with other leading brands in the market, as seen with their 4300 Open model (source).
  • Customization options: Tiara allows owners to tailor the layout of their yachts to fit their individual needs, providing a level of personalization that sets them apart from other manufacturers.

By maintaining a focus on quality and construction, Tiara Yachts has succeeded in creating a strong reputation in the luxury yacht market. Their various models cater to different customer needs and preferences, but all share the same commitment to excellence in construction and build quality.

Engine Options

Tiara Yachts offers a variety of engine options for their luxurious sport yachts, ensuring that customers have the best possible choice for their specific needs. The company provides both outboard and inboard options, with a focus on power and performance, catering to the diverse preferences of yacht enthusiasts.

Outboard engines are a popular choice for Tiara's sport yachts due to their increased maneuverability and ease of maintenance. For example, the Tiara Sport 43 LS can be equipped with Yamaha outboard engines, while the Tiara Sport 43 LE is powered by triple Mercury Racing 450R outboards, which provide exceptional performance, propelling the yacht to impressive speeds of up to 60 mph.

Inboard engines are also available for Tiara Yachts, delivering a smoother, quieter ride and often providing more cabin space. Many Tiara motor yachts come with diesel inboard engines that are reliable and fuel-efficient, ensuring long-range cruising capabilities.

When it comes to fuel options, Tiara Yachts typically offers both diesel and gas engines. Diesel engines are generally considered to be more efficient and have a longer lifespan than their gas counterparts, making them a popular choice among yacht owners. Gas engines, on the other hand, tend to provide a more cost-effective upfront option and can still deliver excellent performance and power.

Here is a summary of the engine options available for Tiara Yachts:

  • Outboard options:

    • Yamaha engines (e.g., Tiara Sport 43 LS)
    • Mercury Racing engines (e.g., Tiara Sport 43 LE)
  • Inboard options:

    • Diesel inboard engines for motor yachts
  • Fuel options:

    • Diesel engines for efficiency and longevity
    • Gas engines for cost-effective performance

Buying a Tiara Yacht

When considering purchasing a Tiara yacht, both new vessels and used boats are available on the market. Tiara Yachts is known for its luxury and performance, making the brand a popular choice among boating enthusiasts.

When it comes to prices, Tiara yachts can have a wide range depending on factors such as model, year, and condition. For instance, newer models like the Tiara Coupe lineup can be more expensive, while models like the Tiara 3100 may be more budget-friendly for those looking for used boats.

Boat hull types for Tiara Yachts vary as well, with options including deep V-hulls for improved stability and comfort. When shopping for a Tiara yacht, one must determine the preferred hull type based on their intended use and personal preferences.

In some cases, buyers may come across “like new” Tiara yachts, which indicate that they have been gently used and meticulously maintained. These boats often come with a higher price tag compared to heavily used ones, but can provide a great value for those seeking a luxurious and reliable vessel.

For buyers looking to purchase new yachts, it is best to work with established Tiara dealers. These dealers can provide valuable information and help with selecting the right yacht based on one’s needs and budget. When considering used boats, reputable brokers and listings from trusted sources are essential for making an informed decision.

Another option is to explore Tiara Yachts' sister brand, Pursuit, which offers a range of high-quality center console, dual console, and offshore fishing boats. While they may not have the same level of luxury as Tiara Yachts, Pursuit boats are a popular choice for those seeking performance and versatility.

In conclusion, when buying a Tiara yacht, a buyer should consider factors such as new versus used vessels, pricing, boat hull types, and working with reputable dealers or brokers. By researching and evaluating options, one can find the perfect Tiara yacht that matches their needs and budget.

Dealer Network

Tiara Yachts is a family-owned manufacturer of luxury watercrafts based in Holland, Michigan. They have established a strong dealer network that helps customers in purchasing and maintaining their yachts. The dealer network consists of 21 domestic dealers and nine international dealers, offering a wide array of luxury yachts across the globe.

The company takes pride in its American-made luxury yachts, which are known for their performance, comfort, and handcrafted designs. Tiara Yachts' headquarters, located at 725 E 40th Street in Holland, Michigan, serve as the central point for all their operations and dealer communications.

Tiara Yachts is committed to working with only the best dealers to provide an exceptional experience for customers. They have recently announced a dealer partnership with Yamaha Marine Center of Jacksonville in Orange Park, expanding their presence in the marine industry.

To ensure the highest level of service and expertise, Tiara Yachts also maintains a close relationship with the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas (MRAA). The company has partnered with MRAA on dealer certification, emphasizing continuous improvement in education and training for their dealers. This initiative helps to build a stronger Tiara dealer network that delivers top-notch customer experience and support.

In summary, Tiara Yachts' extensive dealer network plays a critical role in the company's success by providing customers with easy access to their luxury yachts, expert services, and regional support. Their commitment to dealer education, certification, and constant improvement ensures that they continue to meet the high standards set by the brand.

Reviews and Customer Opinions

Tiara Yachts is well-known for their quality and performance in the boating industry. Several publications have reviewed their products on various aspects, including performance, design, and amenities.

According to a review by, the Tiara 50 Coupe is specifically praised for its modern functionality and aesthetic appeal. This model is said to add attractive features while retaining traditional strengths that appeal to the boat's skipper. Additionally, the Tiara 50 Coupe has an innovative design aimed at providing comfort and style.

Yachting Magazine describes the Tiara 50 Coupe as having a graceful reverse sheer line and an airy superstructure, cleverly disguising the boat's mass. The contrasting color on the topsides mimics the S-shaped sheer line of a sport-fishing boat, lengthening the yacht's profile and making it appear more elegant.

review by Marlin Magazine of a slightly smaller model, the Tiara 3500, commends the seaworthy hulls that Tiara Yachts is known for. The review describes the boat's handling, sea-kindliness, and comfort as being up to par, and praises Tiara's helm station design as one of the best in the market.

Tiara Yachts' latest addition to their lineup, the Le models, have also received notable attention. The 2023 Tiara EX 60 has been reviewed for its comfortable ride and abundance of entertainment space. The 2023 Tiara Yachts 43 LE and 2022 Tiara Yachts 43 LE both seamlessly blend luxury with functionality, showcasing the brand's ability to cater to diverse preferences.

Customers and reviewers alike appreciate Tiara Yachts for their commitment to quality, performance, and innovative designs. With various models and options to choose from, prospects can expect a reliable and enjoyable boating experience. 

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