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Sunsation Boats: Performance Meets Luxury on the Water

Sunsation Powerboats is a reputable boat builder in the marine industry, known for crafting high-performance center console boats that combine sleek design with impressive speed. With over 40 years of experience in powering offshore adventures, Sunsation has successfully channeled its passion for performance and commitment to craftsmanship into a lineup of boats specifically designed for those seeking the ultimate boating experience. The company's dedication to quality has garnered the attention of boating enthusiasts worldwide, solidifying its position as a leader in the field.

One of the key features of Sunsation boats is the blend of engineering mastery and attention to detail that goes into each model. These boats are offered in a variety of sizes, with the smallest vessel starting at 29 feet in length and the largest measuring up to 43 feet. Known for their deep-vee hulls constructed of fiberglass, these boats are built to withstand the varying conditions of both freshwater and saltwater environments. From day-cruising and freshwater fishing to saltwater fishing expeditions, each Sunsation boat is designed for optimal performance and handling.

Sunsation's 2023 CCX lineup showcases the latest innovations in center console boat design, further elevating the brand's reputation in the marine industry. The stunning exterior and interior designs are complemented by top-notch power, speed, and functionality, ensuring that each Sunsation boat is more than just a pleasure to look at – it's a vessel that delivers the adrenaline-pumping performance its owners seek. The company's unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction guarantees that a Sunsation boat is not just a purchase – it's a long-term investment in the world of high-performance boating.

History of Sunsation Boats

Sunsation Boats was founded in 1982 by Wayne Schaldenbrand, in a small garage near the original Chris Craft factory. The company started with the production of a 16-foot boat called the Sunburn, which ignited Wayne's passion for boat building and led to the creation of the Sunsation brand we know today. Over the years, Sunsation has grown and evolved to meet the demands of customers, staying true to its roots in performance and craftsmanship.

In 1999, the company introduced new models and focused on improving its existing lineup. A focus on innovation, safety, and customer satisfaction continued to drive Sunsation forward, helping it gain a reputation for designing high-quality, high-performance boats.

By 2006, Sunsation had expanded its offerings into the performance center console market. Each model continued to align with the company's commitment to safety and superior craftsmanship. These boats featured state-of-the-art technology and designs, earning a place in the competitive world of performance center console boats.

In 2014, Sunsation brought its expertise in sterndrive-powered sportboats and luxury performance center consoles to the forefront. With the incorporation of multiple 400- and 450-hp outboard engines, the company showed no signs of slowing down, impressing customers and industry insiders alike.

For 2023, Sunsation Powerboats offers an outstanding lineup of high-performance center console boats, inspired by 40+ years of experience in the offshore boating industry. The company's dedication to performance, safety, and customer satisfaction has powered its journey from a small garage to a respected name in the industry.

Popular Boat Models

Center Console Boats

Sunsation Powerboats offers a range of center console boats designed for offshore adventures. The 2023 CCX lineup features a notable collection of boats built with speed and performance in mind while incorporating comfortable amenities.

32 CCX

The 32 CCX is a popular model known for its sleek design and offshore capabilities. The boat has a length of 32 feet and is usually powered by twin outboard engines, ensuring a fast and efficient ride. With enough seating capacity for comfortable cruising with friends and family, the 32 CCX provides an enjoyable experience on the water.

34 CCX

Another popular center console boat in the Sunsation lineup is the 34 CCX. Slightly larger than the 32 CCX, the 34 CCX offers even more space and additional amenities to cater to the needs of boating enthusiasts who prioritize comfort during their offshore trips.

Performance Boats

Sunsation Powerboats also manufactures high-performance offshore boats designed for speed and power. The company's dedication to craftsmanship and engineering excellence allows them to produce boats that perform remarkably well in challenging conditions.


The Sunsation F-4 is a stunning example of the company's commitment to high-performance vessels. This model is built for speed, featuring a powerful engine configuration and a lightweight, streamlined design. The F-4's engineering pays homage to fighter jet design, incorporating F-16-style canopies for the driver and co-pilot stations, as seen in the 32 XRT model.

32 Dominator

The 32 Dominator is another exceptional performance boat from Sunsation. This model showcases the company's dedication to balancing speed and stability in their vessels with an advanced hull design and capable powertrain options. Combining power and style, the 32 Dominator is an excellent choice for those looking for an exhilarating ride on the water.

Key Features

Hull Design and Construction

Sunsation Boats focuses on delivering high-quality hull designs constructed from robust materials like fiberglass. The company's off-shore racing background has heavily influenced their center console boats, resulting in a strong and efficient hull. The use of fiberglass in the hull construction ensures durability, longevity, and excellent performance.

Interior and Amenities

The interiors of Sunsation Boats are designed with comfort and functionality in mind. Most models come equipped with luxurious seating arrangements, impressive storage options, and top-notch amenities, such as:

  • Comfortable and durable vinyl upholstery.
  • Fiberglass flooring providing strength and easy maintenance.
  • Gunnels for added safety and storage options.
  • High-quality audio systems with strategically placed speakers for optimal sound experience.
  • Optional canvas covers and bimini tops for shade and weather protection.

Performance and Handling

Sunsation Boats are engineered for high performance, incorporating powerful engines in their designs for thrilling adventures on the water. Models such as the Sunsation F-4 achieve impressive speeds nearing 100 mph. The boats have exceptional handling capabilities that can be attributed to their carefully designed hulls, which cut through the water efficiently and provide stability at high speeds.

In summary, Sunsation Boats provide a balance of strong hull designs, luxurious interiors, and impressive performance for enthusiasts seeking high-quality boating experiences.

On-the-Water Activities

Sunsation Boats offer a range of activities for those who enjoy spending time on the water. These activities cater to various interests, making it easy for boat owners to enjoy their time at sea. The following paragraphs detail some of the most common on-the-water activities that can be enjoyed with Sunsation Boats.


Cruising is a popular activity for boat owners who are looking to relax and take in the surrounding scenery while aboard their Sunsation Boats. Explore the open water in the 32CCX, which provides a smooth and comfortable ride thanks to its offshore roots and commitment to craftsmanship. With spacious seating areas and ample amenities, you can sit back and enjoy a leisurely cruise while admiring the ocean views.


Fishing enthusiasts can greatly benefit from Sunsation Boats' center console designs, which offer 360-degree access to the water for a seamless fishing experience. With plenty of storage space for fishing gear, live wells, and rod holders, trips can be tailored to meet the needs of any angler – whether it's a casual day of fishing or a competitive event.


Sunsation Boats also cater to those interested in watersports such as wakeboarding, waterskiing, and tubing. Their high-performance boats provide ample power to create the perfect wake for thrill-seekers to enjoy. Thanks to the easy-access swim platforms and ladder, getting in and out of the water is a breeze, making it convenient for those participating in various watersport activities.

Overnight Cruising

For those looking to enjoy an extended adventure on the water, Sunsation Boats can easily accommodate overnight cruising. With comfortable sleeping quarters and ample storage for supplies, boat owners can embark on extended trips away from shore, exploring new destinations and making lasting memories with family and friends.

Ownership Experience

Sunsation Owners Community

As a Sunsation boat owner, you will be part of an exclusive community that shares a passion for high-performance center console boats. Many owners take pride in their boats and enjoy connecting with fellow enthusiasts, both online and offline. Online forums dedicated to Sunsation boats provide a platform for owners to exchange maintenance tips, discuss performance upgrades, and share their experiences.

In addition to online spaces, Sunsation owners often join local boating clubs or associations to further enhance their ownership experience. Here, they can network, socialize, and support one another as they entertain guests and enjoy their time on the water.

Events and Gatherings

Sunsation owners have the opportunity to participate in various events and gatherings throughout the year. These events, such as the Sunsation Sun Run on Lake St. Clair, provide opportunities for owners to showcase their boats, learn new skills, and meet other members of the community. Participation in these events helps create lasting memories and friendships within the Sunsation family.

To find a Sunsation gathering in your area, consider reaching out to your local boating club or checking social media for event updates. Additionally, Sunsation owner forums are good sources for learning about upcoming events or even organizing a meetup for local owners.

If you are interested in purchasing a Sunsation boat, there are used boats available that provide an affordable entry to this exclusive community. Embrace the thrill of high-performance boating and join the Sunsation owners community today!

Where to Buy

New Sunsation Boats

Purchasing a new Sunsation boat is an exciting investment that promises fun and adventure on the water. One of your first steps should be to visit the Sunsation Powerboats official website. Here, you can explore their 2023 lineup, including their popular 32CCX model.

It's also a good idea to browse listings on reputable boat marketplaces such as Boat Trader, which provides access to a range of Sunsation boats for sale across the United States. Some examples of new Sunsation boat listings on Boat Trader include:

  • 2023 Sunsation 32 CCX in Cape Coral, FL for $379,900
  • 2023 Sunsation 32 CCX in Osage Beach, MO for $420,000

You can also inquire at your local boat dealers to see if they carry Sunsation boats in their inventory or can connect you with regional distributors.

Used Sunsation Boats

If you're looking for a pre-owned Sunsation boat, there are several avenues for you to explore. Like with new boats, Boat Trader is a great platform to find used Sunsation boats for sale in the US.

Another popular website for used Sunsation boats is Powerboat Listings, which allows owners to sell their boats directly to prospective buyers. Here's an example of a listing:

  • 43' Sunsation F4 Poker Run Edition with 210 hours, featuring a pair of staggered 725 HP Ilmors and Indy drives for a top speed of 100 MPH. is another reliable marketplace where you can find used Sunsation boats for sale across the United States. They have 23 listings at the time of writing.

When searching for a used Sunsation boat, make sure to conduct thorough research, ask for service records and inspection reports, and consider consulting a marine surveyor to ensure the vessel is in good condition.

Sunsation Powerboats Today

Sunsation Powerboats is a Michigan-based company that manufactures high-performance center console boats. They are known for combining sleek design and modern innovations to create the ultimate boating experience. In 2023, Sunsation continues to showcase their commitment to performance and craftsmanship with their latest lineup of center console models.

The 2023 CCX lineup offers a range of options for recreational boaters and fishing enthusiasts alike. One notable model is the 32CCX, which combines performance, style, and functionality. This boat is available for purchase not only in Cedar Point, North Carolina, but also in Dubuque, Iowa. The 32CCX is a popular choice for those looking to explore new waters and experience the latest in boating technology.

Some features of the 2023 Sunsation Powerboats lineup include:

  • High-performance Mercury Racing engines
  • Advanced hull design for optimal speed and stability
  • State-of-the-art electronics and navigation systems
  • Stylish and comfortable interiors

New for 2023 is the collaboration between Sunsation and Mercury Racing, resulting in the 400R V10 engine. This powerful outboard motor is an upgrade from its predecessor, the 400R L6, and promises to bring new capabilities to Sunsation boats.

In addition to the 32CCX, Sunsation Powerboats has also expanded their center console family with the introduction of the 40 CCX. This larger model is powered by Mercury Racing Verado 400R outboard engines and can be configured with either triple or quad engines. With an estimated top speed of around 75 MPH, the 40 CCX offers a thrilling on-the-water experience for boating enthusiasts.

Whether you're an experienced boater or new to the world of high-performance center consoles, Sunsation Powerboats' 2023 lineup promises to deliver cutting-edge technology and unparalleled performance for a memorable adventure on the water.

Additional Information

Sunsation Boats specializes in manufacturing high-performance powerboats, known for their Center Console Boat models. Their 2023 CCX lineup features various lengths and power options, appealing to both offshore fishing and performance boating enthusiasts. A variety of photos of the boats can be found on the Sunsation Boats website or at resellers' sites.

The prices for new Sunsation Boats can range drastically, based on the model and options chosen. For example, the 2023 Sunsation 32 CCX starts at approximately $389,000 USD, while other models might have different pricing. When looking at used models, the condition of the boat, as well as the included features and components, will influence the price.

Sunsation Boats often incorporate high-quality components and features from reputable companies. For instance, Ilmor Marine Engines might power some models, while McLeod cockpit interior elements are used to ensure a comfortable experience for passengers. Livorsi controls and gauges are also commonly found on the console, providing reliable performance and highly readable instrumentation.

MYCO Trailers often accompany Sunsation boats, as they are designed to fit the specific hulls and cater to their unique styles. It is crucial to confirm the specific trailer provided with your boat, as this affects transportation and storage options.

For those interested in acquiring a Sunsation Boat or needing further information, the best approach is to reach out to the Sunsation Boats company or local dealers, who can provide in-depth knowledge and assistance. They can guide potential buyers to make informed decisions, taking into account individual requirements and preferences.

To summarize, Sunsation Boats offer performance and craftsmanship to boat enthusiasts, and their models are equipped with components from top-tier suppliers like Ilmor, McLeod, Livorsi, and MYCO. Potential buyers should consider their desired features, power options, and the boat's condition before making a purchase, and contact the company or local dealers for more detailed information. 

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