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Suncatcher Pontoon Boats: A Comprehensive Guide for Buyers

SunCatcher Pontoon Boats are a popular choice for those who seek relaxation, entertainment, and memorable moments on the water. Manufactured by G3 Boats, these pontoons offer a wide range of layouts and options to accommodate every family's preferences and desires. Known for their quality, performance, and customer satisfaction, SunCatcher pontoons have become a trusted choice in the boating industry.

The Select Series of SunCatcher pontoons offers an array of options, making it easy to find the perfect boat for swimming, relaxing, and entertaining family and friends. With their attention to detail and craftmanship, SunCatcher ensures that every voyage is a comfortable and enjoyable experience. In addition, the Fusion Series provides even more choices, with a focus on providing years of relaxation and entertainment on the water.

Whether you're an experienced boater or exploring the world of pontoons for the first time, SunCatcher Pontoon Boats are an excellent choice for those seeking a top-quality watercraft with a variety of features and customizable layouts. From casual weekend excursions to extended getaways on the lake, SunCatcher pontoons deliver unforgettable experiences, making every trip a cherished memory.

History and Overview

SunCatcher pontoon boats are a product of G3 Boats, a division of Yamaha Motor Corporation. The company is headquartered in Lebanon, Missouri, which is known as the "aluminum boat capital of the world." G3 Boats is committed to providing high-quality pontoon boats, which reflects their core values: Quality, Performance, and Satisfaction1.

SunCatcher pontoons are designed to offer comfort, luxury, and performance for boat owners2. They come in various sizes and capabilities, making them versatile and suitable for multiple purposes on the water3.

SunCatcher Product Line

SunCatcher offers a variety of pontoon boats, each designed with specific features and benefits in mind:

  • Elite Series: Perfect for those looking for luxury and style.
  • Diamond Elite Series: Offers enhanced performance and style with advanced features.
  • Select Series: Designed for family fun and relaxation.
  • Fishing Series: Ideal for anglers seeking fishing opportunities while still maintaining comfort.

All SunCatcher pontoon boats come with a limited warranty that includes a five-year bow-to-stern warranty and a limited lifetime warranty on external seams4. The warranty is transferable to a second owner within five years of the original purchase.

Pontoon boats were initially invented by a small-time farmer in Minnesota named Ambrose Weeres. He attached two steel barrels to a wooden platform, creating the first pontoon boat5. Modern pontoon boats, like those from SunCatcher, have evolved from this simple design, incorporating advanced materials, features, and performance capabilities.

In conclusion, SunCatcher pontoon boats are a product of G3 Boats and the Yamaha Motor Corporation. They offer a variety of high-quality, versatile, and luxurious pontoon boats that cater to every need, from family outings to fishing adventures.

Model Series

Select Series

The Select Series of SunCatcher pontoons offers numerous layouts, making it easier for families and friends to enjoy swimming, relaxing, and entertaining on the water. These boats are designed with quality, performance, and satisfaction in mind. Some popular Select Series models include the Select 320 RC and Select 20C.

Elite Series

SunCatcher's Elite Series raises the bar for luxury pontoon experiences, offering elegant and stylish design without compromising on performance. The Elite Series is focused on providing a high level of comfort, high-quality materials, and advanced features to elevate your boating lifestyle.

Fusion Series

The Fusion Series from SunCatcher introduces an innovative approach to pontoon design. With a blend of luxury, performance, and innovation, Fusion Series boats provide an unparalleled experience on the water. These models are perfect for those seeking a mix of comfort and excitement during their time on the water.


The Amara model series by SunCatcher offers an even higher level of luxury and sophistication compared to the other series. Featuring cutting-edge technology, enhanced design, and a focus on comfort, the Amara is the epitome of deluxe pontoons.

To summarize, SunCatcher pontoon boats cater to a wide range of preferences and budgets, ensuring that everyone can experience an enjoyable boating experience. The different model series - Select, Elite, Fusion, and Amara - offer various features, designs, and price points, making them suitable options for both new and experienced boat enthusiasts.

Features and Amenities

SunCatcher Pontoon Boats are known for their exceptional features and amenities, making them a popular choice for boating enthusiasts. In this section, we'll discuss some of the key features found in SunCatcher pontoons, including contoured furniture, superior sound systems, industry-leading console design, entertainment options, and upscale amenities.

One of the standout features of SunCatcher pontoons is their contoured furniture, which is designed for maximum comfort and relaxation. The plush seating is ergonomically designed, providing excellent support for passengers while they enjoy their time on the water.

In addition to comfortable seating, SunCatcher pontoons also come equipped with superior sound systems. These high-quality audio systems allow you to enjoy your favorite tunes while cruising on the water, making your boating experience even more enjoyable.

When it comes to console design, SunCatcher has been recognized for their industry-leading console design. The console is not only stylish and modern but also highly functional, featuring easy-to-read gauges, convenient storage spaces, and smooth steering.

Entertainment is an essential aspect of any boating experience, and SunCatcher doesn't disappoint. With various configurations available, SunCatcher pontoons are perfect for hosting guests, family, and friends. Some models even offer specific features designed for water sports, such as towbars for wakeboarding or skiing.

Finally, SunCatcher pontoons boast a range of upscale amenities that set them apart from other pontoon boats on the market. These can include luxurious seating options, fishing packages, and high-performance motors, catering to a wide variety of boating preferences and styles.

In conclusion, SunCatcher Pontoon Boats are well-known for their exceptional features and amenities, making them a popular choice for those seeking a comfortable and enjoyable boating experience. With options available catered to various preferences and styles, these boats have something to offer everyone.

Activities and Recreation

SunCatcher Pontoon Boats are versatile and designed for various recreational activities. Their spacious layout and premium features make them suitable for family outings, fishing trips, and water sports.

Swimming and Relaxation

SunCatcher pontoons are perfect for those who enjoy swimming and relaxing on the water. With easy access to the water via ladders or swim platforms, they offer excellent opportunities for swimmers to jump in and cool off in the water. The comfortable lounge seating and sun pads make SunCatcher pontoons the ultimate relaxation destination, providing a perfect spot to soak up the sun or enjoy an afternoon nap.

Entertaining and Cruising

If you love hosting gatherings and spending time cruising, SunCatchers are a great choice. Their spacious floor plans, combined with various seating options such as benches, captain's chairs, and barstool seating, provide ample space for entertaining guests. Some SunCatcher models even come equipped with features like built-in grills, bars, and entertainment centers, enhancing the overall party atmosphere.

Water Sports

For water sports enthusiasts, SunCatcher pontoons can offer a thrilling experience. They are suitable for activities like waterskiing, wakeboarding, and tubing, providing stable platforms and adequate space for sports equipment storage. With powerful outboard motors, SunCatcher pontoons are capable of pulling skiers and wakeboarders with ease.


SunCatcher pontoon boats also cater to fishing enthusiasts. Many of their models feature fishing-specific amenities such as rod holders, live wells, tackle storage compartments, and even built-in fishfinders. They provide a stable platform for angling while offering ample space for fishing gear and your catch.

In conclusion, SunCatcher pontoon boats are versatile and adaptable options designed for a wide range of recreational activities. Whether you enjoy swimming, entertaining, cruising, relaxation, water sports, or fishing, there's a SunCatcher pontoon boat that's perfect for you.

Performance and Dependability

SunCatcher Pontoon Boats are known for their dependable power and high-quality materials, ensuring a great boating experience for their owners. One factor contributing to the dependability of these boats is their powerful engines. Equipped with engines of either 115, 150 or 225hp, SunCatcher boats are capable of maintaining a consistent performance during your time on the water.

The core values of SunCatcher - Quality, Performance, and Satisfaction - are apparent in their pontoon boats, as they use high-quality materials to maintain durability and longevity. Heavier gauge aluminum is used in the nose cones for increased protection, while closed-cell foam flotation blocks are placed inside each tube for an added measure of safety source.

To better understand the performance and dependability of SunCatcher Pontoon Boats, it's useful to look at their different series:

  • Elite Series: As the top-of-the-line offering, the Elite Series boats feature luxury amenities and high-performance capabilities, including powerful engines source.

  • X Series: The X Series provides a good balance between luxury and affordability. These boats also come with powerful engines and a choice between catamaran or trimaran builds with full-length under skinning source.

  • V Series: As the budget-friendly option, the V Series still maintains the level of quality and performance expected from SunCatcher, but at a more accessible price point.

Safety is a priority in SunCatcher's pontoon boat design, as evidenced by the tall railings on their boats, which measure up to 29 inches in height source. This attention to safety ensures a secure and enjoyable time on the water.

In summary, SunCatcher Pontoon Boats are built with performance and dependability in mind. Thanks to their dependable power, high-quality materials, and commitment to safety, boat owners can enjoy a top-quality experience regardless of the series they choose.

Popular Locations and Dealers

SunCatcher Pontoon boats are popular in multiple locations across the United States. To find the nearest dealership, you can use their Dealer Locator tool. In this section, we'll highlight some notable dealers and locations.

In Denton, Texas, you can find SunCatcher boats at the Elkhorn Boat House. They offer a wide selection of pontoon boats, including the Select Series and the Elite Series. The dealership also provides warranty work and has been in operation since 1982.

For those in Oklahoma, Guthrie is home to Ed Watkins Marine. This dealership has a large inventory of SunCatcher pontoons, offering options for every type of boating adventure.

Brookville, Indiana, is another location where you can purchase a SunCatcher boat from The Boat House. They offer a range of pontoons and have a team of experts to answer any questions you might have.

In the southeastern United States, Georgia and South Carolina have multiple dealer locations, making it convenient for residents to access SunCatcher Pontoons. Louisiana and North Carolina also have dealerships that can assist with your pontoon boat needs.

On the western side of the United States, you can find SunCatcher boats in Denver, Colorado, and Washington State. These dealers are equipped to provide a variety of pontoons to suit individual preferences and requirements.

In the north, you can find SunCatcher dealerships in Wisconsin and Maryland, catering to local customers and offering a range of pontoon boats for different purposes and budgets.

To summarize, SunCatcher boats can be found in various locations across the United States, including Texas, Oklahoma, Indiana, Georgia, North Carolina, Colorado, and more. Use the Dealer Locator tool to find the nearest dealership in your desired area.

Models and Pricing

SunCatcher Pontoon boats offer a range of models catering to various needs and preferences. Among the popular models are the Select 20RC, Select 322RC, and Select 20C. These boats are designed for relaxation, entertainment, and performance, making them suitable for family and friends to enjoy water activities.

  • Select 20RC: The Select 20RC model is a versatile and comfortable choice. It provides ample space for sunbathing and fishing, as well as a sturdy construction for safety and durability.
  • Select 322RC: The Select 322RC is known for its spacious design and luxurious amenities, making it perfect for larger groups or those who prefer a more upscale experience on the water.
  • Select 20C: The Select 20C is a compact yet powerful option, designed with comfort in mind. It boasts similar features to the other models but on a smaller scale, making it more affordable and easier to handle.

When considering the pricing of these boats, it's essential to take into account factors such as condition, whether the boat is used or new, and additional features. For example, a used 2019 SunCatcher V22 SS is listed at $36,995. In contrast, a 2022 SunCatcher Select 322CC has a higher price tag of $65,811. However, some listings may display "Call for Price" instead of an exact cost, requiring potential buyers to contact the seller for more information.

It is important to know the overall condition of the boat regardless of it being new or used. A powerboat in good condition will ensure a smoother ride and last longer, while a poorly maintained one may lead to unnecessary expenses and repairs.

In summary, it is important for potential buyers to assess the condition, features, and pricing of each SunCatcher Pontoon boat model to determine which best suits their needs and budget.

Suncatcher Memories

SunCatcher pontoon boats are designed to create unforgettable experiences for family and friends. Manufactured by G3 Boats, a subsidiary of Yamaha, SunCatchers have a reputation for quality and comfort that adds to those special moments on the water.

A day spent with loved ones aboard a SunCatcher pontoon is a recipe for lasting memories. The Fusion 324 SL or the Elite 326 SE models are both excellent choices for family outings. These boats are designed with ample seating, offering cozy spots to chat, laugh, and share stories. The faux-teak flooring is not only easy to clean but also feels comfortable underfoot, enhancing the overall experience.

Whether you're hosting a small gathering or a larger group, SunCatcher pontoons have features that make entertaining a breeze. Built-in coolers, swim platforms, and entertainment consoles with Bluetooth speakers ensure everyone has a good time. Add in the stylish design, such as black-painted rails or customizable upholstery, and you'll have a boat that's as eye-catching as the memories you're creating.

Don't forget about the added fun of wearing themed hats during your SunCatcher escapades! Matching hats for the family or a selection of silly ones for friends can add extra flair to your adventures on the water. A simple touch like this can leave everyone with even more memorable moments to share once you're back on land.

Ultimately, the experiences you create on a SunCatcher pontoon will bring joy to all those who share in them. Setting sail on a sunny day, gathered with friends and family, will create memories that last a lifetime. With SunCatcher's commitment to quality and comfort, every trip on the water is sure to be treasured.


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