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Stamas Boats: A Comprehensive Guide to Models and Features

Stamas Boats is a renowned yacht builder with a rich history dating back to 1952. Known for their innovation in the marine industry, they have been a driving force in the evolution of boating by utilizing modern technology like Computer Aided Design (CAD) to ensure accurate running surfaces and consistency in the fit and finish of their vessels. With their dedication to quality and performance, Stamas boats have become a popular choice for boating enthusiasts worldwide.

Over the years, this prestigious brand has crafted a diverse lineup of boats that cater to various boating needs, including models ranging from 25 feet to 44 feet in length. From sportfishing boats to luxury yachts, Stamas offers a variety of options for buyers on the market, making it easier for them to find the perfect boat for their unique preferences and needs. The company's reputation for craftsmanship and durability is evident in the 44 yachts currently listed for sale on YachtWorld, which includes both new and used vessels.

With a focus on understanding and meeting customer demands, Stamas Boats continues to invest in research and development to enhance every aspect of their boats. This has solidified the brand as a leader in the marine industry among both individuals and professionals. As Stamas carries on its legacy of excellence, there's no doubt that they will be a staple in the boating world for years to come.

History of Stamas Boats

Family-Owned Business

Stamas Yacht is the oldest, continuously family-owned and operated boat company in the United States. It was established in 1952 and is based in the beautiful Greek fishing village of Tarpon Springs on Florida's Gulf Coast. The Stamas family has been handcrafting premium quality boats for fisherman and yachtsman alike for over 70 years.

Their dedication to their craft has been passed down through generations. They initially learned to build boats by observing local craftsmen, many of them Greek, whose vessels navigated the waters around Tarpon Springs. These working craft were rugged, seaworthy, and strong, providing a solid foundation for the development of the Stamas brand.

Evolution of Models

With a strong foundation in traditional boat building methods, Stamas Yacht has continually been an innovator in the marine industry. They have been a driving force in the evolution of boating, and their passion for creating new designs and improving existing models has made them a staple in the market.

One of their most notable innovations is the use of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to ensure accurate running surfaces and overall consistency in their boats. This attention to detail in fiberglass design allows them to achieve and maintain the high-quality standards for which they are known.

Throughout their history, Stamas has produced a range of boats, from small wooden cruisers to luxurious yachts. Some of their popular models include:

  • Stamas 288 Liberty
  • Stamas 370 Aegean
  • Stamas 290 Express

These models span a range of sizes and styles, catering to the diverse needs of their clientele.

Stamas boats have always been known for their durability, seaworthiness, and attention to detail. Their family-owned legacy and innovative approach to design have allowed them to remain a trusted and revered brand within the marine industry for decades.

Boat Models and Features

Center Console

Stamas Yacht offers a variety of center console boats designed for efficient use of space and providing a stable platform for anglers. Some popular center console models include the 290 Tarpon and the 33T Aventura. These models come equipped with ample storage, comfortable seating, and ergonomic helm stations. They are available for purchase in the United States.

Express Cruiser

The Express Cruiser line from Stamas is well-known for its versatile and comfortable design. Models like the 320 Express, 310 Express, and 290 Express provide luxurious accommodations and versatile performance. These boats have spacious cabins with modern amenities and power-packed performance from quality engines. They are perfect for cruising, entertaining, or extended stays on the water.

Sport Fishing

The Sport Fishing boats offered by Stamas emphasize on fishing capabilities and ease of use. Models like the 326 Aegean and the 44 Tarpon cater to the needs of serious anglers. These boats come with large fishing cockpits, rod storage, live wells, and tackle storage. They deliver excellent performance and handling in various sea conditions, ensuring an enjoyable fishing experience.


Stamas Walkaround boats provide a perfect blend of comfortable cruising and exceptional fishing capabilities. These boats feature spacious cabins, ample storage, and well-equipped cockpits for fishing. The 33T Aventura, for instance, combines the convenience of a walkaround boat with the versatility of a center console. This balance makes the Walkaround series a popular choice among boating enthusiasts.

Construction and Design

Hull Types

Stamas boats come in a range of hull types, including deep vee and modified vee designs. These hull styles are known for their stability, efficiency, and excellent performance in various sea conditions. According to a Salt Water Sportsman review, the Stamas 31T Aventura exemplifies the quality and heritage of the brand's hull designs.

Beam and Draft

The beam and draft of Stamas boats contribute to their overall stability and seaworthiness. One example is the 370 Aegean model, which is designed with generous dimensions to provide a comfortable and secure ride for its passengers.

Innovative Features

Stamas boats are known for their innovative construction and design features, such as:

  • Solid fiberglass hulls: These provide strength, durability, and resilience to the boat, ensuring a long-lasting and dependable product.
  • Aggressive nonskid: Stamas incorporates this feature into their boats to enhance safety and provide a secure platform for both fishing and general use.
  • Deep cockpits: Stamas models often have deep cockpits, creating a more secure environment for passengers and making it easier to handle fish or other activities onboard.

One of Stamas' pioneering achievements includes popularizing the self-bailing cockpit, fishbox configurations, and livewell designs, as mentioned in Soundings Online.

In summary, Stamas boats are designed with a focus on quality construction and innovative features, ensuring that their vessels stand out in the world of boating. With a range of hull types, thoughtfully designed beams and drafts, and numerous innovations throughout the boat, Stamas continues to create boats that offer exceptional performance, stability, and functionality.

Engines and Performance

Inboard Engines

Stamas boats offer a variety of inboard engine options for their models. One popular choice is the Yanmar 6LY2-STE diesel engines, which deliver impressive power and performance. These engines are known for their reliability and often come with twin 420-hp configurations for an outstanding cruising speed of 29.8 knots at 3000 rpm.

Another option for Stamas boat enthusiasts are the Mercruiser Magnums, which are powerful and reliable gasoline engines, commonly used in a variety of marine applications.

Outboard Engines

Stamas boats can also be equipped with outboard engines. The Stamas 317 Tarpon model, for example, can be powered by twin Honda outboard-4s engines. At 4,500 rpm, these engines provide a fuel-efficient cruising speed of 38.8 mph with a fuel burn of only 27.2 gallons per hour.

Outboard-2s engines can also be used in some Stamas boat models, although they tend to be less fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly than their 4-stroke counterparts.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is an essential factor to consider when evaluating the performance of a boat's engines. Stamas boats offer various engine options to suit different preferences and needs. Some engine options are more fuel-efficient than others, but overall, Stamas engines are known for delivering satisfactory performance without compromising on fuel economy.

For example, the Yanmar 6LY2-STE diesels offer a good balance of power and fuel efficiency, while the Honda outboard-4s engines on the Stamas 317 Tarpon ensure a comfortable cruising speed with minimal fuel consumption.

In conclusion, Stamas boats provide a range of engine options to cater to different preferences in terms of power, performance, and fuel efficiency. Whether you prefer inboard or outboard engines, Stamas boats have a suitable option to meet your needs.

Fishing Amenities

Stamas Boats are known for their impressive fishing amenities, which cater to both saltwater and freshwater fishing. These amenities help make your fishing experience more enjoyable and productive.

Rod Holders

Stamas boats come equipped with an ample number of rod holders to accommodate your fishing needs. These rod holders are strategically placed around the boat to maximize angling opportunities and keep your gear organized.

Live Wells

These boats offer multiple live wells to ensure that your bait remains fresh and lively throughout your fishing trip. The Stamas 31T Aventura, for example, comes standard with a 50-gallon aquarium-style live well, complete with lighting and a clear lid. This is further enhanced by an 18-gallon live well located in the port transom corner.

Tackle Center

A good tackle center is essential for any serious angler, and Stamas boats deliver in this regard. The Stamas 390 Tarpon features a console leaning post with sliding flip-back bolster seats that incorporate a complete tackle center. This includes a 199-quart recirculating baitwell, a freshwater sink and prep area, tool racks, and multiple locking tackle storage options such as drawers and plastic boxes.


Outriggers are crucial for spreading out your lines when trolling, preventing tangles and increasing your chances of hooking a fish. Stamas boats can be outfitted with premium outrigger systems, providing additional versatility for your fishing adventures.

The well-thought-out fishing amenities on Stamas boats—such as rod holders, live wells, tackle centers, and outriggers—cater to a wide range of angling needs. These features make Stamas boats an ideal choice for both saltwater and freshwater fishing enthusiasts.

Interior and Comfort

Cabin Layout

Stamas boats are designed with comfort and practicality in mind. The cabin layout provides ample space for passengers to relax during long fishing trips or leisure cruises. Depending on the model, cabins may include a forward V-berth, an aft cabin, and even separate head compartments for added privacy.

Seating Options

A variety of seating options are available on Stamas boats, ensuring a comfortable experience for all passengers. Some of the popular seating areas include:

  • Helm seating: Ergonomic and adjustable chairs for the captain
  • Aft seating: Spacious benches perfect for enjoying the views or chatting with fellow passengers
  • Bow seating: Ideal for sunbathing, lounging, or sightseeing

In addition, some Stamas models offer the "comfort package", which provides extra-cushioned seating, upgraded upholstery, and additional seating options.


Stamas boats are equipped with modern appliances to ensure a convenient and enjoyable on-water experience. Some of the appliances found on various models include:

  • Refrigerators: Perfect for keeping food and beverages cold
  • Stoves: Cook fresh meals while onboard
  • Microwaves: Heat up food quickly and efficiently
  • Water heaters: For warm showers and dishwashing
  • Air conditioning: Stay cool in warm climates with an onboard air conditioner


Advanced electronic systems are standard on Stamas boats, enhancing the experience for both casual cruisers and serious anglers. Some of the electronics available include:

  • Stereo system: Enjoy music or the latest news with a high-quality audio system
  • TV/DVD: Catch your favorite shows or movies during downtime
  • Shore power: Plug into a power source at marinas for added convenience

Stamas boats are known for their combination of practical layouts, comfortable seating options, modern appliances, and advanced electronics, making them a top choice for those who value both fishing capabilities and onboard comfort.

Options and Accessories

Electronics Package

Stamas Boats offers a variety of electronics packages to suit your needs at sea. You can choose from a range of options, such as radar systems, auto-pilot, Garmin GPSMAP, and compass, depending on your requirements. These features ensure smooth navigation and enhance your boating experience.

Fishing Extras

For those who love fishing, Stamas Boats provides various fishing extras that cater to your angling needs. Some of these include:

  • T-top or hard top configurations for shade and protection
  • Leaning post and wide beam for comfortable seating and space
  • Fishing-optimized transom design
  • Baitwell for easy storage and access to live bait
  • Spreader lights to illuminate your fishing area
  • Macerator systems to grind and dispose of fish waste

Customizing Your Boat

Stamas Yachts allows you to personalize your boat and improve its functionality with several accessories. Some of the customization options available are:

  • Forward and transom seating with bolsters for comfort and relaxation
  • Dive ladder for easy access in and out of the water
  • Anchor systems and bow thruster for better maneuverability and control
  • Spotlight for improved visibility during nighttime expeditions
  • Drink holders to keep you and your guests refreshed on hot days
  • Trim tabs for stability and better performance in various sea conditions

In summary, Stamas Boats offers a wide array of options and accessories to customize your yacht, enhance your fishing experience, and ensure comfortable and enjoyable time spent at sea. Remember to choose the features that cater to your specific needs and preferences.

Pricing and Buying

New vs. Used

Stamas boats are available for purchase either new or used. Newboats are typically more expensive but come with warranty coverage and updated features. On the other hand, used Stamas boats can be found at significantly lower price points, with some boats listed at $26,500 on the lower-cost segment. Keep in mind that used boats may require more maintenance and may not have the latest technology and updates.

Boat Dealers and Financing

Stamas boats can be found for sale on various platforms, including Boat Trader, YachtWorld, and These websites let boat buyers search for Stamas boats for sale and get in touch with dealers. It's important to establish a good relationship with the dealers as they can provide guidance and support during the buying process, and possibly offer financing options.

  • Boat Trader: Stamas 370 Aegean – 2023, $569,983.
  • YachtWorld: Stamas boats range from $26,500 to $669,480.
  • Stamas 33T Aventura – 2023, $408,995.

Financing can be arranged through boat loans from banks, credit unions, or specialized marine finance companies. These loans can help cover the cost of the boat purchase and any additional expenses like maintenance, insurance, and docking fees.

Prices and Values

Stamas boats offer a wide range of prices and values depending on the model, age, and condition of the boat. Some examples of Stamas boats and their prices are:

  • Stamas 310 Express (2001, Seabrook, New Hampshire) – $49,900
  • Stamas 370 Aegean (2023, Dania Beach, Florida) – $569,983
  • Stamas 390 Tarpon (2023, Dania Beach, Florida) – $669,480

When searching for used Stamas boats, it's important to consider factors like the boat's condition, hours of usage, and maintenance history. While it's possible to find used boats in excellent condition, it's crucial to conduct a thorough inspection before purchasing to ensure that the boat is in good shape and worth the investment.

Competitor Comparison

Stamas vs. Other Brands

Stamas Boats is known for producing durable and versatile vessels, with a focus on family fishing and cruising boats. Key competitors in the industry include brands like Boston Whaler, Grady-White, and Pursuit.

When comparing Stamas to other brands, it is important to consider factors such as hull design, performance, and standard amenities. For instance, Stamas 370 Express is a versatile boat ideal for fishing and cruising, whereas Boston Whaler's 350 Realm model also offers similar versatility, but with different design and features.

The Stamas 44 Tarpon is a large fishing boat perfect for serious anglers. In comparison, Grady-White's Canyon 456 is a similar vessel in terms of size and capabilities, but with different customizable options and pricing.

Stamas Boats are manufactured in Tarpon Springs, Florida, positioning them within proximity to the Cortez area and the city of Homestead. This is a factor to consider when comparing Stamas with other brands, as it contributes to manufacturing costs and local support.

Factors to Consider

When evaluating Stamas Boats and their competition, there are several factors to consider:

  • Performance: Assess the performance of the vessels, including top speed, fuel efficiency, and handling characteristics. Be sure to compare these aspects across the different brands in a fair and equal manner.

  • Design: Examine the hull design and layout of Stamas boats compared to other brands. Consider factors such as cabin space, cockpit design, and amenities that cater to the needs of the target audience (anglers and families).

  • Quality: Compare the build quality, materials used, and overall construction of the boats. Be mindful of any differences in the manufacturing process and how that may impact the boat's durability and longevity.

  • Price: Analyze the base price and overall costs associated with owning a Stamas boat versus a competitor's vessel, including factors such as fuel efficiency, maintenance, and resale value.

  • Local Support: Given that Stamas Boats are manufactured in Florida, it's critical to analyze the availability of local support and service centers for each competing brand. This can play a significant role in convenience and overall customer satisfaction.

Using these factors as a guide, potential buyers can make informed comparisons between Stamas Boats and their competition in order to identify the best option for their specific requirements and preferences.

Boating Activities and Locations

Types of Cruising

There are various types of cruising that can be enjoyed on Stamas boats, such as day cruising and overnight cruising. Day cruising is perfect for short trips and exploring nearby attractions, whether you're spending a day on the water with family or friends. On the other hand, overnight cruising allows you to venture further and spend nights aboard a Stamas boat, which features comfortable sleeping accommodations, a fully equipped galley, and all necessary amenities for extended trips.

Top Fishing Destinations

When it comes to fishing opportunities, Stamas boats can take you to some of the best fishing destinations in various states. Here are a few popular spots for avid anglers:

  • Florida: The Sunshine State boasts a plethora of fishing opportunities along its coastlines, from the Panhandle to the Keys.
  • Texas: A popular location for inshore and offshore fishing, anglers can target a wide variety of species along Texas' lengthy coastline.
  • California: The West Coast provides ample opportunities to catch fish like tuna, marlin, and halibut in California's diverse marine ecosystems.

Boat Launches and Marinas

To make the most of your Stamas boating experience, you'll want to familiarize yourself with nearby boat launches and marinas. Here are some essential features to look for in a quality marina:

  • Fuel Services: Ensure that the marina has adequate fuel tanks and can cater to your boat's specific fuel type and requirements.
  • Docking Facilities: A good marina should offer safe docking, allowing you to easily access and moor your boat.
  • Safety Measures: Check for emergency and security services to ensure a safe environment for both you and your boat.
  • Maintenance Services: Proper maintenance is essential for your Stamas boat, so confirm that the marina provides access to repair services and other necessary facilities.

Exploring new locations and engaging in diverse boating activities is an exciting part of owning a Stamas boat. Whether you prefer cruising or fishing, make sure to take advantage of the many destinations and facilities available to you. 

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