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Sportsman Boats For Sale: Your Ultimate Guide to Top Deals

Sportsman Boats, a renowned boat manufacturing company, has garnered popularity for its family-friendly center console boats. Offering a range of offshore center consoles and bay boats from 20 to 35 feet, Sportsman Boats incorporates cutting-edge designs, procedures, and materials to deliver unparalleled performance with a dry, safe, and comfortable ride. As demand for these boats continues to grow, potential buyers have a variety of choices when it comes to finding the perfect Sportsman boat for their needs.

When you're in the market for a Sportsman boat, it's essential to consider your preferred boating activities and requirements while searching for the ideal vessel. With an extensive collection of new and used boats available, buyers can explore various listings of Sportsman boats for sale and make informed decisions. Whether you're looking for a Masters 267OE Bay Boat, an Open 262 Center Console, or a Heritage 261 Center Console, there's a Sportsman boat designed to suit your needs.

As you embark on your search for the perfect Sportsman boat, keep in mind the importance of comparing different boat models, as well as the differences between new and used vessels. By conducting thorough research and leveraging the many available online resources, you'll be well-equipped to make a smart investment in a Sportsman boat that caters to your unique preferences and lifestyle. 

Overview of Sportsman Boats

History and Background

Sportsman Boats is a yacht builder known for its family-friendly center console boats in-class. The company focuses on using the latest designs, procedures, and materials to provide unparalleled performance, safety, and comfort. Sportsman Boats has quickly become a popular choice among boating enthusiasts due to its commitment to quality and innovation.

Popular Models

Sportsman Boats offers a variety of models to cater to diverse boating requirements. Some of its popular boat models include:

  • Masters Series: These bay boats are designed for a blend of stability, performance, and functionality. The new Masters 267 Bay Boat and Masters 267OE Bay Boat are prime examples, offering ample deck space, shallow draft, and powerful engines.

  • Open Series: Sportsman's Open Series is known for its spacious layout and features apt for both fishing and entertainment. The Open 322 is a popular model in this series, with an overall length of 32 feet and a range of modern features.

  • Tournament Series: Aimed at serious anglers, the Tournament Series boats offer a powerful combination of fishing features, like the Tournament 234SBX.

Here's a snapshot of some popular Sportsman Boats models and their specifications:

Model Length Width Price Range
Masters 267 Bay Boat 26' N/A Contact Manufacturer
Masters 267OE Bay Boat 26' N/A Contact Manufacturer
Open 322 32' N/A Contact Manufacturer
Tournament 234SBX 23' N/A Contact Manufacturer

To find Sportsman boats for sale, you can explore options at several online marketplaces, such as YachtWorld and Boat Trader, which offer new and used boats from owner listings and certified dealers.

Types of Sportsman Boats for Sale

Sportsman Boats is a popular boat manufacturer known for their high-quality, family-friendly boats. Their impressive line of vessels features both center console and bay boats, which are available in a variety of sizes and models. In this section, we'll be looking at the different types of Sportsman Boats for sale.

Center Console Boats

Center console boats are designed with a central helm that provides a 360-degree view of the water, making them ideal for various activities such as fishing, water sports, or simply cruising. Sportsman Boats offers a great selection of center console boats, including the Open and Heritage lines.

  • Open Series: The Open series is known for its spaciousness and performance. Some popular models in this series include the Sportsman 232 open, with its impressive 2023 model priced at $98,645, and the 2019 Sportsman Open 232 Center Console, available for $85,000.

  • Heritage Series: The Heritage series boasts stylish designs and comfortable amenities, offering center console models like the 2014 Sportsman Heritage 251 for $93,500 and the 2017 Sportsman Heritage 211 CC available for $62,500.

Bay Boats

Bay boats are crafted to effortlessly navigate shallow waters and reach the most remote fishing spots. Sportsman Boats' Bay Boat lineup consists of the Masters series, which includes the new 2023 Masters 267 Bay Boat and Masters 267OE Bay Boat models.

  • Masters Series: The Masters series is designed with a versatile hull for excellent maneuverability and shallow water access. The Masters 267 Bay Boat and Masters 267OE Bay Boat provide avid anglers with state-of-the-art fishing amenities and comfortable seating options for families.

In summary, Sportsman Boats offers a diverse range of boats to cater to the varying needs of boat enthusiasts, from high-performance center console vessels to shallow water bay boats. Prospective boat owners can confidently make their choice based on activities they plan to engage in and the size, features, and price range of the models available for sale.

Key Features of Sportsman Boats

Sportsman Boats are known for their family-friendly center console boats that prioritize safety, performance, and comfort. The boats are designed to provide a dry, safe, and comfortable ride for all passengers.


Built with the latest technology and materials, Sportsman Boats offer a shallow draft, allowing them to navigate through shallow waters with ease. They are also suitable for tournament use, as the boats are equipped with powerful engines and top-notch fishing features.


These boats are designed with families in mind, offering spacious seating arrangements and an easy-to-navigate layout. With safety features such as integrated tempered glass windshields that protect the helm while maintaining airflow, you can feel confident taking your family out for a day on the water.

Dry, Safe, and Comfortable Ride

Sportsman Boats are built using lightweight coring materials and high-strength glass, ensuring a durable and fuel-efficient performance. The hull designs help to reduce water splashes, providing a dry experience for all occupants. Additionally, the boats come with cushioned seating for added comfort during your journey.

Shallow Draft

The shallow draft design allows Sportsman Boats to navigate in shallow waters, making them perfect for anglers looking to explore hard-to-reach fishing spots or families who want to access secluded beaches.

Tournament Features

Sportsman Boats are great for tournament enthusiasts, offering features such as ample rod storage, livewells, and other fishing amenities that help boost the angler's experience.

By prioritizing performance, family-friendly design, safety, comfort, and tournament capabilities, Sportsman Boats have become a popular choice for those looking for an enjoyable and functional boating experience.

Popular Sportsman Boat Models

Masters Series

The Masters Series by Sportsman Boats is known for its excellent bay boats. The Masters 227 Bay Boat is a notable model, offering a balance of performance and fishing features. Another boat in this series is the Masters 247 Bay Boat, which boasts ample storage and a comfortable ride. The smaller Masters 207 Bay Boat is also a great option for those looking for something more compact.

Heritage Series

Sportsman's Heritage Series is highlighted by its center console models. The Heritage 211 Center Console and Heritage 231 Center Console are popular choices, offering versatility for both families and anglers. These boats provide a comfortable ride with sufficient storage and deck space.

Open Series

The Open Series from Sportsman Boats includes a variety of center console options, such as the Open 212 and Open 232 Center Consoles. These boats allow for spacious fishing areas and are designed to handle rougher waters. Larger options in this series include the Open 352 Center Console, Open 282 Center Console, and Open 282TE Center Console, which are perfect for more experienced anglers seeking higher performance.

Tournament Series

The Tournament Series by Sportsman Boats offers an exceptional lineup for bay boats. Some well-regarded models in this series include the Tournament 214 Bay Boat and Tournament 234 Bay Boat. These boats are designed for competitive anglers, providing great stability and ample fishing features.

In summary, Sportsman Boats offers a diverse range of models across their Masters, Heritage, Open, and Tournament series, catering to different needs and preferences of boating enthusiasts.

Sportsman Boat Availability in the United States

Sportsman boats are a popular choice for many boating enthusiasts, and the United States offers a range of dealerships for interested buyers. Two of the main states where Sportsman boats are available are Florida and North Carolina.

Florida Dealerships

In Florida, there are numerous dealerships offering Sportsman boats for sale. One notable dealership is Legendary Marine Destin, located in Destin. At this dealership, you will find a wide selection of both new and used Sportsman boats.

Some popular models available in Florida include:

  • Sportsman Masters 247 Bay Boat
  • Sportsman Tournament 214 Bay Boat

These models, along with others, offer the high-quality design, performance, and features that Sportsman boats are known for.

North Carolina Dealerships

In North Carolina, prospective buyers can also find a variety of Sportsman boats for sale. Dealers in this state offer competitive pricing and extensive inventory for those looking to purchase a new or used vessel.

Available models in North Carolina include:

  • Sportsman Heritage 231 Center Console
  • Sportsman Open 212 Center Console

Both Florida and North Carolina dealerships ensure that customers have access to top-notch customer service, making the process of buying a Sportsman boat seamless and enjoyable.

In conclusion, those interested in purchasing a Sportsman boat in the United States have plenty of options to choose from, with dealerships across the country offering a diverse selection of models to suit every need and preference.

Customizing and Accessorizing Your New Boat

When purchasing a new Sportsman boat, you have the opportunity to customize and accessorize it to suit your preferences and specific needs. Part of the appeal of owning a boat is tailoring it to your lifestyle, whether it's for fishing, cruising or simply enjoying life on the water. In this section, we'll discuss some of the key accessories and customization options available for your new boat.

One essential category of customization is the electronics you choose to install on your boat. High-tech gadgets such as GPS, fish finders, and marine radio systems are essential for navigation, communication, and locating fish while on the water. Some Sportsman boats for sale even come with pre-installed electronics, simplifying the decision-making process for you.

Creature comforts are another facet of customization to consider. These may include comfortable seating options, beverage coolers, or built-in grills for a day of leisurely cruising or entertaining friends and family. It's important to think about the accessories you'll need for making the most out of your time spent on the water.

If you plan on using your boat for fishing, rod racks and storage for your fishing gear might be essential. Rod racks can be mounted to the hard-top or t-top, providing easy access and organization for your fishing rods. You can also find boats equipped with livewells, which help keep your bait and catch alive and fresh throughout the day.

Adding a hard-top or t-top to your boat not only enhances the overall appearance but also provides shade and protection from the elements. This addition can be especially useful during hot summer days, providing a shaded area for passengers to relax and escape the sun.

Finally, livewells are crucial for sports fishermen. Whether you're a professional or a casual angler, having a functional livewell system ensures that your bait and catch remain in optimal condition throughout your fishing trip.

In summary, customizing and accessorizing your new boat is an exciting and important part of the boat-buying process. With thoughtful consideration of your needs and preferences, you can create a well-equipped, comfortable, and efficient vessel that will provide hours of enjoyment on the water.

Pricing and Buying Procedures

Sportsman Boats offers a variety of boats for sale catering to different buyers with various preferences and price points. Those looking for new vessels can expect the prices to span a wide range.

You can explore the options and pricing of Sportsman Boats through their Build & Price tool. With this tool, customers can select their preferred boat model and customizations, receiving a transparent pricing breakdown for each choice.

When purchasing a Sportsman Boat, it's important to follow the appropriate procedures. Typically, this process involves the following steps:

  1. Research: First, identify the specific model and features that best suit your needs. Be sure to explore the available options, size ranges, and pricing tiers.
  2. Inquiry: Once you have a clear understanding of your preferred model and budget, contact an authorized Sportsman Boat dealer. You can do this through the Sportsman Boats website or by visiting a nearby dealership.
  3. Communication: Develop a relationship with a knowledgeable dealer who can understand your requirements and guide you in finalizing the boat's specifications, features, and customizations.
  4. Financing: Determine your financing options, whether it's cash, financing, or leasing. Consult your dealer for assistance and advice on the best solution that fits your financial situation.
  5. Review and Sign: Thoroughly review your boat's configurations, chosen features, and pricing before signing the final purchase agreement.

Sportsman Boats aims to provide a seamless and transparent buying experience for their customers. By following the outlined procedures and working with an authorized dealer, you can confidently invest in a new vessel tailored to your preferences, requirements, and budget.

Boat Hull Types and Ride Quality

Sportsman Boats offer various models designed to cater to the needs of both anglers and families. There are a few boat hull types commonly found among Sportsman Boats: deep vee, modified vee, and planing. These hull types directly affect the ride quality.

Deep Vee Hulls

Deep vee hulls are typically characterized by a V-shaped design that cuts through the water, providing better stability and handling in rough waters. Sportsman Boats' Open Series is designed for more serious anglers and features some models with deep vee hulls. These boats offer a dry, safe, and comfortable ride, making them ideal for offshore fishing.

Modified Vee Hulls

Modified vee hull design combines the advantages of deep vee hulls and flatter hulls. It offers a compromise between stability and efficiency, providing a smooth and comfortable ride in most conditions. Some Sportsman Boats models, such as the Heritage Series, use modified vee hulls to balance the need for a good ride with fuel efficiency.

Planing Hulls

Planing hulls are designed to skim across the water's surface rather than cutting through it, which helps to achieve higher speeds. This design works well for smaller, lighter boats and offers a generally smooth ride on calm waters. However, planing hulls can sometimes struggle in rougher conditions.

In conclusion, the choice of boat hull type greatly influences the ride quality of a boat. Sportsman Boats offers various models, including boats with deep vee, modified vee, and planing hulls, to suit different preferences and conditions. By understanding these various hull designs, buyers can ensure they're selecting the best Sportsman Boat model for their intended use and desired ride quality.

Engines, Fuel Types, and Performance

When it comes to Sportsman boats, a variety of engines and fuel types are available to suit different preferences and uses. One of the most common engine types found in these boats is the outboard engine. Outboard engines are known for their versatility and ease of maintenance, making them a popular choice among boat owners.

Outboard engines are generally available in two main types of fuel: gas and diesel. Gas-powered outboard engines are often seen on smaller boats, and they offer a high power-to-weight ratio. In addition, gas outboard engines are usually more affordable than their diesel counterparts.

For those seeking fuel efficiency and a quieter performance, outboard-4s (four-stroke) engines might be the better option. These engines typically have lower emissions and are more environmentally friendly compared to two-stroke engines. Additionally, four-stroke engines require less frequent maintenance due to their cleaner combustion.

Sportsman boats equipped with outboard-4s engines are known for their unparalleled performance. These boats offer a smooth ride and excellent handling due to the powerful engines and well-designed hulls.

To sum up the features of Sportsman boats' engines, fuel types, and performance:

  • Outboard engines are versatile and easy to maintain
  • Gas-powered engines provide a high power-to-weight ratio and are more affordable than diesel engines
  • Outboard-4s (four-stroke) engines offer fuel efficiency, lower emissions, and quieter performance
  • Sportsman boats with outboard-4s engines deliver unparalleled performance with a smooth ride and excellent handling

Sportsman Boats in Fishing and Cruising

Sportsman Boats is known for offering a wide range of boats that cater to various needs, including fishing and cruising. These boats are designed with the goal of providing a memorable experience for anglers and recreational boaters alike.

Saltwater Fishing

Sportsman Boats offers a variety of models perfect for saltwater fishing. These boats are designed to handle challenging ocean conditions while providing a stable and comfortable platform for anglers. With features like ample casting decks, well-equipped bait stations, and large livewells, these boats are ready for a day of serious saltwater fishing. Check out the available Sportsman Boats for sale to find the ideal saltwater fishing vessel.

Freshwater Fishing

When it comes to freshwater fishing, Sportsman Boats also have options for anglers looking to enjoy skinny water and other inland waterways. Their freshwater fishing models boast casting decks for comfortable casting, ensuring ample space for both anglers and their gear. Additionally, these boats often come with powerful trolling motors and shallow water anchor systems, ensuring you can stay on your desired fishing spot. View the Sportsman boats for sale to explore freshwater fishing options.

Day Cruising

For boaters seeking day cruising options, Sportsman Boats offers models with comfortable seating arrangements, spacious layouts, and features designed for fun on the water. With an average beam of around 8-9 feet, these boats provide a stable and roomy platform for a relaxing day onboard. Some popular amenities include:

  • Bluetooth sound systems
  • Built-in coolers
  • Swim platforms

Explore Sportsman boats for sale to find the perfect day cruising model.

Overnight Cruising

If overnight cruising is your interest, Sportsman offers larger models with cabins, berths, and even small galleys, ensuring a comfortable stay while away from the dock. These boats have ample storage for provisions and personal belongings, making them perfect for weekend getaways or long-distance trips. Some key features include:

  • Sleeping berths
  • Enclosed head compartments
  • Small, functional galleys
  • Ample storage

Browse Sportsman boats for sale to find the overnight cruising model that suits your needs.

Tips for Keeping Your Sportsman Boat Dry and Safe

It is essential to keep your Sportsman Boat both dry and safe to maintain its longevity and performance. Here are some practical tips to ensure you get the most out of your boat.

Choose the Right Materials

Always use high-quality materials for any repairs or upgrades made to your Sportsman Boat. Opt for marine-grade products that are specifically designed to withstand harsh saltwater conditions. This includes selecting suitable paint, sealants, and hardware to prevent corrosion and aid in keeping your boat dry.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Clean your boat regularly to prevent the buildup of salt and grime that can cause corrosion or damage to the hull. Be especially attentive to the cowling and any areas prone to rust or corrosion. Applying a corrosion preventive and regularly greasing the fittings can ensure a longer lifespan for your Sportsman Boat.

Store Your Boat Properly

Proper storage plays a crucial role in keeping your Sportsman Boat dry and safe. When not in use, store your boat in a covered area that protects it from the elements, such as a garage, boat shed, or under a custom cover. This will reduce the likelihood of water damage and degradation due to sunlight exposure.

Keep an Eye on Safety Equipment

Make sure your Sportsman Boat is equipped with the necessary safety equipment, as required by the US Coast Guard (USCG). This includes having a fire extinguisher, life jackets, signaling devices, and a first aid kit on board. Regularly inspect these items for any signs of wear or damage and replace as needed.

By following these guidelines, you can keep your Sportsman Boat in optimal condition, ensuring maximum enjoyment out on the water.   

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