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Sloep Boats: A Comprehensive Guide for Enthusiasts and Buyers

Sloep boats, originating from the Netherlands, are well-known for their practical design, style, and comfort. These traditional Dutch vessels are perfect for boating enthusiasts who are passionate about cruising and relaxing on serene waters. With their versatility, Sloeps have become a popular choice for those seeking a reliable boat for leisure activities, as they combine the performance of a speedboat with the intimacy of a family cruiser.

The market for Sloep boats has seen constant growth over the years, mainly due to their timeless design and the luxurious experience they offer. These boats come in various sizes, ranging from 5 meters to 11 meters, providing potential buyers with a broad choice to suit their individual preferences and requirements. The attention to detail and craftsmanship in the design of these boats, along with their elite status, makes them a sought-after option for boating connoisseurs.

As Sloep boats gain prominence worldwide, various manufacturers have expanded their offerings, presenting numerous opportunities for buyers to explore. Some of the most iconic Sloep models now listed include the Swaenendrift and WB1 Electric, which can be found at different price points, providing options for various budgets. A Sloep boat is an investment in elegance, functionality, and an exceptional boating experience, proving that the popularity of these vessels is well-deserved.

Types of Sloep Boats

Sloep boats are a popular choice for boating enthusiasts due to their versatile design and functionality. This section will explore several types of Sloep boats including Cabin Sloep, Snipa Orust Sloep, Model Sloep 520 Classic, and Centre Console.

Cabin Sloep

The Cabin Sloep is perfect for those looking for a more comfortable and enclosed boating experience, especially for overnight cruising. This type of Sloep boat often comes with a small cabin that provides shelter and sleeping space for the occupants. Some models, such as the Sloep 730, also feature additional amenities like a galley, bathroom, and sitting area.

Snipa Orust Sloep

A traditional Swedish design, the Snipa Orust Sloep offers a classic look combined with modern performance. This type of Sloep boat is usually characterized by its long, narrow hull and gaff-rigged sloop sail. Snipa Orust Sloep boats are often used for day cruising, offering a leisurely and enjoyable boating experience for their occupants.

Model Sloep 520 Classic

The Model Sloep 520 Classic is a smaller, more compact Sloep boat that is perfect for day cruising, watersports, or saltwater fishing. With its classic lines, stable hull, and easy handling, it is an ideal choice for those looking for an affordable and versatile boat option.

Feature Highlights:

  • Length: 20-30ft
  • Price Range: $18,630

Centre Console

Centre Console Sloep boats are designed with the helm station in the center of the boat, allowing for 360-degree access and visibility. This type of Sloep boat is often used for saltwater fishing, as it provides anglers with unobstructed access to the water. Like the other types of Sloep boats mentioned, Centre Console Sloep boats come in various sizes and configurations, with some models offering additional features like seating areas, storage compartments, and live wells.

In conclusion, Sloep boats offer a wide range of designs and functionalities, catering to various boating activities and preferences. The Cabin Sloep, Snipa Orust Sloep, Model Sloep 520 Classic, and Centre Console are just a few examples of the different types of Sloep boats available.

Sizes and Capacities

Sloep boats come in various sizes to accommodate different needs and preferences. In general, they can range from small, compact models to larger, more spacious vessels. In this section, we will explore some common sizes and capacities of sloep boats.

One popular size of sloep boats is the 5-meter option. A boat of this size can provide a comfortable and maneuverable experience for those looking for a smaller option. With a capacity of around 6 people, the Reest~Sloep 520 Classic is an example of a 5-meter sloep boat available on the market.

For those looking for larger sloep boats with higher capacities, the Damsko 1000 is a great choice. This advanced sloep boat has a maximum capacity of 40 people and features a T-top roofing and a powerful engine with up to 430 HP. Despite its size, the Damsko 1000 remains highly maneuverable, providing an excellent turning circle even at top speed.

Performance models of sloep boats are designed with speed and agility in mind, and they often come equipped with powerful engines. For instance, the Merlin 760S built by Shelter Marine is capable of reaching a top speed of +/- 23 knots with 2 x Big-foot 60hp motors. With a length of 24.9 feet and a beam of 8.2 feet, this boat can accommodate up to 6 people in Category E and up to 12 people in Category R.

To summarize, sloep boats are available in various sizes, with options to suit different preferences and uses. From compact 5-meter models to larger performance vessels, these boats offer versatile options for boating enthusiasts.

Engines and Performance

Sloep boats come with various engine options, including electric, petrol, and diesel engines. The type of engine that suits a specific Sloep boat depends on the use case, owner preferences, and budget constraints.

Electric-powered Sloep boats are gaining popularity due to their eco-friendly nature and quiet performance. The Sloep WB1 Electric is an example of a 2023 model featuring an electric engine.

Petrol engines are more common in Sloep boats as they provide reliable power and faster speeds. For instance, Shelter Marine's Merlin 760S is a Sloep boat with a petrol engine and has a fuel capacity of 95 liters. This boat can reach top speeds of around 23 knots with its 2 x Bigfoot 60hp motors.

Diesel engines are also an option for Sloep boats, offering better fuel efficiency and durability compared to petrol versions. However, diesel engines may have higher upfront costs.

Outboard motors are a popular choice for Sloep boats as they provide easy access for maintenance and offer the flexibility to replace or upgrade the motor. A wide range of outboard motors are available, including 4-stroke options, which are known for their fuel efficiency and smooth operation.

Performance-wise, Sloep boats are not designed for high speeds, like high-performance boats that reach 70 mph and above. Instead, these boats focus on comfort and leisurely cruising. They're ideal for exploring waterways, socializing, or simply relaxing on the water. However, some models may still offer impressive performance depending on the engine and design choices. For example, Sloep boats with engines up to 27 hp can provide adequate speed and power for various water activities.

New vs Used Boats

When deciding on a Sloep boat, one of the primary choices to make is whether to buy a new or used model. Both options have their advantages and drawbacks, and the choice will largely depend on your preference, needs, and budget.

New boats, as expected, come with the latest features and technologies. If you value having a pristine vessel with a modern design, then a new Sloep boat might be the better choice. New boats generally also come with hull and engine warranties for the first year or so, giving you peace of mind if anything goes wrong.

On the other hand, buying a used boat can provide you with more value for your money. A used Sloep boat will often have a lower cost per year of ownership. Additionally, most of the depreciation of a boat takes place in the first year, so a used boat may be a more cost-effective investment.

In terms of finding your ideal Sloep boat, there are several places to look for both new and used models. These include:

  • Sales offices: Brand-new Sloep boats can typically be found at authorized sales offices, which offer a variety of models, sizes, and features.

  • Private sellers: Many used Sloep boats can be purchased from private sellers, who may offer more competitive prices than professional dealerships.

  • Professional boat dealerships: These establishments offer a mix of new and used boats, giving you a wider range of options to choose from.

It is essential to research the prices of new and used Sloep boats in your desired market before making a decision. Websites such as and can provide you with listings and price comparisons to guide you in your search.

In conclusion, the choice between a new and used Sloep boat will depend on your personal preferences, budget, and the value you seek. Take your time to research and explore your options, and remember

Popular Brands and Models

Sloep Boats are known for their comfortable and leisurely sailing experience. There are several brands and models that stand out in the market and offer unique features catering to various customer preferences.

  • Gozzo: This Italian brand is famous for its sophisticated design and high-quality materials. They provide great stability and luxury, making every sailing experience enjoyable.

  • Full Teak Vlet: As the name suggests, this boat is made of high-quality teak wood, known for its durability and elegance. This model offers an authentic boating experience and a long-lasting performance.

  • Van Seinen: A well-established Dutch brand, Van Seinen boats are known for their eye-catching design and practical layouts. They offer a relaxing and smooth ride, perfect for spending time with family and friends on the water.

  • Marine 800: Boasting spacious interiors, the Marine 800 caters to those looking for comfort and convenience. With plenty of seating, this boat provides a cozy atmosphere for social gatherings or intimate cruises.

Brand Model Description
Mc Gruer Piet Hein Sloep Combines classic design with modern technology
Sleper Admiraal Sloep Known for its sturdy built and smooth sailing capabilities
Sloep Boats Swaenendrift Iconic model, offering a timeless sailing experience
  WB1 Electric Efficient electric model with eco-friendly capabilities

While there are other interesting models like Stevig en Stoer as well, it is essential to carefully explore their features before making a decision. Understanding the brand and model that best fits your needs is crucial for ensuring a satisfactory sailing experience on a Sloep Boat.

Customization and Add-ons

When considering a Sloep boat, there are various customization options and add-ons available to enhance your experience on the water. Shelter Marine, a boutique boat building company, specializes in designing and manufacturing custom-crafted Sloep boats, such as their Merlin model, which offers various possibilities for tailoring the boat to your preferences.

One of the essential aspects of a Sloep boat is its customizability. Depending on your intended use and personal style, you can choose from a variety of materials, colors, and finishes for both the interior and exterior. For example, you might opt for a contemporary all-white finish or a traditional wooden motif to reflect your unique taste.

When it comes to add-ons, there is a multitude of options for enhancing the functionality, performance, and comfort of your Sloep boat. A few possible add-ons include:

  • Additional seating options, such as U-shaped or L-shaped seating arrangements
  • Installation of modern electronics, like navigational tools and entertainment systems
  • Custom lighting solutions, including underwater and deck lighting

For added convenience and mobility, you may also want to invest in a boat trailer to transport your Sloep boat easily. Trailers come in various sizes and types, so be sure to choose one compatible with your boat's dimensions and weight. This will ensure safe and efficient transportation to and from your favorite boating destinations.

In terms of comfort, you can customize your Sloep boat with versatile features and upgrades to improve your on-board experience:

  • Cushions and upholstery made from weather-resistant materials that provide durability and low-maintenance care
  • Removable sunshades or biminis for protection from the sun
  • Easily accessible storage compartments for keeping your belongings organized and secure

By exploring these various customization and add-on options, you can create a Sloep boat that perfectly meets your needs and preferences, ensuring many enjoyable days spent on the water.

Regional Trends and Availability

Sloep boats, known for their versatility and comfort, have experienced a surge in popularity in recent years. In this section, we explore the regional trends and availability of Sloep boats in various locations.


The Netherlands has a rich history of boating culture, and the demand for Sloep boats has grown significantly in this region. Cities like Veere have seen a large number of Sloep boats available for sale. Dutch boat manufacturers, such as Ferro Aalsmeer, have developed a variety of Sloep models, including the Overnaadse Jol, specifically designed to cater to the needs of boaters in the Netherlands.

United States

In the United States, the boating industry is witnessing a rise in interest for Sloep boats, particularly in regions like California, New York, and Florida. These coastal states are well-known for their marine activities, leading to an increase in demand for comfortable and efficient boats such as the Sloep boats.

  • California: A notable surge in in-stock Sloep boats is observed, catering to the growing boating community.
  • New York: The state's extensive waterways provide a perfect setting for Sloep boat enthusiasts, with dealers stocking up on popular models.
  • Florida: Florida's warm climate and abundant water access create an ideal environment for Sloep boat usage, resulting in higher demand and greater availability.


Ohio, located in the midwestern United States, has a flourishing marine industry, despite being a landlocked state. The state's vast network of freshwater lakes and rivers has resulted in an increase in interest for Sloep boats. This trend is evident with numerous retailers holding in-stock Sloep boat models to cater to the growing boating community in Ohio.

In conclusion, Sloep boats' popularity is on the rise in various regions, from the Netherlands to the United States, with several in-stock options available in different states. As the marine industry continues to evolve, we can expect the demand for Sloep boats to grow further, making them an even more compelling choice for boating enthusiasts across the globe.

Selecting a Sloep Boat

When choosing a Sloep boat, several factors come into play - the purpose of the boat, the price range, and whether to buy new or used. Sloep boats are popular in Europe, especially in the Netherlands, where they're often used for leisure or sightseeing cruises, thanks to their elegant designs and comfortable interiors.

An excellent place to start your search is on, where they offer a wide selection of Sloep boats for sale in various sizes and designs. This website allows you to filter your search criteria to find the perfect match for your requirements and budget.

When deciding between a new or used Sloep boat, consider your budget and boating experience. If you're new to boating or have a tight budget, a used boat can be a more affordable option. There are many reputable private sellers and Wehmeyer Yacht Brokers in the Netherlands that can assist you in finding a suitable used Sloep boat.

However, if you prefer a brand-new Sloep boat and have a higher budget, consider reaching out to manufacturers like Shelter Marine, who specialize in custom-designed and crafted vessels.

Before making a purchase, there are a few key aspects to be evaluated:

  • Size and Layout: Determine the number of passengers you plan to have on your boat and choose a size and layout that ensures comfort for everyone aboard. In general, Sloep boats offer both open and enclosed cockpit options.

  • Inboard or Outboard Motor: Sloep boats are available with either inboard or outboard motor options, which can cater to different preferences concerning ease of maintenance, drive feel, and fuel consumption.

  • Features: Consider features such as lighting, seating, cover options, and onboard storage. Premium models may even come with amenities like cushioned seating, teak flooring, and upgraded navigation equipment.

By evaluating your needs, budget, and preferences, you'll be well on your way to selecting the perfect Sloep boat to enjoy on the water. Remember to conduct thorough research, perform test rides whenever possible, and consult with professionals or experienced boaters for advice. Happy boating!

Sloep Boats and Fishing

Sloep boats are a popular choice for fishing enthusiasts due to their versatile design and comfortable accommodations. As freshwater fishing boats, these vessels provide ample space for casting lines and storing gear, making them an ideal option for a day out on the water.

Built with stability and maneuverability in mind, Sloep boats can easily navigate various water conditions, which allows anglers to access both shallow and deep fishing spots. Due to their sturdy construction, they are perfect for fishing in calm lakes or tackling choppy sea waves.

One of the key features of Sloep boats is their spacious and open deck layout, which allows multiple people to fish simultaneously without getting in each other's way. This makes them an excellent option for family fishing trips or group outings with friends.

In addition to Sloep boats, there are other popular fishing boat options, such as Sea Ray boats. Sea Ray is a well-known brand that offers a diverse range of vessels, catering to both recreational and competitive anglers. Their boats typically come equipped with top-notch fishing amenities, such as rod holders, bait stations, and live wells, making them a popular choice among serious fishermen.

When comparing Sloep boats and Sea Ray boats, it's essential to consider your specific fishing needs and preferences. If you're looking for a comfortable and versatile boat that's suited for a relaxed day of fishing with friends and family, a Sloep boat may be the perfect choice. On the other hand, if you're a dedicated angler looking for a high-performance vessel designed to maximize your fishing efficiency, a Sea Ray boat might be a better fit.

To sum it up, both Sloep and Sea Ray boats provide excellent options for fishing enthusiasts with different needs and preferences. No matter what you choose, these boats offer enjoyable and exciting fishing experiences for all.

Sailing and Performance

Sloep boats, specifically Dutch sloep, are popular for their versatility, performance, and distinct design. These boats have a unique combination of traditional and modern features that cater to various needs, including sailing, leisure trips, and water-based activities.

One of the defining characteristics of a Dutch sloep is its hull design, which incorporates a deep vee form. This deep vee hull shape significantly improves the boat's performance and stability in various sea conditions. The deep vee design allows the boat to slice through waves with minimal resistance, providing a smoother and more comfortable sailing experience.

Sloep boats are available in a range of sizes and configurations, some of which include sailboats designed for performance and exhilarating sailing experiences. These sailboats typically feature a well-balanced sail plan that can harness the wind's power effectively. This ensures enhanced sailing performance, allowing sailors to cover more ground and sail to their desired destinations with ease.

Sailors can find a variety of Sloep boats on the market, with options for new and used yachts. Some models, like the Sloep Zuidschor 625 LE, have earned positive reviews and gained popularity among boating enthusiasts. This particular model, priced at $28,027, offers significant value for those looking for a comfortable and sleek sailboat.

In conclusion, Dutch sloep boats provide an excellent combination of performance, functionality, and style for sailing enthusiasts. The deep vee hull design ensures a smooth sailing experience, while the well-balanced sail plan offers efficient harnessing of the wind's power. With a variety of models and sizes available, sailors can find the perfect Sloep boat to suit their needs and preferences. 

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