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Silverton Boats: An Expert's Guide to Timeless Nautical Luxury

Silverton Boats has established a strong reputation in the yachting community for designing and manufacturing a versatile range of vessels. This notable brand offers convertible yachts, motor yachts, sedans, aft cabins, and express cruisers, perfect for those looking to experience the world at its most exciting. As a yacht builder, Silverton has over 200 boats for sale on YachtWorld, including new vessels and pre-owned options, providing an extensive selection for potential buyers.

The Silverton brand is more than just about selling yachts - it's about building a community among owners and enthusiasts. The Silverton Owners Club is a testament to this dedication, creating a space for collaboration, and preserving the legacy of Silverton's US-built vessels. This commitment to quality and owner satisfaction is evident in the numerous boat reviews available on, highlighting features such as exceptional living spaces, modern design, and powerful performance.

Whether it's a relaxing day cruising on the water or an epic ocean adventure, Silverton Boats offer a vessel for every need and taste. With a range of sizes and models to choose from, buyers can find the perfect match for their lifestyle and requirements. As a brand with a rich history and a devoted community of owners and admirers, Silverton Boats continue to set the benchmark for innovation and excellence in the yachting world.

History of Silverton Boats

Silverton Boats traces its roots back to the 1800s when German immigrant Henry Luhrs arrived in the United States with advance knowledge in the outfitting of trading ships. Over time, he owned a chandlery and a ship, laying the foundation for what would eventually become Silverton Marine. The company was formally started on a December day in 1969 by John and Warren Luhrs, descendants of Henry Luhrs. Since then, Silverton has grown into one of the most famous boat manufacturers in the United States, specializing in yacht and luxury boats.

The company's primary focus is on creating aft-cabin boats, convertible yachts, and express cruisers, which have become prized throughout the world. As Silverton Boats evolved and gained prominence in the industry, it went through a few changes in ownership. One notable change was the acquisition of Silverton Yachts by TF Yachts LLC, the current parent company.

Over the years, Silverton has maintained a dedication to quality and innovation. The company's commitment to excellence has enabled them to produce various models that cater to different segments of the market. The boat line-up currently includes express cruisers, aft cabin boats, and convertible yachts that are not only luxurious and comfortable but also durable and seaworthy.

In summary, the history of Silverton Boats is one marked by a passion for shipbuilding and marine craftsmanship passed down through generations. From Henry Luhrs' arrival in the United States to the present day, Silverton Boats continues to thrive as a leading manufacturer of high-quality yachts and luxury boats, cementing its place within the marine industry.

Popular Silverton Boat Models

Silverton boats are known for their quality and performance. In this section, we will explore some of the most popular Silverton boat models, including the 34 Convertible, 43 Motor Yacht, 40 Convertible, 37 Convertible, and 330 Sport Bridge.

34 Convertible

The 34 Convertible is a popular choice among boating enthusiasts due to its versatile layout and comfortable accommodations. This model offers:

  • A spacious salon with ample seating and storage
  • Two staterooms for overnight stays
  • A fully equipped galley for meal preparation
  • A roomy flybridge with seating for guests

43 Motor Yacht

The 43 Motor Yacht is a luxurious yacht designed for comfortable cruising. Some features of this model include:

  • Generous living spaces in the salon and staterooms
  • A large aft deck for entertaining
  • A well-appointed galley for onboard dining
  • A bridge with ample seating and navigational equipment

40 Convertible

The 40 Convertible offers both style and functionality, making it an ideal yacht for both fishing and cruising. Key features of this model include:

  • A spacious cockpit for fishing and outdoor activities
  • Comfortable accommodations for overnight trips
  • A well-equipped galley for preparing meals
  • A roomy flybridge for navigating and socializing

37 Convertible

The 37 Convertible is another popular Silverton model, boasting a blend of comfort and performance. Highlights of this boat include:

  • A functional cockpit for fishing or lounging
  • Cozy living spaces for relaxation and entertainment
  • A fully equipped galley to accommodate meal preparation
  • A spacious flybridge for guests to enjoy the view

330 Sport Bridge

The 330 Sport Bridge is a sleek, sporty yacht designed for those who enjoy an active lifestyle on the water. Features of this model include:

  • A spacious cockpit for water sports and relaxation
  • Comfortable staterooms for overnight stays
  • A well-appointed galley for onboard dining
  • A stylish and functional sport bridge for navigation

Specifications and Features

Hull Types

Silverton boats come in a variety of hull types, providing the right fit for a diverse range of boating activities. Some popular hull designs found in their models include:

  • Modified Vee: A great all-around hull type, offering a balance between stability and efficient performance.
  • Deep Vee: Provides exceptional performance in rough water conditions and smoother ride.
  • Semi-Displacement: Combines the stability of a displacement hull with the speed and efficiency of a planing hull.
  • Planing Hull: Designed for faster speeds, getting the boat up on plane, reducing drag and increasing efficiency.

Propulsion Systems

When it comes to powering your Silverton boat, there are several propulsion system options available:

  • Inboard: Inboard engines are mounted within the boat's hull, providing a lower center of gravity and improved maneuverability.
  • Inboard/Outboard (I/O): Also known as sterndrives, these systems combine elements of both inboard and outboard engines, offering the advantages of both systems.
  • Gas: Gasoline engines are a popular choice for boaters looking for a balance between performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Diesel: Diesel engines offer more torque, greater fuel efficiency, and are generally considered more reliable than their gasoline counterparts.


Silverton boats are designed with a wide beam, which offers several benefits for boaters. Some common advantages include:

  • Increased stability in rough waters
  • More space and comfort for passengers
  • Improved handling and maneuverability

For example, the Silverton 39 Motor Yacht boasts a 14-foot beam, helping to deliver an excellent ride and spacious interior.


Silverton boats come in a range of prices, appealing to a wide variety of boaters. From more affordable entry-level models to higher-end options, there's a Silverton boat suited for every budget. To give you an idea:

  • Lower-priced models: Silverton offers affordable options without compromising on quality or performance.
  • Mid-range models: These boats provide a balance between price and features, incorporating greater amenities and upgraded components.
  • High-end models: For those seeking superior performance, luxury, and top-of-the-line features, Silverton's high-end models deliver on all fronts.

While Silverton boats are known for their excellent value, specific prices will vary depending on the model, features, and accessories. Simply put, there's a Silverton boat available for every boater's needs and budget.

Buying and Selling


There are numerous dealers where you can search for Silverton boats for sale. These dealers are primarily located in the United States but also in some other countries like Canada, Spain, Germany, and Italy. When buying a Silverton boat, it's always a good idea to work with a reputable, experienced dealer who can guide you through the buying process and provide helpful insights on the condition of the boats available.


There are several websites where you can find listings of Silverton boats available for purchase, such as YachtWorld and These websites typically include filters for the search, such as "used" or "new" as well as size, price range, and location. This makes it easy for buyers to narrow down their options based on their preferences.

Some popular Silverton models include:

  • Silverton 34
  • Silverton 43
  • Silverton 402 Motor Yacht
  • Silverton 352 Motor Yacht


When purchasing a used Silverton boat from a dealer or through listings, always inquire about the boat's maintenance history. Proper maintenance is crucial for a boat's durability, performance, and overall value. If possible, opt for a professionally maintained boat to ensure it's in excellent condition.

Caring for a Silverton boat's well-being includes:

  • Regular engine check-ups
  • Hull and deck cleaning
  • Inspection of electrical and plumbing systems
  • Ensuring safety equipment is up-to-date

In conclusion, buying and selling Silverton boats can be a rewarding experience when working with reputable dealers and using reliable boat listings. Researching the preferred model, assessing its maintenance history, and focusing on the boat's condition are key factors to enjoy a smooth buying and selling process.

International Market

Silverton boats have a significant presence in the international market, with their yachts being popular choices among boating enthusiasts. The key countries where Silverton boats can be found include the United States, Canada, Spain, Germany, and Italy.

In the United States, Silverton has established itself as one of the most popular mid-sized bridge-boat manufacturers. The company offers a variety of yachts and motorboats to cater to the diverse needs of American boating enthusiasts. You can find both new and used Silverton boats for sale in the country through various yacht brokers and dealerships.

Canada is another important market for Silverton, with a number of their yachts being sold across the country. Some popular models of Silverton boats can be found in most major ports and marinas. Canadian buyers can also explore pre-owned Silverton yachts available for sale through trusted yacht brokerages.

In Spain, Silverton boats enjoy a respectable reputation as reliable and high-quality vessels. The beautiful coastal areas of Spain provide excellent opportunities for boaters to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea in style and comfort. Prospective buyers can browse the listings of Silverton yachts for sale in Spain.

Germany is another European country where Silverton boats have made their mark. German boaters appreciate the precision engineering and superior craftsmanship of Silverton yachts. Interested buyers can find a range of Silverton boats available for sale in the country.

Lastly, Italy is a country with a rich boating history, and Silverton boats have also found a place in the Italian boating community. The picturesque Italian coastlines offer fantastic cruising opportunities for Silverton yacht owners. Those looking to purchase a Silverton boat can explore the various models available for sale in Italy.

Boating Activities

Silverton Boats are often used for various boating activities such as overnight cruising, saltwater fishing, day cruising, and fishing. The boats are designed to provide comfort, efficiency, and flexibility for different types of on-water experiences.

Overnight Cruising

Silverton Boats offer spacious layouts and a variety of amenities that make them ideal for overnight cruising. The Silverton 410 for instance, is equipped with comfortable sleeping accommodations and a galley that allows you to prepare meals aboard. While cruising, you'll appreciate the excellent performance and stability provided by the boat's rugged construction.

Saltwater Fishing

For saltwater fishing enthusiasts, Silverton Boats can provide ample space for anglers and their gear. Fishing features may include rod holders, live wells, and fish boxes to store your catch. Additionally, the boats have ample space for relaxing and socializing once your fishing day is over.

Day Cruising

One of the main attractions of Silverton Boats is their suitability for day cruising. With spacious decks and seating areas, these boats provide a relaxing environment for you and your guests. The Silverton 43 Sport Bridge is an ideal example, featuring expansive social areas, impressive performance, and a comfortable ride.


Fishing is an enjoyable and popular activity onboard Silverton Boats. The Silverton 36 Convertible, for example, is designed to facilitate fishing with the inclusion of fish boxes, live wells, and rod holders. The boat's handling and performance capabilities also ensure you'll have a productive and enjoyable day on the water.

In conclusion, Silverton Boats cater to a wide range of boating activities, such as overnight cruising, saltwater fishing, day cruising, and fishing. Their versatile design and quality construction make them an ideal choice for those who enjoy various on-water experiences.

Performance and Comfort

Silverton boats are known for their uncompromised performance and comfort. The hulls of these vessels are based on Michael Peters designs, which enable them to deliver a smooth and efficient sailing experience.

One example of performance and comfort combined in a Silverton boat is the Silverton 39 Motor Yacht. This model provides a thoughtful layout and boasts excellent detailing. The yacht is built with Silverton's famous Wide-Body design, which results in a spacious interior that has been described as huge and suitable for live-aboards and cruisers alike.

When it comes to entertainment, Silverton boats are designed to cater to a variety of recreational activities. The wide and open layouts of these yachts provide ample space for socializing with family and friends. Furthermore, the well-designed interiors often feature centerline berths and separate head and shower closets for both the master and VIP staterooms, ensuring privacy and comfort for all guests on board.

In terms of performance, Silverton yachts are known for their stability and reliability in various sea conditions. The company is committed to excellence in performance by continuously investing in advanced technologies and modern design. This dedication has allowed Silverton to become a market-leading shipbuilding company, producing vessels that offer unmatched performance and comfort.

In summary, Silverton boats are built with a keen focus on performance, comfort, and entertainment; ensuring an enjoyable boating experience for all those aboard. With their well-thought-out designs and attention to detail, Silverton vessels truly provide the perfect blend of luxury and functionality.

Regional Distribution

Silverton Boats has a presence in various states across the United States. This section will provide an overview of the distribution of Silverton Boats in Rhode Island, Maryland, Virginia, California, Michigan, and New York.

In Rhode Island, the smallest state in the US, the boating industry is essential due to its vast coastline. Silverton Boats may not have a large presence here, but their high-quality vessels can still be found in several marinas and among private owners.

Moving down the East Coast, Maryland harbors numerous Silverton Boats, especially along the Chesapeake Bay. Annapolis, the state's capital, is known as the sailing capital of the US, and Silverton Boats can often be found for sale or brokerage in this area, such as this 2007 Silverton 38 Sport Bridge.

Virginia offers a wide range of boating opportunities, from lakes to rivers to the Atlantic Ocean. The presence of Silverton boats in this state is notable and can be found at local boat dealers, marinas, and in private ownership.

On the West Coast, California has a thriving boating culture due to its long coastline and favorable weather conditions. Silverton Boats can be found in various locations such as San Francisco Bay and San Diego marinas, with both new and used models available for sale.

Michigan boasts the most freshwater coastline of any US state and has a long history of boating. With various marinas and dealerships, it is not uncommon to spot Silverton Boats along the Great Lakes or in the local boating communities.

Last but not least, New York presents a variety of boating opportunities, ranging from the vast Hudson River to the iconic Long Island Sound. Silverton Boats are well-represented in this state, with boats for sale as well as a network of dealers and marinas catering to the brand's customers.

In summary, Silverton Boats has a wide reach throughout the United States, with a strong presence in key boating states such as Maryland, Virginia, California, Michigan, and New York. 

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