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Silver Wave Boats: A Comprehensive Guide to Top Models and Features

Silver Wave Boats has established a reputation for creating semi-custom pontoon boats that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of boat enthusiasts. These watercraft offer an array of layouts and optional features that ensure a perfect fit for end-users seeking comfort, style, and functionality on the water. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, Silver Wave stands as a testament to the manufacturer's dedication to quality and reliability.

Each Silver Wave boat model offers the unique experience of a fiberglass bow, an innovative design element that not only adds to the boat's visual appeal but also contributes to low maintenance requirements. The pontoons can be equipped with engines ranging from low-horsepower options for fuel efficiency to high-performance tri-toon packages capable of reaching up to 200 horsepower. With a focus on blending luxurious seating and easy handling, Silver Wave Boats provide an enjoyable and memorable cruising experience for its owners.

History and Overview

Seminole, Oklahoma

Silver Wave Pontoons is a relatively new company in the boating industry. The company started in 1992 under the name Blue Wave Boats, which was a family-run business. In recent years, the team behind Blue Wave Boats ventured into the pontoon boat market and established Silver Wave 1. The company operates out of a dedicated facility in Seminole, Oklahoma, where it moved from a smaller facility in Checotah, Oklahoma 2.

Market Presence

Since its founding, Silver Wave has been gaining a solid reputation in the pontoon boat market. The company announced the SW3 Series in 2020, which has been acknowledged as a strong contender in the unique pontoon market 3. Silver Wave's pontoon boats are popular for their combination of performance, efficiency, and customizable features that cater to various boating enthusiasts' preferences 4.

Some standout models from Silver Wave include the 2021 SW3 2410 CLS and the 2022 2410 SW5 JS. The SW3 2410 CLS model offers options for low-horsepower efficiency or up to 200 horsepower performance with a tri-toon package 5, while the 2410 SW5 JS features a versatile swing-back layout that provides extra comfort for passengers on the water 6. Both models showcase Silver Wave's commitment to delivering high-quality, adaptable boats to the market.

Notable Features and Accolades

A few key components of Silver Wave pontoon boats that make them stand out in the market are:

  • Garmin electronics
  • Wet Sounds stereo system
  • Bimini Top
  • Attractive and high-quality upholstery with accents 3

These features ensure that Silver Wave boats not only perform well on the water but also provide a luxurious, enjoyable experience for those aboard.

Boat Models and Layouts

Silver Wave Boats offers a variety of pontoon boat models to suit different preferences and boating needs. In this section, we will explore some of their popular models and their respective layouts.


The SW3 CLS is a part of the SW3 series introduced in 2020. This model features a spacious and comfortable layout with quality upholstery and attractive accents. Some standard features of the SW3 CLS include:

  • Garmin electronics
  • Wet Sounds stereo system
  • Bimini top


The SW3 RLP is another model in the SW3 series. With a similar layout to the SW3 CLS, this model offers additional options in terms of seating and amenities, catering to a more relaxed and leisurely boating experience.


Moving to the SW5 series, the SW5 CLS is a versatile model designed for both performance and comfort. This boat features:

  • Semi-customizable options
  • High-quality electrical systems, hardware, and fasteners
  • Focus on safety and reliability


The SW5 JS model boasts a stylish design equipped with a tower. Ideal for water sports enthusiasts or those who love to bask in the sun, this boat offers premium performance along with luxury comfort.


The upscale SW7 model redefines luxury with its elegant design and state-of-the-art features. Available in several floor plans, the SW7 caters to those seeking a high-end boating experience.

Grand Costa CLS

The flagship model, Grand Costa CLS, epitomizes sophistication and performance. This luxurious pontoon boat offers a variety of customizations and features that elevate the boating experience.

In summary, Silver Wave Boats provides a diverse range of pontoon boat models, from the SW3 and SW5 series to the SW7 and the exquisite Grand Costa CLS. With options to cater to every boating enthusiast's preferences, Silver Wave Boats promises a memorable experience on the water.

Key Features and Amenities

Comfortable Seating

Silver Wave pontoons offer a high level of comfort for everyone on board. With reclining swiveling seats, comfortable upholstery, and various seating configurations, passengers can enjoy a relaxing ride. The layout allows for easy socializing, while functional hardware keeps everything securely in place.

Bimini Top

coordinating sun top is included with Silver Wave pontoon boats, providing shade to protect you from the sun's harsh rays. The Bimini top is designed for easy deployment and stowing when not in use, allowing you to enjoy your time on the water with minimal hassle.

Stereo System

Silver Wave boats come with a quality Wet Sounds stereo system, featuring RGB backlit speakers and controller. This high-end audio equipment delivers crystal clear sound for your favorite tunes, so you can set the perfect ambiance for your boating lifestyle.

Removable Windscreen

Some Silver Wave pontoon boats come with a removable windscreen, providing protection from the elements while maintaining a sleek look. This feature allows you to enjoy a comfortable and functional boating experience, regardless of the weather conditions.

Extended Rear Deck

The extended rear deck on Silver Wave pontoon boats offers additional space for activities such as lounging or fishing. With ample room to move around and easy access to the water, you can make the most of your time on board. The thoughtful design and layout of Silver Wave boats cater to the needs and desires of boaters, ensuring a memorable experience every time you hit the water.

Safety and Performance

Silver Wave Pontoon Boats strive to provide exceptional safety and performance in all their models. They achieve this through the use of high-quality materials, innovative design, and proven construction methods. In this section, we will discuss a few key features that contribute to Silver Wave boats' excellent safety and performance standards.

Lifting Strakes

Lifting strakes are essential components of a pontoon boat's performance. They are angled extensions that run longitudinally along the outer edges of the pontoons, responsible for providing better hydrodynamic lift and enhancing boat stability. Silver Wave offers optional triple-toon performance packages that include lifting strakes, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride.


The beam of a boat refers to its width, which greatly affects its stability on the water. Wider beams provide more stability, while narrower beams provide less. Silver Wave's models are designed with an optimal beam width for each size, ensuring excellent lateral stability and a secure, comfortable ride for passengers. Check out a specific example, the SW3 2410 CLS model, which offers a perfect balance between stability and performance.


Stability is crucial for any pontoon boat, and Silver Wave places a high priority on ensuring their boats provide a safe and stable platform for you and your passengers. Some factors contributing to their impressive stability include:

  • Robust construction using top-quality materials that resist flexing and twisting.
  • Carefully selected beam width for the best balance between stability and performance.
  • Large, well-balanced pontoons designed to provide excellent buoyancy and a smooth ride.
  • Optional performance packages, such as triple-toon configurations, that enhance stability and handling.

By focusing on these aspects in the design and construction of their boats, Silver Wave ensures a safe, reliable, and enjoyable boating experience.

Electronics and Navigation

Garmin GPS

Silver Wave Boats come equipped with advanced Garmin GPS systems designed to make navigation both easy and intuitive. The high-quality touchscreen displays offer clear and concise mapping, enabling boaters to explore their surroundings without the worry of getting lost on the water. Garmin is known for its accuracy and reliability, ensuring that users can have confidence in the navigation capabilities of their Silver Wave Boat.

Some additional features of the Garmin GPS systems found in Silver Wave Boats include:

  • Quick and efficient route planning
  • Real-time weather information
  • Wireless connectivity for remote control and updates
  • USB ports for charging and connecting external devices

Wet Sounds RGB Backlit Speakers

Adding to the enjoyment of your Silver Wave Boat is a top-tier audio system with Wet Sounds RGB backlit speakers. These high-quality marine speakers provide clear and powerful audio and are built to withstand the harsh conditions encountered during aquatic adventures. Coupled with customizable RGB backlit lighting, they create an impressive visual display and enhance the overall experience on your Silver Wave Boat.

The Wet Sounds audio system boasts features like:

  • Waterproof Deutsch connectors for secure and weatherproof connections
  • Advanced sound engineering for improved audio clarity and range
  • Easy integration with existing systems and controls
  • Integrated Bluetooth connectivity for seamless audio streaming

To ensure a seamless and enjoyable boating experience, Silver Wave Boats equip their vessels with the latest in electronics and navigation technology. With Garmin GPS systems and Wet Sounds RGB backlit speakers, you'll have advanced tools at your disposal for smooth navigation and entertainment on the water.

Materials and Construction

Vinyl Woven Flooring

One of the key features of Silver Wave Boats is their use of Vinyl Woven Flooring. This material provides a durable, slip-resistant surface that is easy to clean and maintain. It is designed to withstand harsh marine conditions and provides an attractive, comfortable surface for passengers. Vinyl Woven Flooring is ideal for boating activities as it is water-resistant and can handle heavy foot traffic.

Fiberglass Bow

The Fiberglass Bow on Silver Wave Pontoons adds both style and functionality to their boat designs. This high-quality, durable material is lightweight, providing a sleek and modern look to the boat. The use of fiberglass in the bow construction helps increase the boat's overall strength, ensuring a longer-lasting and more reliable vessel. Additionally, fiberglass is easy to clean and maintain, making it an excellent choice for boat construction.

Heavy Hat Channel

The construction of Silver Wave Boats includes the use of Heavy Hat Channel, which is a structural component that provides additional support and strength to the boat's frame. This sturdy construction helps Distribute weight evenly throughout the boat, increasing stability and providing a smoother ride. The Heavy Hat Channel allows Silver Wave Boats to accommodate more passengers and gear, ensuring an enjoyable experience on the water.

When considering a new boat, it's important to take note of the high-quality materials and construction techniques used in Silver Wave Boats. By employing durable, easy-to-maintain materials such as Vinyl Woven Flooring, Fiberglass Bows, and Heavy Hat Channels, Silver Wave Pontoons offers a comfortable, reliable boating experience that can withstand the test of time.

Engine Options and Performance

When it comes to engine options and performance, Silver Wave Boats offer a variety of outboard motors to cater to different needs and preferences. The three major engine brands that Silver Wave partners with are Suzuki, Yamaha, and Mercury. Each of these brands provides reliable and efficient performance, ensuring you have a great experience on the water.


Suzuki is a popular choice for Silver Wave pontoons, offering excellent fuel efficiency and precision control. These engines are designed for watersports and leisure activities, making them an ideal fit for pontoons. Suzuki's outboard 4S motors come in various power options, ranging from low-horsepower engines for fuel efficiency to high-horsepower engines for those who crave thrilling performance.

Some key features of Suzuki engines on Silver Wave Boats include:

  • Electronic fuel injection
  • Lean Burn fuel control technology
  • High-energy ignition
  • Maintenance-free oil-bathed timing chain


Yamaha is another reputable outboard motor brand featured in Silver Wave Boats. Known for their reliability and performance, Yamaha engines make an excellent option for those who require a powerful, durable motor on their pontoon. Yamaha motors come in various sizes and power outputs, providing tailored solutions for different water adventures, including watersports, leisure cruises, and fishing trips.

Features of Yamaha engines on Silver Wave Boats include:

  • Multi-point precision fuel injection
  • Variable trolling RPM switch
  • Wide range power trim and tilt
  • Efficient hydrodynamic design


Mercury outboard motors are also available on Silver Wave Boats. Known for their exceptional performance and reliability, Mercury engines come in an array of power options that cater to your specific boating needs. Whether you require a compact motor or a high-performance option for thrill-seekers, Mercury has an engine that would suit your requirements.

Key features of Mercury engines on Silver Wave Boats include:

  • Advanced Range Optimization (ARO) technology
  • Mercury-exclusive Engine Guardian System
  • Multi-port fuel injection system
  • High-displacement powerhead

In conclusion, Silver Wave Boats' partnership with industry-leading engine brands like Suzuki, Yamaha, and Mercury ensures optimal performance and reliability on the water. With various engine options and features tailored to your needs, Silver Wave pontoons can provide the perfect balance of fun, efficiency, and dependability.

Pricing and Availability

New and Used Boats

Silver Wave offers a range of new and used boats to fit various budgets and preferences. New boat models from the SW7, SW5, and SW3 series are designed to cater to different boating needs, and they come with features such as comfortable upholstery, Garmin GPS systems, and Wet Sounds stereo systems 1. Prices for new Silver Wave boats can vary, depending on the model and optional equipment chosen.

On the other hand, used Silver Wave boats are often available at lower price points. They may have been pre-owned and well-maintained by their previous owners, which can make them a more affordable option for those looking to purchase a Silver Wave boat.

Boat Trader

Boat Trader is a popular platform where you can find both new and used Silver Wave boats for sale. For example, a 2022 Silver Wave 2210 CLS Deluxe Tri-Toon is listed at $84,9882, while a 2022 Silver Wave SW5 2410 JS Tower Tri-Toon is priced at $119,9882. The listing prices may differ based on factors such as boat age, condition, and location, so it's important to explore multiple listings to find the best deal.

Private Sellers

Aside from Boat Trader, potential buyers can also purchase Silver Wave boats from private sellers through platforms like This website offers a selection of new and used Silver Wave boats, with 104 boats listed available at the time of writing3. The prices of these boats vary widely, as they are set by the individual sellers, so it's important to compare and negotiate prices based on factors like the boat's condition, features, and location.

Buyers Guides and Reviews

2023 Pontoon Boat Buyers Guide

In 2023, there are various pontoon boats available that cater to a variety of needs and preferences. One boat that has captured the attention of many is the Silver Wave SW3 2410 CLS pontoon. This boat is known for its versatility, offering low-hp efficiency and optional 200 hp performance with a tri-toon package. With its fiberglass bow and stylish design, it's both good looking and easy to maintain.

When searching for the perfect pontoon boat, potential buyers should consider the following factors:

  • Seating Capacity: Depending on the intended use, consider how many people will be on board regularly. Silver Wave's SW5 2410 JS Swingback features a triple-wide aft lounge, providing ample seating for passengers.
  • Performance: The chosen pontoon boat must meet the desired speed and horsepower requirements. Silver Wave boats offer both low-hp efficiency and high-performance options.
  • Features: Some pontoons come loaded with premium features, such as Silverwave boats that offer premium fiberglass, advanced hull designs, ample storage, better vessel panels, and high-quality stainless front gates and ladders.

2023 Water Sports Boat Buyers Guide

Water sports enthusiasts have various boat options to choose from, and the 2023 lineup promises excitement across multiple categories. A few key aspects to consider when selecting a water sports boat include:

  • Tow Sports Capabilities: Beginners and advanced riders should search for a boat with suitable wake and surf systems such as ballast control and surf tabs for adjusting the wake shape and size.
  • Seating Capacity: Consider the boat's seating capacity depending on the number of riders and spectators expected.
  • Storage: Ample storage space is essential for storing water sports equipment like wakeboards, skis, and tow ropes.

Regarding boating lab and boating safety, potential buyers should also familiarize themselves with the latest technology and upgrades in both personal watercraft and cruising boats. These additions can enhance the overall boating experience while providing a level of security and comfort while on the water.


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