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Sealine Boats: A Comprehensive Guide to Models and Features

Sealine Boats is a leading manufacturer of luxury yachts, renowned for prioritizing commodity, features, and style in their designs. They strive to create elegant, functional yachts that offer plenty of storage, seating, and other practical solutions. With their attention to detail and focus on style, Sealine has positioned itself as a top choice among boating enthusiasts seeking spaciousness and prestige on the water Discover SEALINE motor yachts.

One key aspect that sets Sealine Boats apart from competitors is their dedication to creating a bright, welcoming atmosphere on board. They achieve this through the incorporation of unobstructed panoramic windows, full-length glass, skylights, large hull windows, and electrical sunroofs. This signature design approach enhances the light and airy experience when sailing a Sealine yacht, making it an ideal choice for individuals who appreciate natural light and scenic views while cruising SEALINE motor yachts.

With a wide range of models available, from the more intimate 25-foot yacht to the grand 59-foot vessel, there is a Sealine yacht to suit almost every taste and requirement. Whether you are exploring the Croatian coastline on a Sealine Yacht or enjoying the waters closer to home, you can be assured that these yachts offer the perfect blend of luxury, style, and functionality. With a devoted following among boating enthusiasts, Sealine Boats continue to deliver innovative designs that embody the latest generation of maritime elegance.

History of Sealine Boats

Sealine Boats is an English brand of luxury motor yachts, originating from the former boatyard in Kidderminster, founded in the 1970s by Tom Murrant. The company quickly gained a reputation for innovative design and quality craftsmanship, putting them at the forefront of the industry in the United Kingdom.

In 2013, 40 years after its inception, German company HanseYachts AG acquired the Sealine brand along with its models. During that time, Sealine yachts manufacturing continued at the shipyard in Greifswald, Germany. Under the leadership of new head designer Bill Dixon, the company started developing a new generation of state-of-the-art motor yachts, maintaining their reputation as pioneers, aesthetes, and style icons within the yachting industry.

Throughout its history, Sealine has consistently pushed the boundaries of yacht design, combining comfort, performance, and functionality with innovative features. Some notable milestones in the company's timeline include:

  • Introduction of the popular F37 model (circa late 90s) which demonstrated the flexibility and adaptability of Sealine's vision.
  • Launch of the T50 Motor Yacht in 2004, which showcased large-boat features packed into a modest size, crucially embodying the essence of Sealine's design and manufacturing expertise.

As part of the HanseYachts AG portfolio, Sealine continues to create luxurious motor yachts that combine elegant aesthetics with innovative technology, solidifying their place as a premier brand in both the United Kingdom and Germany.

Sealine Boat Models

Sealine Boats offer a variety of yacht models suited for different boating preferences and needs. The main categories include the C Series, S Series, and F Series.

C Series

The C Series represents the cruiser line from Sealine Boats. These yachts are designed to provide a luxurious and comfortable experience on the water for everyone on board. Some popular models in the C Series include:

  • C335: A versatile and compact cruiser, perfect for small groups or families. It has a top speed of 31 knots and offers various accommodation options.
  • C335V: A variant of the C335, featuring outboard engines for increased performance and efficiency.
  • C390: A larger yacht with an emphasis on space optimization, offering three cabins and plenty of indoor and outdoor living areas.
  • C390V: A version of the C390 equipped with outboard engines for added versatility.
  • C430: A luxurious yacht with plenty of space for socializing, relaxation, and entertainment. It is equipped with three cabins and two bathrooms.

S Series

The S Series represents the sport line from Sealine Boats. These yachts are designed to offer a thrilling and dynamic experience on the water. Some notable models in the S Series include:

  • S390: A sporty yacht with sleek lines and agile handling that's perfect for weekend getaways.
  • S430: A larger and more luxurious version of the S390, with increased space and enhanced amenities.

F Series

The F Series represents the flybridge line from Sealine Boats. These yachts feature spacious flybridges that offer an elevated vantage point and an extra living space. Some popular models in the F Series include:

  • F430: A yacht designed for extended cruising, with luxurious accommodations, ample space, and a large flybridge for relaxation and socializing.
  • F530: An even larger yacht with increased space, a wider range of features, and optimal comfort, making it perfect for extended voyages and large groups.

Each Sealine yacht model is designed with a focus on quality, style, and comfort to offer a unique boating experience tailored to the needs of their owners. Whether you prefer a compact cruiser, a sporty yacht, or a spacious flybridge model, there is a Sealine boat that's perfect for you.

Performance and Seaworthiness

Sealine boats are known for their comfort, performance, and seaworthiness. They exhibit a combination of British design, German shipbuilding precision, and high performance, giving them an undeniable edge.

One key aspect of their performance is the design of the boat hulls. Sealine boats' hulls are typically designed with deep vee or modified vee shapes, which provide a smooth and stable ride in various sea conditions. The deep vee design allows the boats to cut through waves effectively, offering excellent performance even in harsh conditions. In contrast, the modified vee hull allows for better fuel efficiency and comfort at lower speeds. These hull types contribute to the overall safety and seaworthiness of the boats, instilling confidence in the users.

Sealine boats also prioritize safety features to ensure confidence and peace of mind for the passengers. While cruising, the safety elements offer multiple layers of protection, ensuring that incidents are minimized or easily managed when they occur. Some safety features typically found on Sealine boats include:

  • Advanced navigation equipment
  • High-quality safety rails
  • Non-slip decks
  • Fire extinguishers and adequate safety gear storage.

Sealine's commitment to performance and seaworthiness is evident in their various models, such as the Sealine F530, a 53-foot cruiser known for its elegance, comfort, and excellent performance on the water. The F380, another popular model, boasts similar qualities and provides a pleasant experience for both novice and experienced boaters alike.

In summary, Sealine boats offer a blend of performance, safety, and seaworthiness in their designs, allowing users to have a satisfying and secure experience on the water. The deep vee and modified vee hulls, coupled with the brand's focus on safety, contribute to their reputation as reliable and high-quality vessels.

Design and Innovation

Sealine Boats is known for its elegant design and innovative features. One such innovative design element is the use of hull windows, which not only provide enhanced visibility and natural light but also contribute to the boat's sleek appearance. The inclusion of these windows allows passengers to stay connected with the surrounding marine environment, making their on-board experience more enjoyable.

Another key design element in Sealine Boats is the use of panoramic windows. These large, floor-to-ceiling windows provide unobstructed views of the ocean and allow plenty of natural light to flood the interior. The integration of panoramic windows into Sealine Boats' design philosophy contributes to the sense of open living spaces, making the yachts feel larger and more inviting.

Functionality is also an essential aspect of Sealine's design approach. The brand incorporates various clever features to enhance the practicality and usability of their boats. For instance:

  • Movable seating groups: This allows passengers to customize the layout of the boat to suit their preferences and needs at any given time.
  • Reclining areas and swivel backrests: These features provide additional comfort and relaxation options for passengers.
  • Retractable tables: Tables can be stowed away when not in use, creating more space and reducing clutter in the living area.

Sealine Boats continues to prioritize design and innovation, ensuring that every yacht meets the highest standards of performance, seaworthiness, comfort, and safety. The result is a unique combination of style, technology, and practical features that make Sealine yachts stand out in the boating industry.

Propulsion Systems

Sealine Boats offers a variety of propulsion systems to cater to the diverse needs of their customers. These include outboard, inboard, inboard/outboard (I/O), electric, diesel, gas, IPS, and Volvo options. Let's explore these options and their relevance to Sealine Boats briefly.

Outboard: An outboard engine is a self-contained unit mounted externally to the stern of the boat. These are known for their sheer driving fun and their use is evident in the Sealine C335v model, which features two 300hp motors that promise an exciting boating experience.

Inboard: Inboard engines are housed within the boat's hull and are directly connected to the boat's propeller shaft. This propulsion type offers the advantage of a more centralized weight distribution and protection from the elements.

Inboard/Outboard (I/O): Also known as sterndrive, this propulsion system combines elements of both inboard and outboard engines. The engine is located inside the boat, while the drive unit is outside. This configuration offers the best of both worlds, often benefiting from improved efficiency, handling, and weight distribution.

Electric: Electric propulsion systems are environmentally friendly and offer quiet operation. They provide a clean and low-maintenance option for boaters who prioritize sustainability.

Diesel: Diesel engines are known for their durability and fuel efficiency. Trawlers and long-range cruisers often use diesel engines due to their low-end torque and fuel economy, providing an option in some Sealine models.

Gas: Gas engines are common in recreational boats as they offer high horsepower and relatively low costs. Many cruising boats, such as the Sealine Series, offer gas engine options for enhanced speed and performance.

IPS (Inboard Performance System): An IPS propulsion system provides better efficiency, maneuverability, and onboard space compared to traditional inboard engines. These systems often feature twin forward-facing counter-rotating propellers that provide greater control.

Volvo: Sealine Boats often incorporate Volvo Penta engines into their propulsion systems. These engines offer a broad range of options, including diesel and gas models, covering various sizes and power outputs suitable for their boats. Volvo engines are recognized for their reliability, durability, and performance.

As you can see, Sealine Boats offers numerous propulsion options to meet your boating needs. This flexibility allows boaters to choose the best system based on preferences, budget, and intended use.

Popular Uses

Sealine boats are known for their luxurious design, power, and style. They offer a range of yachts that cater to various activities and preferences. In this section, we will discuss some popular uses of Sealine boats: overnight cruising, day cruising, watersports, and saltwater fishing.

Overnight Cruising

Sealine boats are ideal for overnight cruising, thanks to their spacious design, ample accommodations, and modern glass architecture that provides unrestricted panoramic views. With models ranging in size from 25 feet to 59 feet, there is a Sealine boat perfect for extended stays out on the water.

Day Cruising

Day cruising is another popular use for Sealine boats. Their sleek and stylish design, combined with their superior performance, make these yachts perfect for spending a relaxing day on the water. Whether you choose a smaller model for a more intimate experience or a larger yacht for entertaining friends and family, Sealine boats offer a sophisticated and comfortable day cruising experience.


While not specifically designed for watersports, Sealine boats are versatile enough to accommodate a variety of activities. Their powerful engines and stable platforms make them suitable for towing water skiers or wakeboarders. Moreover, the spacious decks and swim platforms featured on many models provide ample space for sunbathing or diving into the water.

Saltwater Fishing

Although Sealine boats are not explicitly built for fishing, their versatility and well-designed layouts make them suitable for saltwater fishing enthusiasts. Many models offer ample deck space for casting lines and reeling in catches, while the stability and power of these boats ensure a safe and enjoyable experience while navigating rougher waters.

In summary, Sealine boats offer a luxurious and versatile boating experience perfect for a variety of activities such as overnight cruising, day cruising, watersports, and saltwater fishing.

Pricing and Dealers

When it comes to purchasing a Sealine boat, there is a wide range of prices to consider, depending on the model and specifications. Sealine boats for sale on YachtWorld are offered at prices ranging from $27,057 for lower-priced models, up to $1,237,270 for more sophisticated, luxurious yachts. Some of the most widely-known Sealine models currently listed include the C390, SC35, C335, C430, and C330.

Boat Trader features 29 Sealine boats for sale, including 23 new vessels and 6 used boats listed by both individual owners and professional boat dealers mainly in the United States. The oldest model listed is from 2001, whereas the newest available is from 2023.

Dealers in the United States

In the United States, there are several Sealine boat dealers from which you can choose. One example is Reel Deal Yachts, offering a Sealine Statesman 420S for $120,000. Another dealer, Merrill Stevens Yachts, has a Sealine C335V available for $545,495 and a Sealine C430 for $1,295,000.

Dealers in Europe

Sealine boats are also available in countries like Spain and France, with dealers and offerings available through sites like YachtWorld. To find specific dealers and models available in these countries, you can filter your search by region or country on the website.

Remember to research and compare the various dealers and models available to make the best decision for your boating needs. Be sure to factor in your budget, preferred location, and specific boat requirements when making your choice.

Boat Shows and Events

Sealine Boats actively participates in numerous boat shows throughout the year, showcasing their latest models, cutting-edge technology, and unbeatable design. These events offer an excellent opportunity for maritime enthusiasts and potential buyers to get up close and personal with Sealine's motor yachts and connect with expert representatives.

One of the notable boat shows Sealine Boats attends is the Southampton International Boat Show, which takes place in the United Kingdom. During this event, several Sealine models are put on display, enabling visitors to explore the yachts and learn about their features.

Another prominent event that Sealine is present in is the Cannes Yachting Festival. This prestigious event showcases the finest yachts from all over the world, attracting a discerning clientele looking for the latest trends in luxury and innovation. Visitors can expect to see Sealine's latest models and discuss their requirements with a knowledgeable team.

Aside from these major events, Sealine also participates in custom boat shows or regional expos. These smaller-scale events provide an intimate setting for potential buyers to inquire about their desired vessels and familiarize themselves with Sealine's offerings.

To stay informed about upcoming boat shows and events featuring Sealine boats, you can follow their Facebook page and be sure not to miss any opportunity to experience the luxury and style that these motor yachts have to offer.

Remember to also check out the official Boat Shows Calendar on Discover Boating to find a boat show near you, where you might have a chance to explore Sealine Boats and many other models from various brands.

Regulations and Safety

When operating a Sealine boat, it is essential to follow various health and safety rules and regulations. These ensure the welfare of passengers and preserve the marine environment.

The United States has different boating laws, including requirements for boating safety courses, life jacket wearing, and equipment requirements. It is crucial to check and comply with any specific rules in your area.

Onboard your Sealine boat, you must have adequate safety equipment. For example, boats under 16 ft (4.9m) are required to carry approved visual distress signals for night-time use. Boats between 16 ft and 65.6 ft must have approved visual distress signals for both daytime and night-time use.

Here are some key precautions and measures to take while operating your Sealine boat:

  • Educate yourself and any operators of your boat by thoroughly reading your Sealine Owner's Manual
  • Keep a fire extinguisher onboard at all times
  • Ensure everyone on board is wearing a life jacket
  • Always have essential communication equipment available, like a marine VHF radio

Following proper boating safety guidelines is essential to prevent accidents and ensure enjoyable experiences on the water. According to the National Safety Council, the U.S. Coast Guard reported 4,439 boating incidents in 2021, resulting in 658 deaths, 2,641 injuries, and around $67.5 million in property damage.

In conclusion, stay prepared, informed, and adhere to regulations and safety measures to guarantee pleasant and safe boating experiences with your Sealine vessel.

Notable Individuals

Tom Murrant

Tom Murrant was an aircraft engineer who founded Sealine in 1972. Dissatisfied with the family boats available on the market at the time, Murrant decided to build his dream boat himself source. This marked the beginning of Sealine Boats, a company that would become synonymous with clever space utilization and versatility.

Bill Dixon

Bill Dixon was Sealine's chief designer from 1990 to 2013. Under his leadership, the company introduced some of its most iconic models, including the T60, the largest model ever built by Sealinesource. He played a significant role in shaping the design and engineering philosophy at Sealine, leading to the continuous growth of the brand.

HanseYachts AG

In 2013, German yacht manufacturer HanseYachts AG acquired Sealine, marking a new chapter in the company's history. HanseYachts ensured the Sealine brand's survival and continued to develop new models using their resources and expertise. The acquisition led to the launch of new Flybridge models like the Sealine F380, showcasing the synergy between the two companies.


Sealine boats have come a long way since their foundation in the 1970s by Tom Murrant in Kidderminster, England. Nowadays, the brand is part of the prestigious German HanseYachts AG company, and the design and manufacturing of these meticulously crafted motor yachts continue to impress boating enthusiasts.

These luxury yachts are synonymous with elegance, thanks to the harmonious integration of lighting design, colour compositions, and material aesthetics. The attention to detail and innovative features incorporated into each model ensures that the comfort and needs of every passenger are met while they cruise in style.

Sealine motor yachts are also designed with bright and open interiors to create a sense of spaciousness. The incorporation of panoramic windows, skylights, and large hull windows enhances the natural light inside the boat, offering unobstructed views of the surrounding seascape while sailing.

In conclusion, Sealine boats are more than just a mode of sea transport; they are floating designer suites that combine power and style, the perfect choice for both cruising with family and friends or simply relaxing on the water. 

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