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Sanlorenzo Boats for Sale: Your Guide to Luxury Yachting

Sanlorenzo is a prestigious yacht manufacturer, known for crafting high-quality luxury boats that cater to the discerning taste of yacht enthusiasts. Established in 1958, the brand has garnered a strong reputation as a boutique builder, consistently producing a limited number of made-to-measure yachts each year. Sanlorenzo boats often exceed expectations in terms of design, functionality and innovation, making them a popular choice for buyers seeking a unique vessel on the market.

When it comes to finding the ideal Sanlorenzo yacht for sale, potential buyers can explore a wide range of models and sizes to suit their specific needs. Sanlorenzo offers a diverse lineup of yachts, including motor yachts, mega yachts, and catamarans, each thoughtfully designed with impeccable attention to detail. Potential buyers can discover an assortment of new and pre-owned Sanlorenzo boats for sale from reliable dealerships and brokers, such as Boat Trader,, and YachtWorld.

Investing in a Sanlorenzo yacht ensures a first-class experience, as each vessel boasts unparalleled craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technologies. Whether used for overnight cruising, entertaining, or leisurely travel, a Sanlorenzo boat guarantees a luxurious and unforgettable journey on the water.

Sanlorenzo Models Overview

Sanlorenzo offers a diverse range of luxury yacht models across five distinct series: Flybridge Models, SD Models, SL Models, SX Models, and Alloy Models. Each model is designed to provide exceptional performance, comfort, and innovation.

Flybridge Models

The Flybridge Models are characterized by their stylish and spacious design, offering extraordinary outdoor and indoor living spaces. The key models in this series include:

  • SL72: The entry-level model with an overall length of 72 feet, combines elegance and performance.
  • SL78: Offering ample lounge areas and innovative design solutions, the SL78 provides a perfect balance between comfort and efficiency.
  • SL86: Known for its larger spaces and impressive performance, the SL86 is a popular choice for those seeking luxury and speed.
  • SL102A: Asymmetric design distinguishes this innovative model, allowing for an expanded interior and unique layouts.

SD Models

SD Models, also known as semi-displacement models, emphasize comfort and long-range cruising capabilities. Popular models in this lineup include:

  • SD96: The SD96 offers spacious interiors and cutting-edge design with a focus on sustainability.
  • SD126: Boasting an impressive size, the SD126's extended range and enhanced stability make it ideal for extended vacations on the water.

SL Models

SL Models are versatile luxury yachts with attractive sporty lines, designed for speed without compromising comfort. Acclaimed models within this range include:

  • SL88: The SL88 provides spacious interiors and optimal performance, making it a popular choice in the SL lineup.
  • SL106: The flagship of the SL line, the SL106 offers ample space and powerful performance, a true icon of Sanlorenzo design.

SX Models

SX Models showcase innovative crossover designs, merging the unique features of classic motoryachts and explorer yachts. The series comprises:

  • SX88: Featuring a spacious, open-plan living area, the SX88 offers versatility and adaptability for owners to customize their onboard experience.
  • SX112: The largest in the series, the SX112 boasts an expansive flybridge and ample living spaces, pushing the boundaries of luxury and innovation.

Alloy Models

Sanlorenzo's Alloy Models are built with a lightweight aluminum superstructure, offering advanced performance combined with elegant, modern design. A notable example is:

  • 40 Alloy: The 40 Alloy is an eye-catching addition to the Sanlorenzo fleet, with its sleek lines and powerful performance.

Design And Interiors

Sanlorenzo yachts are known for their exquisite design and interiors, reflecting the Italian craftsmanship and modern aesthetics. The shipyard collaborates with renowned interior designers and architects to create custom and unique layouts for each yacht, tailored to the owner's preferences and needs.

The main deck often features a spacious living room equipped with sliding panels, allowing for a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. A stylish dining table sits adjacent to the living room, providing an elegant and comfortable space for socializing and entertaining guests. The central staircase connects the main deck to the upper and lower decks, creating an effortless flow between the different levels of the yacht.

On the upper deck, a sky lounge serves as an additional living area or as an entertainment space, depending on the owner's desires. Large windows flood the lounge with natural light, offering stunning panoramic views of the surroundings. Meanwhile, a fully opening window system can transform the sky lounge into an open-air space, perfect for enjoying the sea breeze and sunshine.

One of the distinguishing features of Sanlorenzo yachts is the attention to detail in their cabin designs. The owner's cabin often sits on the main deck, boasting large windows for ample natural light and breathtaking views. VIP cabins and guest cabins are usually located on the lower deck, each designed with comfort, style, and functionality in mind. Fine materials, contemporary décor, and smart storage solutions can be found throughout these living quarters.

Outdoor living spaces are equally impressive, with Sanlorenzo yachts offering a variety of options for lounging and dining al fresco. The upper deck may house a comfortable lounge with a coffee table, or an outdoor dining area, depending on the owner's preferences. The lower deck often features large windows that illuminate the cabins and create a sense of connection with the sea.

Sanlorenzo's focus on design, Italian craftsmanship, and modern interiors ensures that each yacht is a unique and luxurious haven for its owners and guests. You can explore more about Sanlorenzo yachts and their designs here.

Customization And Boat Hull Types

When looking to purchase a Sanlorenzo boat, there are several customization options and boat hull types to consider. Sanlorenzo is known for allowing clients to fully personalize their vessels according to their preferences and needs.

One major customization aspect is selecting the right boat hull type, which could greatly impact the vessel's performance, stability, and fuel efficiency. There are two main hull types offered for Sanlorenzo boats: planing hulls and displacement hulls.

Planing Hulls:

Planing hulls are designed to lift the boat out of the water as it gains speed. This reduces water resistance and increases speed and fuel efficiency. Some key features of planing hulls include:

  • Flat or shallow V-shaped hull design
  • Higher top speeds compared to displacement hulls
  • Less fuel-efficient at lower speeds

Displacement Hulls:

Displacement hulls, on the other hand, are designed to move through the water by pushing it aside. These hulls do not plane and tend to be more fuel-efficient at lower speeds. Key features of displacement hulls include:

  • Round or deep V-shaped hull design
  • Stable ride due to a lower center of gravity
  • Greater fuel efficiency at cruising speeds

When choosing a Sanlorenzo boat for sale, it's crucial to consider the intended use of the vessel, your personal preferences, and the advantages of each hull type. Customization options can further enhance your boating experience by tailoring the boat's interior and exterior design, performance capabilities, and technological features to better suit your specific boating lifestyle.

Used Boats For Sale

Sanlorenzo is a popular brand when it comes to luxury yachts and boats. With a solid history of crafting elegant vessels, it is no surprise that many buyers are interested in purchasing used Sanlorenzo boats. In this section, we will provide information on the various regions where these boats are available for sale.

Popular Regions

  • United States: The market for Sanlorenzo boats in the United States is quite active. With listings like the Sanlorenzo SX76 available in Montauk, New York, and Miami, Florida, potential buyers can find a range of options on both coasts.

  • France: Known for its picturesque coastline and harbors, France also presents opportunities for purchasing used Sanlorenzo boats. It is a good idea to keep an eye out in regions with active yachting and boating communities, such as the French Riviera.

  • Spain: With a long Mediterranean coastline, Spain is another popular destination for luxury yachts and boats. The Sanlorenzo brand is well-represented in this region, and buyers can expect to find a variety of models for sale in locations like Marbella and Ibiza.

  • Turkey: The rich nautical history and beautiful coastlines of Turkey make it an attractive destination for sailing enthusiasts. Used Sanlorenzo boats can be found for sale in areas like Bodrum, Marmaris, and Göcek.

  • Monaco: As one of the most luxurious and high-profile locations in the world, Monaco is no stranger to high-quality yachts and boats. Buyers looking for a used Sanlorenzo vessel should consider browsing the market in this principality.

  • Croatia: With thousands of islands and a thriving nautical community, Croatia is an ideal location for finding pre-owned Sanlorenzo boats. Popular sailing locations like Split, Dubrovnik, and Hvar are great places to start your search.

  • Cyprus: This Mediterranean island offers a unique blend of European and Middle Eastern cultures, as well as ample boating opportunities. Buyers interested in purchasing a used Sanlorenzo boat should keep an eye on the market in Cyprus.

  • Netherlands: Considering its extensive network of canals and waterways, it is not surprising that the Netherlands hosts a vibrant boating community. The Dutch market may hold potential for those seeking pre-owned Sanlorenzo vessels.

  • United Arab Emirates: The opulence and luxury associated with the United Arab Emirates make it an ideal location for finding high-quality yachts and boats. Buyers looking for a used Sanlorenzo vessel should consider exploring the market in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

With a variety of regions to choose from, prospective buyers have ample opportunity to find the perfect used Sanlorenzo boat to suit their needs. Be sure to explore multiple markets, compare models, and consider the unique characteristics of each region to make an informed decision.

Prices And Costs

When looking for Sanlorenzo boats for sale, it's essential to consider the price and costs associated with purchasing and maintaining these luxurious vessels. The price of a Sanlorenzo boat may vary depending on factors such as size, model, age, and any additional customization.

Sanlorenzo boats can be found in a variety of price ranges starting from tens of thousands of dollars to well over a million dollars. Smaller models may come at a more affordable price, while the larger, more luxurious yachts carry a higher price tag.

For instance, Sanlorenzo's SL series boats offer a range of mid-sized luxury yachts, such as the SL 102 with a price drop of US$1,369,338. Similarly, the Sanlorenzo Sx112 series boats represent a higher tier of yachts, known for their exceptional design and performance features. These Sx112 models can also be found with various prices, depending on the specifications.

Here's a quick overview of the price ranges for some Sanlorenzo boat models:

  • SL Series: Ranging from hundreds of thousands to over a million dollars
  • Sx112 Series: Prices may vary widely based on features and customizations

It's crucial to remember that the price of a boat is not the only cost to consider. Additional expenses such as maintenance, insurance, docking fees, and fuel must be accounted for when calculating the cost of Sanlorenzo boat ownership.

In conclusion, the cost of Sanlorenzo boats varies depending on the model, age, size, and customization options. Always be mindful of the additional costs associated with boat ownership when considering purchasing a Sanlorenzo vessel.

Boat Dealers And Brokers

When looking for Sanlorenzo boats for sale, it's essential to explore various dealers and brokers who specialize in these luxury yachts. Boat Trader is an excellent place to start, as they provide a comprehensive listing of Sanlorenzo boats for sale, including prices, photos, and dealer information.

Other experienced yacht brokers like Northrop & Johnson and Denison Yacht Sales also offer a range of Sanlorenzo boats for sale. These reputable brokers typically provide customized services to help buyers and sellers navigate the buying and selling process.

To stay informed on the latest Sanlorenzo boat listings, consider connecting with the sellers or dealers directly. They often have access to exclusive advertisements and can provide insider knowledge on the availability and pricing of new and pre-owned Sanlorenzo yachts.

Some key points to remember when working with boat dealers and brokers include:

  • Verify their background, experience, and reputation in the yacht industry
  • Ensure they have a strong track record in selling Sanlorenzo boats
  • Compare the services and fees of multiple brokers and dealers

By engaging the expertise of boat dealers and brokers, you can confidently search for the perfect Sanlorenzo yacht that meets your preferences, budget, and requirements.

Onboard Features And Amenities

Sanlorenzo boats are known for their luxurious onboard features and amenities designed for a high-quality yachting experience. With bespoke layouts, each Sanlorenzo boat is tailor-made, ensuring the unique needs of the owners are met. In most Sanlorenzo models, you can find spacious cabins, lavish salons, and multiple entertainment areas, making these yachts ideal for hosting social events or enjoying time with family and friends.

The cabins are meticulously designed to provide maximum comfort to its occupants, with textured and plush material designs, and ample storage space. Many Sanlorenzo yachts feature a variety of cabin configurations to cater to different party sizes and preferences.

Onboard entertainment is an essential aspect of the Sanlorenzo experience. Some yachts feature modern cinema rooms with cutting-edge AV systems, ensuring movie nights at sea are remarkable events. These boats come with state-of-the-art electronics to ensure smooth sailing and superior performance, often featuring upgraded electronics and navigation systems.

The exterior layouts of Sanlorenzo yachts are equally as impressive. Many models feature teak decking, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to their overall look. Sun awnings are also a popular addition, providing shaded relaxation areas throughout the day. The beam of Sanlorenzo yachts varies per model, but you can expect a spacious and stable vessel, perfect for cruising.

Sanlorenzo boats also boast various destinations and bases, with popular marinas in places like Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and New York City. These yachts are designed with versatility in mind, catering to different regions and exploration styles, enabling owners and guests to experience the joys of yachting around the world in comfort and style.

Renowned for their craftsmanship and attention to detail, Sanlorenzo builders have created some impressive superyachts with innovative and sophisticated designs. With some models featuring up to three decks, owners can enjoy ample space and versatility. The thoughtful layout enables seamless movement between decks and onboard spaces, enhancing the overall yachting experience.

To explore a selection of Sanlorenzo boats for sale, visit, Boat Trader, and Northrop & Johnson.

Propulsion Systems

Sanlorenzo boats are known for their quality craftsmanship and innovative designs. One aspect that sets them apart from other yacht manufacturers is their propulsion systems. These systems play a crucial role in the performance and efficiency of Sanlorenzo boats.

Most Sanlorenzo boats are equipped with diesel engines, which are a popular choice for marine applications due to their reliability and power. These engines are typically coupled with direct drive propulsion systems, providing a straightforward and efficient transfer of power from the engine to the boat's propellers.

Inboard motors are another common feature in Sanlorenzo boats. These motors are located inside the hull, contributing to a cleaner and more streamlined exterior design. Inboard motors also help improve the boat's balance and stability by keeping the center of gravity low and well-distributed.

Sanlorenzo is committed to innovation and sustainable solutions in their propulsion systems. They have recently announced a partnership with Rolls-Royce to develop a methanol-powered propulsion system for their superyachts. If successful, this groundbreaking technology could significantly reduce the yacht's environmental impact while maintaining its exceptional performance.

In summary, Sanlorenzo boats are equipped with reliable and powerful propulsion systems, ranging from diesel engines with direct drive to inboard motors. Their partnership with Rolls-Royce also signals their commitment to developing eco-friendly propulsion solutions for a sustainable future in yachting.

Notable Sanlorenzo Yachts

Sanlorenzo is a prestigious Italian yacht builder known for its custom-built luxury yachts. They offer a wide range of options to suit the individual needs and preferences of their clients. Here are some notable Sanlorenzo yachts for sale, featuring impressive designs, amenities, and performance.

One remarkable model is the Sanlorenzo SL78, which has a price of US$4,299,000. This 78-foot yacht, built in 2018, is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. With a sleek design and modern amenities, this yacht showcases the best of Sanlorenzo craftsmanship and innovation.

Another standout Sanlorenzo yacht for sale is the Sanlorenzo SD96, priced at US$11,250,000. This 95-foot yacht is a 2022 model, located in Boca Raton, Florida. The SD96 offers an expansive interior, boasting impressive design features and luxurious accommodations, ideal for extended voyages.

The Sanlorenzo 62 is a more compact option, offering luxury and performance in a smaller package. With prices starting at US$362,517 for a 1994 model, this yacht provides an excellent entry point into the world of Sanlorenzo yachting.

Notable yachts such as "LARS" and "Don't Tell Mom" demonstrate the personalized attention Sanlorenzo provides to their clients. Each yacht carries a unique identity and features tailored to the owner's preferences, ensuring every yacht is truly one-of-a-kind. Whether you're seeking a yacht for a weekend getaway, planning an extended voyage, or simply want a luxurious space to entertain friends and family, these Sanlorenzo yachts for sale provide a showcase of the best they have to offer.

Yacht Builders And Market

Sanlorenzo, an Italian shipyard established in 1958, has become one of the most reputable yacht builders in the industry. With over 950 custom-built yachts to its name, Sanlorenzo continuously evolves, developing modern fiberglass and steel yachts up to 230 feet (70m) in length. These high-quality vessels can be found among the most distinguished yachts for sale on the market.

In recent news, Lengers Yachts announced the sale of a 44.5m (146ft) new build Sanlorenzo yacht, with an expected delivery date in 2025. This exemplifies Sanlorenzo's commitment to providing innovative and unique yachts to meet their customers' requirements. Partnerships between buyers, yacht brokers, and the shipyard are essential for a successful outcome. For more information on this specific sale, visit the YATCO article.

Committed to its made-to-measure approach, Sanlorenzo only builds a limited number of units each year. With three facilities located in Italy (La Spezia, Viareggio, and Massa), the shipyard delivers personalized service to a maximum of 50 customers per year. This limitation ensures a high level of quality and exclusivity for their yachts. For more details, see the BOAT International article.

Prospective buyers can find a variety of Sanlorenzo boats for sale through different platforms, such as Boat Trader and Merle Wood & Associates. By working closely with yacht brokers, customers can access interior photos, locations, pricing, and other relevant information necessary to make an informed decision on their potential yacht purchase.

In the yacht market, Sanlorenzo is undoubtedly an outstanding builder that continues to meet the expectations of yacht enthusiasts worldwide while maintaining its reputation for innovative designs and quality craftsmanship. 

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