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Sabre Boats: A Comprehensive Guide for Enthusiasts

Sabre Yachts, a renowned name in luxury motoryachts, has been manufacturing exceptional vessels since 1970. Based in Maine, the company builds semi-custom and hand-crafted motor yachts that are reflective of the region's maritime heritage. Known for combining both traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, Sabre Yachts has always adhered to the highest standards of quality and performance.

As a leader in the industry, Sabre Yachts offers a range of dual-engine pod-driven yachts that embrace the signature Downeast style. Their impressive collection of motor yachts caters to different preferences, sizes, and functionalities. From pleasure cruising to long-range voyages, Sabre's vessels continually demonstrate innovation and precision engineering, promising an unmatched experience for those who have the privilege of owning or even just experiencing a ride on these luxurious boats.

History of Sabre Boats

Sabre Yachts, a prominent name in the boating industry, began its journey in 1970 in Southeastern Maine. The company was founded by Roger Hewson, who previously worked in his family's construction business before venturing into boat design and building. His first creation was a wide, blunt-nosed sailing scow that he named after its length and impressive speed cutting through the water, much like a Sabre1.

From its inception, Sabre Yachts has been focused on using cutting-edge production line methods and fiberglass technology to create luxurious boats. Initially, it began with sailboat models, starting with a 28-foot sailing yacht2. Over the next 40 years, the company expanded its offerings, and its sailboat range included models between 28 and 45 feet3. Among the popular models were:

  • Sabre 28 (1970-1985)
  • Sabre 34 (1976-1989)
  • Sabre 30 (1979-1983)
  • Sabre 38 (1981-1991)
  • Sabre 32 (1984-1987)
  • Sabre 36 (1984-1992)

A notable development in Sabre's history was the launch of Back Cove Yachts in 2003, which was introduced as its sister company. Back Cove Yachts was created in response to a demand from Sabre dealers for a smaller Downeast style cruising boat that retained the charming feel of a Maine lobster boat4. Thus, the Back Cove 29 was launched, marking the beginning of a new chapter for both Sabre and Back Cove Yachts.

Sabre Yachts has established itself as a premium boat manufacturer through its dedication to quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a desire to cater to the evolving needs of boat owners. With boat building yards in both Raymond and Rockland, Maine5, Sabre continues to be a key player in the yachting industry, preserving its storied history while looking towards the future.

Sabre Models and Types

Sabre is known for its high-quality, Downeast-style luxury motor yachts, which are built in Maine. This section will introduce you to the key Sabre boat models and types, focusing on the Downeast and Salon Express ranges.


The Downeast models from Sabre take inspiration from traditional Maine lobster boats and are favored for their sleek lines and classic aesthetic. The Downeast line typically features motor yachts in the 38 to 58-foot range, with highlights such as the Sabre 42 and Sabre 58. The Sabre 58 is one of Sabre's largest Downeast models, offering ample living space and a range of modern amenities.

Salon Express

Sabre's Salon Express series provides a more modern twist on the Downeast style, featuring luxury yachts with contemporary interiors and enhanced performance features. Several popular models within the Salon Express line include the 38, 43, and 45-foot varieties, as well as the flagship Sabre 58 Salon Express.

The Salon Express models have a few key size variations:

  • 38 Salon Express: Sabre 38 is an entry-level model in this range, but it doesn't skimp on luxury or performance. With a cozy yet well-appointed interior and a length of 38 feet, it offers an inviting space for cruising and entertaining guests.
  • 43 Salon Express: The Sabre 43 is a mid-size option within the range, balancing the need for additional living space with ease of handling and navigation. Its 43-foot length allows for additional guest cabins and comfortable social areas.
  • 45 Salon Express: The Sabre 45 is another popular option in this series, providing an extra touch of luxury and space thanks to its 45-foot length. With a well-thought-out layout and high-quality construction, the Sabre 45 suits both experienced boaters and new enthusiasts alike.
  • 58 Salon Express: The flagship Sabre 58 Salon Express is the pinnacle of the Salon Express range, boasting an impressive 58-foot length and ample interior spaces. As the largest model, it showcases Sabre's commitment to quality, performance, and attention to detail.

Whether you're searching for a classic Downeast-style yacht or a more contemporary Salon Express model, Sabre boats offer a variety of sizes and features to meet different boating requirements, while always prioritizing quality and performance.

Hull Types and Design

Sabre yachts, known for their high load carrying capacity and stability, achieve these features through a combination of hull form and high ballast-to-displacement ratios. Their efficient lead keels provide excellent lift and performance characteristics, as well as close upwind pointing angles 1.

One of the most prevalent hull designs in Sabre sailing yachts is the deep-vee hull, which provides stability and smooth handling in rough water conditions. Deep vee hulls have a sharp V shape that cuts through waves, reducing the impact of the water on the boat and providing a comfortable ride for passengers 4.

Another hull design that is sometimes seen in Sabre vessels is the modified vee, which features a combination of the deep vee shape and a flatter hull toward the stern. This design allows for better handling at low speeds and increased fuel efficiency. However, a modified vee may lose some of the stability of a deep vee hull at high speeds 5.

When it comes to semi-displacement hulls, they are designed to partially lift the boat out of the water at higher speeds, providing a balance between speed and stability. Sabre yachts with semi-displacement hulls typically have round edges toward the bow, which transitions into flatter surfaces at the stern 6.

For monohull designs, Sabre sailing yachts often use balsa-cored hull and deck structures with biaxial roving and vinylester resin in their construction. This increases the strength and durability of their boats while reducing weight. All Sabre yachts are built to American Bureau of Shipping standards 2.

In summary, Sabre yachts adopt various hull designs, including deep vee, modified vee, semi-displacement, and monohull in their sailing yachts. These designs enhance the stability, performance, and comfort of their vessels while ensuring adherence to high standards regarding construction and materials used.

Features and Technology

Sabre Yachts implements advanced technology to produce luxury vessels with modern designs and innovation. Since the company's inception in 1970, Sabre Yachts has been renowned for its sailing yachts produced using production line methods and fiberglass technology. Over the years, the company has developed a range of powerboat models to cater to every need.

The use of fiberglass technology allows for a durable and lightweight construction. This not only optimizes the boat's performance but also enhances fuel efficiency. For instance, the Sabre 42 is equipped with Cummins Zeus pod drives, enabling it to reach higher speeds while consuming less fuel. Maneuvering in tight spaces is also made easier with the joystick control system.

One of the key aspects of a Sabre Yacht is the level of comfort it offers. With ample storage, spacious galleys, and well-designed layouts that maximize the interior volume, these yachts cater to extended voyages and entertaining guests.

Many Sabre Yachts come with pilothouse and flybridge variations, allowing boat owners to choose a layout that best suits their cruising preferences. The pilothouse provides the necessary protection from the elements, while the flybridge offers an open-air experience with outstanding views.

Along with its fine craftsmanship, Sabre Yachts is committed to incorporating the latest technology to make each boating experience more enjoyable, reliable, and efficient. Here are some of the technological features you may find in a Sabre Yacht:

  • Advanced navigation systems
  • Efficient power systems
  • State-of-the-art sound and entertainment equipment
  • Integrated communications systems for enhanced connectivity

In conclusion, Sabre Yachts' emphasis on technology, comfort, and aesthetics ensures that each vessel's journey is an unforgettable experience. Their dedication to innovation and modern features, matched with timeless design, have made Sabre Yachts a captivating option for any discerning boat enthusiast.

Performance and Efficiency

Sabre boats are known for their blend of traditional Down East styling and high-tech construction. The performance and efficiency of these vessels are enhanced by techniques like dry-stack resin infusion and bi-axial stringers bonded to a foam core, which help to reduce weight without compromising strength. For instance, the Sabre 45 Salon Express, with a goal of 35,000 pounds for its dry weight, achieved exactly that in its hull No. 1.

Powered by twin 425-hp Cummins engines and pod drives, the Sabre 40 Flybridge is an adaptation of the 2008 Sedan. This model is notable for its combination of speed, fuel efficiency, and maneuverability.

Sabre boats, such as the 52 Salon Express, exhibit impressive performance numbers. The 52 Salon Express reached a top speed of 35.4 mph at 2350 rpm and cruised at 30.6 mph at 2100 rpm. Additionally, the boat's agile handling in turns contributes to an enjoyable experience aboard.

While not specifically a "fast trawler," Sabre yachts share some characteristics with this category, as they prioritize both performance and efficiency. Fast trawlers usually combine the benefits of a traditional trawler's stability, fuel efficiency, and long-range capabilities with the added advantage of higher-speed capabilities. Sabre yachts may not fall squarely into the fast trawler category, but they certainly offer a solid performance and efficiency that resonate with boating enthusiasts.

In summary, Sabre boats exemplify a commitment to performance and efficiency. Through cutting-edge construction techniques and engineering, these vessels deliver on speed and fuel efficiency while maintaining their distinctive Down East styling. Sabre yachts' diverse portfolio, ranging from 38 to 58 feet, caters to various boating preferences and requirements, ensuring a vessel for every type of boater.

Ownership and Maintenance

Purchasing a Sabre boat, whether new or used, requires attention to ensuring proper maintenance and care for the boat's optimal performance. Sabre, based in the State of Maine, is renowned for its luxury Downeast-style inboard motor yachts ranging from 38 to 58 feet.

For new Sabre boat owners, understanding the importance of routine maintenance procedures is crucial. Regular tasks include:

  • Cleaning the hull and deck
  • Checking and replacing engine oil and other fluids
  • Inspecting the sails, rigging, and hardware
  • Testing and maintaining electrical systems and batteries

There are resources available to assist owners with maintenance, repairs, and upgrades on their Sabre boats. Sabre provides technical support through its After Sales Service Department. Owners can use the contact form or call for assistance if faced with any technical difficulties.

Owners of used Sabre boats should pay close attention to the boat's condition, such as its hull integrity, rigging, and the functionality of the installed systems. It is important to verify if the previous owner has conducted maintenance regularly and followed industry standards.

Additionally, joining online forums, such as the Sabresailboat group, can help owners connect with other enthusiasts who share their love for Sabre boats. This community can provide valuable advice on ownership, maintenance, and improvements specific to Sabre sailboats.

Overall, owning a Sabre boat demands dedication and frequent maintenance to ensure optimal sailing experiences. Both new and used boat owners must stay vigilant to maintain the vessel's condition and value.

Remember to always:

  1. Routinely check and maintain all boat components
  2. Reach out to Sabre's technical support team for assistance
  3. Engage with the Sabre boat community for additional insights and advice

By following these guidelines, Sabre boat owners can enjoy the unmatched quality and performance that these vessels have to offer.

Boat Trader and Dealerships

Boat Trader is a popular platform that offers a variety of Sabre Yachts for sale. Buyers can find both new and used Sabre boats, including motor yachts and other vessel types. The platform allows users to refine their search by location, zip code, and other filters such as price, year, or length.

Sabre Yachts is a luxury yacht manufacturer based in Maine, creating semi-custom downeast-style motoryachts ranging from 38 to 58 feet in length. Their yachts are hand-crafted, and the company has been in business since 1970. You can learn more about their offerings on their official website.

When searching for a Sabre boat, buyers can also find yachts for sale by owner on Boat Trader. This option allows for direct negotiation with the owner, potentially resulting in a more personalized buying experience.

To find a local dealer for Sabre Yachts, their Dealer Locator tool can help connect buyers with nearby dealerships. By simply inputting an address or zip code, one can find authorized Sabre dealers in the United States.

Here are some considerations when searching for Sabre boats:

  • New vs. Used: Determine whether a brand new vessel or a pre-owned boat is the right choice based on budget, preferences, and specific requirements.
  • Model and Size: Sabre offers a variety of motor yachts, so consider the desired length and model before making a decision.
  • Location: As a potential buyer, consider the proximity of available Sabre boats to your current location or desired shipping destination.
  • Dealerships vs. Private Sellers: Weigh the pros and cons of buying from a dealership or directly from a private seller, considering factors such as negotiation, customer service, and availability of inventory.

In summary, Boat Trader is an excellent platform to find a wide range of Sabre yachts, both new and used, either from dealerships or private sellers. Using resources like their Dealer Locator and considering various factors can help potential buyers find the perfect Sabre boat to meet their needs.

Popular Regions and Locations

Sabre Yachts is headquartered in South Casco, Maine, and their boatbuilding yards are located in Raymond and Rockland, Maine. Maine's scenic coastline provides an ideal environment for both producing and enjoying their luxury motoryachts.

On the East Coast, popular locations with Sabre yachts include:

  • Charleston, South Carolina: A 2021 Sabre 45 was recently listed for sale here.
  • Annapolis, Maryland and Newport, Rhode Island: Both locations have notable yacht sales companies offering listings for Sabre yachts. Buyers often consider Annapolis and Newport as top destinations for purchasing and enjoying their boats.
  • Boston, Massachusetts: The city is known for its strong boating community, and buyers have found Sabre yachts through Boston Yacht brokerage and in nearby cities like Darien.

In addition to the Eastern Seaboard, some other regions to spot Sabre yachts are:

  • Naples, Florida: Known for its beautiful waters and thriving boating scene, Naples is an attractive location for those looking to purchase or cruise on a Sabre yacht.
  • Portland, Oregon: With its access to the Pacific Ocean and the scenic Columbia River, Portland is a popular destination for Sabre yacht owners who want to explore the region's natural beauty.
  • Tierra Verde, Florida: A small, affluent community near Tampa Bay, Tierra Verde is a place where Sabre yachts can often be found, sometimes represented by local yacht brokers.

Specific Sabre yacht models like the 54 Flybridge and the 48 Salon Express can be found at these popular locations as well as other ports around the United States.

Happy boating!

Affiliate Brands and Companies

Sabre Yachts, a renowned boat builder headquartered in Maine, has been crafting luxury yachts since 1970. Over the years, they have developed valuable relationships with affiliate brands and companies that complement their exceptional product offerings. In this section, we will briefly discuss some key affiliate entities in connection to Sabre Yachts.

Back Cove Yachts is a notable affiliate that shares strong ties with Sabre Yachts. Founded in 2003, Back Cove Yachts is a sister company of Sabre Yachts, known for producing smaller Downeast style cruising boats. They cater to clients who appreciate the classic aesthetics of Maine lobster boats and the fuel efficiency and dependability of single diesel engines.

In the boat building industry, the relationship between boat builders and their suppliers is extremely important. Sabre Yachts has close ties with many such entities, including those specializing in engines, electronics, and interior furnishings. Collaborating with various suppliers helps Sabre to deliver the highest quality, luxury yachts in the market.

The used boats market is another crucial aspect that associates with Sabre Yachts. Many yacht sales agencies deal in used Sabre boats, providing potential buyers with well-maintained, pre-owned options. These agencies also help boat owners who want to upgrade to a newer Sabre model by offering trade-in or consignment opportunities.

Lastly, while Sabre Yachts primarily specializes in luxury monohull motor yachts, the broader boating industry also encompasses catamarans. Catamaran builders and Sabre share some common suppliers and collaborate on innovations in construction materials, hull design, and energy efficiency.

In conclusion, the affiliations between Sabre Yachts and various entities in the industry are essential to maintaining the superior quality and reputation that Sabre is known for.

Boat Types and Uses

Sabre Yachts is known for manufacturing luxury Downeast-style inboard motor yachts, which are perfect for various boating activities. They offer a range of models that cater to different needs, from day cruising to overnight stays.

One of the prominent features of Sabre boats is their inboard diesel engines, providing reliable and efficient performance. These engines make Sabre boats suitable for overnight cruising and day cruising, as they can ensure long journeys without frequent refueling stops.

Their yachts are available in different types, such as the Salon Express series and the Fly Bridge series. The Salon Express models, ranging from 38 to 58 feet, are sophisticated and luxurious cruisers, ideal for entertaining guests during day trips or extended voyages. On the other hand, the Fly Bridge series offers additional space, with the iconic Dirigo 66 model featuring a flybridge sedan for a more refined experience.

In the sailing category, Sabre offers graceful racer/cruiser sailboats, designed for both racing and casual sailing. These boats combine high-performance capabilities with elegant aesthetics, attracting sailing enthusiasts of all levels.

Regarding beam size, Sabre boats typically have a wider beam, which enhances stability and comfort while cruising. Though they may not belong to the lower-cost segment, their boats exhibit a level of craftsmanship and luxury that justifies their price tag.

Lastly, Sabre has models like the hardtop express, which enables passengers to enjoy the outdoor elements without direct exposure to sunlight or harsh weather conditions. The hardtop feature adds to the versatility and practicality of their boats, making them a popular choice among boating enthusiasts.

In summary, Sabre Yachts caters to a wide range of boating activities with their luxurious, reliable, and versatile inboard motor yachts and sailing boats. Their models offer features well-suited for day and overnight cruising, racing, and entertaining guests on board.


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