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Regency Boats: A Comprehensive Guide to Luxury and Performance

Regency Boats is a luxury pontoon boat manufacturer, dedicated to providing boaters with an all-inclusive and comfortable experience on the water. Their pontoon boats come with a full complement of standard amenities designed for relaxation and elegant entertainment with family and friends.

One of the prominent models in the Regency lineup is the 230 DL3, which embodies classic luxury in a sleek and nimble package. Another popular choice, the 230 LE3, offers comfort and luxury features for elevated outings. Buyers can expect high-quality construction, performance, and thoughtful design in every Regency boat they choose.

In addition to their commitment to luxury, Regency Boats also focuses on offering competitive prices and promotions for their customers. With Regency's Inflation Buster Prices, customers can save up to $3,550 on their purchase, as well as receive a free $1,000 Bass Pro Shops gift card with every qualifying purchase. This combination of elegance and value sets Regency Boats apart in the world of pontoon boating.

Regency Boats Overview


Regency Boats was introduced in 2014 to cater to the growing interest of discerning pontoon boat buyers who are looking for upscale creature comforts, elegant styling, and enhanced performance capabilities. The company offers a range of models to achieve a balance of sporty performance, style, space, and comfort. Their lineup of luxury pontoon boats has become popular among boating enthusiasts who appreciate the finer things in life.


Known for their commitment to quality and luxury, Regency Boats has quickly gained a reputation for excellence within the boating community. Their boats come with a 10+LIFE™ Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers 10 years of factory workmanship and materials, including aspects such as live wells, electrical, plumbing, and furniture (source). This warranty highlights the company's confidence in the longevity and durability of their products.

Some popular models within their range include the 230 DL3, 230 LE3, and the 250 LE3 Sport. These boats have found favor among boating enthusiasts for their:

  • Comfortable seating
  • Elegant design
  • High-quality construction
  • Smooth and stable ride

Regency Boats' dedication to crafting luxury pontoon boats has garnered them positive reviews from industry experts and satisfied customers alike. As their line of pontoon boats continues to grow and evolve, they remain focused on delivering exceptional experiences for those who appreciate the finer side of boating.

Popular Models

230 DL3

The 230 DL3 is a classic luxury pontoon boat that combines style, performance, and comfort. This model features a spacious layout, perfect for socializing and enjoying a day on the water. With its nimble handling and sleek design, the 230 DL3 offers an excellent blend of luxury and performance.

230 LE3

The Regency 230 LE3 is designed to elevate your boating experience, offering an impressive array of luxury features for a comfortable and enjoyable day on the water. This model provides ample seating, ensuring maximum relaxation for everyone aboard.

230 LE3 Sport

Designed for those who demand more excitement on the water, the 230 LE3 Sport offers a more dynamic experience than the standard 230 LE3. With its sporty appearance and additional amenities, this model is perfect for thrill-seekers who treasure comfort and luxury.

250 DL3

The Regency 250 DL3 is a popular choice among boating enthusiasts due to its luxurious design and innovative features. It offers generous seating capacity, making it ideal for hosting larger groups on the water. The 250 DL3 provides an exceptional combination of elegance and functionality that is hard to find in other pontoon boats.

250 LE3

As a premium luxury pontoon boat, the Regency 250 LE3 offers a unique blend of performance, style, and comfort. This model boasts high-quality materials and finishes, ensuring a sophisticated look and feel. The 250 LE3 is perfect for those looking to indulge in a truly luxurious experience on the water.

250 LE3 Sport

The Regency 250 LE3 Sport is a sportier version of the 250 LE3, offering additional features and design elements for those looking for an exciting and luxurious ride. With its sleek, eye-catching appearance and performance upgrades, the 250 LE3 Sport is perfect for those seeking adventure without sacrificing comfort.

Regency 250

The Regency 250 is another popular model in the luxury pontoon lineup. It offers a similar experience to the 250 LE3, with its high-quality materials and performance capabilities. This model provides an excellent option for those seeking an exceptional boating experience without compromising on luxury and comfort.

Performance and Power

Inboard vs Outboard Motors

REGENCY® luxury pontoon boats provide a comfortable and stylish experience with high-performance capabilities. These boats are equipped with tritoon packages as standard, delivering exceptional performance and stability on water without the need for aftermarket upgrades or modifications 1.

When evaluating the performance and power capabilities of a pontoon boat, it's essential to understand the differences between inboard and outboard motor options.

Inboard Motors: Inboard motors are mounted inside the boat's hull, providing power by transferring the engine's energy through a propeller shaft. This configuration allows for a low-center of gravity and improved weight distribution. Some advantages of inboard motors include:

  • Quieter operation
  • High torque for larger boats
  • Enhanced maneuverability at low speeds
  • Reduced draft, allowing for navigation in shallow waters

However, inboard engines tend to be heavier and more complex, resulting in higher maintenance costs and reduced fuel efficiency compared to outboard setups.

Outboard Motors: Outboard motors are mounted externally, on the transom of the boat. They offer several benefits over inboard motors, including:

  • Easier access for maintenance and repairs
  • Improved fuel efficiency due to lightweight construction2
  • Increased interior space within the boat
  • Simple replacement or upgrading of the motor

Boats featuring outboard motors may lose some maneuverability at low speeds due to their configuration, but the benefits of fuel efficiency and ease of maintenance often outweigh these concerns.

When considering the performance and power of REGENCY® pontoon boats, one must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of inboard and outboard motor options in relation to their specific needs and preferences. Ultimately, REGENCY® boats are designed to provide luxury, comfort, and performance for enjoyable time spent out on the water.


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Features and Amenities


Regency boats are designed to provide a luxurious boating experience, with a focus on comfort for passengers. Each model showcases plush seating, including ergonomic lounges and adjustable chairs to accommodate every individual's needs. High-quality materials, such as marine-grade upholstery and foam, are placed throughout the boat to maximize relaxation and enjoyment on the water.


With innovation in mind, Regency boats are packed with convenient amenities that make boating more accessible to both experienced and novice boaters. A few of these features include easy-to-read gauges, intuitive control panels, and well-organized instrument panels. Passengers will also appreciate cup holders, tables, and built-in coolers, catering to entertainment and convenience during outings.


While Regency boats are known for their luxurious features, they also cater to those who enjoy watersports. These pontoon boats are equipped with powerful engines to provide a smooth, sporty ride. Many models, such as the Regency 254 LE3 Sport, have spacious swim platforms and reboarding ladders for easy access to the water, enabling swimmers and wakeboarders to enjoy the thrill of watersports.

Stow More Storage

Organization is key on a boat, and Regency has taken this to heart with their Stow More storage system. This innovative feature maximizes space on the boat by providing ample concealed storage compartments for personal belongings and boating essentials. Stow More ensures everything has a place, making the entire boating experience more enjoyable for everyone onboard.

In conclusion, Regency boats deliver a remarkable combination of comfort, convenience, watersports capabilities, and storage solutions. Offering a limited lifetime warranty and additional accessories like bimini tops, Regency boats are a top choice for those seeking a luxurious, yet versatile, pontoon boat experience.

Regency Boats Pricing

New Models

The 2023 collection of Regency boats presents a range of luxury pontoon boats with varying prices. The DL3 Series starts at $70,995, while the LE3 Series has an initial price of $89,995. The LE3 Sport Series pricing begins at $90,995. These models offer customers higher levels of luxury and features for an elevated boating experience.

Some popular 2023 models and their prices are:

  • Regency 250 LE3 Sport: priced at $113,370
  • Regency 230 DL3: priced at $79,245
  • Regency 230 LE3: priced at $83,400

Please note that prices may vary by location and dealer.

Used Models

Shopping for used Regency boats can provide more affordable options for those looking for luxury pontoons at a lower price point. Depending on factors like seller, condition, and year of manufacture, buyers can find pre-owned Regency boats at more budget-friendly prices.

To search for used Regency boats, it is recommended to visit platforms such as Boat Trader and These websites offer a selection of used models with various specifications and conditions, allowing buyers to find a boat that best fits their price range and preferences.

When considering a used Regency boat, potential buyers should assess factors such as:

  • Age and hours of use
  • Maintenance records
  • Any existing warranties and their terms
  • Integrity of the boat's structure and components

Purchasing a used Regency boat from a reputable dealer can offer peace of mind in ensuring the pre-owned vessel is in good condition and has been properly inspected and maintained.

Buying a Regency Boat

Regency boats are known for their luxurious design, comfort, and performance. When purchasing a Regency Boat, there are several options to consider, including buying from Boat Trader, private sellers, and Cabela's Boating Centers.

Boat Trader

Boat Trader is a popular online marketplace where Regency boats can be found for sale by both private sellers and dealers. It offers an easy-to-use search platform to find the perfect Regency Boat model for individual needs. When browsing Boat Trader, potential buyers can filter search results by location, price, length, and more. This platform provides detailed boat listings, photos, and seller contact information.

Private Sellers

Private sellers also offer a viable option for purchasing a Regency Boat. Often, these sellers list their boats on online classified websites, as well as boating forums and social media groups. Buying directly from a private seller can sometimes result in a better deal, as there are no dealership fees involved. However, when purchasing from a private seller, it is essential to carefully inspect the boat and ensure proper documentation, such as a bill of sale and registration, is available.

Cabela's Boating Centers

Cabela's Boating Centers, in partnership with Bass Pro Shops, offer a wide range of Regency Boats for sale. These boating centers employ knowledgeable staff who can provide expert guidance and assistance throughout the buying process. In addition, Cabela's usually offers attractive financing options and sometimes special promotions, such as free Bass Pro Shops gift cards with the purchase of a new Regency Boat.

To sum it up, when considering purchasing a Regency Boat, potential buyers have several options available to them. Whether it be searching through Boat Trader listings, connecting with private sellers, or visiting a nearby Cabela's Boating Center, finding the perfect Regency Boat can be an exciting and rewarding experience.



Regency Boats offers a variety of pontoon models with different lengths to suit a range of boating needs. One example is the Regency 220 DL3, which has a length overall (LOA) of 25'4". This model provides a spacious and comfortable experience for its occupants while maintaining a sleek and nimble design. Another model is the Regency 250 DL3, which has an LOA of 8.36 meters (approximately 27 feet and 5 inches), offering even more space for passengers and additional features.


The beam of a pontoon boat plays a significant role in its stability and overall comfort. Regency Boats' models, like the Regency 220 DL3, feature a beam width of 8'6", providing a stable foundation for a comfortable on-the-water experience. This wide beam contributes to the premium craftsmanship and luxurious quality that Regency Boats is known for.

To recap, here are the specifications of the two popular Regency Boats models mentioned above:

Model Length Overall Beam Width
Regency 220 DL3 25'4" 8'6"
Regency 250 DL3 27'5" 8'6"
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