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Qwest Pontoon: The Ultimate Guide for Buyers and Enthusiasts

Qwest Pontoons is a well-known boat manufacturer that specializes in creating unique and innovative pontoon boats to fit the diverse needs and preferences of boaters. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality has made them a popular choice for those who value comfort, design, and performance. With a range of models to choose from, Qwest Pontoons caters to both casual boaters and professional anglers, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone.

One key aspect that sets Qwest Pontoons apart is their dedication to customizing boats for the individual owner, instead of forcing the boater to adapt to a predetermined design. From cup holder placement to color schemes, USB chargers, dashboards, and towing options, every aspect of a Qwest Pontoon boat is thoughtfully designed with the user in mind. This results in exceptionally well-built boats that offer practical, real-world layouts for various activities out on the water.

For those who enjoy fishing, the Angler Qwest series is specifically designed with professional angler-approved amenities and a charter boat type feel, ensuring a high-quality and successful fishing experience. With Fish N Cruise models that cater to a variety of fishing styles and preferences, Qwest Pontoons makes it easy for their customers to enjoy a day of fishing or simply relaxing on the water.

Qwest Pontoon Overview

Qwest Pontoons is a well-known brand in the pontoon boat industry, committed to offering high-quality boats designed for both pleasure and practicality on the water.

History and Background

The company has gained a reputation for its innovative designs and attention to detail in constructing pontoons that cater to a wide range of needs and preferences. Qwest Pontoons focuses on providing tailored interiors, maximum storage, and a comfortable user experience, making them an excellent choice for boating enthusiasts looking for the perfect blend of quality and usability.

One of the factors that set Qwest Pontoons apart is their commitment to innovation. They have consistently pushed the boundaries of pontoon boat design, resulting in products that offer the amenities and features commonly found in larger, more expensive boats. For instance, the Qwest Luxury Series 818 is a compact pontoon boat with an impressive range of features typically found in larger vessels.

Apex Marine

Qwest Pontoons is a part of Apex Marine, a company dedicated to manufacturing high-quality pontoon boats with a focus on exceeding market expectations. Apex Marine's Angler Qwest Pontoons division also shares the same passion for creating unforgettable boating experiences with their cutting-edge designs and modern technologies implemented in their pontoons.

The success of Qwest Pontoons can be attributed to the company's dedication to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. By offering various models in three different trim levels, Qwest Pontoons ensures that there is a boat to match every lifestyle and cater to individual preferences, making them a trusted choice in the pontoon boat industry.

Types of Qwest Pontoons

Qwest Pontoons offers a variety of pontoon boats catering to different needs and preferences. In this section, we will explore the Angler Qwest Pontoons, Cruising Pontoons, Bar Boats, and Tritoons.

Angler Qwest Pontoons

Designed for the serious angler, Angler Qwest Pontoons come in various configurations such as Fish, Pro Fish, Troll, and Pro Troll. These pontoons are specifically tailored for fishing with features like fishing stations, rod holders, and spacious fishing areas. Stepping up to the Pro models provides additional accessories and is available at an increased price.

Cruising Pontoons

Qwest Pontoons' cruising pontoons focus on relaxation and enjoyment on the water. They offer modern multi-function layouts designed for comfort and convenience. These pontoons provide ample seating, storage, and amenities for a day out on the water with friends and family.

Bar Boats

Taking the entertainment factor to another level, Qwest Pontoons offers bar boats for those who enjoy socializing while cruising. These pontoons feature built-in bars and seating arrangements, creating a unique and enjoyable atmosphere for onboard gatherings.


For those desiring more speed and performance, Qwest Pontoons offers Tritoons with their GEN II TRIPLE TUBE PACKAGE. Tritoons provide improved handling, higher speeds, and a smoother ride compared to standard pontoons. They are an excellent choice for water sports enthusiasts or those cruising on larger bodies of water.

Design and Comfort

Qwest Pontoon boats are crafted with the intention of providing utmost comfort and design excellence. They combine progressive design with a handcrafted touch to ensure a luxurious experience for every boater.

Innovative Seat Bases

The innovative seat bases found in Qwest Pontoons are designed to maximize storage space and offer additional stability. These seat bases allow passengers to stow away their belongings while enjoying the comfortable seating arrangements on the boat.

Ultra-Flow Seat Ventilation

Qwest Pontoons integrate Ultra-Flow Seat Ventilation to ensure proper airflow, preventing dampness and maintaining a pleasant atmosphere. This advanced system allows for an enjoyable boating experience, even in hot and humid conditions.

Spacious Layouts

These pontoons are known for their spacious layouts, providing maximum floor space and usability for various activities. Some of the larger boats can comfortably seat up to 13 people and measure 24'3" in length, as mentioned on their YouTube channel.

Unique Designs

Qwest Pontoons offer a range of unique designs, tailored to cater to the needs of every individual. Boaters can choose from various layout options that include fishing, cruising, and water sports configurations. These unique designs ensure that passengers can enjoy an engaging and personalized experience on the water.

Overall, Qwest Pontoon boats provide a comfortable and well-designed environment for individuals and families alike. The combination of innovative seat bases, Ultra-Flow Seat Ventilation, spacious layouts, and unique designs create a stable and enjoyable boating experience.

Performance and Durability

Qwest Pontoon boats are designed to provide the highest quality experience for boating enthusiasts. This section discusses the construction and performance packages responsible for enhancing the durability and performance of Qwest Pontoons.


The construction of Qwest Pontoons focuses on using top-notch components to ensure durability and longevity for their boats. They are built using tailored interiors, providing maximum storage, maximum floorspace, and maximum usability for various off-shore activities. Qwest Pontoons thrive on their ability to withstand the test of time, providing solid and reliable pontoons for boating enthusiasts.

One of the construction features that contributes to the durability of Qwest Pontoon boats is their tube packages. They offer 2022 and 2023 Tube Packages, ensuring that their pontoons are up-to-date and able to withstand harsh conditions. These tube packages help maintain the balance of the boats while moving at high speeds, which enhances the ride quality for the occupants.

Aggressive Performance Packages

In addition to their solid construction, Qwest Pontoons offer aggressive performance packages for their pontoon boats. These packages help improve the overall speed, handling, and ride quality of the boat. One example of a performance package is the GEN II TRIPLE TUBE PACKAGE, designed to deliver maximum speeds, tighter handling, and a smoother ride on the water.

Qwest Pontoons offer numerous design choices and customizable options for preferences such as cruising, fishing, bar boats, and water sports. The performance packages' modern multi-function layouts contribute to the versatile user experience, allowing boat owners to enjoy their water activities in style and comfort.

Top Features and Options

Storage and Towing

Qwest Pontoons offers spacious storage options for their boats, ensuring that boating enthusiasts can bring along all the essentials without worrying about clutter. They also provide well-built pontoons for those who want to tow with ease. For instance, one of their popular models, the Fish N Cruise Series, features a 10 Switch Rocker Panel with a storage compartment as well as dry storage tubes for additional items.

Bimini Top and T-Top

One of the essential features of a Qwest Pontoon is the bimini top, offering shade and protection from the elements during a day on the water. These boats come with a 6' bimini top and black canvas & boot for optimal coverage. For those who prefer a more solid structure, Qwest Pontoons also offers the option for a T-Top, a more substantial and durable sun protection feature. Both options integrate seamlessly with the boat's design and contribute to their overall appeal.


Qwest Pontoons allows boating enthusiasts to build their dream boat by offering various customization options. These options include a wide array of layouts, performance packages, and design choices for cruising, fishing, bar boats, and water sports. With their commitment to quality and attention to detail, Qwest Pontoons ensures that each boat is tailor-fitted to the needs and preferences of the owner.

Safety and Quality Standards

Qwest Pontoon boats are known for adhering to the highest quality standards in the industry, ensuring that every vessel they manufacture is not only aesthetically pleasing but also safe and reliable for use on the water. The company is committed to providing exceptional quality boats that prioritize safety, stability, and performance.

One major safety feature of Qwest boats is their flotation and capacity. The pontoons themselves are designed with smaller diameter tubes, which allows for ample flotation without compromising on safety and stability. These designs put Qwest Pontoons ahead of the competition in terms of maximizing the boating experience while maintaining the safety of all on board.

In addition to their top-notch construction, Qwest Pontoon boats come with various safety features and options, such as the Gen II triple-tube package, which is available in select models. This package not only enhances performance but also contributes to the overall safety and stability of the boat. As mentioned in a boat review of the Qwest 7518 Cruise SD, the triple-tube package increases the pontoon's speed and stability even further.

Overall, the focus on advanced designs, high-quality materials, and strict quality control throughout the manufacturing process results in the production of some of the safest and most reliable pontoon boats on the market. Qwest Pontoons continues to innovate and improve its boats to ensure that customers can have a truly enjoyable and safe on-water experience.

Innovations and Latest News

Qwest Pontoon is a well-known boat builder recognized for their innovative approach to designing pontoon boats. With each new model, they strive to incorporate updates and advancements that appeal to modern boaters.

One recent update showcased in their 2022 Qwest Pontoon Boats includes revamped layouts to make the most of available storage, floorspace, and usability while offshore. These tailored interiors ensure that boaters can enjoy maximum efficiency and comfort while on the water.

Constantly pushing the limits, Qwest Pontoon has also introduced unique models like the Luxury Series 818 and the Angler Qwest. The Luxury Series 818 is a compact pontoon boat that packs a powerful punch, while the Angler Qwest lineup is designed specifically for fishing enthusiasts, catering to their unique needs.

Various customization options are available to customers who wish to build their dream boat using the Qwest Pontoons Advantage. This allows them to create a unique pontoon boat that fits their preferences and lifestyle perfectly.

Value and Final Thoughts

Qwest Pontoon boats are known for their exceptional quality and innovative designs, catering to various needs of boating enthusiasts. Qwest Pontoons are built with the aim of exceeding customer expectations and providing a memorable experience.

One of the significant advantages of Qwest Pontoons is their adaptability to a wide range of activities. The boats are designed to accommodate water sports, fishing, and leisurely cruises, making them a perfect fit for families looking to enjoy quality time together on the water. The well-thought-out layouts provide ample storage, floor space, and usability, ensuring that every moment spent on the boat is comfortable and convenient.

When it comes to value, Qwest Pontoons offer a great balance between quality and affordability. Integrating cutting-edge technology and modern-day designs, these boats provide a high level of functionality and luxury, without breaking the bank. The variety of options available in their lineup ensures that every individual can find a pontoon to suit their specific needs and preferences. This makes Qwest Pontoons an ideal choice for those looking for a combination of value, versatility, and quality in their boating experience. 

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