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Luhrs Boats For Sale: Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Deals

Luhrs boats have long been popular choices for boating enthusiasts in search of both new and used vessels due to their reputation for quality and performance. These boats can be found in various sizes and models, catering to the needs of anglers, cruisers, and weekend adventurers alike. With a rich history dating back to 1969, Luhrs has evolved significantly over the years, offering a fleet of modern and classic models to suit the preferences and budgets of prospective buyers.

When exploring Luhrs boats for sale, interested individuals will find a range of options, including new and pre-owned vessels available through private sellers and professional dealerships. Availability spans across the United States, making it relatively easy for potential buyers to locate a Luhrs boat that meets their requirements. Featuring enticing amenities and solid craftsmanship, these boats show tremendous value and continue to maintain a loyal following within the boating community.

As with any significant purchase, it's essential to conduct thorough research before making a decision. By comparing various models, features, and pricing, prospective buyers can effectively narrow down their choices and ultimately find the perfect Luhrs boat to meet their needs. With countless options on the market, it's crucial to keep in mind specific preferences in terms of size, power, and amenities to ensure satisfaction and enjoyment out on the water.

Luhrs Boat Models

Luhrs Convertible Models

Luhrs Convertible Models are a popular choice among boating enthusiasts due to their versatility and spacious designs. They offer multiple cabin layouts and ample room for fishing, cruising, or entertaining. Notable examples of convertible models include:

  • Luhrs 36 Convertible: With a 36-foot length, this boat offers a comfortable and spacious layout. It's ideal for those looking to spend extended time on the water with family or friends, as well as for anglers seeking a reliable fishing vessel.

  • Luhrs 41 Convertible: Measuring 41 feet, this larger convertible model offers even more space and luxury. The well-appointed cabins and ample storage make it an excellent option for cruising, fishing, and entertaining.

  • Luhrs 34 Convertible: This 34-foot model offers a great balance between space and maneuverability. With comfortable cabins and functional living spaces, it's a popular option for families and fishermen alike.

Luhrs Open Models

Designed for day cruising and fishing, the Luhrs Open Models provide optimal comfort and functionality. Key models in this lineup include:

  • Luhrs 32 Open: This 32-foot boat offers a spacious cockpit perfect for fishing and socializing. Its open design and user-friendly features make it an ideal choice for anglers and pleasure boaters alike.

  • Luhrs 28 Open: A slightly smaller option, the 28-foot Open model delivers practicality and comfort without sacrificing functionality. It's an excellent option for day trips and fishing expeditions.

Luhrs Tournament Models

The Luhrs Tournament Models are built for serious anglers seeking a high-performance fishing vessel. One notable example is the Luhrs 320 Tournament, which features a spacious deck layout and ample storage for fishing gear. This 32-foot boat offers the perfect blend of performance and versatility for those passionate about fishing and boating.

Alura Models

The Alura Models cater to those looking for a classic, timeless design. As part of the Luhrs boat family, they offer quality construction and stylish interiors, making them suitable for both pleasure boating and fishing.

In conclusion, the vast range of Luhrs boat models ensures that there is a suitable option for every boating enthusiast. From convertible and open models to tournament and Alura varieties, these boats deliver both performance and comfort, making them a popular choice for many.

Key Features

Hull Design

Luhrs boats are known for their hull designs, which involve modified vee and deep vee hull types. These hull types offer excellent stability in various sea conditions, ensuring a comfortable and smooth ride. A wide beam is another characteristic feature of Luhrs boats, providing ample space for fishing and other activities on board.

Fishing Amenities

Luhrs boats are designed as fishing boats, and as such, they come equipped with various fishing amenities. Some key features include:

  • Spacious cockpit area for ease of movement while fishing
  • Bait well for storing live bait
  • Outriggers for increased stability and improved fishing techniques
  • Transom door for easy access to the water and bringing in large catches


A multitude of electronics is available on Luhrs boats to enhance your fishing experience. Among these are:

  • GPS system for accurate navigation and pinpointing fishing spots
  • Fishfinder to detect fish and other underwater objects
  • VHF radio for communication between boats and with the Coast Guard
  • Radar for detecting other vessels and obstacles in low visibility conditions
  • Tuna tower for improved visibility and spotting fish from a higher vantage point

Interiors and Layouts

The interiors of Luhrs boats are designed to offer comfort and functionality. Some notable features include:

  • Stateroom(s) providing sleeping accommodations for overnight trips
  • A head (bathroom) with a shower for convenience while on extended trips
  • Salon area with seating and dining space for relaxation and entertainment
  • Isinglass enclosure to protect the cockpit area from the elements

The layouts of Luhrs boats are designed to maximize space and utility for both fishing and leisure activities, making them a popular choice among boating enthusiasts.

You can find Luhrs boats for sale on various platforms such as YachtWorld, Boat Trader, and Pop Yachts. Be sure to consider each boat's unique features and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Engine and Performance

Luhrs boats offer a wide range of engine options and performance capabilities to meet the needs of different boaters. Some models are equipped with inboard engines, while others may have outboard engines for increased maneuverability and simplicity.

Inboard engines provide a more compact design, allowing for a larger cabin and deck space. These engines can range from 300 horsepower for more functional models to more powerful engines delivering up to 1,267 horsepower in higher performance models, such as the Luhrs. Outboard engines are often favored for their ease of maintenance and accessibility. While not all Luhrs boats feature outboard engines, a few models do incorporate them, catering to the preferences of different boaters.

Kohler generator is another feature to consider when looking at a Luhrs boat. Many models come with a Kohler generator, providing reliable power for extended trips and maintaining the boat's systems, ensuring optimal performance. For instance, a 1999 Luhrs 25 model comes with a single Yanmar 300hp marine turbo diesel engine, also featuring a Kohler generator for power supply.

To summarize, Luhrs boats offer a variety of engine and performance options, including inboard and outboard engines, as well as Kohler generators. Selecting a boat with the right engine performance will ultimately depend on your specific boating needs and preferences.

Popular Locations for Luhrs Boats

Luhrs boats are popular across various locations in the United States and beyond. In the US, Florida is one of the top markets for these vessels, with several locations such as Stuart, Pompano Beach, Lantana, and Naples being known for their boat sales. These areas offer great access to waterways and plentiful opportunities for boating enthusiasts.

Moving along the east coast, Maryland and North Carolina also have thriving markets for Luhrs boats. Prospective buyers can find selections in cities such as Little River and Wilmington, providing ample choices for those looking to purchase a new or used vessel.

On the west coast, California is another popular location for Luhrs boats, with dealerships and brokers spread across cities like Huntington Beach, San Diego, and Yorath Yachts. The favourable climate and numerous harbors make California an ideal destination for boating enthusiasts seeking a Luhrs boat.

Additionally, Texas presents a sizable market for Luhrs boats in the US, with cities such as Ingleside, Pensacola Beach, and Aransas Pass showcasing a variety of models and price points. The Gulf of Mexico's access further bolsters Texas as an attractive location for purchasing a Luhrs boat.

Outside the United States, Mexico also offers opportunities for buyers seeking Luhrs boats. Due to the close proximity to the US, many individuals consider purchasing from reputable dealers to later register and dock their boats in Mexico. This allows boaters to easily explore the Mexican coastline and beyond in their Luhrs vessels.

Buying a Used Luhrs Boat

Luhrs boats are well-known for their sport fishing and saltwater fishing capabilities. These vessels are suitable for day cruising and overnight cruising. Used Luhrs boats can be found in various listings by professional dealers and individual owners, with models ranging from the practical 29 Open to the luxurious Luhrs 44 Convertible.

When considering the purchase of a used Luhrs boat, potential buyers should pay special attention to the boat's history, maintenance records, and overall condition. It is essential to determine the boat's usage patterns, as this will give an indication of its performance and reliability. For instance, a 2006 Luhrs 32 that has been used mainly for casual day cruising might be in better shape compared to the same model year boat that has been heavily used for charter fishing.

To find a used Luhrs boat, buyers can browse through various listings and yachts for sale. Several websites such as Boat Trader and YachtWorld offer extensive listings of Luhrs boats, including models built between 1969 and 2011. Furthermore, dealers such as Denison Yacht Sales provide detailed descriptions and asking prices for different Luhrs models.

When it comes to pricing, the cost of a used Luhrs boat will vary depending on factors such as the model, age, and condition of the vessel. Used Luhrs boats are available in a wide price range, from affordable options to more expensive luxury models. For instance, a 2007 Luhrs 44 priced at $295,000 can be found in Long Beach, CA, while a 2003 Luhrs 41 in Spain is listed for $158,470.

In conclusion, buyers should carefully evaluate their specific needs and budget when searching for a used Luhrs boat. With dealers and listings providing a wealth of information on various models, finding the perfect vessel for sport fishing, saltwater fishing, or cruising will become a more accessible task.

Maintenance and Care

When it comes to maintaining a Luhrs boat, proper attention must be given to the fiberglass exterior. Regular cleaning and waxing will help protect the fiberglass surface, which is essential for preserving the boat's aesthetics and ensuring longevity. For those who want to go one step further, applying a protective layer such as a marine polish or clear coat is also recommended.

It's crucial to inspect your boat's components regularly, especially if you plan to live aboard a Luhrs boat. Some critical aspects to always check include plumbing systems, navigation and communication equipment, and electrical wiring. Ensuring that these systems are working correctly will not only keep you safe but also help maintain the value of your vessel.

If you own a Luhrs 342 Sportfish, it’s essential to maintain the engines, as they are the heart of any boat. This means regularly changing oil and filters, checking coolant levels, and addressing any other potential engine-related issues. Make sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for service intervals and conducting timely repairs, as needed.

Here are a few essential maintenance tips to consider:

  • Regularly clean and inspect the hull, ensuring there are no damages, blisters, or cracks.
  • Monitor the bilge pumps and bilge area, keeping them clean and free of debris.
  • Lubricate and service winches and other moving parts, preventing corrosion and wear.
  • Keep the boat's battery system in good condition by performing load tests and maintaining proper charging.

Remember that routine maintenance is essential for the longevity of your Luhrs boat. By taking proper care and investing in preventative measures, you'll keep your vessel in top condition and enjoy many years on the water.  

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