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Invincible Boats- A Real Game Changer

Invincible Boats has established itself as a prominent player in the offshore fishing industry since its inception in 2006. With a diverse fleet of nine models, Invincible Boats caters to a wide array of customers, regardless of their unique preferences and fishing styles. Ranging from the compact 33-foot boat to the 46-foot horizon-crossing Cat, these high-performance vessels offer a perfect match for any angler looking to conquer the open seas.

One of the distinguishing features of Invincible Boats is their commitment to well-engineered design and the integration of reliable engine options such as Yamaha and Mercury powerplants. These luxurious yet rugged boats deliver a smooth ride across rough waters, enabling anglers to embark on long offshore excursions in search of prized catches like tuna and mahi, and later return with fully stocked fish boxes.

Behind the success of Invincible Boats is a dedicated team working tirelessly at their Opa-locka, Florida facility, continuously refining and enhancing the customer experience. This attention to detail and commitment to quality has allowed Invincible Boats to become a trusted provider of premium offshore fishing vessels for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

History of Invincible Boats

Invincible Boats was founded in 2006 by Alex Lipworth, an avid saltwater angler who was searching for a tough, fast, and smooth-running center-console fishing boat. In an attempt to build the perfect boat, Lipworth collaborated with renowned naval architect Michael Peters to design Invincible's Stepped-Vee Ventilated Tunnel (SVVT) hull (source).

Since its introduction of the original Invincible 36' in 2006, the company's fleet has expanded to nine models, ranging from a compact 33' to the horizon-crossing 46' Catamaran (source). Invincible Boats are designed to cater to a wide range of fishing enthusiasts, regardless of their preferred fishing methods or the type of water they frequent.

The brand made waves in the market with its innovative hull designs and performance features. In particular, the Invincible Catamaran models stand out with their superior stability and speed. Among the most popular Catamarans in the lineup are:

  • 35' Invincible Catamaran
  • 37' Invincible Catamaran
  • 40' Invincible Catamaran
  • 46' Invincible Catamaran (source)

One noteworthy example is the Invincible 46 Catamaran, which showcases a new hull design that delivers a superb ride and impressive handling characteristics (source). This model also boasts an impressive range of over 780 miles at 50 mph, thanks to the addition of quad Mercury 450s.

Based in the United States, Invincible Boats has quickly gained a reputation for its high-quality, luxury hull designed center consoles, excellent customer service, and commitment to providing the best possible boating experience for its users.

Types of Invincible Boats

Invincible Boats offers a variety of boat models designed for serious anglers in saltwater environments. These boats are tailored to cater to different fishing styles and preferences. The models can be categorized into two main types: Monohull and Catamaran.

Monohull Models

Invincible boats' monohull models primarily consist of center-console V-hull boats. These boats are designed with the angler in mind, ensuring maximum functionality, agility, and performance. Some of the popular monohull models include:

  • 33' Open Fisherman: This compact model offers a blend of comfort and functionality. It provides ample storage, a spacious cockpit, and is built to handle rough waters.

  • 36' Open Fisherman: Slightly larger than the 33' model, the 36' Open Fisherman offers more space and additional features to cater to serious anglers. It has a larger fuel capacity, increased range, and a more powerful outboard.

  • 39' Open Fisherman: The 39' model comes with a larger cockpit and additional storage spaces, making it suitable for extended fishing trips. The boat's design also allows for better navigation and handling, providing a comfortable and safe angling experience.

Catamaran Models

Invincible boats also offers a range of catamaran models. These boats are characterized by their twin hulls, offering increased stability and capacity, making them ideal for offshore fishing adventures. Some of the popular catamaran models include:

  • 35' Catamaran: This model is known for its stability and performance in various sea conditions. It offers ample space for fishing gear and passengers, as well as a comfortable deck layout.

  • 40' Catamaran: The 40' model features an advanced hull design, providing exceptional stability and efficiency. The boat provides extensive storage options, a spacious cockpit, and customizable configurations to suit the angler's needs.

Both the monohull and catamaran models are equipped with outboard engines to ensure reliability, efficiency, and ease of maintenance. These Invincible boats are built with performance and fishability in mind, offering anglers a top-notch experience on the water.

Performance and Features

Invincible Boats offer excellent performance and a wide range of features designed to enhance the fishing experience. The patented Stepped-Vee Ventilated Tunnel hull is a significant reason behind the impressive performance of these boats. The hull design of their models, such as the Invincible 36, features twin steps, which provide a cushion of aerated water below the running surface, lifting the hull, increasing speed, and enhancing fuel efficiency. The design also allows for a flat and stable ride, making it ideal for offshore fishing.

A notable feature of Invincible Boats is their power options. For instance, the Invincible 46 Catamaran can be equipped with quad Mercury Racing 450R outboards, providing ample power and performance for various fishing conditions.

Fishing enthusiasts are sure to appreciate the boat's various built-in amenities, which include generous livewells to keep their bait healthy and secure. Some models, like the Invincible 33 Catamaran, offer chill plates in the livewells to keep bait cool and fresh.

A well-equipped rigging station is another vital aspect of Invincible Boats. These stations provide ample space and resources for bait preparation and tackle organization, ensuring that anglers can efficiently rig their lines and switch out gear as needed.

Invincible Boats are designed with numerous strategically placed rod holders, enabling anglers to run multiple lines or store their rods securely while moving between fishing spots. The boats also offer ample storage for tackle, extra rods, and other fishing gear.

For those looking for added protection from the elements, some Invincible Boat models feature a pilothouse. The pilothouse offers a sheltered area for the captain and crew, providing respite from sun, wind, and rain during long fishing excursions.

In summary, Invincible Boats showcase a range of performance-enhancing features, including a unique hull design, powerful outboard engines, well-equipped live wells, and comprehensive rigging stations. The thoughtful design elements and purpose-built amenities make these boats a top choice for serious anglers seeking a reliable and efficient offshore fishing platform.

Boat Hull Design

Invincible Boats is known for its luxury hull designed center consoles, with a growing fleet of nine models ranging from 33' to the upcoming 46' Catamaran1. The hull design plays a crucial role in the boat's performance, ride quality, and stability. This section will discuss various boat hull types and their application in Invincible Boats.

There are three primary boat hull design categories: displacement hulls, semi-displacement hulls, and planing hulls2. Each type provides specific performance characteristics, and the choice of hull depends on the intended use of the boat. Invincible Boats focuses on planing hulls with deep Vee and modified Vee designs.

Deep Vee hulls are a subtype of planing hulls that feature a sharp V shape, which helps to cut through the water and provide a smooth and comfortable ride in rough seas. The deep Vee design sacrifices some stability at rest due to the narrow hull, but the excellent seakeeping performance makes it a popular choice for offshore fishing boats2. Invincible Boats incorporates deep Vee hulls in their mono-hull models to ensure a comfortable ride with excellent handling in challenging conditions.

Modified Vee hulls, on the other hand, feature a more gradual V shape, which provides better stability at rest and improved fuel efficiency. This hull design offers a compromise between the smooth ride of the deep Vee and the agility and efficiency of more flat-bottomed planing hulls2. Invincible Boats may use modified Vee designs in some of their smaller models, combining the advantages of both deep and shallow V shapes.

In addition to mono-hull designs, Invincible Boats also features innovative Catamaran designs. Their Invincible 46 Catamaran, for example, features a hybrid semi-asymmetrical sponson design3. This design, created by renowned designers Morrelli and Melvin3, is responsible for the boat's comfortable maneuverability and is a defining feature of the Invincible catamaran lineup. The asymmetry in the sponson walls provides the catamarans with a dry, soft ride similar to the deep Vee and modified Vee hulls in their mono-hull counterparts4.

In summary, Invincible Boats utilizes various boat hull designs, including deep Vee, modified Vee, and hybrid semi-asymmetrical catamaran designs, to cater to different boating needs and preferences. These hull designs contribute to the performance, stability, and ride quality that make Invincible Boats a popular choice for serious boating enthusiasts.


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Propulsion Systems and Fuel

Invincible boats use a variety of propulsion systems to ensure optimal performance and fuel efficiency. Among the most common propulsion options for these boats are outboard-4s and inboard/outboard systems.

Outboard-4s: These engines are mounted externally on the transom of a boat, providing power directly to the propeller. They offer several advantages, such as ease of maintenance and simple replacement in case of damage. These engines are generally more fuel-efficient than their two-stroke counterparts, thanks to advanced fuel injection systems that precisely meter fuel usage. Outboard-4s also produce lower emissions, making them an environmentally friendly choice for boat propulsion systems BoatBiscuit.

Inboard/Outboard: Also known as sterndrive systems, inboard/outboard engines are partially installed within the boat's hull, with a drive unit extending from the stern to the propeller BoatBiscuit. These systems provide more power than outboard options and are often used in larger, high-performance boats like those produced by Invincible. In addition, inboard/outboard systems offer better weight distribution and steering control, allowing for smoother rides and improved maneuverability.

When it comes to fuel types, Invincible boats are primarily powered by gas. This is because gasoline engines are more prevalent in the recreational boating industry and provide a good balance of power, efficiency, and availability. However, as the maritime industry continues to evolve and innovate, alternative fuels and propulsion systems may become more popular in the future, such as electric or hybrid power sources Marine & Offshore.

To summarize, the main propulsion systems used in Invincible boats include outboard-4s and inboard/outboard engines. These systems offer various benefits ranging from fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness to power and maneuverability. Gasoline remains the dominant fuel type for these boats, but alternative propulsion and energy sources are on the horizon as the industry advances.

Activities and Purposes

Invincible boats are designed primarily for fishing enthusiasts, offering various models suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Their range of center-console fishing boats are available in monohull and catamaran styles, with sizes between 33' - 46'. These boats are built with specific features that cater to sport fishing and boating activities.

A notable feature in the Invincible lineup is their 33 Open Fisherman model. This vessel provides a smooth ride and excellent handling, incorporating the SVVT hull technology of its big brother, the classic Invincible 36 Open. Twin-engine efficiency and economy make this boat a popular choice for both saltwater and freshwater fishing.

For offshore fishing enthusiasts, Invincible boats offer a range of high-performance center-consoles and catamarans, providing plenty of space and stability for serious anglers to pursue their passion.

In addition to fishing, Invincible boats can also be used for day cruising and overnight cruising, especially with their pilothouse-style 46' catamaran, which offers weather protection and overnighting capabilities.

Some popular activities with Invincible boats include:

  • Saltwater fishing
  • Freshwater fishing
  • Sport fishing
  • Day cruising
  • Overnight cruising
  • Boating

Whether spending a day on the water with family and friends or engaging in competitive sport fishing, Invincible boats cater to a variety of activities and purposes, ensuring that there is a suitable model for every type of boater.

Dimensions and Specifications

Invincible Boats offers a range of models, with sizes varying from the compact 33-foot open fisherman to the impressive 46-foot catamaran. These boats were built to provide fishing enthusiasts with a reliable and comfortable offshore fishing experience. In this section, you will find some essential dimensions and specifications of Invincible boats.

The Invincible 33' Open Fisherman boasts a beam of 10 feet, giving it the wide beam necessary for enhanced stability in various sea conditions. The boat is equipped with a standard fuel capacity of 475 gallons, allowing for long-range expeditions or extended trips to nearby fishing spots. Its deadrise, or the angle of the hull at the stern, is 22 degrees. With a weight of 12,800 lbs and a maximum horsepower of 1,350 HP, it provides a versatile and powerful platform for avid anglers.

On the larger end, the Invincible 46 Catamaran pushes the limits of offshore fishing boats. With an increased length of 46 feet, this model's dimensions allow for greater onboard amenities and storage capabilities. Dual Garmin 24-inch displays in the helm station make navigation and monitoring simple, while its radar and autopilot ensure a smooth journey. The bonded hardtop and tempered-glass windshields provide protection from the elements.

Some key specifications for the Invincible 46 Catamaran include:

  • Moderate draft for navigating shallow waters
  • Wide beam for increased stability and space
  • Large fuel capacity for extended trips

The Invincible 33 Catamaran, another popular choice among anglers, shares similarities with its Open Fisherman counterpart. The 33 Catamaran features a beam slightly wider at 10 feet, 8 inches, contributing to additional cockpit space. The center console from Invincible's 35-foot catamaran also provides additional seating and mezzanine space.

In conclusion, the dimensions and specifications of Invincible Boats cater to various fishing needs and preferences. No matter your aspirations as an offshore angler, there's likely an Invincible Boat designed with you in mind.

Pricing and Dealers

Invincible boats are known for their exceptional quality, performance, and design. The prices of these boats vary depending on factors such as model, length, and customization options.

Invincible boats can be found for an assortment of prices, ranging from $247,470 for moderately priced models to $1,534,000 for more expensive, custom-built options 1. For example, pre-owned Invincible boats typically range between $360,000 and $820,000, depending on factors like year, model, and installed features 2.

Buyers interested in purchasing an Invincible boat have several options for finding dealers who sell these vessels. Online platforms such as YachtWorld and Boat Trader provide listings for Invincible boats available for sale. These platforms allow potential buyers to filter their searches based on criteria such as price, location, model, and year.

Galati Yachts is another popular dealer that offers a selection of used Invincible boats for sale. They provide detailed information on each available boat, including pricing, specifications, and boat history.

Here's a summary of what potential buyers can expect when searching for Invincible boats:

  • Prices range from $247,470 to $1,534,000, depending on various factors.
  • Pre-owned Invincible boats typically cost between $360,000 and $820,000.
  • YachtWorld, Boat Trader, and Galati Yachts are some popular platforms and dealers for purchasing Invincible boats.

When considering the purchase of an Invincible boat, potential buyers should keep in mind factors such as pricing, desired model, and available features. By researching and comparing available boats and dealers, buyers can ensure that they find the ideal Invincible boat to suit their needs and preferences.


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Industry Recognition

Invincible Boats has been a notable player in the boat manufacturing industry since its founding in 2006. As a market leader in premium, performance center console fishing boats, Invincible has built a reputation for producing high-quality, versatile vessels (source).

One of the reasons for Invincible's recognition in the industry is its diverse range of boat models. The company's fleet comprises nine models, ranging from the compact 33-footer to the expansive 46-footer Cat, catering to various customer preferences and fishing styles (source).

In June 2020, Invincible made strategic moves to enhance their operational efficiency by appointing Thomas Wieners as Chief Operating Officer. This appointment is aimed at guiding the company through its next phase of growth and development (source).

To keep up with the increasing product demand, Invincible announced the construction of a new composite parts facility, the Invincible Composites Center of Excellence (CCOE), in Yucatán, Mexico. This initiative exemplifies the company's commitment to innovation and continued improvement in manufacturing (source).

Over the years, Invincible has received accolades for its high-performing boats from various publications, including Boating Magazine. These acknowledgments further solidify the brand's standing in the industry.  

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