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Interboat: A Boater's Best Craft for Exceptional Performance and Luxury

Interboat, a renowned Dutch boat manufacturer, has made a name for itself in the boating industry through its commitment to handcrafted sloops, tenders, and cruisers. Offering exceptional quality and attention to detail, Interboat has proven itself to be one of the best choices for boaters who seek a reliable and luxurious sailing experience. With a sophisticated combination of traditional boat building techniques and modern innovation, the company has established a strong reputation for producing boats that offer broad appeal to a range of boating enthusiasts.

One of the factors that sets Interboat apart from its competitors is its dedication to building artisanal crafts by hand at its own Dutch yard. This approach ensures that each boat is carefully constructed to meet the high standards of both the company and its discerning clientele. By incorporating elegant materials and incorporating state-of-the-art technology into their vessels, Interboat has created an exceptional lineup of boats designed to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding boater.

Interboat: A Boater's Best Craft

Family and Friends

Interboat is known for creating beautiful and functional boats that cater to boaters who value quality time with family and friends. These boats offer a wide range of seating options, allowing everyone to comfortably enjoy a day out on the water. Whether it's for a leisurely cruise or an overnight adventure, Interboat models provide ample space for relaxation and socializing, without compromising on performance or style.

Design and Style

Interboat places a strong emphasis on design and style, crafting their boats with clean lines and elegant features. Their own fabrication process allows for customization and personalization, ensuring that each boat reflects the individual taste and preferences of its owner. The attention to detail and use of high-quality materials, such as teak and stainless steel, further enhance the sophisticated look of these vessels.

Performance and Cruising

When it comes to performance, Interboat crafts boats that provide a smooth and enjoyable cruising experience. With a selection of engines and comfort-enhancing accessories, these vessels are suitable for navigating various waterways. From the versatile Intender 700 to the spacious Interboat Intender 820 Open Day Boat, these boats are designed to handle different environments and accommodate the needs of a diverse audience.

Interboat boats are perfect for boaters who appreciate a comfortable and stylish way to explore the waterways with family and friends. With their blend of design, style, and performance, these vessels offer a truly enjoyable experience, whether you're cruising through the canals or venturing out for an overnight adventure.

Types of Interboat Crafts

Interboat is known for producing a variety of high-quality boat crafts to cater to the different needs of boaters. In this section, we will discuss three popular types of Interboat crafts: Monohull Boats, Ribs (Rigid Inflatable Boats), and Cruisers.

Monohull Boats

Monohull boats are a popular choice among boaters due to their simplicity and versatility. These boats have a single hull, which provides stability and easier maneuverability. Interboat offers a range of monohull boats, including the Intender 820 and Interboat 19.

Some key features of Interboat's monohull crafts include:

  • Single-hulled design for stability and smooth rides
  • High-quality materials used in construction, ensuring durability
  • Available in various sizes to cater to different boating needs

Ribs (Rigid Inflatable Boats)

Interboat also offers Rigid Inflatable Boats (Ribs) for those seeking a lightweight and highly maneuverable craft. Ribs feature an inflatable collar around a rigid hull, combining the easy handling of inflatable boats with the durability and performance of a solid boat hull.

Key features of Interboat's Ribs include:

  • Inflatable collar ensures added stability when navigating rough waters
  • Lightweight design, allowing for easy transportation and storage
  • Rugged construction with high-quality materials ensuring long-term durability


Cruisers are a popular choice for boaters seeking a comfortable and spacious craft for overnight trips or extended outings on the water. Interboat offers cruisers such as the Interboat 17 and Coastal Intender 950 Cabrio.

Some key features of Interboat's cruisers include:

  • Spacious cabins for overnight stays, equipped with sleeping quarters and other amenities
  • Luxurious interiors that ensure a comfortable ride
  • Fuel-efficient engines for long voyages

In conclusion, Interboat provides a wide range of boat crafts that cater to various boating needs ranging from monohull boats, ribs, and cruisers. Each type offers unique features and design elements that make them suitable for different types of boating experiences. Whether it's a day trip, overnight excursion, or an extended voyage, Interboat crafts ensure a comfortable and enjoyable ride for all.

Best Interboat Models

Bayliner Element XR7

The Bayliner Element XR7 is a premium boat model from Interboat. With its sleek design and advanced features, the Bayliner Element XR7 offers comfort and performance to boating enthusiasts.

The boat is equipped with various amenities to ensure a great experience on the water. Some of its key features include:

  • Spacious seating area with comfortable cushions
  • A well-equipped helm station that provides a clear view of the surroundings
  • A powerful engine that delivers an impressive performance

The Bayliner Element XR7 is not only ideal for leisure activities, but also for water sports, making it a versatile choice for boating enthusiasts.

Interboat Neo 7.0

Another popular model from Interboat is the Neo 7.0. This innovative craft combines elegant design with state-of-the-art technology to provide an unparalleled boating experience.

The Interboat Neo 7.0 comes with unique features that distinguish it from other models:

  • A spacious cockpit with ample space for entertaining guests
  • An ergonomic helm station that offers perfect navigational control
  • Advanced performance and fuel efficiency capabilities

Additionally, the Neo 7.0 is designed with user-friendly controls, making it an excellent choice for both experienced and novice boaters. The combination of sleek design and cutting-edge technology makes the Interboat Neo 7.0 an outstanding option for those seeking a versatile and reliable boating experience.

Deck Layout and Options

Modular Deck Layout

A modular deck layout provides flexibility for boaters, as it allows them to customize the deck according to their specific needs and activities. With a modular design, boaters can rearrange or remove individual sections, creating space for various purposes, such as skiing, diving, or storage. This adaptability significantly enhances a boat's versatility, catering to different users and preferences.

Lounge Line

The Lounge Line focuses on providing maximum comfort and relaxation on the boat. It often includes features such as cushioned seating, sun loungers, and recliners, allowing passengers to enjoy their time onboard. Some boat models may also have built-in cup holders, cooler compartments, and entertainment systems, contributing to an enjoyable experience onViewing two-storey style dock design, the upper deck is a perfect place to watch the world go by while lounging.

Feature Description
Cushioned seating Comfortable seating for passengers
Sun loungers Allows passengers to sunbathe or relax
Recliners Adjustable seating for maximum relaxation
Cup holders Provides accessible beverage storage
Cooler compartments Keeps drinks and snacks chilled
Entertainment system Offers music, movies or games for enjoyment

Comfort Line

The Comfort Line focuses on enhancing the overall onboard experience through functional design and ergonomic elements. Prioritizing inboard space, these layouts offer ample storage, convenience, and easy access to essential boat features. This configuration is ideal for boaters who require additional equipment, whether for watersports or fishing activities. Furthermore, the Comfort Line ensures that every passenger has a comfortable and enjoyable ride, making it an ideal choice for families and groups.

  • Ample storage: Provides sufficient space for equipment and personal belongings
  • Inboard space: Ensures passengers have room to move about comfortably
  • Ergonomic design: Designed for optimal functionality and convenience
  • Watersport-friendly: Accommodates skiers and divers with necessary features

In summary, a well-designed deck layout significantly impacts the functionality and enjoyment of a boat. The Modular Deck Layout offers customization and flexibility for various activities, while the Lounge Line and Comfort Line prioritize comfort and practicality. By combining these elements, boaters can create their ideal deck layout, catering to their specific needs and preferences.

Features and Amenities

Bow Space

Interboat crafts offer spacious and comfortable bow spaces, allowing boaters to lounge and socialize comfortably. Many Interboat models, like the Interboat Neo 7.0, feature generous bow seating areas, providing ample space for multiple guests to relax and enjoy the views. These open layouts contribute to the overall appeal of Interboat crafts and enhance the boating experience.

Swim Platform

A key feature on Interboat crafts is the swim platform, which provides an easy and convenient access point to the water. The swim platform may be designed with a ladder and non-slip surfaces for safety, ensuring that guests can confidently enter and exit the water. By offering a dedicated swim platform, Interboat crafts encourage boaters to indulge in various water activities and make the most out of their time on the water.

Guest Cabin

Many Interboat models are equipped with guest cabins for overnight trips and extended cruising. These cabins are designed with comfort in mind, often featuring comfortable berths, storage spaces, and adequate ventilation. The Interboat 22 Xplorer is an example of a model that includes a guest cabin for a high level of comfort during overnight stays.

Model Guest Cabin Features
Interboat 22 Xplorer Comfortable berths, storage spaces, and ventilation


A useful amenity often found on Interboat crafts is a refrigerator or fridge. Having a fridge onboard not only enhances the overall boating experience but also makes entertaining and provisioning for longer trips much more convenient. Boaters can store food and beverages, ensuring that they have access to fresh and cool items throughout their journey. A fridge is an essential component for those looking to host parties, spend time on the water with family, or simply enjoy a leisurely day away from shore.

Power and Practicality

Power Options

The XO 250 showcases a range of power options, with engine choices varying from 150 HP to 320 HP. This allows boaters to select the power best suited to their needs and preferences, providing versatility for diverse boating experiences. Multiple power options cater to those who prioritize speed and performance, as well as those who prefer fuel efficiency and a smoother ride.

Fuel Tank

With a fuel capacity of 50 gallons, the XO 250 offers ample fuel storage for extended trips on the water. This generous fuel tank capacity ensures that boaters can plan longer and more adventurous outings without having to worry about frequent refueling stops. Additionally, having a larger fuel tank contributes to the overall practicality of the boat, as it allows for greater range and flexibility during excursions.


Outstanding seakeeping capabilities are a key feature of the XO 250, enhancing both safety and comfort while on the water. The boat's design, which includes a 24 ft 6 in length overall (LOA) and a 7 ft 4 in beam, contributes to its stability and handling in various sea conditions. Whether you're navigating calm waters or tackling rough waves, the XO 250's seakeeping abilities ensure that you and your passengers remain secure and comfortable throughout the journey.

Ultimately, the XO 250 powerboat combines power, practicality, and seakeeping to provide boaters with an exceptional experience on the water. From its versatile engine options and generous fuel capacity to its impressive seakeeping performance, this boat is an ideal choice for those looking for a well-rounded, reliable watercraft.

Production and Heritage

Interboat, a Dutch shipyard, has built its reputation on producing high-quality, best-in-class crafts for boaters. They combine traditional craftsmanship with innovative technologies to create top-of-the-line vessels that appeal to a diverse range of boating enthusiasts.

Established in the Netherlands, Interboat takes pride in its heritage and commitment to maintaining traditional Dutch boatbuilding practices. The skilled craftsmen working at the shipyard have an intricate understanding of these time-honored techniques, which sets Interboat apart from the competition. Dutch shipyards are renowned worldwide for their attention to detail, finely crafted boats, and exceptional design.

The production process at Interboat is a seamless blend of tradition and innovation. Each boat is carefully constructed using high-quality materials and modern manufacturing methods. The shipyard employs a team of expert boat builders, each with a strong skill set and a passion for their craft. Maintaining the heritage of Dutch boatbuilding, wood is still used in some sections of Interboat's production. This tribute to the past displays a dedication to the history of the craft while embracing modern advances.

Interboat's state-of-the-art facilities allow for the production of a range of crafts, from smaller leisure boats to larger, more luxurious vessels. A few key features of the Interboat production process include:

  • Precision engineering: To ensure the best possible performance and durability, Interboat employs cutting-edge technology and equipment during the production process.
  • Customization: The shipyard offers customers personalized options to create a truly unique boating experience, tailoring everything from upholstery to engine choices.
  • Quality control: The company maintains strict quality control checks throughout production, ensuring that every boat meets or exceeds industry standards.
  • Sustainable practices: Interboat is committed to minimizing its environmental footprint and invests in eco-friendly processes and materials whenever possible.

Interboat is also known for their exceptional customer service experience. Prospective buyers are encouraged to visit the shipyard, not only to inspect the production process but also to enjoy a glass of fine Dutch drink while discussing their boating requirements. This personal touch speaks to the company's dedication to not only creating high-quality boats but nurturing lasting relationships with their clientele.

In summary, Interboat boasts a rich Dutch heritage, seamlessly blending traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. Their commitment to quality production and personalized customer experiences has made them a top choice for boaters seeking the best craft available. 

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